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'Gangnam Blues' Lee Min-ho receives Highest New Actor Award at 52th Daejong movie Awards

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'Gangnam Blues' Lee Min-ho receives Highest New Actor Award at 52th Daejong movie Awards

"Gangnam Blues" Lee Min-ho gained very best New Actor Award at the 52nd Daejong movie Award, which came about in KBS corridor in Yeouido on November 20th.

In the film "Gangnam Blues" depicting the lifestyles of the young generation at the time, who lived all through the advance technology of Ganganam in 1970s, Lee Min-ho played Jong-dae, a good-for-nothing, who used to be a rag picker. Lee Min-ho has grabbed his first Best New Actor Award since he debuted.

The nominees for Best New Actor Awards on these days also integrated "Chronicles of Evil" Park Seo-joon, "Northern restrict Line" Lee Hyun-woo, "Twenty" Kang Ha-neul, and "Shoot Me in the Heart" Yeo Jin-goo.

HOT Red Velvet at Gangnam KPop Festival

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HOT Red Velvet at Gangnam KPop Festival

Check out Red Velvet"s pictures from their newest functionality at the Gangnam KPop Festival

Adventures With Jenny: touchdown in Korea and Getting Lost in Gangnam (Part I)

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Adventures With Jenny: Landing in Korea and Getting Lost in Gangnam (Part I) (Writer’s Note: Adventures With Jenny is my shameless try at cataloging my first shuttle to Korea with #KoreaJoa2015! For the following 10 days, apply me as I indulge in Korea’s iconic food — reside octopus, anyone? — and landmarks, made entire with retellings of quick encounters with celebrity.)

I travel a decent amount. In fact, I like practically the total lot about traveling: all of the international in one suitcase, the refreshing breeze of a new city, the resident’s colorful accents and languages. yet no longer going to lie, if there’s something I fully abhor about traveling, it’s the aircraft ride. I wouldn’t say I’m a terrified flyer, but I’m indisputably a anxious one. One slight dip in a bout of turbulence has my back flat opposed to the seat, clinching the plane’s armrests with white knuckles and a faded face, whilst my seatmate supplies me a glance of annoyance for hogging her armrest. (Washington D.C. to South Korea is a whopping 14-hour flight. That’s like, 840 mins of fretting about being in a steel tube in this is flying throughout the air.)

Me when I be informed that I need to fly.

The ultimate hour of the flight is my favorite. This is when I breathe a sigh of relief and convince myself that I almost certainly won’t die in this vacation (or statistically, any trip, but still). It’s also top time to crank the window sunglasses up, just in time for the landing, without everybody around you recoiling from the pointy sunlight.

Touching down in Incheon, the sun off the horizon… Korea is de facto breathtaking.

A video posted by way of Soompi (@soompikpop) on Sep 29, 2015 at 3:42am PDT

You know you’re in Korea whilst you get greeted by a 2010 poster of Girls Generation at luggage claim, and then continue to peer Kim Soo Hyun’s face on every endorsement product ever, even the airport bus you’re taking. Being from a rustic where K-entertainment isn’t prominent in day to day life, I utterly stopped to stare at each and every K-pop star that made appearances at the walls, the columns, the televisions, and even, watch for it, the food. (Getting a coffee at the airport coffee shop and seeing Kim Soo Hyun on the coffee sleeve? Score!)

Kim Soo Hyun be like: “Buy my products, guuuurl.”

Somewhere all over the procedure of my 14-hour flight, the care for on my best wheeling suitcase broke. I didn’t understand till i used to be stepping off the bus in Gangnam that night, one duffle bag and one handbag in tow, achieving down to wheel my suitcase. It used to be like someone had spotted the tackle had broken, and then attempted to smartly re-arrange it in position as not to draw it any attention. Of course, the manage got here midway off in my hand once I gave it a yank.

I had no choice. I HAD NO CHOICE. I hauled my damaged suitcase around the street, where I had spotted a taxi waiting. Frantically, I tell the taxi ahjussi in broken Korean and exaggerated hand gestures to take me to my hotel, somewhere round the area. He took one glance at the cope with ahead of shooing me off the cab – it appears the hotel became tucked on the interior corners of an aspect boulevard that was tough for automobiles to pass. I come to a decision (okay, was forced) to walk. It was almost 9PM at night, the skies already darkened, with the streets lighted only by the dim glows of the streetlamps, the blinkers of the cars, and the unending video billboards. Thus started my adventure as I began to tug my suitcase down the streets of Gangnam, keeping off the stares of the ones passersby.

