MBC will be hosting zero Chuseok special broadcasts & variety shows this year

MBC will be hosting zero Chuseok special broadcasts & variety shows this year

MBC, one of three major public broadcasting stations and a major provider of popular holiday special programs, will be hosting a total of zero special broadcasts this Chuseok, 2017.

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It has been approximately 4 weeks since staff at MBC launched a mass general strike on September 4, stepping away from all of their positions and leaving many key MBC news broadcasts, variety shows, radio broadcasts, and more to halt airing.

As a result of the general strike, production for one of MBC’s most popular Chuseok programs, the ‘Idol Star Athletics Championship’, was cancelled. Major holidays like Chuseok is the perfect time to introduce viewers at home to all-new, pilot variety shows, but MBC will not be broadcasting any new pilot shows this year.

Instead, families tuning in to MBC during the extended Chuseok holidays (~ September 30 – October 9) will be seeing past web drama marathons, documentary airings, variety-drama marathons, etc. Currently airing variety-drama ‘Borg Mom’ will re-air all currently broadcasted episodes during the break, while ’20th Century Boy and Girl’, a new MBC drama which had to push back its premiere date, will finally premiere on October 9 with a 4-episode special. On October 3, previous pilot series ‘Dangerous Beyond the Blankets’ will showcase a special episode with behind footage and director’s cuts.

Are you sad to see no special programs this Chuseok from MBC?