MBK Entertainment Calls Boram And Saeyeon Direspectful Due To The Absence In T-ara Concert

MBK Entertainment Calls Boram And Saeyeon Direspectful Due To The Absence In T-ara Concert

MBK Entertainment, the management company of T-ara’s Boram and Saeyeon, has frankly shared its thoughts regarding the surprising and unexpected absence of Saeyeon and Boram in T-ara’s recently held concert.There is no doubt that the contract that they have with MBK Entertainment is coming to an end really soon.

It has also been confirmed by the company that the two members are not scheduled or are planned to have a contract renewal and that the two are not going to be a part of the last album of T-ara before they finally disband.But fortunately, fans can get a last glimpse of them in the upcoming concert of the girl group. Just recently, it has been confirmed that T-ara will be staging a concert in Taiwan, where all of the members will be present.

However, reports came in that the two members, specifically Boram and Saeyeon, will be absent during the group’s concert tour in Hong Kong and Japan on May 20 and May 24 respectively. According to All K-pop, MBK Entertainment expressed their great disappointment due to the reported absence of two of the key members of the girl group.

In line with this, the management company released a statement saying that the contract of the two girls hasn’t yet ended. And that the concert has been planned months before. The company went on to frankly say that it is unmannerly and disrespectful for the Boram and Saeyeon to not attend an important concert tour for the girl group’s final months together.

It has also been said that it has clearly violated and broken the promise to the company and to T-ara’s fans as well. However, the company representative also says that they wish the best of luck in Boram and Saeyeon’s future endeavors.

MBK Entertainment also shares their grief and frustration in the unfortunate scenario that the group will be into. According to Billboard, the event planners, as well as the management company, are in for a lot of damaging effects due to the girl’s absence.Ultimately, the statement issued by MBK Entertainment calls the act of Boram and Saeyeon as irresponsible as they will undoubtedly frustrate their fans.