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Paternal verify Kim Hyun-joong, Kakao communicate with Choi

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Paternal verify Kim Hyun-joong, Kakao communicate with Choi

Actor Kim Hyun-joong and ex-girlfriend Choi"s Kakao communicate messages had been captured and released.

Lawyer Lee Jae-man said, "There"s going to be a minor remark free up and now not anything like a press conference".

"Everything is able for the paternal verify even if Kim is in Service. It"s not because he"s suspicious yet it"s in order that he may also be more guilty about it".

Kim and Choi are looking ahead to their 3rd trial at the 23rd.

Meanwhile, Choi claimed in July, "Lee Jae-man is pronouncing that everything I acknowledged is a lie. He"s making me seem like a fraud. i'm looking to dangle it back because "silence is innocence". I'm going to get apologized to for the mistake".

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miss A Suzy is Fascinating in Beanpole′s Kakao Collab Spread

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miss A Suzy is Fascinating in Beanpole′s Kakao Collab Spread

--> Miss A′s Suzy showed off her loveable charms in a contemporary spread.

Following Beanpole Accessory′s Bonnie bag, which muse Suzy designed, the emblem has introduced its 2d collaboration project, the Kakao collab bag.

If Suzy showed her urban pro aspect in the Bonnie bag spread, she shows her loveable, girly charms in the spread for the Kakao collab.

The public′s awareness of and affinity for the Nation′s First Love Suzy and national characters Kakao pals maximize the synergy effect produced in the photos, giving off a bright and complex feel.

The Kakao Visitors items, featuring representative characters Neo, Apeach, Muzi & Con and Frodo, adds a brand new and a laugh touch to Beanpole Accessory′s signature vintage aesthetic. The design could be to be had in maximum styles, adding tote bag, mini bag, snatch and wallet in addition cash clip, card necklace, key ring, pouch and passport holder.

The footage of Suzy′s collaboration with Kakao peers can also be discovered on SSF Shop, Instagram and Facebook.

Photo credit: Samsung C&T Model Group

Daum Kakao Appoints New Young CEO

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Daum Kakao, which runs the hit cellular messenger app, on Monday named a new young CEO for its newly mixed operations.

Rim Ji-hoon (35) replaces Choi Sae-hoon and Lee Sir-goo, who changed into joint leaders after their two corporations merged final year.Rim graduated from the Korea Complicated Institute of Science and Era and worked for portal company Naver, then moved directly to Boston Consulting Group. More currently he headed a Daum Kakao associate which nurtures challenge companies.The appointment can be put to the shareholders on Sept. 23.The appointment of a CEO in his 30s to head a corporation with a marketplace capitalization of W8.1 trillion has created anything of a stir. Read this newsletter in Korean

Daum Kakao sees reach with fast-growing Path

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Daum Kakao sees reach with fast-growing Path

The nation"s largest SNS company Daum Kakao has acquired the U.S.-based social network site Path and its messenger platform Path Talk in a bid to broaden its global presence, the company said on Friday. In Indonesia, Path is one of the leading and fastest growing social network sites with over 10 million monthly average users. With the acquisition, Daum Kakao will establish a foothold in one of the most heavily populated countries in the world, with 250 million people. "Path is a mobile platform with a lot of loyal users and lots of content with heavy traffic. It has great growth potential", Daum Kakao said in a statement. "Path has recently seen rapid growth in user counts in the Middle East as well, and we expect good synergies with Daum Kakao as we seek to grow more globally".Path was created by Facebook platform developer Dave Morin and Napster founder Shawn Fanning in November 2010. It was created to encourage "high-quality" connections of closest friends and family, limiting each user"s social network to 150 friends. "We created Path as a network that brings users a source of happiness, meaning and connection. We"re very proud of what we have accomplished over the last five years together", said Dave Morin in a statement."We believe Daum Kakao, with its deep understanding of the Asian market and experience in leading mobile innovation, will be able to provide Path users with additional resources and value", he said. At the news, Daum Kakao"s share rose sharply on the Korean stock market Kosdaq. It closed 9.52 percent higher than the previous trade, at 117,300 won ($105.80). BY PARK JUNG-YOUN [[email protected]]

SISTAR"s Hyorin, Dasom, & Bora turn into heroines for "Heroes for Kakao"

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SISTAR"s Hyorin, Bora, and Dasom turned into heroes!

