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EXO's Kai talks about his long run kids on 'Oh! My Baby'

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EXO's Kai talks about his long run kids on 'Oh! My Baby'

EXO"s Kai may were suffering from his enjoy as a babysitter on "Oh! My Baby". at the October 31 installment of the truth show, Kai published his future plans for his own kids.

He shared, "It was once a fun, new experience. It made me think that later on when i am getting married, I"d love to have 3 kids. I believe it"d be highest to split the days between having every one. it roughly feels like it"d be very hard."

Kai also mentioned getting friendly with baby Tae Oh, "I idea that we had after all gotten close, yet it turns out that he"s friendly with all and sundry in terms of beef."

Have you been looking at Kai on "Oh! My Baby"?

EXO Baby Photos That Show Just How Adorable They Were As Kids

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EXO Baby Photos That Show Just How Adorable They Were As Kids

We all know how handsome the members of EXO are now, but did you know how adorable they were even as babies? Koreaboo put together a compilation of all the EXO members babies pictures!

Take a look at them below.

MBLAQ holds a press conference for ‘Hello Baby’

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On January 16th, the members of MBLAQ attended their press conference for KBS JOYs Hello Baby, held at the Hotel Novotel Seoul Ambassador Gangnam.

As reported earlier, MBLAQ were chosen to be the fathers of this seasons Hello Baby children. Contrary to initial reports, the boys will be taking care of not just one, but three children who also from different parts of the world. Since the children are from Vietnam, France, and Canada, its expected that there will be greater obstacles to communication than in previous seasons.

The boys will have to use their wits and sensitivity in order to problem solve and be the best parents they can be.

During the press conference, member Lee Joon revealed that children dont seem to like him because he is greasy.

I was shocked when the children called me greasy after they looked at me,” he said.

When asked for his thoughts on being in Hello BabySeason Five, Lee Joon admitted, “It was a problem because I didnt get too close with the children.

He continued, “I thought I was doing well with them, but they don’t like me. I wasn’t aware that they didn’t like me, so I was surprised when they told me, ‘You look greasy’.

I was worried that they wouldnt like me, and unfortunately, my concerns were correct. They do not, he said, causing everyone in the room to laugh.

This will be the fifth season of Hello Baby. Previous seasons had starred Girls Generation, SHINee, T-ara, SISTAR and Super Juniors Leeteuk.

MBLAQ holds a press conference for Hello BabyMBLAQ holds a press conference for Hello BabyMBLAQ holds a press conference for Hello BabyMBLAQ holds a press conference for Hello BabyMBLAQ holds a press conference for Hello BabyMBLAQ holds a press conference for Hello BabyMBLAQ holds a press conference for Hello BabyMBLAQ holds a press conference for Hello BabyMBLAQ holds a press conference for Hello BabyMBLAQ holds a press conference for Hello Baby SourceImage: Star News via Naver

MBLAQ support Mir for 'Oh My Baby'

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MBLAQ support Mir for 'Oh My Baby'

MBLAQ members show their support for their maknae, Mir, who is appearing on the new SBS' family show 'Oh My Baby' along with his adorable 6-year old nephew Hajin.

Prior to this, MBLAQ send their support by taking a photo with Mir and reminding everyone to watch the first broadcast on January 13. In the photo, the members are holding sketchpad with supportive messages written on it while being playful to each other.

'Oh My Baby's premieres on January 13 at 8:55PM KST. Meanwhile, watch the preview here.

MBLAQ reveals an event poster for ‘Hello Baby’ Season 5

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MBLAQ reveals an event poster for ‘Hello Baby’ Season 5

A few days ago it was revealed that MBLAQ would become new dads for KBS joys Hello Baby Season 5.

Today an event poster was released showing MBLAQ with their three children, Leo, Lauren, and Dayoung.

The poster announced that fans will have a chance to win signed MBLAQ cds if they: download the KBS Joy app for their smart phones, take a picture while watching the program, and lastly send the photos to KBS Joy through the app. Five lucky winners will win an entire MBLAQ collection and 10 lucky winners will win signed MBLAQ cds. Winners will be announced on January 27.

A+ fans are anticipating Hello Babys first episode on January 19. Lets see how MBLAQs parenting skills will compare to Girls GenerationSHINee, T-ara, and Leeteuk SISTAR.

Source + Image: Recipon Leos Facebook

The Novices of MBLAQ Take Baby Steps into Acting

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The Novices of MBLAQ Take Baby Steps into Acting

When you think about MBLAQ, acting isn’t necessary the first thing that pops to your mind, but it’s also not the last.

Over the past couple of years, the MBLAQ members have dove into this new world of acting, exploring new challenges that they can face along the way as a famed celebrity.