So while I’m half-hauling, half-dragging my suitcase via Gangnam, I will have to potentially mention that I absolutely no concept where I was going. In my defense, it was hard to balance having a look at a GPS and wanting NOT to be like Geum Jan Di in “Boys Over Flowers” when her baggage gets stolen in Macau.

And it took me a complete hour to get to my hotel TWO BLOCKS away. Welp, such a lot for arriving in Gangnam in Style.

Next up: i take a appearance at to to find a hair salon in Korea, navigate the maximum productive SUBWAY EVER, and move on a experience to BIFF in Busan! Have you been to Korea? Let me know in the comments below!

SUJU′s Donghae and Eunhyuk to Make ultimate Public Appearance at Gangnam Festival forward of Enlistment

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SUJU′s Donghae and Eunhyuk to Make ultimate Public Appearance at Gangnam Festival forward of Enlistment

--> The Gangnam K-Pop Festival will mark tremendous Junior′s Eunhyuk and Donghae ultimate public appearance earlier than heading to the army.

The Gangnam festival, which might be hung on Yeongdong side road in Seoul′s Samseong-dong from October 1-4, will be offering quite a few occasions targeted at the theme ′Fall, Fall in Gangnam."

The festival will come with a manner festival, global peace marathon, hallyu festival, food festival, Gangnam grand sale and more.

The 5th hallyu festival, that may be held on a distinct level on Yeongdong Highway for 2 hours on October four starting at 7:30 p.m. KST. Super Junior D&E, Super Junior-M′s Zhoumi and Henry, EXO and Red Velvet are scheduled to appear, whilst Leeteuk will serve as special MC.

The tournament is attracting specific pastime because it's going to be Eunhyuk and Donghae′s last public occasion before they head to the army. Eunhyuk will be enlisting on October 13, before Donghae enlists as a conscripted policeman on October 15. Choi Siwon and TVXQ′s Max Changmin will enlist as conscripted policemen on November 19.

Psy's 'Gangnam Style' reaches over 2.4 billion perspectives on YouTube!

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Psy's 'Gangnam Style' reaches over 2.4 billion perspectives on YouTube!

Psy"s "Gangnam Style" still holds the esteemed name of being the maximum watched video of all-time on YouTube, having shaken the global song front with its strangely addicting yet hypnotic "horse dance" and its anthemic "Oppa Gangnam Style" chorus.

Three years after its release, "Gangnam Style" is still racking up views. On August 24, the MV reached a whopping 2.4 billion views. to place that into perspective, this is just about a 3rd of this complete world"s population! To commemorate this feat, YG uploaded a post on its legitimate blog and social media celebrating the exceptional approval for "Gangnam Style." The image they uploaded is an animated edition of the kooky singer/rapper forever frozen in area doing his signature "horse dance."

Congratulations to Psy and YG for their explosive luck with "Gangnam Style"!


— YG circle of relatives (@ygent_official) August 24, 2015

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YG States not anything made a decision relating to Reports of Psy′s Comeback with ′Gangnam Style′ Composer

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YG States not anything made a decision relating to Reports of Psy′s Comeback with ′Gangnam Style′ Composer

--> Psy′s firm addressed reports claiming that the singer is returning with a music through composer Yoo Gun Hyung.

A rep from YG Entertainment mentioned on August 24, "Nothing definite has been set in regards to the topic yet."

Psy is recently making ready to make a comeback in September. There used to be popular hobby when reports that Psy used to be operating with Yoo Gun Hyung surfaced. Psy worked with Yoo Gun Hyung on 2012 hit Gangnam Style, which went directly to grow to be a global hit.

However, the firm drew the line now now not most effective when it comes to Psy operating with Yoo Gun Hyung yet with the recent song′s unencumber date. The rep stated, "It′s true that [Psy] is making ready with the purpose of freeing an album in September. However, beyond that, no other subjects had been decided on."

S.E.S is 'Gangnam taste' whilst FIN.K.L is 'Gangbuk taste'? - Shoo talks beyond competition between the 2 teams

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S.E.S is 'Gangnam taste' whilst FIN.K.L is 'Gangbuk taste'? - Shoo talks beyond competition between the 2 teams

Shoo, who used to be a section of SM"s beyond darling woman team S.E.S, featured as a guest on "Radio superstar" lately, chit-chatting about many various subjects.

