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Rage Against the Fandom: Words Hold Meaning

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Rage Against the Fandom: Words Hold Meaning

Rage Against the Fandom: Words Hold Meaning Written by Cjontai On July 17, 2015 Id like to start off this article with an apology, or perhaps several, given the unfortunate calamities that led to it being written in the first place.

Im sorry that this article is being written because some fans have zero chill. Im sorry that an Anti posing as a fan spoiled what shouldve been an exciting concert. But mostly, Im sorry things reached this pinnacle of pathetic in K-pop fandoms.

Apologies arent hard to give, but for some people, its a tough pill to swallow. It requires deep reflection on ones actions, or words, and finding a way to make amends for wrongs done. To me, apologies have always meant showing remorse for upsetting someone. Growing up, I was taught when you make someone feel bad, you say, Im sorry. Regardless of whether you intended to hurt someone or not, Im sorry, was the universal bandage for regretful actions and words as a child.

So how did we come to be adults with less rationality than children?

As a writer, I know words hold meaning. Despite the old adage of sticks and stones my break my bones, but words will never hurt me, its clear that, in todays social media-influenced world, words hold impact. They heal and they hurt. They uplift and demean. Its all in the message, but also in the perception of the receiver.

Recently, an interview with BTS sparked the controversial fire that exploded into something few of us couldve seen coming. The members were asked about their initial impressions of each other, and Rap Monsters response, spoken in English, raised some fans eyebrows:

When I first saw V and J-hope, I couldnt see them because they were too black. Yeah, when the nights get too dark, I couldnt find them.

This quickly went viral, stirring up a great deal of vitriol among the ARMY fandom. Making matters even worse, the original transcript and YouTube interview vanished moments after the proverbial crap hit the fan. Regardless, the damage had already been done as fans took to social media to criticize and defend the context of Rap Monsters words. Conflicting views caused a rift in the fandom, yet the main person who ignited the firestorm remained completely silent throughout the drama. It also didnt help that Big Hit Entertainment was just as tight-lipped on the subject.

Some fans were hoping an apology would soon follow. He probably didnt mean anything harmful by it, so all he has to do is apologize for the misunderstanding. Its not like saying, Im sorry, is going to destroy his career. If Jackson of Got7 could survive the humble action of apologizing for an insensitive photo re-post, then Rap Monster had nothing to fear. ARMYs simply had to wait for him to say something.

A day went by with not a single apologetic word from Rap Monster or Big Hit. There wasnt even an explanation for the strange disappearance of the transcript and video. In fact, what did happen was business as usual. BTS tweeted some selcas of themselves and left cute messages for fans. Yes, even Rap Monster continued his Kim Daily fashion posts.

Another day passed and it was the same again  Rap Monster posting more selcas but no apology. Was this sorcery? No, just the same old dont-say-anything-and-theyll-eventually-move-on trick used by companies when covering up a known problem. We saw this happen with BTS and the Memorial for Murdered Jews debacle, so Big Hit decided to make a sequel to that event and ignore the requests for an apology from Rap Monster.

As one may expect, this lack of response fueled more anger, which is something Big Hit probably never anticipated. Soon, the peaceful requests were involuntarily mixed up with rude insults and death threats against the rapper. Now the fandom was up in arms over these clear expressions of hate, targeting even the peaceful fans being unfairly suspected of sending them.

The fans who only wanted an apology were upset that the ugly actions of immature fans diverted what couldve been a constructive conversation on colorism, which is not the same as racism. Racism is based on discrimination of ones race, socially constructed by the common genetic traits a group of people all share. Colorism typically happens within minority races, where darker skin tones are often a target of ridicule.

Somehow, this bled into a dramatic exchange between fansites regarding how pictures of BTS were edited. Accusations of theft and editing photos without the original creators permission flew across oceans as Korean fans and international fans debated over what was the most flattering skin tone for members of BTS. Im not going to focus too much on this part of the story, though, because things grew even worse after that.

