Meet Cry Baby, a stray cat who became the First Cat of Korea

Meet Cry Baby, a stray cat who became the First Cat of Korea

President Moon Jae Ins pet cat Jjingjjingi has officially moved into the Blue House, making it the first First Cat of Korea.

After President Moon Jae In moved into the presidential office, he made a stray cat The First Cat. Jjingjjingi (whose name literally translates to Cry Baby) was first rescued as a stray by the Presidents daughter, who then gave it to her father in 2007 after she got married.

The President took to Twitter to announce Jjingjjingis official move in, but also voiced his concerns about moving in with his cat, explaining that there was a birds nest with 5 newly-hatched chicks in it near a window.

Jjingjjingi just moved in, but I have a concern. In the corner of the official residence, a flycatcher bird is raising 5 chicks between a glass window and sliding paper window, and I heard the chicks hatched the day I was elected. Jjingjjingi often scared us at our house in Yangsan because it often caught birds there and gifted them to us.

문재인 (@moonriver365) May 14, 2017

He also previously explained that Jjingjjingi often caught mice in the yard of his house in Yangsan, showing the First Cats hunting instincts were still very much active.

President Moon Jae In also plans on bringing in his dog, Maroo, and adopting another dog, Tory, to become the first ever First Dogs of Korea.

President Moon Jae In with Maroo. Source: Serbian Animals VoicePresident Moon Jae In will be adopting Tory and bringing him to the official residence. Source: Hankook Ilbo

Check out more photos of President Moon Jae In with his cat below!

Source: Munhwa News and theqoo