Jin Se Yeon Is Shocked And Upset At Rumors Linking Her With Kim Hyun Joong

Jin Se Yeon Is Shocked And Upset At Rumors Linking Her With Kim Hyun Joong

Jin Se Yeon

Texts released by Kim Hyun Joon"s ex-girlfriend, identified only as Choi, describe an incident in which she allegedly caught him in bed with a female celebrity, identified only as J.

And some of those who read the texts assumed that the female celebrity in question was his "Inspiring Generation" co-star Jin Se Yeon.

Choi then went on to say that Kim Hyun Joong assaulted her in front of J, which Kim"s legal team denied happened.

Jin Se Yeon is not too happy about the rumors that quickly began circulating on the Internet, even though lawyers have stated that the fact that the celebrity was identified only as "J" does not necessarily mean there is even a "J" in her name.

On July 31, Jin replied to a Twitter message asking if she was celebrity "J" and said, "Not me! So don"t go around spreading rumors like this.

The Korean media outlet Star News reported an anonymous source close to the actress as saying that she is shocked and upset by the rumors. She is looking into taking legal action against anyone spreading the rumors."

Her agency, Early Bird Entertainment also released a statement about potential measures they might take.

"Last year we sued people who made hateful comments to Jin Se Yeon. Since the commenters were middle and high school students, the incident was handled by assigning them volunteer work. Bu recently malicious comments have come up again, This time the number of comments is very high so we are considering taking legal action."

Choi released thousands of text messages she exchanged with Kim Hyun Joong to Korean media outlets such as OSEN, Dispatch, My Daily, Newsen, and Naver TV.

She is currently suing Kim Hyun Joong for psychological damage resulting from a miscarriage allegedly caused by him assaulting her. But as yet she has supplied no definitive proof of a miscarriage.

Choi claims that she will bring the friend who accompanied her to the incident and the female celebrity to court so that they can testify to the incident in which she discovered them.

Kim Hyun Joong is currently serving his two-year mandatory military duty.


Kim Hyun Joongs Ex- female friend supplies Her side of the story, Kim Hyun Joongs side Counter, And Jin Se Yeon Becomes A Victim of This Ongoing Dispute

Kim Hyun Joongs Ex- female friend supplies Her side of the story, Kim Hyun Joongs side Counter, And Jin Se Yeon Becomes A Victim of This Ongoing Dispute

Kim Hyun Joong’s Ex-girlfriend turn overs Her side of the tale, Kim Hyun Joong’s side Counter, And Jin Se Yeon Becomes A Victim of This On passing Dispute Actress< robust> Jin Se Yeon has existen all of A sudden existen stuck in the on passing And creating dispute existtween < robust>Kim Hyun Joong And his ex-girlfriend, < robust>Ms. Choi.

< robust>Ms. Choi’s side of the story: the old day, Ms. Choi (Kim Hyun Joong’s ex-girlfriend) printed, during the media, evidence backst Kim Hyun Joong based on his legal professional’s claims that every one her Allegations of pregnancy, miscarriage, And physical Abuse Are faux. She wrote A observation, released during the media, explaining that she accept existen silent whilst Kim Hyun Joong’s rep, Attorney < robust>Lee Jae guy, has existen chatting amongst the media All this fourth dimension existcause she existlieved the reality may exist printed in court. Alternatively, she mayn’t stay silent Anymore every bit she existcome once existing drawn up every bit A crook And her silence existcome once existing noticed every bit An Admittance of guilt.

In the primary phase, Ms. Choi reaffirms that Kim Hyun Joong did Abuse her And she makecumented four instances of attack by way of Kim Hyun Joong to the police on August twenty, twenty1 four. She subsequently amongstdrew the attack costs backst him, yet the prosecution pursued felony Action backst him, from which he existcome once subsequently discovered responsible And fined. so every bit for Kim Hyun to steer clear of serious crook costs, he vital her to factor A observation that she did now no longer need him prosecuted, which she did, And in pass back existcome once compensated  six hundred million KRW (about five12,000 USD) for damages every bit A result of the attack. Now Kim Hyun Joong’s legal professional is making information technology out to peerm that she likewisek the six hundred million KRW every bit A blackmail agreement for her now no longer to speak close to her erstwhile pregnancy And miscarriage. Ms. Choi United States that she never once discussed pregnancy or miscarriage in her court makecuments  as information technology existcome once anything she didn’t need her folks to understand close to. Kim Hyun Joong become once the existst who threatened her by way of texting to her now no longer mention her old pregnancy or miscarriage existcause it volition harm her likewise.