S.E.S used to be one of the vital perfect woman teams of early millennia at the side of Fin.K.L, and it used to be no secret that the 2 teams saw every other as competitors. despite the reality that Shoo didn"t in my view broach the subject of the contention, the MCs, ever the satan"s advocates, discussed how S.E.S had branded themselves as a lady team of elegance. MC Kim Guk Jin asked the singer, "Didn"t you guys once say that "there would be no team like us someday because we"re too prime- elegance" or anything like that?"

Shoo elaborated, "We were a fancy team. We couldn"t even use the public toilet very easily," joking about the gang"s then- symbol. When the MCs accused her of throwing colour at Fin.K.L, Shoo explained, "i believe there used to be a thing about Gangbuk and Gangnam," regarding the reality that Gangbuk, which is north of the Han river, has a connotation of grittier and no more posh, whilst Gangnam, which is south of the Han River, is understood for being a prime elegance, upscale house.

She persevered, "S.E.S used to be Gangnam taste." When the MCs teased her, "So what is Fin.K.L then? Gangbuk taste?" Shoo handiest sputtered, "Wait, Hyori unnie... let"s just fake this didn"t take place," making the studio burst out into laughs as Shoo appeared afraid of what Fin.K.L member Hyori might say to her!

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Voice- converting Procedure A hit in Gangnam Clinics

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Voice- converting Procedure A hit in Gangnam Clinics

A developing choice of yousng folks Are heading to ear, nose And throat surgical procedure clinics in Gangnam to go through surgical procedure to switch their voices. Some Are equallypiring singers in their young people who would like to exist on fact tv display, whilst others Are school scholars or taskseekers who would like to paintings equally tv presenters or flight Attendants. internet sites but About plastic surgical procedure Are full of questions but About the procedure And Accounts via those that had IT.the primary at the back of the procedure is modest: A tiny quantity of botox is injected into the muscles controlling song chords to paralyze them, which volition suppress prime-pitched audios. "Once the muscles Are paralyzed, an individual"s voice audios transparent And deep for Approximately A calendar month or two", A physician Acknowledged. The botox is injected into A patient"s neck amongstout painkillers. the volume used in the procedure is Ane/ five0 to At least one/ one hundred of the quantity used in A wrinkle-freeing procedure.A Chosun Ilbo reporter sought the consultation of ear, nose And throat consultants in the Gangnam And Seocho districts And discovered that procedures fee existtween W300,000 And W400,000 And accept but Ane0 to xx mins (US$1=W1,172). One specialist played A recording of the voice of one patient who gained the procedure And advised that the reporter"s voice does now no longer audio equally transparent And instructed botox injections. " whilst yous've got A task interview coated up or need to carry A presentation, one injection volition provide yous amongst immediate effects", the physician claimed.Clinics besides be offering surgical procedure to pass patients A upper song diversity At A fee of W3 million to W3. five million. The song chords Are connected to a paintings of horseshoe- formed cartilage called thyroid cartilage. Cutting A minute of out And losing IT back shortens And stiffens the chords And makes IT imaginable to supply prime-pitched audios. The procedure calls for total Anesthetic And lasts existtween An hour And An hour And A part. yet ear, nose And throat consultants At main hospitals warn opposed to IT be reason the security of the operation has notwithstanding to exist proven. They besides warn that repetitive botox injections may paralyze the muscles in surrounding spaces. One equallypiring singer in his xxs posted A message on A web page pronouncing his voice in fact worsened 4 days Afterwards A botox injection.Sun Dong-il, A professor At Seoul St. Mary"s health facility, warned the cartilage procedure force out reason quite A lot of equallypect effects comparable to cysts forming round the treated spaces.

Rage Against the Fandom: Words Hold Meaning

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20150122_seoulbeats_bts_redbullet Rage Against the Fandom: Words Hold Meaning Written by Cjontai On July 17, 2015 Id like to start off this article with an apology, or perhaps several, given the unfortunate calamities that led to it being written in the first place.

Im sorry that this article is being written because some fans have zero chill. Im sorry that an Anti posing as a fan spoiled what shouldve been an exciting concert. But mostly, Im sorry things reached this pinnacle of pathetic in K-pop fandoms.

Apologies arent hard to give, but for some people, its a tough pill to swallow. It requires deep reflection on ones actions, or words, and finding a way to make amends for wrongs done. To me, apologies have always meant showing remorse for upsetting someone. Growing up, I was taught when you make someone feel bad, you say, Im sorry. Regardless of whether you intended to hurt someone or not, Im sorry, was the universal bandage for regretful actions and words as a child.

So how did we come to be adults with less rationality than children?