Fast forward to the first day of The Red Bullet tour in USA, and fans were excited to see the group perform live. For some, this would be their first chance to meet BTS in person for a hi-touch event. Others were simply grateful for having a ticket since the tour sold out quickly in all US locations. Very few lamented about the events from the previous days because they would see their bias group perform!

Sadly, the festivities for ARMYs attending the New York concert halted when someone posted a photo of a gun on social media and threatened to shoot Rap Monster there. No idea how security was alerted to this post, but it was the last straw in a string of death threats aimed at the BTS leader. The concert ended abruptly and the hi-touch event was cancelled for the safety of BTS and ARMYs.

In the wake of these events, its deeply saddening that things escalated to this point. As a fan, Ive enjoyed watching this group grow from the talented yet questionably strange rookies to the undeniably fun and weird bunch of goofballs they are now.

While I was also hurt by Rap Monsters remarks, like a lot of fans who felt upset, I only wanted an apology. No matter how anyone felt about his words, none of it warranted insults, and it most certainly didnt call for a death threat at their first New York concert. We may criticize idols for many things, but what none of us should ever do is threaten to inflict harm on anyone.

Words hold meaning. When that person posted those threatening words targeted at Rap Monster, it destroyed a wonderful experience for BTS and their fans. Too often we come across these flippant comments:

Lighten up, it was just a joke. Get over it!

Calm your tits, lol. He was kidding.

You guys take everything soooo seriously LMAO!

Heres the problem with that kind of language. The subtext, or hidden message, in those quotes and ones similar to it, are meant to deflect any responsibility of the speaker onto the listener. Sometimes this is a defensive habit to absolve the speaker of guilt associated with what upset the listener.

There is also the implicit demand that the listener concede to the speaker through veiled insults. The listener probably wants to discuss their feelings with the speaker, but the deflection and insults create a barrier that leaves both sides literally screaming at each other. Obviously, this gets us nowhere in a conversation.

That gun joke ended a concert. It dampened the morale of fans who only wanted to enjoy a night of watching this awesome group perform. It may affect how the subsequent concerts go, depending on what the promoters and Big Hit want to do. It could mean that thousands of fans who spent hard-earned money and traveled miles to see them will be cheated of this chance should they decide its too dangerous to be in the US. All of this drama started by jokes. Jokes are never meant to make anyone feel inferior or afraid for his personal well-being. There is absolutely nothing funny about death threats!

I dont care if Rap Monsters remarks were a joke or not. I was more disappointed by the silent treatment given towards fans upset by what he said, not only by him and Big Hit, but from other fans as well.

And for the record, asking for an apology is not the same as a death threat! Ive seen this awful comparison and its inaccurate and demeaning towards those who did not send disgusting insults and threats to Rap Monster. While Im not surprised that many dont care about him apologizing now, that doesnt excuse his colorist statements. An open discussion on colorism has been diverted by these distractions, so an apology from him would ironically mean nothing at this moment.

Originally, I wanted to discuss apologies as a subject because it bothers me that so many idols are shushed into silence when a response is desperately needed. Im not pinning the blame for any of this on Rap Monster, even though some feel if he had only apologized sooner, things may not have gotten so bad. Its unfair to blame him for the actions of some disturbed fans who finds a sick humor in threatening lives. Thats on them, not him.

Its also not on the fans who responsibly asked for an apology, because really, what wouldve been lost had an apology been given? As much as I saw fans asking, Why do you keep begging for an apology?, I rarely saw anyone ask, Why do think an apology would hurt him? Would people leave the fandom now because the leader addressed the issue and acknowledged his words were harmful? Or would fans take a cue from his example and show greater respect for someone who wasnt afraid to admit that he makes mistakes but still cares for his fans feelings?