In the 2d one phase, Ms. Choi Addresses her commencement pregnancy And miscarriage back in may twenty1 four that Kim Hyun Joong’s Attorney is not Anyw implying never got here close to. Ms. Choi describes how once she discovered she existcome once meaning After lacking her duration, she likewisek A condominium pregnancy verify (first fourth dimension on may i four), once amongst Kim Hyun Joong about (may i five), that every one indicated she existcome once meaning.

Ms. Choi visited the health center on may twenty amongst her friend “A,” every bit she existcome once told by way of Kim Hyun Joong And turn overn A menu, yet information technology existcome once likewise early on to peer anything else at the ultrasound. Soon After, however, on may thirty, she learned of Kim Hyun Joon’s matter amongst a feminine superstar, initial “L.” When she faced Kim Hyun Joong close to this And every bitked to get A divorce, he attacked her  for Approximately thirty mins. She subsequently began to suffer bloody discharge And suspected miscarriage, which she texted Kim Hyun Joong close to. Ms. Choi then visited the health center on June thirteen, twenty1 four, by way of then which her bruises from the attack had subsided. The physician told her that they uterine lining existcome once thickening back, which supposed that she existcome once existingly now no longer meaning, yet ovulating.

To existef up her claims, Ms. Choi presentations messages existtween her And her friend “A” that display photographs of her sure pregnancy verify in Addition messages existtween her And Kim Hyun Joong. In one text, Kim Hyun Joong writes, “I’ve were turn overnten stuck up amongst hog that set outs meaning And therefore without difficulty.”

Kim Hyun Joong Ms Choi text pregnancy ii

Kim Hyun Joong Ms Choi text pregnancy

In the 3rd phase, Ms. Choi communicates close to her 2d pregnancy by way of Kim Hyun Joong, which happened in July twenty1 four. She supplies the text messages from June ii nine that display that Kim Hyun Joong  stated information technology too early on to visit the health center to verify since now no longerhing volition display up at the ultrasound which, Ms. Choi issues out, verifys that he knew close to the may pregnancy. So Ms. Choi waited to mind the health center And won verifyation she existcome once meaning, in Addition ultrasound photographs. She United States that they've were turn overn existen submitted to the court And that Attorney Lee Jae guy knows close to them,.

This 2d pregnancy did now no longer come to term, now no longer on Account of miscarriage, yet by way of Abortion, Ms. Choi United States. She supplies text message evidence that presentations that Kim Hyung Joon kept suggesting that she set out An Abortion, which she did.

But existst 3 days After the Abortion, on July i0, Ms. Choi claims Kim Hyun Joong attacked her. She had visited him At his space amongst her friend “B” And discovered Kim Hyun Joong and feminine superstar “J” bare in existd in combination. Ms. Choi existcome once then attacked by way of Kim Hyun Joong in front of that superstar And her friend. Ms. Choi United States that plans to call in that feminine superstar every bit A witness for the court.

In the general phase, Ms. Choi discusses her existing pregnancy And the suspicions laid backst her. Attorney Lee Jae min had made claims that Ms. Choi Averted Kim Hyun Joong And his folks from existing there amongst her all the way thru An ultrasound exam on March i2, twenty1 five. Ms. Choi explains that of route she didn’t need Kim Hyun Joong’s folks there in the room existcause she existcome once passing to exist amongstout her undies And that once she every bitked existst Kim Hyun Joong to work into, he grew to existcome his mind Away And his mom blocked their verbal exchange. Ms. Choi Also issues out that this health center existcome once selected by way of Kim Hyun Joong’s folks (the Seoul Asan Hospital) And that the physician eve displayed them the ultrasound photographs And told them the pregnancy existcome once close to thirteen weeks, five days in And that the fetus existcome once creating neatly. He eve enjoin told the date of design- December twenty, twenty1 four.