While they’re still babies in this acting game, it’s not stopping the members from doing their best, making new goals, and just simply shining their pretty faces to the fans.

Out of MBLAQ, Lee Joon is the member with the most acting experience.

He made his fame as ‘Little Rain’ in the movie Ninja Assassin and then worked his way up to KBS’ Iris 2.

Lee Joon’s made himself the actor in the team, even being casted in Director Kim Ki Duk’s upcoming new movie, An Actor is an Actor.

It seems like he has nowhere else to go but up when it comes to acting, and we hope he keeps himself humble throughout the entire process.

G.O.’s still a rookie when it comes to acting, but he’s definitely a determined one.

He’s acted in several projects, including SBS’ Ghost, KBS’ Pure Love, and KBS’ Love and War 2 – Idol Edition.

Although he’s been criticized for somewhat terrible acting, G.O. confidently responded back by saying, “Nothing can start out in a perfect state. I’m a singer, but when I look at our first album, there are many things I’m embarrassed about. If there is an idol, who has a longing for acting and a good opportunity comes, he shouldn’t let it go.”

He’s even made fun of his own bad acting on tvN’s Saturday Night Live Korea..

Keep on acting, G.O. Don’t let anybody bring you down!

Seungho took a different route in acting, heading to a stage instead of the screen.

In early 2013, Seungho, along with G.O, appeared in the musical, Gwanghwamun’s Love Song in Osaka and Tokyo. Also double casted, Seungho made sure that his acting did not get overshadowed, portraying his character in his own style.

Now instead of acting, Seungho’s more interested in dancing across the stage, but we’re sure that when the right opportunity comes, he’ll be more than willing to return to acting soon.

Following his nuna’s footsteps, Cheon Dung is slowly edging into the acting career, and things aren’t looking too bad for him.

He was able to put him name on a few projects, including jTBC’s Padam Padam…the Sound of His and Her Heartbeats as Jung Woo Sung’s younger self, and now he’s playing his own character on MBC QueeN’s Nail Shop Paris.

Baby steps are the key, and Cheon Dung is doing it right.

All right. Mir is the one member of MBLAQ who has yet to be a part of any acting production.

But that is okay, because not everyone is meant to become an actor.

Although, there is still a glimmer of hope since Mir did participate in Saturday Night Live Korea, and if he’s willing to throw away his well-made image like it’s nothing, anything is possible.

Photo Credit: KBS, Spell Entertainment, Gwanghwamun Love Song, MBC QueeN, SBS, tvN

[Twitter Roundup] MBLAQ’s Seung Ho Reveals Baby Picture, G.Na Shows Her Mom and More

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[Twitter Roundup] MBLAQ’s Seung Ho Reveals Baby Picture, G.Na Shows Her Mom and More

Wondering what your favorite stars were up to today? Read on for the details in today’sTwitter Roundup!

MBLAQ’s Seung Ho shared this baby picture of himself on January 4 as he wrote, “Good morning~^^ Seung Ho is still sleeping…Hehe.”

Included was a baby picture of Seung Ho, tucked in bed and fast asleep.

Now we’re in the mood to take a nap!

Seung Ho later tweeted, “Smile”, showing a picture of himself smiling as a kid and wearing a cap.

Do you see a resemblance between Seung Ho then and Seung Ho now?

Infinite’s Woo Hyun tweeted on January 4, “We arrived safely and are working hard =_= Keke.”

Dressed in a long black coat, cap and pants, Woo Hyun posed for the camera with peace signs.

Black seems to be a favorite color of Woo Hyun!

Actor Kim Ji Hun shared a picture of himself and some of the Flower Boys Next Door cast and crew on January 4 from their press conference.

Lined up in a row, Kim Ji Hoon, Yoon Shi Yoon, Park Shin Hye and others could be seen smiling for the camera.

Flower Boys Next Door premieres on January 7!

B.A.P.’s Zelo tweeted a lost wallet from a fan had been found as he tweeted on January 4, “To the smiling Thai fan!! Inside your present was your wallet… Please come to our company building and make sure to pick it up!!^^”

A blue wallet with a Hello Kitty keychain was seen in the included picture.

That’s a nice act on Zelo’s part!

G.Na shared a picture on January 4 of some mother-daughter time she took recently as she wrote, “Mommy’s bday couple days ago haha I love you mom.”

G.Na’s self picture showed her youthful mother standing behind her as the mother and daughter posed for the picture together.

Make sure to tell your mothers you love them!

Superstar K4’s Bae Jae Hyun tweeted this photo of him and his Honey G members on January 3 writing, “We are Honey G. It’s a couple outerwear look.”

The three members of Honey G were seen making goofy poses while wearing matching jackets.

Looks like there’s a lot of bromance going on within Honey G!

