Meet The Trainee Currently In Last Place On Produce 101

Meet The Trainee Currently In Last Place On Produce 101

Jooen is currently ranked last on Produce 101 season 2 but dont let that fool you—he is incredibly talented and has a knack for rapping.

Even though Jooen is currently ranked last, this Produce 101 contestant hasnt been letting that get to him and he always gives his all during his performances. His raps have some killer flow and he has a charismatic stage presence that could win over anyone. Its surprising that with his killer good looks and rapping skills, he isnt ranking higher yet.

Jooen is actually part of a 4-member group called AFOS that debuted on May 20, 2016, under the label, The Rebel. He is currently 20 years old and is the groups youngest member.

Take a look below at Produce 101s surprisingly lowest ranked contestant:

Jooens face is so chiseled.Jooen has a unique look.What a winning smile!His gaze is piercing.The shock of platinum blonde hair really completes his look.Jooens Produce 101 promotional photo.Jooen has a number of tattoos.Joon may look and act tough, but it looks like he has a soft side too.This is what he looked like before his blonde hair—still fetching.A bonus baby picture of the talented trainee.

See how talented the young trainee is in the videos below:

Jooens solo spot on Produce 101:

Jooen performs with the rest of his group, AFOS.

AFOS plays random games on Pops in Seoul.