Ms. Choi Addresses the evidence that Ki Hyun Joong’s legal professional is offering to elevate further suspicion close to her pregnancy. His side is the use of photographs they discovered, sent existtween her And her friend on may ii3, on A travel riding A bicycle And every bitking how A meaning girl may make that. Ms. Choi explains that this photographs were from A travel amongst a chum on April thirty And 31.

Ms. Choi And her felony rep Also Announced that day that they would sue Kim Hyun Joong And his felony rep for libel which made her out to look like she extorted And blackmailed Kim Hyun Joong out of the six hundred million KRW.

< robust>Kim Hyun Joong’s reaction: In reaction to Ms. Choi’s side of the story, Kim Hyun Joong’s side has Also spoken to the media.

regarding her evidence of sure condominium pregnancy verifys And text messages, Kim Hyun Joong’s rep United States that the evidence volition now no longer accept felony sway in court. He Also United States that Ms. Choi existcome once verifyed At A OB/GYN on June thirteen, twenty1 four And there has existen once no signal of pregnancy.

in regards to the may thirty, twenty1 four attack, the rep issues out that Ms. Choi stated she existcome once Attain in the tummy yet in the harm makecument, there's no mention of that. Also, eve supposing Ms. Choi is disceptation that Kim Hyun Joong is responsible of attack because the court discovered him responsible, Kim Hyung existcome once fined existcause they were now no longer in A position to expose that her claims were faux, eve if they were every bit Kim Hyun Joong’s side every bitserts.

Kim Hyun Joong’s side Also issues out that whilst Ms. Choi claims she discharged blood on Account of miscarriage, there's no scientific list of remedy for the miscarriage. He explains that Ms. Choi told Kim Hyun Joong on June thirteen, twenty1 four that she had A miscarriage And had to visit the hosptial to set out remedy, which she did pass to, yet the hosptial may now no longer verify A miscarriage. Regardless, Ms. Choi likewisek i. five million KRW from Kim Hyun Joong every bit “ remedy costs.”

in regards to the six hundred million KRW reimbursement, Kim Hyun Joong’s rep United States on August i0, twenty1 four, Kim Hyung Joong’s side introduced to turn over Ms. Choi one hundred million KRW if she kept silence. By the fourth dimension she submitted costs of attack by way of Kim Hyun Joong to the police on August twenty, twenty1 four, Ms. Choi had Already won the one hundred million won. Kim Hyun Joong’s rep United States that he intend Ms. Choi existcome once then told now no longer to invite for cash, which she didn’t, yet she did threaten; information technology existcome once somebody else who kept on requesting extra cash. So eve if she didn’t phaseicularly every bitk for cash yet the outcome existcome once that six hundred million KRW went to her, this is blackmail.

as A way to Ms. Choi’s plans to sue Kim Hyun Joong for libel regarding the six hundred million KRW, Kim Hyun Joong’s rep stated that they're passing to sue her  correct back for libel.

About Ms. Choi locating superstar “J” bare in Kim Hyun Joong’s space, Kim Hyun Joong’s rep describes how she mayn’t accept existen discovered bare. Ms. Choi knows Kim Hyun Joong’s keycode into this space. She pressed information technology, yet discovered the latch existcome once Also on And therefore she yelled to exist let in And sooner or subsequently broke the latch And got here in. In that state of matters, Kim Hyun Joong And “J” mayn’t accept existen discovered bare, because they would accept wear garments by way of then. The rep Also claims that information technology makeesn’t brand feel that Kim Hyun Joong would existat up Ms. Choi At the fourth dimension amongst superstar “J” there. He refers to July ii8, twenty1 four when Ms. Choi attempted to set out Kim Hyun Joong to Attain here by way of hit him. He describes how Kim Hyun Joong didn’t Attain back even if he existcome once existing Attain And that Kim Hyun Joong however carries scars from her nails. There also Are photographs taken After July ii8 by way of lovers At Kim Hyung Joong’s concert that display those marks.

< robust>How Jin Se Yeon were turn overn stuck up in this dispute: Netizens, After locating out close to superstar “J,” began pronouncing that “J” existcome once Actress Jin Se Yeon, whom Kim Hyun Joong starred amongst in the drama “Age of Innocence” (aka “Inspiring Generation”). To this, Ms. Choi, Kim Hyun Joong’s rep, And Jin Se Yeon accept All denied that “J” is she. Jin Se Yeon’s rep stated that they're existaring in mind felony Action backst the those who Are spreading faux rumors.

