[Interview] Micky Yoochun

[Interview] Micky Yoochun "Sea Fog", like a sponge

Is there another lucky actor like him? There is an idol actor who"s come out with a movie produced by Bong Joon-ho and starred by Kim Yoon-seok, Moon Seong-geun and other outstanding stars. This actor has performed well, no, much more than that. We are talking about Micky Yoochun from JYJ who takes on the role of the youngest crew member, Dong-sik.

There are stereotypes about idols these days without a doubt. Their popularity might"ve started off with fandom but whether or not idols establish their positions as actors is completely up to them. However, Micky Yoochun grabbed the opportunity given to him and worked hard to make it work out his way.

Micky Yoochun didn"t seem like he was over Dong-sik yet. Those who worked with him mentioned that he was highly absorbent and we understood what they meant. Even while interviewing him, he was so honest about everything and then when it came to the subject of Dong-sik, his eyes would change as if he was possessed by the character once again.

"You are one lucky guy. Dong-sik is the most remembered character from the movie". "Maybe that"s because he was in the movie until the end", he said. "I didn"t know this while making the movie but now I think I was blessed to have had "Sea Fog" as my first film. I didn"t even think about the number of times I appear in the movie but many people who have seen the movie tell me that".

"I was glad but because everyone is saying nothing but good things about it, I feel nervous and wish it would quickly be released. It"s been a while since we"ve completed the movie and it takes patience".

Dong-sik gives all his love to a girl named Hong-mae (Han Ye-ri), a Chinese Korean descendant. When she falls into the water my accident, he hesitates for zero seconds and dives in after her.

"I wonder if that"s the kind of love the society needs these days. Everything has a price. People say they want to love but there are so many restrictions made by people. They say they like something about someone but they don"t realize when they start to fall in love. How many people do you think actually analyze the process of falling in love?"

Micky Yoochun delivered his theory of love into Dong-sik. He said, "Dong-sik is the same thing. I wondered if Dong-sik would be able to do that when she fell in the water but maybe he was thinking that life is precious. He might"ve developed feelings for her then because he saved her and he"s a man. Love fires up sometimes but being in a limited amount of space together for a long time could do that to any young man and woman.

The question of his bed scene came up and he joked, "It was no bed scene. There was no bed".

"It was hard bringing out my emotions. I guess I wanted to lean on someone because of the will to live, the wish to live and the feeling of being alive. I know I acted the part but I wonder if I could do that if it was me. It"s amazing. I think I"d be very nervous. I"d been too busy hiding".

He picked the scene where he embraces Hong-mae in the fish room because "My face doesn"t show much". He then gave an unexpected answer to the fact that people say he"s very absorbent.

"Maybe that"s because I wasn"t a good student. I don"t remember being at school. Maybe that"s why I"m absorbent. They say I"m like a sponge but what"s in a sponge? Nothing. My JYJ members tell me I"ve become innocent after "Sea Fog". While there are innocent people who become tainted as they go along, they say otherwise for me. I wonder if that"s even possible but I"m proud".

While two-character (in Korean) movies worth 10 billion won (~US$10 million) have been flooding the theaters these days, the audiences are highly excited. "KUNDO : Age of the Rampant" and "Pirates" has been out for a while and currently "The Admiral: Roaring Currents" is causing a syndrome. It"s not that much of a great news for "Sea Fog" but Micky Yoochun says, "I am happy to have just been in that movie because the film itself is amazing".

"I think this movie makes you think a lot. Those of you who think about a movie after watching it will definitely not be disappointed".



Micky Yoochun says,

Micky Yoochun says, "Watch "Sea Fog""

Actor and singer Micky Yoochun from the movie "Sea Fog" had an interview in a caf on the 7th. He is posing prior to the interview.

Produced by Bong Joon-ho and directed by Sim Seong-bo, "Sea Fog" is about a ship crew of six who smuggle people and become involved in a terrible case. To be released on the 13th of August.



Micky Yoochun's drama to be shown in Japan

Micky Yoochun's drama to be shown in Japan

Micky Yoochun's drama to be shown in Japan

Actor Micky Yoochun, also member of JYJ, is taking over the Japanese television. His leading drama is going to be broadcast throughout Japan in August, proving his Hallyu stardom.