CSJH The Grace’s Dana tweeted on January 3, “I finished my first performance well. Thank you. I’ll do tonight’s performance in an excited manner as well!”

Dressed in her outfit for her musical, Catch Me If You Can, the blonde-haired Dana was seen making a surprised expression with her eyes and mouth wide open.

Blonde is looking good on Dana!

ZE:A’s Kwang Hee tweeted on January 4, “Oh my gosh~ I shot a commercial!!! Keke HOT Katalk game! I am the emperor even in a game finally.”

Seated on a stool in a studio, Kwang Hee was seen in princely garb, complete with a crown on his head, as he smiled for the cameras.

Kwang Hee really is everywhere these days!

Photo Credit: Above mentioned stars’ SNS

[NEWS] B1A4, 'Hello Baby Season 6' 'Conquer of Seoul-based to province kids'!

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[NEWS]  B1A4, 'Hello Baby Season 6' 'Conquer of Seoul-based to province kids'!

According to KBSN CP Im yonghyeon Group B1A4 has begun filming Hello Baby 6 profile of the day and the filming is still going on (progress). Fathers B1A4 starring for the Hello Baby and the concept was set to Hello Familys conquer from Seoul.

CP Im Yonghyeon said about this: known as idol, B1A4 who is clumsy with children have to hold the process to conquer (well more to take care :p) of five years old children from (different) provinces. he said

The Hello Baby 6 there are two babies on the same age as 5 years old will be starred. Two kids from Gyeongsang and Jeolla provinces with different dialects will be very entertaining.

The Hello Baby shows how the idol stars are still clumsy of dealing with real parenting experience and programs, until now, SNSD, SHINee, T-ARA, SISTAR, MBLAQ have popular appearances.

B1A4 Hello Baby is scheduled to be televised (showed) upcoming on July 25th at 12:20 am.

source: joynews24trans cr: princess angel @ AVIATEB1A4

MBLAQ’s G.O. transforms into a master chef on ‘Hello Baby’

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MBLAQ’s G.O. transforms into a master chef on ‘Hello Baby’

MBLAQ member G.O. showed off his culinary skills on Hello Baby.

On the March 29th episode of KBS Joys Hello Baby, the MBLAQ boys prepared a surprise party for baby Dayoungs birthday.

G.O., who was determined to learn how to cook for the children before the show began, kept his promise by preparing a special Vietnamese meal for Dayoung. He impressed the rest of the MBLAQ members as he confidently cut up vegetables, stir-fried, and even danced while cooking in the kitchen.

Unfortunately, all his skills aside, G.O. still seems to be an amateur. Mir took a bite of G.O.s finished product only to spit the food right back out, proving that G.O. may need some more practice when it comes to cooking.

Meanwhile on the same episode, Lee Joon showcased his explosive aegyo on the series.

Check out the cuts from the episode below!

SourceImage: Etoday via Nate

Baby Talk #5 The MBLAQ Momma and The HB Musical

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Aaaannd were back with another edition of Baby Talk, where we quickly recap the past two episodes of season five of MBLAQs Hello Baby and give you the opportunity tospazz aboutshare your thoughts on whats been transpiring on the Hello Baby scene. So, lets take a look at whats been going with our favorite five daddies and their three gorgeous multiracial children.

Baby Talk #5 The MBLAQ Momma and The HB Musical Episode 8: A Mother is Found

The quest for a mother runs over into this episode, and MBLAQ is finally able to decide on. Umma #5 as the new mother of this multicultural family!! Lee Joons own momma pays a visit to the HB household, bearing gifts and a hilarious Pororo hat We are gifted with embarrassing stories from Lee Joons childhood The daddies fill up the inflatable pool so Leo and Dayoung can get their indoor-swim on Baby Talk #5 The MBLAQ Momma and The HB Musical Episode 9: Does the Hello Baby Musical Stand a Chance?

For this episode, were are sans the lovely appa Seungho due to his recent back injury The MBLAQ family spends sometime warming up in a theatre studio, trying to get a better understanding of how theyre going to pull of this musical Leo and Dayoung tease the appas with innocent, couple-ly antics the babies sit in on a recording of MBLAQs follow up single Run, and also play on stage, relishing the limelight Mir and Dayoung rekindle their affections in the recording studio If you ask me, the past two episodes have been kind of slow, but enjoyable to say the least. Dayoungs icy walls are finally starting to melt, and Joon and Mir are finally stepping up their daddy-game. Im hoping the HB family goes on retreat or vacation somewhere, because the daddy-baby interaction is so much more  adorable when the boys dont look like they havent slept in days or tired from other schedules. Anyways, get your spazz on in the comments below and let us know what you thought of the past two episodes of MBLAQs Hello Baby!