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“Three Days” Micky Yoochun, cornered again?

Micky Yoochun ran into So I-hyeon.

On the sixth episode of the SBS drama "Three Days", Lee Cha-yeong (So I-hyeon) was tracking down the EMP bomb when she found out the relationship between the dead Ham Bong-soo (Jang Hyeon-seong), bodyguard Hwang Yoon-jae and the chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff.

The chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff was a brigade commander from when Ham Bong-soo was a soldier 16 years ago. He'd also handed the 'Secret Document 98', which is about the president's (Son Hyeon-joo) plots, to Ham Bong-soo.

Lee Cha-yeong raided the chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff's home thinking they were on the same boat and would've hidden the EMP bomb somewhere.

However, the chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff fell out the window as she arrived and died and standing there was Han Tae-kyeong (Micky Yoochun)

“Three Days” Episode 6

Tae-kyeong really needs to take some responsibility in terms of his image problem. Even though he's been cleared of wrongdoing and is ostensibly working with the good guys again, the man continues to respond to every minor crisis by punching everyone nearby. I mean, geez, Cha-yeong is clearly trying to give him the benefit of the doubt here but there's only so much she can do when the guy's so determined to alienate himself from everyone for no apparent reason.

The storyline moves forward as the bad guys move to the next step of their plan- kill everyone who might know something about the big mysterious secret. This might have been a more efficient plan had they tried it before the whole presidential assassination thing made everybody really suspicious. However, the authorities in this drama are inconsistent enough in the competence department that the plan more or less works at the exact speed necessary to keep the story well-paced

Micky Yoochun’s face is the completion to his fashion

Micky Yoochun took photos with the fashion magazine Singles.

Micky sat in front of the monitor with director Sin Kyeong-soo and talked non-stop about the concept and himself. Sin Kyeong-soo complimented him saying he had wit and creativity.

The staff on site even call him a very hard working actor. They say he's good to be around with, although he might be exhausted from all the action scenes in the drama. "I feel like I'm changing as I used to think being polite was the only thing to do. Now I try to be as close and friendly to the staff as possible" he said.

The staff which he worked with in the movie "Sea Fog" made it comfortable for him to work with the staff in "Three Days" for four months. He thought being too polite might cause awkwardness and discomfort

“Three Days” Micky Yoochun kills Jang Hyeon-seong

Han Bong-soo (Jang Hyeon-seong) faced death on the fifth episode of the SBS drama "Three Days".

Lee Cha-yeong (So I-hyeon) told the people who were worried about the safety of the president that it was the head of security Han Bong-soo who attacked president Lee Dong-hwi (Son Hyeon-joo) and not Han Tae-kyeong (Micky Yoochun).

Orders were given to capture Han Bong-soo and not Han Tae-kyeong.

A press conference was held by the investigators. Han Tae-kyeong was shocked to find out about the work the president and his own father did together. However, he managed to get the president out with Yoon Bo-won (Park Ha-seon) to tell everyone the truth. Han Bong-soo followed Han Tae-kyeong who had the president in an ambulance. The two of them fought for their lives

“Three Days” Episode 5

Most of this episode is dedicated to flashback, and to fairly good effect. We find out fairly clearly and unambiguously what the conspiracy is and why they're trying to kill the president. The revelations are fairly disappointing ones actually, but it fits well with the overall tone of the episode. Tae-kyeong is horribly disillusioned by the discoveries, yet he insists on sticking close to the action anyway because he's a secret service agent and darn it he's gotta protect the president.

The sense of urgency feels awfully out of place for the fifth episode. The plot is more of a climax and resolution than it is the opening part of a bigger story. I have no idea where "Three Days" is going to go from here. To that extent, the drama is definitely accomplishing its goals in terms of building up an interesting unpredictable narrative

Micky Yoochun, “I can’t perform action scenes like I’d want to”

His attachment and thirst for action is quite big.

Playing the role of Han Tae-kyeong in the SBS drama, "Three Days", Micky Yoochun said, "I want to show off proper action but it doesn't always work the way I want it to".

He showed his love for action at the press conference held in the Tanhyeon SBS production center on the 18th.

Recently, he was injured while performing a high-octane action scene and was told he needed rest for 6 months. He said, "It hurts but I am frustrated because I can't do it as well as I'd want to".

"I earn a lot from this drama" he continued, comparing to the other dramas. He said, "I try to make it as realistic as possible. I add emotion to it and I'm satisfied".

He mentioned the fact that actors in their 20s usually star in mellow dramas and not action ones

The top 5 Hallyu stars China loves

Lee Min-ho, Kim Soo-hyeon-I, Jang Geun-seok, Kim Woo-bin and Lee Jong-suk are the most loved in China. While "My Love from the Star" and "The Heirs" are great hits in China these days,, a music and entertainment website, carried out a fan vote online. 1,355,150 netizens logged on to vote for this survey and Lee Min-ho came first with 510,764 votes.

Then came along Kim Soo-hyeon-I from "My Love from the Star" with 469,948 votes. This is 34.7% of the votes, 3% less than Lee Min-ho.

Jang Geun-seok came in 3rd with 159,440 votes, Lee Jong-suk with 86,771 votes and Kim Woo-bin came last with 56,982 votes. carried out this survey with the actors' character names tagged on the side 녀처 as 'Kim Tan' Lee Min-ho, 'Do Min-joon' Kim Soo-hyeon-I, 'Hwang Tae-kyeong' Jang Geun-seok, 'Park Soo-ha' Lee Jong-suk and 'Choi Yeong-do' Kim Woo-bin

“Three Days” Son Hyeon-joo found

President Son Hyeon-joo's whereabouts has been found.

On the fourth episode of the SBS drama "Three Days", Lee Dong-hwi (Son Hyeon-joo), the president was located.

Seo Bo-won (Park Ha-seon) saved Han Tae-kyeong (Micky Yoochun) who had been framed and said, "The day your father died, a group of senior civil workers were killed in a fire but not a single line of news came out".

She then noticed Han Tae-kyeong was trying to track down the car where the president was in. She guessed that he would've taken the bus standing next to the stopped car due to the EMP (electromagnetic pulse). They then found out that the bus he was on was also in an accident.

The bus rolled and injured more than 20 people including Lee Dong-hwi. He was taken to the hospital with the others and was being treated

Max Changmin Admits He Was Initially Intimidated By His ‘Scary’ And ‘Strict’ TVXQ Bandmate U-Know Yunho

(Photo : Mnet)

They may now be one of K-pop"s most dynamic duos, but there was a time when TVXQ singer Max Changmin claims he was terrified of his bandmate U-Know Yunho.

In an interview Tuesday on the South Korean cable talk show "Beatles Code 3D," Changmin recalled his initial fear of his future collaborator, which happened when they both were being groomed for stardom by their record label SM Entertainment.

"Not that he gave me a hard time, but I could tell that he was being territorial when I first joined SM," he said. "Yunho was scary and strict towards the new trainees."

Yunho brushed off Changmin"s tales of his bullying as relating to the intensity he felt at the time for the record label"s badminton team.

"[When Max Changmin first arrived at SM] was the time when teams were being formed for the team and many trainees would quit and leave," he explained

Woman in her 30′s demands 100 million from Micky Yoochun

A woman in her thirties who demanded 100 million won (~$US100,000) from Micky Yoochun was arrested.

The Seoul Gangnam Police caught a woman in her 30's who threatened to expose all of his pictures and messages on his cell phone, which is where she picked them up.

She demanded 100 million won from Micky claiming that she will circulate all of his text messages and pictures on the 25th, last month.

Micky reported this to the police and they caught her in a café in Gangnam.

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