"Three Days" is going to be broadcasted on KNTV every Saturday at 8PM. Cable TV DATV is going to broadcast two episodes of 'behind the scenes' footage from "Missing You" and "The Rooftop Prince" on the 15th and 22nd. "The Rooftop Prince" will also contain Micky Yoochun introducing the set to the viewers.

"Missing You" has been spreading romance all over Japan and the drama is scheduled to broadcast on TV Tokyo in April next year. It also helped establish the exclusive fan meeting Micky Yoochun is having in Yokohama on the 9th, this month.

Meanwhile, as a member of JYJ, Micky Yoochun began his 'The Return of the King' tour on the 9th, starting with the Jamsil Stadium.

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Micky Yoochun and Park Ha-seon, are they on a date

Micky Yoochun and Park Ha-seon, are they on a date

Micky Yoochun and Park Ha-seon, are they on a date?

Micky Yoochun and Park Ha-seon were spotted filming a scene for the SBS drama "Three Days".

They were looking in the same direction in front of a bus.

This scene is a part of an intense moment when Han Tae-kyeong (Micky Yoochun) and Yoon Bo-won (Park Ha-seon) collaborate to stop Kim Do-jin's (Choi Won-yeong) scheme.

"Three Days" has a lot of outdoor scenes and this scene went on until the middle of the night.

Netizens say, "They were filming", "They look good together", "I have to watch the drama" and more.

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"Three Days" Micky Yoochun gets mad at So I-hyeon

Han Tae-kyeong (Micky Yoochun) was mad at Lee Cha-yeong (So I-hyeon) who was with Kim Do-jin (Choi Won-yeong).

On the ninth episode of the SBS drama "Three Days", Han Tae-kyeong ordered Yoon Bo-won (Park Ha-seon) through the CCTV and got her into Kim Do-jin's penthouse.

She tried to copy files on Kim Do-jin's computer but the lock prevented her from doing so. Han Tae-kyeong saw Kim Do-jin coming back but was surprised at something and ran out.

Han Tae-kyeong appeared in front of Kim Do-jin who asked him what he was doing here at this time but he ignored that and looked at someone else. "Why are you here?" he asked.

He was looking at Lee Cha-yeong and yelling, "Why are you here?!" She didn't answer him but her eyes got watery.

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"Three Days" Micky Yoochun betrays Choi Won-yeong

On the eighth episode of the SBS drama "Three Days", Han Tae-kyeong (Micky Yoochun) held back Kim Do-jin (Choi Won-yeong) by using himself as bait.

Han Tae-kyeong solved the codes in the Yang Jin-ri documents relating to his father Han Ki-joon's death and found out about Ri Cheol-gyu (Jang Dong-jik) from North Korea. Ri Cheol-gyu was a witness who knew the truth about the Yang Jin-ri case. Han Tae-kyeong told Lee Dong-hwi (Son Hyeon-joo) to use Ri Cheol-gyu to open a press conference and reveal the truth.

Lee Dong-hwi held a sudden press conference outside the Blue House. Sin Gyu-jin and Kim Do-jin realized this later and pressured Han Tae-kyeong so that Ri Cheol-gyu wasn't able to get there.

Han Tae-kyeong and Ri Cheol-gyu were on their way to the press conference when Kim Do-jin's men surrounded them. Kim Do-jin said, "It's hard to prove the truth with only your statement. I'll give you money, so you can give me the evidence that you have".

Han Tae-kyeong said, "You're right. It's not enough with the statement of a North Korean alone. Unless there's more evidence...that's why I am the bait". Then, the man behind Han Tae-kyeong took off his hat and it wasn't the real Ri Cheol-gyu".

Choi Ji-hoon (Lee Jae-yong-I) appeared just then. He had heard everything Kim Do-jin said and the truth had surfaced.

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"Three Days" Micky Yoochun, cornered again

Micky Yoochun ran into So I-hyeon.