Jin Se Yeon’s side Also printed that Jin Se Yeon had Already submitted costs of libel backst netizens in July twenty1 four, yet subsequently dropped the costs After receiving Apologies And pledges to volunteer.

Lee Jae guy has Also stated that “J” has Already existen t in A positiond from the list of witnesses, And that the  superstar “J” Ms. Choi is existaring on makeesn’t also accept the initial “J” in her call.

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Jin Se-yeon, livid approximately the rumors linking her to Kim Hyun-joong. 'no longer me!'

Jin Se-yeon, livid approximately the rumors linking her to Kim Hyun-joong. 'no longer me!'

Actress Jin Se-yeon is livid close to the baseless rumorsAnd conjectures cross alongside the flowing round the web.

Jin Se-yeon has spread out close to the reality that she is being connected to " feminine superstar J". here is regarding Kim Hyun-joong"s ex- female friend claiming at the 30th that she become once equallysaulted in front ofA then bare " feminine superstar J"At Kim Hyun-joong"s house.

On the morning of the 31st, Jin Se-yeon responded toA mail uploaded to herAuthentic Twitter invoice at the 30th equallyking "Is the type J connected alongside Kim Hyun-joong Jin Se-yeon?" through typing "not me! So don't cross about spreading this".

In the liberate given to the clicking through Kim Hyun-joong"s ex- female friend "A" at the 30th, she claims that she become once equallysaultedAt Kim Hyun-joong"s house. consistent alongside "A"s" claims, " feminine superstar J" become once provideAt the fourth dimensionAnd she eve hasA witness,A buddies who hadAccompanied herAt the fourth dimension. After the liberate, baseless rumors that the " feminine superstar J" become onceActually Jin Se-yeon who costarred alongside Kim Hyun-joong in the drama "Inspiring Generation" started to cross alongside the flow round the web.

An insiderAt theActress" firm told Star News at the 31st that "Jin Se-yeon is surprise through the ridiculous rumors speculating she become once " feminine superstar J". WeAre recently takingA glance into criminal movements against people who spread baseless rumors".

Jin Se-yeon alongside her brand new glance has been idea close to equallyA leadingActress always since she debuted.

Source : star.moneytoday.co.kr...


Jin Se Yeon denies she's the feminine famous person that Kim Hyun Joong had an thing alongside + warns of prison action

Jin Se Yeon denies she's the feminine famous person that Kim Hyun Joong had an thing alongside + warns of prison action

Jin Se Yeon denies she

it thenunds As if that malicious comments close to Actress Jin Se Yeon Are At A height, especially Afterward Kim Hyun Joong"s ex- female friend"s fresh letter. 

Just the day Ahead of today, Ms. Choi had released A letter detailing the more than A few fourth dimensions she"s Allegedly stuck her ex-boyfriend Kim Hyun Joong cheating on her. Ms. Choi in particular discussed walking in on Kim Hyun Joong And a feminine famous person "J" in existd in combination. And e'er because then, malicious speculations sprung up alongside netizens guessing that "J" is Also Jin Se Yeon, especially because the Actress And Kim Hyun Joong were in A drama in combination Ahead of. 

The Actress even outtide spoke out without delay relating to this subject by means of tweeting, "It"s now no longer me, then please don"t s height then rashly like that."

Jin Se Yeon"s corporate "Early plane Ent" Also told media retailers, "closing year, nosotros had sued the folks All in favour of hate comments in opposition to Jin Se Yeon. Since the commentors nosotrosre heart And prime college scholars, the subject existcame once tied over alongside volunteer paintingsbut malicious comments accept freshly arise back. This fourth dimension about, the selection of comments Are very prime, then nosotros Are taking into Account taking criminal Action." 

What Are your mind at the subject?

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Kim Hyun Joong dishes on dating, marriage and Jin Se Yeon

Kim Hyun Joong dishes on dating, marriage and Jin Se Yeon

Kim Hyun Joong Talks Dating, Marriage And Jin Se Yeon

Kim Hyun Joong once said that he did not want to get married before he was 35. As he approaches his 28th birthday, he has put some more thought into the kind of girl he wants to marry.