As a writer, I know words hold meaning. Despite the old adage of sticks and stones my break my bones, but words will never hurt me, its clear that, in todays social media-influenced world, words hold impact. They heal and they hurt. They uplift and demean. Its all in the message, but also in the perception of the receiver.

Recently, an interview with BTS sparked the controversial fire that exploded into something few of us couldve seen coming. The members were asked about their initial impressions of each other, and Rap Monsters response, spoken in English, raised some fans eyebrows:

When I first saw V and J-hope, I couldnt see them because they were too black. Yeah, when the nights get too dark, I couldnt find them.

This quickly went viral, stirring up a great deal of vitriol among the ARMY fandom. Making matters even worse, the original transcript and YouTube interview vanished moments after the proverbial crap hit the fan. Regardless, the damage had already been done as fans took to social media to criticize and defend the context of Rap Monsters words. Conflicting views caused a rift in the fandom, yet the main person who ignited the firestorm remained completely silent throughout the drama. It also didnt help that Big Hit Entertainment was just as tight-lipped on the subject.

Some fans were hoping an apology would soon follow. He probably didnt mean anything harmful by it, so all he has to do is apologize for the misunderstanding. Its not like saying, Im sorry, is going to destroy his career. If Jackson of Got7 could survive the humble action of apologizing for an insensitive photo re-post, then Rap Monster had nothing to fear. ARMYs simply had to wait for him to say something.

A day went by with not a single apologetic word from Rap Monster or Big Hit. There wasnt even an explanation for the strange disappearance of the transcript and video. In fact, what did happen was business as usual. BTS tweeted some selcas of themselves and left cute messages for fans. Yes, even Rap Monster continued his Kim Daily fashion posts.

Another day passed and it was the same again  Rap Monster posting more selcas but no apology. Was this sorcery? No, just the same old dont-say-anything-and-theyll-eventually-move-on trick used by companies when covering up a known problem. We saw this happen with BTS and the Memorial for Murdered Jews debacle, so Big Hit decided to make a sequel to that event and ignore the requests for an apology from Rap Monster.

As one may expect, this lack of response fueled more anger, which is something Big Hit probably never anticipated. Soon, the peaceful requests were involuntarily mixed up with rude insults and death threats against the rapper. Now the fandom was up in arms over these clear expressions of hate, targeting even the peaceful fans being unfairly suspected of sending them.

The fans who only wanted an apology were upset that the ugly actions of immature fans diverted what couldve been a constructive conversation on colorism, which is not the same as racism. Racism is based on discrimination of ones race, socially constructed by the common genetic traits a group of people all share. Colorism typically happens within minority races, where darker skin tones are often a target of ridicule.

Somehow, this bled into a dramatic exchange between fansites regarding how pictures of BTS were edited. Accusations of theft and editing photos without the original creators permission flew across oceans as Korean fans and international fans debated over what was the most flattering skin tone for members of BTS. Im not going to focus too much on this part of the story, though, because things grew even worse after that.

Fast forward to the first day of The Red Bullet tour in USA, and fans were excited to see the group perform live. For some, this would be their first chance to meet BTS in person for a hi-touch event. Others were simply grateful for having a ticket since the tour sold out quickly in all US locations. Very few lamented about the events from the previous days because they would see their bias group perform!

Sadly, the festivities for ARMYs attending the New York concert halted when someone posted a photo of a gun on social media and threatened to shoot Rap Monster there. No idea how security was alerted to this post, but it was the last straw in a string of death threats aimed at the BTS leader. The concert ended abruptly and the hi-touch event was cancelled for the safety of BTS and ARMYs.

In the wake of these events, its deeply saddening that things escalated to this point. As a fan, Ive enjoyed watching this group grow from the talented yet questionably strange rookies to the undeniably fun and weird bunch of goofballs they are now.

While I was also hurt by Rap Monsters remarks, like a lot of fans who felt upset, I only wanted an apology. No matter how anyone felt about his words, none of it warranted insults, and it most certainly didnt call for a death threat at their first New York concert. We may criticize idols for many things, but what none of us should ever do is threaten to inflict harm on anyone.

Words hold meaning. When that person posted those threatening words targeted at Rap Monster, it destroyed a wonderful experience for BTS and their fans. Too often we come across these flippant comments:

Lighten up, it was just a joke. Get over it!

Calm your tits, lol. He was kidding.

You guys take everything soooo seriously LMAO!