On the sixth episode of the SBS drama "Three Days", Lee Cha-yeong (So I-hyeon) was tracking down the EMP bomb when she found out the relationship between the dead Ham Bong-soo (Jang Hyeon-seong), bodyguard Hwang Yoon-jae and the chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff.

The chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff was a brigade commander from when Ham Bong-soo was a soldier 16 years ago. He'd also handed the 'Secret Document 98', which is about the president's (Son Hyeon-joo) plots, to Ham Bong-soo.

Lee Cha-yeong raided the chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff's home thinking they were on the same boat and would've hidden the EMP bomb somewhere.

However, the chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff fell out the window as she arrived and died and standing there was Han Tae-kyeong (Micky Yoochun). It was likely that he was going to be called a murderer once again.

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Micky Yoochun's face is the completion to his fashion

Micky Yoochun's face is the completion to his fashion

Micky Yoochun's face is the completion to his fashion

Micky Yoochun took photos with the fashion magazine Singles.

Micky sat in front of the monitor with director Sin Kyeong-soo and talked non-stop about the concept and himself. Sin Kyeong-soo complimented him saying he had wit and creativity.

The staff on site even call him a very hard working actor. They say he's good to be around with, although he might be exhausted from all the action scenes in the drama. "I feel like I'm changing as I used to think being polite was the only thing to do. Now I try to be as close and friendly to the staff as possible" he said.

The staff which he worked with in the movie "Sea Fog" made it comfortable for him to work with the staff in "Three Days" for four months. He thought being too polite might cause awkwardness and discomfort. "It was better for me to approach them than the other way around. I got to know them for four months; eating, drinking and joking around with them".

The interview of a hard-working, honest actor Micky Yoochun can be seen in the issue of Singles.

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"Three Days" Micky Yoochun kills Jang Hyeon-seong

Han Bong-soo (Jang Hyeon-seong) faced death on the fifth episode of the SBS drama "Three Days".

Lee Cha-yeong (So I-hyeon) told the people who were worried about the safety of the president that it was the head of security Han Bong-soo who attacked president Lee Dong-hwi (Son Hyeon-joo) and not Han Tae-kyeong (Micky Yoochun).

Orders were given to capture Han Bong-soo and not Han Tae-kyeong.

A press conference was held by the investigators. Han Tae-kyeong was shocked to find out about the work the president and his own father did together. However, he managed to get the president out with Yoon Bo-won (Park Ha-seon) to tell everyone the truth. Han Bong-soo followed Han Tae-kyeong who had the president in an ambulance. The two of them fought for their lives.

Han Bong-soo said, "Now you know everything the president did". Han Tae-kyeong replied, "Stop it. You are the one who taught me how to protect the president".

Lee Dong-hwi heard their struggle and stepped out of the ambulance; although, Yoon Bo-won stopped him. Han Bong-soo pointed a gun at Lee Dong-hwi but Han Tae-kyeong pulled the trigger and stopped him. He fell to the cold ground.

The investigators found it difficult to believe and said, "Han Tae-kyeong asked the president in tears, "Is it true about what they are saying at the press conference?" and Lee Dong-hwi said they were. Han Tae-kyeong yelled in sorrow as he was taken away by security guards.

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Micky Yoochun,

Micky Yoochun, "I can't perform action scenes like I'd want to"

His attachment and thirst for action is quite big.

Playing the role of Han Tae-kyeong in the SBS drama, "Three Days", Micky Yoochun said, "I want to show off proper action but it doesn't always work the way I want it to".

He showed his love for action at the press conference held in the Tanhyeon SBS production center on the 18th.

Recently, he was injured while performing a high-octane action scene and was told he needed rest for 6 months. He said, "It hurts but I am frustrated because I can't do it as well as I'd want to".

"I earn a lot from this drama" he continued, comparing to the other dramas. He said, "I try to make it as realistic as possible. I add emotion to it and I'm satisfied".

He mentioned the fact that actors in their 20s usually star in mellow dramas and not action ones. He said, "I think a normal persons' story is fun and I feel attracted to those that bring out my emotions and exhaust my body at the same time".

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