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Pinoy fans make KPOP Republic 2013 memes! #Teambahay!

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Pinoy fans make KPOP Republic 2013 memes! #Teambahay!

Pinoy fans who can't come at the KPop Republic 2013 made their 'depression' into different memes (funny comments and photos).

One fan who can't come on the concert made do-it-yourself ticket

Various fans made hashtags. One is #Teambahay, which means they are just in their house (bahay) while the big event is happening at the Big Dome. One tweet:

Sad Story of My Life: That's when my bias visited my country but for some reason i couldn't go to their concert #TeamBahay #kpoprepublic

αzÿx кωση(@AdorkableKpoper) September 7, 2013

One fan who can't accept the fact that SHINee's Minho is not coming, might have an illusion.

minho cant join k rep concert but i went to the mall and saw him there!!!!!

hibernating (@xiuminudes) September 7, 2013

#Teambahayare definitely crying so they need this box:

#kpoprepublic #teambahay get one and pass

SEHUN-ey(@dupersuperkyra) September 7, 2013

Someone made this weather reporting, "Warning ! Typhoon K-Rep : Signal No. 123456789 in the Philippines . Lots of#TeamBahaywill be destroyed . Philippines, tears will flood ! /3"

Babala ! Bagyong K-Rep : Signal No. 123456789 na sa Pilipinas . Maraming mga #TeamBahay ang nasalanta . Pilipinas, baha na ng luha ! /3

Aira Carillo (@jemina_aiah) September 7, 2013

Perhaps, September 7, 2013 is the saddest month and day of 2013 for #TeamBahay.

Normal People: Wake Me Up When September Ends~ - - - - Team Bahay Kpoppers: WAKE ME UP WHEN KPOP REP ENDS!!#TeamBahay #TeamNgaNga #RT

C A R E L (@laicaaaboss) September 7, 2013

"It's Sunday now. I said, it's Sunday!"


Ssaarraahh (@sarah_ppuing) September 7, 2013

Someone wants to move from their#TeamBahayto#TeamEXODormitory.

#TeamPhilippines Sinong mga nasa #TeamBahay dyan lipat na tayu sa #TeamEXODormitory!!! HAHAHAHA#KPopRepublic feeeeels

#TEAMBAHAY ni Suho (@kaipitantiyago) September 7, 2013

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Introducing A KPOP Task – the following movie You’ll Must See

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Introducing A KPOP Project – a higher Film You’ll Have To See Hey Soompiers! I have some cool news about an upcoming project this is eager about bringing K-pop to the hundreds – yet unlike Soompi’s news-oriented focal point this project is all about thinking bigger, like, big screen bigger!

What occurs whilst you pluck a best idol out of Seoul and drop him off in small-town America? the beginning of a really, truly amusing romantic comedy that would incorporate the slick choreography we’ve come to be expecting from K-pop and a tale that every one people K-pop fanatics might be ready to attach with. The story, subsidized via Wilmer Valderrama, is planned for a feature film – hitting theaters across the united states and introducing more audiences to the entirety that K-pop has to offer.

We’ve synched up with Briana Frapart (the film’s writer and producer) and Aimee Lee Lucas (producer) to determine precisely how you can sign up for in the making of the film and make your voice heard. PSY could have presented K-pop to track listeners and Youtube aficionados, but this project goals to introduce K-pop to filmgoers everywhere.

Being produced with a team of professionals in the box of K-pop music and dance (from Lydia Paek, Keone + Mari Madrid, Quest Crew, and Ellen Kim to call a few), the film is going to turn K-pop how it used to be intended to be shown – and may come with some wonderful cameos as neatly as the stellar cast!

The KPOP Project team introduced a website just the day prior to today to get fans concerned with the making of the film, yes, but also to give back to the fans that experience been supporting K-pop in the US these sorts of years. It’s thank you to determination of fans like you that we are spoiled by super acts coming to the states just about each month. Enroll this stream and bring some great acts, and genuinely-earned recognition, to theaters around the U.S.!

Some of the perks you'll be able to get keep of from their crowdfunding campaign include: tickets to the film’s 2017 L.A. premiere, walk-on roles, the opportunity to be a further throughout the concert scenes (free concert!), a commute to Korea for filming, dance classes from the film’s choreographers themselves, film swag and way more!

We’ll be keeping you up to date with the film’s news and bringing you some exclusive policy on production, so remain tuned for some exciting announcements! Let us know your mind under in the comments section, we’d love to grasp what you’re thinking!

