MBC Releases Teasers For The Upcoming Action-Thriller Drama 'Lookout'

MBC Releases Teasers For The Upcoming Action-Thriller Drama 'Lookout'

MBC just released the teasers for the action-thriller drama “Lookout.” There were some pictures released including Lee Si Young and Kim Young Kwang as the leads.

“Lookout” is a new action-thriller drama about a group of vigilantes. The members of the group suffer from losing the ones they love because of crime. They share the same goal, to get justice.

In the first teaser, there is a picture of heavy traffic with the warning about corruption. In the second teaser picture, there is Lee Si Young’s picture. She will play the character of a former detective who lost her daughter. In the third picture, there is Kim Young Kwang who will play the character of the ambitious prosecutor, Soompireported.

In another teaser picture, there is actor Kim Tae Joon who will play a role of a passionate prosecutor. Next, there is a picture of Kim Seul Gi who will play a character of a girl who doesn’t want to involved in the social activity. Last, there is Shinee’s Key who will play the character of a hacker.

With the full line-up characters, this upcoming drama will air on May 22. This action-thriller drama will air every Monday and Tuesday. Many people are excited to watch this upcoming drama because the handsome actor Kim Young Kwang will star in it.

Kim Young Kwang is often praised for his nice acting skills. He has starred many dramas before and he always shows professionalism on set. For some youngsters, they cannot wait to see Key and Lee Seul Gi in their acting.

Lee Seul Gi is famous for her nice acting in many dramas. She is often praised by the director for portraying her character really well. This new drama gets more attention with its unique story. It is always fun to watch action-thriller drama with the group of vigilantes.

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