If Rap Monster does apologize, fans might be inspired by his words enough to apologize to other fans they offended with their hurtful words. Fans at the New York concert apologized to the group as they left the venue, and they werent even responsible for the drama! Did it hurt them to apologize? No, but they did out of respect for BTS. They felt genuinely embarrassed and saddened by the incident, and many fans took to social media to express that. All of that hurt and anger from days ago, diminished over a series of Were sorry, Bangtan. Please dont hate us posts. Apologies dont hurt, they heal, and the fandom needs a lot of healing.

I dont know why things deteriorated like this, but I simply want everyone to understand that words hold power. They mean things. Dont use them violently against each other. Be kind, understanding and gracious towards one another. Also, apologize if you hurt someone! Its not going to destroy you to say, Im sorry.

Im so sorry for anyone who felt hurt by this entire disaster. If Rap Monster ever reads this, I want him to know, he can take his time to reflect, but please consider your fans feelings too. The only reason anyone is upset is because a lot of fans look up to him as a positive role model. Nobody wants to see BTS suffer like this, and I dont like seeing the fandom fight either. Im sorry that some immature fans give the great ones a bad name.

But Im not sorry for supporting BTS!

(YouTube, EntAsia Forum, Google, Twitter, Images via: Big Hit Entertainment, Officially KMusic)

Jun.K talks about the meaning of 2PM"s track "My House"

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Jun.K talks about the meaning of 2PM

2PM just made their comeback with the amazing album "No.5" and amazing title track "My House", and the song"s composer Jun.Ktalked more about the song itself.

About their title track, Jun.K said, "I wrote the lyrics as honestly as possible about the feelings a man has after he meets a woman he likes. The opposite sex has to find him sexy and cute. "My House" is not about a one-night stand."

He also revealed that he changed the lyrics a whopping 7 times before being satisfied with the track. Jun.Kadded, "I don"t know how the public will think, but personally, I think this song fits most with 2PM"s colors and music."

This song "My House" is a complete turn from the last title track Jun.K wrote for 2PM, "Go Crazy". He explained, "I didn"t write this song with the thought that I should change the atmosphere from before. I have no desire to follow trends. I only thought about creating a melody people would follow along to easily. I didn"t have any restrictions in composing."

Jun.K spoke honestly as he admitted "Go Crazy" didn"t have good results, so the worry was big [this time around]. So I put in even more effort to make this song good. When we recorded our parts the first time, it didn"t satisfy me so we recorded it again. It"s not just about the melody, but the feel is important."

He also shared what J.Y. Park told them by saying, "The moment J.Y. Park complimented us by saying, "Now I don"t have to make songs for 2PM," I was really honored."

How are you liking "My House" so far?

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Heechul appeared to have disclosed the meaning of the group name

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Heechul  appeared to have  disclosed  the  meaning  of  the  group  name

Super Juniors Heechul, who is currently working with TRAXs Jungmo as MD, revealed the meaning behind the name MD.

On the May 5 episode of SBS PowerFMs CulTwo Show, Heechul guested and spoke with the two DJs.

When asked about the meaning behind MDs group name, Heechul replies, It stands for Miari and Dankyedong. Jungmo lived in Miari and I lived in Dankyedong.

He also reveals that there are other meanings to the name, saying, Theres Midnight and Dawn, and also Hit or Miss (Mo or Do). He also incited laughter when he said, It also stands for Crazy guy and Less crazy guy (Michin-nom and Deol-michin-nom).

Hearing the explanation, DJ Jung Chan Woo cant hide his awe at Heechul, saying, Kim Heechul is amazing with his word choice.

Super Junior’s Heechul Explains Why He Prefers “Frozen” Anna over Elsa

MD Releases “I Wish” MV Featuring a Date with G-Friend’s Yerin

Big Bang leave fans in a frenzy with theatrical trailer for "MADE" tour + YGE explains the meaning behind the album title

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Big Bang leave fans in a frenzy with theatrical trailer for

Just when we thought we got over the initial excitement from the earlier announcement of their comeback starting on May 1, Big Banghave now left fans" hearts racing once more with a theatrical trailer for their world tour!

