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Autographed CD Charity Sale for Sewol Ferry Relief Effort

Dear Soompiers,

Many who have tuned into Korean entertainment the past week know about the devastating tragedy that took place on Wednesday, April 16. Many high school students were on board looking forward to their fun four day holiday in Jeju Island, but never made it when the Sewol ferry capsized at Jindo Island.

The Soompi staff got together to see how we can make a difference and help families who are affected by the tragedy- donating limited special signed CDs to charity. We’ve called and talked to a few agencies who have agreed to our idea and they donated their artists’ signed CDs to Soompi Shop for the meaningful charity sale. Some of the artist albums include Jay Park, Teen Top, 2AM, BAP, Rainbow, NU’EST, and ZE:A

tvN’s ‘Gabdongi’ to air as scheduled while ‘Grandpas Over Flowers’ is still in consideration

Good news for K-drama lovers as tvN has announced that "Gabdongi" will be airing again in its regular time slot this week.

CJ E&M stated on the 25th, ""Gabdongi" will air as regularly scheduled on the 25th and 26th. We are in talks for the airing of "Grandpas Over Flowers"."

The third and fourth episodes of "Gabdongi" were canceled last week in light of the Sewol tragedy but now that dramas of the main broadcast stations are receiving the "ok" to go back on air, tvN will follow suit as they bring back "Gabdongi" as scheduled. Meanwhile, their variety shows such as "Grandpas Over Flowers" are still in limbo given the current mood.

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon Donates 10 Million Won to Ferry Disaster Relief Efforts, Apologizes for the Small Amount

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon joins a growing list of celebrities who have donated to the Sewol ferry disaster.

On April 24, an employee of community-based fundraising organization Community Chest of Korea shared, “MBLAQ’s Lee Joon donated 10 million won (about 10 thousand USD). When donating, he said, ‘This is my first time donating. I’m sorry that the amount is small.’”

Fans who heard of his donation were surprised since he’s well-known to be stingy with his money. He would even collected money from his friends who owed him money during childhood.

Other celebrity donors include Major League baseball payer Ryu Hyun Jin, actors Song Seung Hun, Park Jae Min, Ha Ji Won, Joo Sang Wook, On Joo Wan, Jung Il Woo, Jang Mi In Ae, Kim Bo Sung and many others

Secret’s Sunhwa and MBLAQ’s Lee Joon raise the pride of idol-turned-actors

Secret's Sunhwa and MBLAQ's Lee Joon throw away all the doubts and the premises of netizens that idols shouldn't act with their promising acting in their respective starring dramas.

Han Sun Hwa who joined the cast of 'God's Gift' as Jenny, a lively and bright girl impressed with her appearance. The drama ended on April 22 but the impression she left to the viewers since the very first lingers. She carried her sexy, straightforward and strong personality throughout the drama.

She also caught viewers attention when she acted a mentally ill woman from one of the scenes in a mental hospital. She is considered the bright character that lightens the dark atmosphere of the drama. Moreover, her honest and sincere love towards Gi Dong Chan to the point of slapping herself even earned respect for her touching acting.

Meanwhile, MBLAQ's Lee Joon also showed undeniable great acting with his appearance in 'Gap Dong' which broadcasted on April 11

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon makes a donation of $9,600 to Sewol ferry tragedy relief

It"s been revealed that MBLAQ"s Lee Joon made a donation of 10 million won ($9,600 USD) to aid relief efforts for the Sewol ferry tragedy.

A rep from the Community Chest of Korea stated on April 24, "We didn"t know it was Lee Joon at first as he donated under his birth name Lee Chang Sun. He said it was his first time donating to the organization and apologized for the small sum."

Though many celebrities have donated to the cause, Lee Joon is one of the few idol stars to come forward to aid relief efforts. His agency also commented that he did not inform them that he"d made a donation.

Lee Joon previously donated rice wreaths sent in by his fans to congratulate him for his movie "An Actor is an Actor", MBLAQ"s anniversaries, and other events.

MBLAQ Lee Joon Makes His First Ever Donation to Sewol Victims

Making his first donation ever, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon sent support for the Sewol ferry victims.

On April 24, the Community Chest of Korea shared that Lee Joon donated 10 million won to the ferry victims.

Lee Joon made the donation quietly but it became known when a staff member called for confirmation.

“The donation came in through his real name Lee Chang Sun, so we didn’t know it was Lee Joon, but we found out when we called to confirm,” said a staff member. “He said that it was his first donation and apologized for the small amount.”

The donation will be used to support the ongoing rescue mission and the victims’ families.

Photo Credit: J.Tune Camp

MBLAQ Lee Joon donates 10 million won for Sewol but belatedly revealed his identity

MBLAQ Lee Joon made his first ever donation and it was for the use of Sewol's victims and families.

On April 24, the Community Chest of Korea's President Heo Dong Soo revealed that they received 10 million won from MBLAQ member Lee Joon. However, they belatedly revealed it until they called for confirmation.

The donation came from Lee Chang Seon (Lee Joon's real name). The official said they don't know that he is Lee Joon, so they called him for confirmation. According to them, Lee Joon said that it was his first donation and apologized for the small amount.

‘Seopyeonje’ Musical Actor G.O. Vs MBLAQ’s Lead Vocal G.O.

(Photo : MyDaily)(Photo : MyDaily)(Photo : MyDaily)(Photo : MyDaily)(Photo : MyDaily)

Musical actor G.O. (given name Jung Byung Hee) is quite different from the MBLAQ G.O that we"ve come to know and love.

"Seopyeonje" has made a comeback to the musical world since 2012, and the show contains a rich story and music line, as well as other elements that are exceeding expectations. What"s most noteworthy in this musical is the lead role of Dongho, which is played by G.O.

G.O"s appearance on a grand theater instead of a broadcasting studio was unexpectedly natural. The MBLAQ member that had stood on stage dancing in a nice suit just a few days prior did not show any awkwardness as a musical actor. "Seopyeonje" features pansori (traditional Korean musical storytelling), as well as pop and rock

Yoon Sang Hyun and Kim Min Jung show off their friendship in BTS photo for ‘Gabdongi’ + still cut

Yoon Sang Hyun and Kim Min Jung showed that they support each other both onscreen and off in a behind-the-scenes photo from their tvN drama "Gabdongi"!

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Yoon Sang Hyun plays the role of detective Ha Moo Yeom, and Kim Min Jung plays the role of doctor Maria Oh. The two are seen getting close with their V-signs like a cute couple. The drama also unveiled a still cut of Yoon Sang Hyun getting into his moment of zen to catch serial murderer Gab Dong (MBLAQ"s Lee Joon).

"Gabdongi" has delayed airing for the time being in light of the Sewol tragedy.

Which currently promoting group does the best MR removed live performances?

Fans love to take to the internet and watch "MR removed" videos, meaning that the recorded music in the background for all performances has been removed so that the singers" voices could be heard better. Of course, this isn"t an exact science and may have some flaws, but it generally does give fans a good sense of how well performers sing on stage! Most of the time, K-Pop fans really wow with their great skills, but the question is to what degree?

oll below!