Medical Drama Hospital Ship Holds First Script Reading

Medical Drama Hospital Ship Holds First Script Reading

On July 6, upcoming MBC drama Hospital Ship (literal title) held its first script reading.

Lead actors Ha Ji Won, CNBLUEs Kang Min Hyuk, and Lee Seo Won were in attendance, as well as other cast members including Kim In Shik, AOAs Mina, Kim Kwang Gyu, Jung Kyung Soon, and Lee Han Wi.

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The dramas director Park Jae Bum began by greeting, As the captain, I will work to make it a comfortable and fun voyage. With his lead, the cast dove in to the script and transformed into their characters.

Ha Ji Won will be playing a doctor for the first time since debut with her character Song Eun Jae, a skilled surgeon who struggles with social interactions. Kang Min Hyuk is warm-hearted surgeon Kwak Hyun, while Lee Seo Won is a sly but secretly lonely oriental medicine doctor. The three leads will join together to create synergy while working on a poor hospital ship.

Other characters include cheerful dentist Cha Jun Young (Kim In Shik), nurse Yoo Ah Rim (AOAs Mina) who brings energy to the ship, manager Choo Won Gong (Kim Kwang Gyu), veteran nurse Pyo Go Eun (Jung Kyung Soon), and the ships captain Bang Sung Woo (Lee Han Wi). Kim Kwang Gyu and Lee Han Wi especially drew laughter at the script reading with their realistic and comedic acting.

Hospital Ship is scheduled to air via MBC in August after the conclusion of Man Who Dies to Live.