As mentioned earlier, the boy will be kicking off their world tour "MADE" starting in Seoul on April 25-26! They"re already promising a high budget and the high quality comeback with this amazing trailer that looks like an advertisement for a movie rather than a concert!

You"ll just have to check it out for yourself above to understand!

In addition, YG Entertainment officials spoke with media outlets to reveal that the new song being performed at the boys" Seoul concert is the first song that will be out on May 1.

When asked why their album had been titled "MADE", officials told Star News, "As this is a comeback in a long while, Big Bang had been working on this album with their best effort for a long time. Thus, because it is a new album that has been completed through a course of a long period of time, we decided to title it "MADE"."MADE" is a word that is also used when something great has finally been achieved."

Officials say that the agency as well as Big Bang hold much confidence in this new album, so it sounds like we"re in store for some "fantastic" music coming our way!

EXO Discusses the Meaning of Their “Call Me Baby” Teasers

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EXO Discusses the Meaning of Their “Call Me Baby” Teasers

EXO recently discussed the meaning of their individual teasers for Call Me Baby that were released prior to their official comeback.

On April 7, the group answered DJ Ryeowooks questions about their comeback teasers Pathcode #EXO on KBS CoolFMs Super Juniors Kiss the Radio.

After Ryewook asked leader Suho about the meaning of their teasers, Suho honestly replied, I dont really know either. His answer resulted in laughter. Chanyeol further added, We dont know about the cities, but the times are hints.

Ryeowook commented, The first letter of every city spells Call Me Baby right? The members confirmed that this was correct.

Did you know about these hints?

EXO Drops EXODUS Teaser for Leader Suho

Chanyeol Goes on a Mysterious Journey in EXOs Latest Teaser

"Superman Returns" Deep Meaning Is To Honor Family and Help Audiences To Heal Their Soul

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On the press conference for KBS2TV's variety show "Superman Returns," Kang Bong Kyu, the producer of “Superman Returns,” has opened up about the deep meaning of the program.

He said “‘Superman Returns’ is a program that reveals all aspects of a household that one usually wants to hide, like the house, bed, or family.”

He added, “The participants in this show are what really keep the show together because they have agreed to open up their private lives.”

Early on in the show, we often showed how the dads struggled with taking care of their children. However, as time passed by, we are editing those parts out because it is becoming repetitive,” he said. “We are trying to show more of the bright and innocent sides of the children instead, so that the audience can heal their souls while watching the show.”

“Superman Returns” stars Lee Hwi Jae and his twins Seo Eon and Seo Joon, Song Il Gook and his triplets Dae Han, Min Gook, and Man Se, and Chu Sung Hoon and his daughter Chu Sarang. It has been getting high ratings, proving the continuing popularity of the show.

INFINITE Explains About Meaning of 'INFINITE F' : "Face - Fighting"

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INFINITE Explains About Meaning of 'INFINITE F' :

Om December 18th, the idol band INFINITE has offered a closet fan interaction for audiences through “Diesel Watch Party” hold at Club Vanguard in Gangnam-gu. During the event, the idols have revealed their upcoming plan in 2015, as well as explaining about the meaning of “INFINITE F

As most fans would be curious about, Woohyun announced that INFINITE is planning for a group comeback this February with a new album. In addition, the group is preparing for yet another Japan tour, while hip-hop sub-unit group INFINITE H and solo artist Sunggyu are expected to release new albums later in the year as well.

In the same interview, Sungyeol, the leader of INFINITE F which is currently promoting their debut track “Heartbeat,” explained the meaning of their sub-unit’s name, which was never explained officially. He said, “Some time ago, the F for INFINITE F was meant to represent ‘face, but the meaning actually changes from time to time. In some cases, it can mean ‘fighting’, while on the stage it can mean ‘fun.’

