Meet Masako, the youngest 49 year old woman in the world

Meet Masako, the youngest 49 year old woman in the world

A Japanese woman by the name of Masako Mizutani is gaining popularity online for her unbelievably youthful appearance.

The most recent winner of Japans Youthful Pageant is Masako Mizutani, and has been nicknamed Japans Lady of Eternal Youth. She was born in 1968, making her 49 years old this year!

At the time of her crowning, she was 47 years old (2015), and recent selfie of her have surfaced online and is continuing to shock people all over the world.

Masako Mizutani (49) doesnt look a day over 20!Masako Mizutani at the time of her pageant victory (47).

Ever since winning the pageant, Masako Mizutani has been receiving numerous love calls from modeling industries.

She revealed she follows a strict vegetarian diet, does not go anywhere near alcohol or tobacco, limits her exposure to the sun, and spends at least 5 hours a day on skin and body care.

Masako Mizutani (navy) snapping a picture with her daughter (red). Yes, you read that correctly. Her DAUGHTER!

The key to eternal youth seems to lie in a lot of hard work and self-love!