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MBLAQ Members Explain Their Relationship with Rain

On the April 15 broadcast of Mnet’s “Beatles Code 3D,” the members of MBLAQ appeared as the guests along with girl group A Pink.

On the show, MC Shin Dong asked, “What is the current relationship between MBLAQ and Rain?”

G.O said, “Rain hyung was an artist signed under our company (J. Tune Camp). He signed with another company once his contract ended. He was not the CEO; the CEO is another person. He looked for a better environment and better terms after his contract ended, and we think that’s totally normal from and artist’s point of view.”

Shin Dong then asked, “MBLAQ has an image of ‘a group made by Rain.’ Is Rain no longer involved?” Seungho answered, “Before Rain hyung enlisted in the army, he told us, ‘I helped you guys a lot, but you need to learn how to do things yourselves and think for yourselves

A Pink’s Chorong Looks Like MBLAQ’s Mir?

A past photo of A Pink’s Park Chorong is drawing attention since its unveiling.

On the April 15 broadcast of Mnet’s “Beatles Code 3D,” childhood photos of Chorong and MBLAQ’s Mir were revealed.

As soon as the childhood photos of the two singers were revealed on the screen, the people present onset went wild. Both Chorong and Mir exclaimed in shock. The reason was the childhood images of the two singers showed a surprising resemblance.

Chorong said about her skin color, “My skin wasn’t actually that dark. I got tanned from going on a school trip.” MC Jang Dong Min created a wave of laughter when he remarked, “Was your trip to a fire pit?”

Meanwhile Mir commented nonchalantly, “This is the first time my photo has come in second place

‘SBS Inkigayo Round-up’: A Pink Wins #1 On The April 13, 2014 Episode

"SBS Inkigayo" is back for another week of great stages, fan chants, and screams as some of your favorite stars performed on Sunday night.Hosts for the night were Lee Yu Bi and ZE:A"s Kwanghee; while MC"s were EXO"s Suho and Baekhyun.

Eric Nam returned with "Ooh Ooh", Eddy Kim made his debut with "Push and Pull", NC.A made her comeback by saying, "I"m Different", and Akdong Musician made a great debut by performing "Melted" and "200%."

Nominees were Mad Clown, Park Hyo Shin, and A Pink. The winner for this episode was A Pink who achieved a music show all-kill by winning the major music programs week.Congratulations to the girls!

Here are the performance recaps.

Performance Recap + Videos

Eric Nam

Eric Nam is going to make you dance and hum his new single while you are walking down the sidewalk

MBLAQ Explains Its Current Relationship with Rain

MBLAQ brought up its current relationship with Rain.

During April 15’s broadcast of Mnet’s The Beatles Code, MC Shindong candidly asked, “So what is the relationship between Rain and MBLAQ now?”

G.O answered, “Rain hyung was in the agency (J. Tunes Camp) and moved to another agency when his contract was over. He was not the CEO of the agency as we have someone else who is in charge. So it seems like he looked for another place that offered better contract conditions. I think that’s perfectly normal.”

Shindong continued, “MBLAQ has the image as ‘Rain’s group.’ So did he completely take his hands off now?”

Seung Ho answered, “Right before Rain hyung enlisted in the army he told us, ‘Even though I helped out a lot, you have to prepare and think for yourselves

A Pink Son Na Eun Has Never Dated Before

A Pink Son Na Eun revealed that she has no dating experience.

April 15’s broadcast of Mnet’s The Beatles Code 3D, featured MBLAQ and A Pink sharing on the special events they received from their loved ones.

Unlike the MBALQ members who naturally shared their experiences, the A Pink members claimed, “We’ve never received any events. Not even once.”

Then MC Shin Dong Yeop tried to persuade them to open by asking Son Na Eun, “Come on, tell us,” but the A Pink members said, “Na Eun has zero dating experience. She doesn’t have any at all.”

When Son Na Eun confirmed by saying, “I really don’t,” Shin Dong Yeop caused everyone to laugh by saying, “If you set having no dating experience as your image now, your life might be much more difficult later on

MBLAQ G.O Reveals Mir’s Plan to Audition for YG Entertainment

MBLAQ’s G.O made the whole studio burst out laughing by blurting out Mir’s secret plans.

During April 15’s broadcast of Mnet’s The Beatles Code, Mir said, “After MBLAQ debuted, Lee Joon hyung was the most popular member. Many people from broadcasting stations sought after him.”

Mir continued, “I’ve even told the other members, that I thought I was going to be the most popular member when MBLAQ debuted. I’ve always believed that. But I was the least popular one.”

When Shindong asked, “How long do you think that Mir will be a part of MBLAQ?” G.O revealed, “Mir told us that he is going to get his name out through MBLAQ and try out for YG auditions.”

Cheon Dung continued to bring out laughter by saying, “He’s been practicing hard to make his debut

MBLAQ’s Thunder: “When I see others dating, I think I’d like to try it, too.”

MBLAQ‘s Thunder revealed his thoughts on dating as he appeared on the April 15 broadcast of Mnet‘s “Beatles Code 3D“.

The young boy shared, “I’ve never dated. Of course, I like women and when I see others dating, I think I’d like to try it, too. I even liked somebody one-sidedly before.”

He added, ”I could express my feelings through a friend, but I did not do that, either. I was embarrassed about the person finding out that I liked her. Even when I liked somebody unrequitedly while living abroad, I could not confess because I spoke clumsily, which left me with a trauma.

G.O reveals the reason he got mad when he was linked to So Ji Sub and Jooyeon’s dating rumors

The April 15 broadcast of Mnet‘s “Beatles Code 3D” brought up the dating rumor between actor So Ji Sub and After School‘s Jooyeon.

MBLAQ‘s G.O, who appeared as guest on the show, revealed why he got mad when he was linked to this scandal as the alleged person who connected the two together.

The hosts asked him, “We heard that G.O got very angry when the dating rumor between So Ji Sub and Jooyeon came out.”

G.O shared, “I was close to Jooyeon since [I was in] TYKEYS. While I was eating with Jooyeon, So Ji Sub called me up,” and the three artists met.

He added, “Words about that grew and grew until it came out in the news that I introduced the two

Actor So Ji Sub and After School’s Jooyeon are dating?

Actor So Ji Sub (37) and Aftrer School“s Jooyeon (27) are rumored to be dating!

According to the woman”s magazine Women Sense“s January issue, the pair have been dating for a year and 4 months already. They met in the Summer of 2012, where MBLAQ“s G.O introduced them to each other.

The magazine said, “The two of them mainly dated at the Seoul Hannam-dong UN Village, where So Ji Sub”s house is. They had a date on December 19th, and the day after, So Ji Sub dropped Jooyeon off at a hair salon in Gangnam.

The two of them also visited the USA together. Apparently,Jooyeon introduced him to her friends as her boyfriend.

However, both 51K and Pledis Entertainment said, “This is the first time we”re hearing this

Thunder reveals: “Dara keeps buying me clothes.”

MBLAQ”s Thunder talked about his sister, 2NE1″s Dara, while appearing on the April 15 edition of Mnet“s “Beatles Code 3D“.

MC Shindong first brought up the topic by saying, “I hear she buys you a lot of luxury brands.

Thunder replied, “I never really cared much about clothes, but she keeps buying me them. I tell her not to because they”re expensive, but she keeps on buying,” making his other members jealous.

Lee Joon gestured at both Thunder and Mir, whose older sister is Go Eun Ah, and said, “Both of their older sisters are really pretty. However, my older sister isn”t that pretty,” making everybody laugh.