The trio recently became models for "Heroes for Kakao". Soyu was sadly absent from the shoot, but Hyorin turned into Cleopatra, Bora turned into Joan of Arc, and Dasom turned into Korea"s own Hwang Jin Yi.

The staff said, "People mostly think of male heroes when they think "hero", and we wanted to give a twist to that line of thought. However, we had a lot of obstacles to find models who would fit the role of the heroes. It"s hard to find an image that can express the charisma of a hero and still pull off the beauty of a female hero. We chose SISTAR among a wide variety of possible candidates. We decided that SISTAR"s image as a group as well as the members" colors would fit the heroic characters well."

Kakao"s characters appeal to users with relatable personalities

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Daum Kakao continues to open pop-up stores across the country, selling goods related to Kakao Friends such as this one at Seoul"s COEX mall. Provided by the company

"The characters themselves are not developed with a specific target in mind", Kim Min-gyu, one of the designers for Kakao Friends, said in an interview with the Korea JoongAng Daily. "We tried to portray the everyday situations most people face, even if they are trivial, so that anyone can easily empathize with the characters".The designer added that the special themed editions were added to appeal to certain groups such as office workers or students, "so that they can use specialized emoticons of their own".The popularity of the characters even led Daum Kakao to develop and collaborate with other brands to produce zany figurines and knick-knacks ranging from mobile phone covers and notepads to pens and socks. Starting with a pop-up store in Sinchon, western Seoul, which opened last April, the company expanded into COEX in southern Seoul as well as in Busan and Daegu. After seeing the Kakao Friends products selling out, Daum Kakao decided to open not just temporary pop-up stores but branded shops across the country. The company also formed partnerships with other companies such as Samlip General Foods and developed Kakao Friends bread rolls that come with stickers for fans to collect while also joining hands with Dunkin Donuts to sell hot chocolate in Frodo-shaped takeout cups.

Full Kakao Talk Messages Between Clara and Polaris CEO Leaked Out. Who is the Guilty?

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Media outlet Dispatch shakes up the K-Pop world with the full KakaoTalk conversations between model-turned actress Clara and CEO of Polaris Entertainment

This comes just days after their initial exclusive release of the conversations, and Clara as well as her representatives arguments that the logs released were only 30% of the total. Clara initially filed a lawsuit of sexual harassment and contract nullification, with accusations against Polaris Entertainment’s CEO. The company then quickly responded to the allegations, claiming her statements were completely fabricated and that Clara had cried admitting her faults at the company offices soon afterwards.

Polaris Entertainment then revealed they would be releasing all KakaoTalk messages, with Dispatch revealing their exclusive report soon afterwards. Clara soon responded to the comments, and then released a statement that she was questioned about her menstrual cycle and other inappropriate subject matter.

From the text messages, netizens picked apart certain comments as lies by Clara, such as she had not known Ladies’ Code and that was the reason she had not attended their funeral.

Dispatch latest report comes in wake of Clara’s comments that not all messages were revealed and that there was unfair editing involved. The report, titled “[D-EYE] Clara, The unknown back story…unreleased conversation timeline”, contains messages that Clara claimed to lose from May, June, and July. The only omitted messages are from when third-parties join the conversations, and they are very few and far between.

[Clara]: Could I see you tomorrow CEO?

[CEO L]: I’ll be at the academy from 2:30 to 3:30

[Clara]: I have recording from 2 PM tomorrow how about after 3:15?

[CEO L]: Sure I’ll move my schedule to 4 PM

[Clara]: Thank you ^^ i’ll be at the academy by 3:15 (2:09)

[Clara]: CEO ㅠㅠ I’m really sorry. I thought I gave myself enough time but the recording isn’t ending ㅠㅠ

[Clara]: I’m flying over there right now

[CEO L]: Did you find your phone?

[Clara]: Yes ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ thank you. It was in the car as we expected.

[CEO L]: When dealing with relationships be true to your emotions but when conducting business be completely rational and only look at facts. Let’s talk about another subject next time we see each other. I’m heading over to a dinner appointment.

[Clara]: CEO ^^ Did you eat dinner well? Do you have a little time after 8 tomorrow?

[CEO L]: I’m just getting up from a meal with some people from Israel. I have an appointment at Lotte Hotel around 8:30. You can come by the hotel and contact me I’ll see you on the first floor at the Peninsula.