To date his longest relationship lasted three years and it was with a non-celebrity. Their breakup had something to do with his busy schedule. It”s not as if idols can”t date, he said. It”s just that the competition is so fierce, being a performer has to be your priority.

“Ever since I started as an idol, there was no time to rest and I could not date properly,” he said in an interview with Sports Seoul.

Idols also don”t have a lot of privacy. Everything they do is examined and discussed, sometimes criticized.

“Idols can date but you become conditioned to thinking you can”t,” he said. “When idols even act, they face a disadvantage because of their idol background. If they buy a car, people make sarcastic remarks. I think people expect a lot of idols. But they are young and they are also human like everyone else, so it”s unfortunate.”

He does not regret the sacrifice he made, both in time and privacy. He is grateful to have had the chance.

“Although it felt like an invasion of privacy at times, it was also a privilege. I was the one selected out of a million people who auditioned and I made my debut,” he said. “I endured it and think I should be happy for this very reason.”

He does think that things are changing. More stars are being open about dating.

“I think social conditions have changed a lot,” he said. “The atmosphere feels different.”

Little is known about the women he has dated over the years. He denies the ongoing rumors that he dated singer and actress Uee. And he has confessed to being dumped more than once by a girl. One time he said he was even dumped via text.

But his recent appearance in “Inspiring Generation” and his onscreen relationship with Jin Se Yeon has changed his ideas about the kind of girl he might date or even marry. In the past when he dated his focus was on winning a girl”s heart, then taking care of her and doing what he could to make her comfortable. But he came to like the way Jin Se Yeon”s character nurtured his.

“I used to have to like girls before they liked me, but when I did “Inspiring Generation,” I thought for the first time that I could be swayed by a girl who treats me well. It was nice to have a pretty girl who cared for me and treated me nicely. Although I do have to like the girl, when I watched Ok Ryeon, I began to think that I should marry this kind of girl.”

Was he swayed by the character or the actress? Only time will tell.


Inspiring Generation: Jin Se Yeon drinks the poison for Kim Hyun Joong

Inspiring Generation: Jin Se Yeon drinks the poison for Kim Hyun Joong

'Inspiring Generation (Photo : KBS)

Jin Se Yeon saved Kim Hyun Joong and faced death.

On the 23rd episode of KBS 2TV Wednesday/Thursday drama “Inspiring Generation” broadcast on April 2nd, Kim Ok Ryun (played by Jin Se Yeon) saved Shin Jung Tae (played by Kim Hyun Joong) and faced death.

On this day, Kim Ok Ryun promised a ceremony with Shin Jung Tae in front of seven people including Sul Doo Sung (played by Choi Il Wha). At this time, Sul Doo Sung wanted to hit Shin Jung Tae and prepared a congratulatory drink and proposed a toast. Kim Ok Ryun caught on that there was poison in the congratulatory drink and switched the glasses around.

In Hwang Bang, Kim Ok Ryun wanted to get out sooner than later and drank the poisonous drink. Shin Jung Tae who came out of the place later realized Kim Ok Ryun”s situation. Kim Ok Ryun held Shin Jung Tae who was going to go call Sun Woo Jin (played by Lee Hae in) and said, “Thank you. Thank you from Shineuiju to now.”

Kim Ok Ryun who was losing memory little by little said, “Don”t fight all the time because I”m not here. You have to win. If our Jung Tae dies, who will treat him?” and was crying yet finally died. Shin Jung Tae bawled at Kim Ok Ryun”s death.


Inspiring Generation: Kim Hyun Joong kisses Jin Se Yeon at their promising ceremony

Inspiring Generation: Kim Hyun Joong kisses Jin Se Yeon at their promising ceremony

Inspiring Generation (Photo : KBS)

“Inspiring Generation” Kim Hyun Joong and Jin Se Yeon had a promising ceremony.

On the 22nd episode of KBS 2TV Wednesday/Thursday drama “Inspiring Generation” broadcast on March 27th, Shin Jung Tae (played by Kim Hyun Joong) and Kim Ok Ryun (played by Jin Se Yeon) had a promising ceremony.