For more updates at the project, practice their respectable Facebook page here.

Red Velvet move Dumb Dumb at Incheon Kpop Concert

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Red Velvet move Dumb Dumb at Incheon Kpop Concert

Red Velvet move Dumb Dumb at their contemporary functionality at Incheon, take a glance at their performance below

HOT Red Velvet at Gangnam KPop Festival

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HOT Red Velvet at Gangnam KPop Festival

Check out Red Velvet"s pictures from their newest functionality at the Gangnam KPop Festival

FASHION KPop women who rock jersey fashion!

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FASHION KPop women who rock jersey fashion!

When we speak about jersey, it"s not the outfits we wear for sports, it has develop into an informal type item nowadays.

According to research, guys in finding ladies in jersey more sexy than the ones in tight revealing clothes, agree with it or now not let"s take a look at some KPop ladies in jersey!

Hot Pics nine Shocking pics of Girl's Day at KPop tremendous Concert

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Hot Pics nine Shocking pics of Girl's Day at KPop tremendous Concert

Girl"s Day carry out at the Kpop Great Concert, take a glance at some footage of the women at the concert below

KPop Goddess 6 shocking pics of AOA's Seolhyun

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KPop Goddess 6 shocking pics of AOA's Seolhyun

Seolhyun is this sort of cutie in the hot footage released through FNC.

The pictures are taken at the filming set of Starcast CF, take a glance at all of the photos below:

Concert 15 Hot Girls' Generation p.c from Tencent KPop Concert

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Concert 15 Hot Girls' Generation p.c from Tencent KPop Concert

Girls" Generation display fanatics what it takes to transform one of the maximum up to date feminine teams in the history of KPop, take a glance at the girls in action below

Taylor Swift"s MV director fights back & advises KPOP lovers

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Taylor Swift

an editorial from Billboard includes a plagiarism accusation on how Taylor Swift"s MV for "Bad Blood" bears similarities to 2NE1"s " come again home" MV.

A screencapture collage of the striking similarities of a few scenes from either MVs circulated on SNS and has reached the "Bad Blood" MV director Joseph Kahn, who manifestly isn"t satisfied on what"s brought up.

He in the beginning tweeted,

"I don"t know what"s going on at the moment. I just make videos." and " the truth none of you realize the flare-hallway series in BAD BLOOD is from ALIEN 3 disappoints me. Fincher FTW." 

Then he makes his point to rebut the accusation via, "whenever you hit me with in head with a bottle of kimchi I wouldn"t know a unmarried Kpop song in the final five years. Too busy being attentive to Anaconda," implying that he hasn"t had any concept of 2NE1 song and is very unlikely to rip concept off the MV. He also hits back that the similarities pointed out my netizens don't seem to be authentic.

"FYI: town, vehicle, futuristic mask, frame scanning. these are now not unusual SCI FI TROPES. Flare from Alien 3. Also, forestall recropping to check shots." trying to be witty amidst the heated argument againts kpop lovers, he tweeted a photo of BEAST"s topless symbol with the caption, "#TBT me and my staff with our shirts off directing BAD BLOOD track video"

finally, he provides some suggestion to KPOP lovers,

"The nicest thing about pissing off some Kpop lovers is they don"t call me chink or faggot, like Lil Monsters do. So there"s that."

"Cool that Kpop is enjoyed. I don"t practice because I"m busy & have a variety of demands on my time so don"t be angry. I shaggy dog story so much on twitter."

"I paintings in Asia so much & Asians are excellent folks. So I accept as true with many of you Kpop lovers to be more practical and no longer more immature. lift on. thanks."

He additional denies the accusations via citing some of his MV inspirations, "Tracking outdoor to inner of used to be opening of poisonous, which used to be from my Janet Jackson Doesn"t in truth subject, which used to be from Citizen Kane."

"I"ve been doing vids for 2 five years. so much of folks"s vids are influenced via my vids being influenced via videos."

"the truth is if anything else so much of videos in the final 1 five years use shots/ways from me, adding Kpop. That"s some Kanye tweet correct?" , "And I"m officially done speaking about this."

meanwhile, the discussion about Director Joseph Khan plagiarizing 2NE1"s MV has been raised in the middle of Taylor and Nicki"s SNS feud over the latter"s unhappiness for being no longer nominated for 201 five MTV VMAs.