[Clara]: Good morning president ^^. I’m really sorry. A filming schedule just came up ㅠㅠ. I think i’ll have time tomorrow after 8:30.

[CEO L]: How about we make it same time same place. To morrow I have dinner with (anonymous). If you have time, come a bit earlier and say hi, he invests in albums, concerts and he works with Japanese production companies. I’ll see you tomorrow.

[Clara]: When is the dinner?

[CEO L]: 7 at the Lotte Hotel in front of city hall. We’ll be on the 38th floor Momoyama.

[Clara]: I think the fastest I can get there is by 8:30 ㅠ

[CEO L]: Come by then. You can eat at the Peninsula if you don’t have time to eat since the place is an Italian restaurant as well I’ll come down with him and introduce you to him perhaps. Let me know when you arrive.

DISPATCH: Polaris CEO Lee met with Clara mid-May through an album production company personnel. Clara was having problems with her previous agency “Galaxia” and the money that she owed them. This was due to the fact that her previous agency right after Galaxia, ‘Martin Kyle’, wasn’t able to absolve the issue properly. She asked the CEO for advice and naturally talks of signing with the company arose.

[Clara]: CEO~ I was happy because you looked so happy yesterday ^^ Thank you~

[CEO L]: I had a good time for the first time in a long time so I drank a lot of wine and finished late.

I think once we begin working together, i will become more energetic as well.

How did the fan sign event go?

Look into the passport and production scheduling and try to adjust schedules and give me all the information you can.

I’m at the wicked musical right now, we’re at intermission at the moment.

I know you’re busy but I would like to see you more often. I always feel better after talking with you. My thoughts become uncluttered.

You’re an amazing person and great company ^^ Thank you for treating me so well.

[CEO L]: It’s a musical on the story, “The Wizard of Oz” I had a great time and now I am heading home.

It hasn’t been too long but I had a great time meeting you and talking with you.

We will adjust schedules and see each other from time to time. With some wine.

[Clara]: Thank you. CEO. Wine is always getter with better company^^ Be careful on your way home.

[CEO L]: Good morning! Did you sleep well? I’m at church.

[Clara]: (Sticker) Could you call me when you have time?

[Clara]: Do you have time for tea today? My schedule is full with movie shooting from next Monday so I don’t think I can schedule a meeting next week.

[CEO L]: Should be possible after 3. Dinner is possible as well.

[Clara]: Should we do dinner?

[Clara]: I can eat until today. From tomorrow I have to go on a exercising diet plan ;)

[CEO L]: Okay let me know when. Japanese?

[Clara]: Japanese is good with me ^^ How about you??? I’ll let you know a time with in 30 minutes.

[CEO L]: I’ll see you at Lotte Hotel Momoyama whenever. Mass is starting.

[CEO L]: I’ll see you at 7 at the 38th floor Momoyama.

When you have time you can go to

Onstyle channel Clara’s like a virgin

You can probably find out more about me and think more about me as well^^

When you’re not on a diet let’s meet up often for good food and talk.

Rest well you’re going to be busy from tomorrow.

[Clara]:(Sticker) Good night

DISPATCH: If you want to find out more about Clara? Search OnStyle’s ‘Clara’s like a virgin’

She continuously promoted herself. Like she stated in her official statement, this was a time when she had to be on his good side. She opened conversations by saying ‘good morning CEO.’ and linked him to shows she was on and emphasized her attractions.

[Clara]: I’m going to Cebu on the 9th ^^

So if we are able to get 10 minutes on stage it’s possible.

For (Name Removed) I can ask myself.

Do you think you could get us in as special guests?

(Name Removed) and (Name Removed) were on stage last year.

[CEO L]: Look into (Name Removed)‘s schedule.

Send over the contract in the morning.

I think this will be a great start.

[Clara]: CEO~ can I get the number I’m supposed to send it to?

[Clara]: I think this would be a good project as well.

[Clara]: (Name Removed)Pool party!

[CEO L]: Secretary office (Name Removed)

[Clara]: Is this the academy?

[Clara]: I’ll fax it over right now

[Clara]: Is that okay? Or my mother says she can meet you explain things to you in person.

[CEO L]: I can hear the background info after I take a look.

I’m at the company in the morning and there are other staff as well.

Seeing how you’re busy since the morning It looks like I’m going to be too busy looking after you to do other work..