On this day, Shin Jung Tae worked with the Bang Sang Tong people and Mo Il Wha (played by Song Jae Rim) and succeeded suppressing the Il Guk Hui with the army of Hwang Bang as they collaborated.

As Shin Jung Tae suppressed Il Guk Hui, he broke down Hwang Bang”s Sul Doo Sang (played by Choi Il Wha) and wanted to save Kim ok Ryun who was held hostage and decided to have a promising ceremony.

Shin Jung Tae purposefully invited the seven people of Jo Gye that Sul Doo Sung hosted and held a promising ceremony where he invited Kim Ok Ryun.

Shin Jung Tae said to Kim Ok Ryun, “Did you wait for a long time? I won”t make you wait any longer. Thanks for waiting for me” and put a ring on.

Kim Ok Ryun was moved at the proposal that she had been waiting for and cried. Shin Jung Tae kissed Kim Ok Ryun and showed his love in front of everyone.


Review of Inspiring Generation Ep 23: Jin Se Yeon sacrifices herself for Kim Hyun Joong

Review of Inspiring Generation Ep 23: Jin Se Yeon sacrifices herself for Kim Hyun Joong

Inspiring Generation Episode 23 Review: Jin Se Yeon Dies After Drinking Poison for Kim Hyun Joong

On the 23rd episode of ”Inspiring Generation,” Kim Ok Ryun (played by Jin Se Yeon) sacrificed herself for Shin Jung Tae (played by Kim Hyun Joong).

Sul Doo Sung (played by Choi Il Hwa) prepared a poisonous drink to kill Jung Tae. However, Ok Ryun took Jung Tae’s drink and drank it all. She turned to Doo Sung and said, “We can leave now since we finished the drink, right?

After leaving Hwangbang, Ok Ryun fell to the ground. Jung Tae let her lean on his shoulder. She told him, “You have such a warm shoulder. Thank you, Jung Tae. Don’t fight too much. But if you do, you have to win.” Ok Ryun then passed away.


"Inspiring Generation" Jin Se-yeon dies, Kim Hyun-joong cries

Jin Se-yeon left "Inspiring Generation" by dying.

On the twenty-third episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Inspiring Generation", Kim Ok-ryeon (Jin Se-yeon) sacrificed herself for her lover Sin Jeong-tae (Kim Hyun-joong).

Seol Doo-seong (Choi Il-hwa) prepared a poisoned drink to kill Sin Jeong-tae at his engagement party with Ok-ryeon.

Ok-ryeon realized this and switched his drink with hers.

Doo-seong thought Jeong-tae had drank the poison and smiled.

Ok-ryeon was losing her consciousness slowly and when Jeong-tae said he was going to get the doctor, she said, "It's too late anyways. I don't want to wait alone and die alone".

She snuggled in his shoulders and said, "It's so warm. Your shoulders are so warm. Thank you Jeong-tae. Don't fight when I'm not around and you have to win. Who is going to treat you when you get hurt?" She closed her eyes and Jeong-tae cried with her in his arms.

Source : www.newsen.com/news_v...


"Inspiring Generation" Kim Hyun-joong and Jin Se-yeon take vows

Kim Hyun-joong and Jin Se-yeon took their vows.

On the twenty-second episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Inspiring Generation", Sin Jeong-tae (Kim Hyun-joong) proposed to Kim Ok-ryeon (Jin Se-yeon). However, things are unstable as there's a dark power lurking, waiting to destroy them.

Sin Jeong-tae's plan disabled the enemy and Aoki, who went to save Gaya, was in danger of being arrested. Sin Jeong-tae had a victory party and grew out the scale of the fight.

Sin Jeong-tae invited his friends to watch him and Kim Ok-ryeon take their vows.

Seol Doo-seong (Choi Il-hwa) was furious at Sin Jeong-tae's confidence and devised a secret plot. He ordered Wang Baek-san (Jeong Ho-bin) to prepare poison to kill Sin Jeong-tae. Kim Ok-ryeon saw this as she was taking a walk at night.

A party took place the next day and Sin Jeong-tae announced he would have his vows here. He faced Kim Ok-ryeon and said, "I've kept you waiting too long. I won't make you wait any longer. I love you" and gave her a ring. They kissed in front of everyone.

Source : news.nate.com/view/20...