MBK calls Boram Soyeon irresponsible for breaking promise to fans

MBK calls Boram Soyeon irresponsible for breaking promise to fans

MBK Entertainment has called Boram and Soyeon unmannerly and irresponsible for choosing not to join T-ara at their Hong Kong concert.

T-ara planned on having their last concert as a 6-member group in Macau, Hong Kong, following their concerts in Taipei and Japan, but Boram and Soyeon have expressed that they will not be joining the rest of the group in Hong Kong.

Boram and Soyeons contracts with MBK Entertainment are due to end on May 15, while T-aras concerts for Japan and Hong Kong were scheduled to be after May 20, several days after their contract ended with the agency.

MBK Entertainment explained that they had discussed the concert schedules months before their contracts ended, and that Boram and Soyeon had agreed to join T-ara in their concerts unless there was a special reason not to.

In response to Boram and Soyeons sudden withdrawal from the concerts, MBK Entertainment released an official statement calling their actions unmannerly and irresponsible.

“Boram and Soyeon notified us about their absence. It is a schedule that’s set on the date after their contract termination but it has been planned several months ahead. It is unmannerly of them to unilaterally not attend. It’s an act that breaks the promise with the fans as well as the agency.”

“We have wished the best for the future of Boram and Soyeon who have promoted as T-ara for the past 9 years. It’s unfortunate how things are coming to an end like this. With Boram and Soyeon’s absence, the event planners overseas and the agency are going to face severe damage. And out of all, it’s an irresponsible act that breaks the promise with the international fans who have waited for T-ara’s last promotion as a whole.”