Watch the exclusive video through OBS by clicking the photo below!

Song Il Gook Explained About Meaning of His Sons' Names

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Song Il Gook Explained About Meaning of His Sons' Names

On the November 11 broadcast of SBS Power FM’s “Cultwo Show,” “Superman Returns” father Song Il Gook has opened up about the meaning of his kids’ names, which is the combination of “Korea, hurray”

“Actually, I came up with different names but since they are boys, their names became like this. (I also decided to go with that name) because the name was stuck on my lips for ten months,” shared Song Il Gook on how he came up with his triplets’ names.

Cultwo commented, “The names also fit well with the last name,” and Song Il Gook said that he worried about his youngest son Man Se’s name that it might sound funny. “In fact, I worried a lot because of Man Se but seeing his personality, I think he’ll endure well,” said Song Il Gook.

Meanwhile, Song Il Gook will be appearing in the upcoming film “Vertigo,” a film aout four family members. In the film, he plays the role of Sang Ho, the husband of the eldest daughter of a family. He will star alongside Do Ji Won, Kim So Eun, and Kim Young Ae.

MC Mong says that "Miss Me or Diss Me" has no provocative meaning behind it

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MC Mong says that

After the recent release of MC Mong"s "Miss Me or Diss Me" album art, netizens have been speculating that the hip hop artist"s comeback album, particularly its title, has a bold, provocative, challenging tone aimed towards the public.

On October 29, MC Mong"s entertainment label stepped forward to respond to the speculation, saying, "The album title actually connotes the deep yearning through personal questions about missing somebody and having feelings."

They continued, "[The album title] does not have a provocative tone as some have interpreted it to be; rather if you listen to the music you will understand that it expresses a strong feeling of missing one"s beloved, missing and hating them after saying farewell."

Whether MC Mong meant his title to have a provocative or sentimental tone, it will surely be revealed when "Miss Me or Diss Me" is officially released on November 3.

Epik High reveal the meaning behind "Shoebox," + perform "Spoiler," "Happen Ending," and "Fly" on "Sketchbook"

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Epik High reveal the meaning behind

On the October 24 airing of KBS"s "Yoo Hee Yeol"s Sketchbook," Epik High talked about the meaning behind their album title "Shoebox", Mithra Jin"s weight loss, and what they see themselves doing 10 years from now.

During the interview segment of the broadcast, host Yoo Hee Yeol stated to Mithra Jin that he lost a lot of weight since he last met, which reminded him of Dynamic Duo"s Choiza and his similar weight loss. Mithra Jin then replied humbly, "I am honored that I can be mentioned in the same sentence as Choiza. He recently got really popular."

When talking about their thoughts on their eighth album, "Shoebox," achieving an all-kill on the music charts, Tablo nervously started answering but then tossed the question to DJ Tukutz due to his nervousness of being on a talk show.

DJ Tukutz and Mithra Jin both revealed that they could not believe the response they got from their fans and that they weren"t expecting it at all. Mithra Jin also revealed that Tablo shed tears when seeing all of their songs on the charts.

Tablo also revealed the meaning behind the album"s title, "Shoebox." He said, "The shoebox is the last thing that you see when you leave and the first thing that greets you when you come back home. It is the place where many partings and meetings happen."

MC Yoo Hee Yeol then asked, "Where do you guys see yourselves in 10 years?" to which DJ Tukutz answered, "Nothing else matters but I want to live the best out of the three."

However, Tablo then jokingly went against Tukutz and said, "It doesn"t matter how well I"m going to be doing but I can"t have Tukutz living better than I am," drawing out laughter from the audience as well as the MC.

On this day, Epik High also performed their hit numbers from their newest released album such as, "Spoiler," "Happen Ending," as well as their past hit song, "Fly."

Check out the clips of Epik High"s interview and performance on "Yoo Hee Yeol"s Sketchbook" below!