[Clara]: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ everything’s about timing. If I miss the opportunity I’m going to regret it later on ㅠ.

Should I fax the information over? ;)

[CEO L]: You have the number. We have a meeting with everyone on Monday so I’ll look at it after. We’ll be able to come up with our stance on the matter and a first draft within today.

Thank you and sorry especially on a Monday.

(Name Removed) is such a good opportunity….

And i thought you would be able to make it happen.

[CEO L]: Anything to help Clara.

When you send it over I’ll take a look and have other people look at it..

I’ll come up with the necessary contracts with in 2 hours.

[CEO L]: On the 15th you’re talking about (Name Removed) that happens at (Name Removed) right?

The event on the 14th might be a problem because of the scale. The American side might not like it…

[Clara]: I see ㅠㅠ. Even if it’s just the pool party ^^

[CEO L]: Once I finish speaking to the event hosts I’ll let you know.

After lunch I’ll go back to the company and talk to you again. There are some questions we need answers to too.

[Clara]: I’m shooting a golf commercial ;)

[Clara]: Could you get this picture on main?

[Clara]: I’m shooting for ( ) and we’re talking about extending the contract

[Clara]: It’s in my Facebook and twitter ^^

[CEO L]: I’ll discuss it with the team.

[CEO L]: The academy looks very busy. There’s interview by ( ) meetings and recording for ( ) going on.

[Clara]: Great! Busy is good ^^

I heard (Name Removed) and (Name Removed) fought ㅠ.

[Clara]: (Name Removed) asked (Name Removed) to perform on stage for free.

[CEO L]: I came to (Name Removed) to work out I’ll contact you when i’m done.

[Clara]: (Sticker) Okay. I love exercising

[Clara]: Whenever I update my SNS it becomes an article ^^

[Clara]: Whenever I update my SNS it always turns up on the main page. Even when my manager does no marketing ^^

[CEO L]: Now you have to take care of things so you can maintain that.

[Clara]: Now you can make it blow up internationally O_O Boom~

[CEO L]: You make a hard problem sound easy

[CEO L]: Okay. I will take care of you…

It will be fun if it’s with me *^^*

Dispatch: 06.02.2014 Clara pursues guest appearance at a festival and emphasizes her filming for a commercial and the fact that she was on the main page of portal sites.

Clara asks the CEO for help. For example she asks him if he can help her appear on music festivals and says she would like to be a the pool party. She also shares pictures of herself and emphasizes that she is always on the main page of portal sites.


KAKAO Talks Releases GOT7's Emoticon For Its Users

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KAKAO Talks Releases GOT7's Emoticon For Its Users

GOT7's emoticon sets are available as in-app purchases in KakaoTalk's Androi apps.

Mobile app "KakaoTalk" released GOT7"s emoticon set titled, "Oh! My GOT7", in Korea and overseas simultaneously on the 8th. The set costs $3 and consists of 24 adorable emoticons.

Their agency JYP Entertainment rep stated, "We anticipate that the GOT7 emoticons will be relatable and receive love by guys and girls alike... We ask for a lot of interest in the "boyfriend-idol" GOT7"s aegyo-filled stickers."

To celebrate the release of the emoticon set, GOT7 will hold an event on the 15th, through which 10 winners will be chosen among those who purchase the set; 5 will receive the photobook "GOTCHA" and 5 will receive signed "Identify" CDs.

Express Your Emotions with Seo In Guk's 24 Animated Emoticons on Kakao Talk

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Express Your Emotions with Seo In Guk's 24 Animated Emoticons on Kakao Talk

The King’s Face,” Seo In Guk finally has his theme on Kakao Talk. From now on, you can easily express your all emotion with 24 emoticons of Seo In Guk

The set has been released on December 18th for all fans to enjoy, as each different emoticon strongly portrays a wide variety of emotions, mixed in with the unique charm of the singer-turned-actor himself. The emoticons are available both domestically and internationally via the Item Store for $3.00, joining the streaming emoticons of other celebrities such as SISTAR, BTS, Girl’s Day, and even SBSRoommate.

This is also the second set of Kakao emoticons for Seo In Guk, as his first was released back in August with a general theme of adorable faces and movements. Make sure to get yours today, and enjoy using them with other fans alike!

Bangtan Boys" emoticons available on Kakao Talk

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Bangtan Boys has their very own emoticons on Kakao Talk where you can use during your conversations with your friends.

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