Heres the problem with that kind of language. The subtext, or hidden message, in those quotes and ones similar to it, are meant to deflect any responsibility of the speaker onto the listener. Sometimes this is a defensive habit to absolve the speaker of guilt associated with what upset the listener.

There is also the implicit demand that the listener concede to the speaker through veiled insults. The listener probably wants to discuss their feelings with the speaker, but the deflection and insults create a barrier that leaves both sides literally screaming at each other. Obviously, this gets us nowhere in a conversation.

That gun joke ended a concert. It dampened the morale of fans who only wanted to enjoy a night of watching this awesome group perform. It may affect how the subsequent concerts go, depending on what the promoters and Big Hit want to do. It could mean that thousands of fans who spent hard-earned money and traveled miles to see them will be cheated of this chance should they decide its too dangerous to be in the US. All of this drama started by jokes. Jokes are never meant to make anyone feel inferior or afraid for his personal well-being. There is absolutely nothing funny about death threats!

I dont care if Rap Monsters remarks were a joke or not. I was more disappointed by the silent treatment given towards fans upset by what he said, not only by him and Big Hit, but from other fans as well.

And for the record, asking for an apology is not the same as a death threat! Ive seen this awful comparison and its inaccurate and demeaning towards those who did not send disgusting insults and threats to Rap Monster. While Im not surprised that many dont care about him apologizing now, that doesnt excuse his colorist statements. An open discussion on colorism has been diverted by these distractions, so an apology from him would ironically mean nothing at this moment.

Originally, I wanted to discuss apologies as a subject because it bothers me that so many idols are shushed into silence when a response is desperately needed. Im not pinning the blame for any of this on Rap Monster, even though some feel if he had only apologized sooner, things may not have gotten so bad. Its unfair to blame him for the actions of some disturbed fans who finds a sick humor in threatening lives. Thats on them, not him.

Its also not on the fans who responsibly asked for an apology, because really, what wouldve been lost had an apology been given? As much as I saw fans asking, Why do you keep begging for an apology?, I rarely saw anyone ask, Why do think an apology would hurt him? Would people leave the fandom now because the leader addressed the issue and acknowledged his words were harmful? Or would fans take a cue from his example and show greater respect for someone who wasnt afraid to admit that he makes mistakes but still cares for his fans feelings?

If Rap Monster does apologize, fans might be inspired by his words enough to apologize to other fans they offended with their hurtful words. Fans at the New York concert apologized to the group as they left the venue, and they werent even responsible for the drama! Did it hurt them to apologize? No, but they did out of respect for BTS. They felt genuinely embarrassed and saddened by the incident, and many fans took to social media to express that. All of that hurt and anger from days ago, diminished over a series of Were sorry, Bangtan. Please dont hate us posts. Apologies dont hurt, they heal, and the fandom needs a lot of healing.

I dont know why things deteriorated like this, but I simply want everyone to understand that words hold power. They mean things. Dont use them violently against each other. Be kind, understanding and gracious towards one another. Also, apologize if you hurt someone! Its not going to destroy you to say, Im sorry.

Im so sorry for anyone who felt hurt by this entire disaster. If Rap Monster ever reads this, I want him to know, he can take his time to reflect, but please consider your fans feelings too. The only reason anyone is upset is because a lot of fans look up to him as a positive role model. Nobody wants to see BTS suffer like this, and I dont like seeing the fandom fight either. Im sorry that some immature fans give the great ones a bad name.

But Im not sorry for supporting BTS!

(YouTube, EntAsia Forum, Google, Twitter, Images via: Big Hit Entertainment, Officially KMusic)

Lee Jeong-jae holds a surprise flash fan meeting in Gangnam

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Lee Jeong-jae holds a surprise flash fan meeting in Gangnam

C-Jes Entertainment said, "This evening on July 15th, Lee Jeong-jae had a surprise fan meeting in a shopping center in Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu.

While movie "The Assassination" is waiting to be released, Lee Jeong-jae had a chat with his fans during his surprise appearance in a public place. People who enjoyed the pleasant surprise encounter and conversation with him are talking about their experiences on various SNS channels.

The shopping center where his surprise fan meeting took place was packed with people, who gathered to see him. As soon as Lee Jeong-jae appeared, the place was filled up with roars and cheers. Lee Jeong-jae responded to requests for his autograph or fans" pouring expressions of their love towards him. With the help of his witty talk and handsome appearance, Lee Jeong-jae and the people on the venue enjoyed the heartwarming vibe together.

"The Assassination" starring Lee Jeong-jae as an agent of the interim government will be released on July 22nd.