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Kyuhyun and Seulgi have chemistry in this week's 'Radio Star'

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Kyuhyun and Seulgi have chemistry in this week's 'Radio Star'

Before Seulgi debuted with Red Velvet, she garnered hobby because there were reports going out that she used to be "Kyuhyun"s girl."  Although the rumors were cleared up by way of Kyuhyun himself, it"s not easy to disclaim their chemistry when she seemed on MBC"s "Radio Star" on September 30 for their monolid special.  

Kim Gu Ra jokingly presented her with, "Kyuhyun"s non-celebrity lady has turn out to be a celebrity."  Reportedly, she has the vocal skills of Taeyeon and the dancing talents of Hyoyeon.  Regarding her monolid look, Kim Gu Ra said, "Seeing her now, she provides off the sensation of former Wonder Girls" Sohee."

MC Kyuhyun said, "The individual that suits my taste.  She"s in spite of everything here.  I"ll see you later, Seulgi," then instantly were given embarrassed, so Kim Gu Ra said, "He"s doing this for no reason why when there"s not anything between the two of them," then added, "I got a telephone call from Heechul.  He asked me to delight deal with Seulgi.  He told me Seulgi doesn"t even pay any attention to Kyuhyun," making all and sundry laugh.

Seulgi addressed the reports of her being Kyuhyun"s woman got here out, "I changed into practicing when my trainee pals came and acknowledged I"ve arise at the real-time searches.  I stayed to get started with position without falling.  I saw that each one day."  Kyuhyun said, "I"ve dug up a star."

Kim Gu Ra also discovered out that Seulgi was a "motae solo (someone who"s never dated)" and asked about her ideal type.  She said, "When I see a drama or movie, I fall for the character. Recently, I fell for Jo Jung Suk in "Oh My Ghost.""

Kim Gu Ra asked what she considered Kyuhyun as a man, and she replied, "I never thought-about Kyuhyun.  But he has an affectionate and excellent personality, no?  I don"t like men with double eyelids."

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Super Junior′s Kyuhyun and Red Velvet′s Seul Gi to satisfy on ′Radio Star′

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Super Junior′s Kyuhyun and Red Velvet′s Seul Gi to satisfy on ′Radio Star′

--> Park Kyung Lim, Jin Yi Han, Red Velvet′s Seul Gi and grey might be acting on Radio Star.

According to a rep from MBC′s Radio Star on September 23, entertainer Park Kyung Lim, actor Jin Yi Han, Red Velvet′s Seul Gi and grey will be filming today.

The episode will be focused on celebrities without double eyelids and their entertaining conversations.

This is Park Kyung Lim′s first time appearing on Radio Star. enthusiasts also are excited to peer Seul Gi, whom MC Kyuhyun in the past chose as his ideal type, at the show.

The episode will air on September 30.

SECRET"s Hyosung fearlessly exposes her body measurements on "Radio Star"

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Radio Star"s special segment "Steal Your Gaze! Summer Girl" special recently aired, featuring guest appearances by SECRET"s Hyosung and SISTAR"s Soyu.

As the owners of bodies that are widely acknowledged by the general public as the best, the idols didn"t shy away from discussing what they regard as their best physical features. Hyosung was the most confident of the "line that stretches from waist down to pelvis with a focus on my abs," describing her lower body in detail. On the other hand, Soyu emphasized the S line created by her firm derriere, stating, "I"m most confident of the line that falls just below my buttocks."

Hyosung also wasn"t afraid to reveal her measurements, bravely telling the MCs, "The last time I measured [myself] I was 35-24-36. But now [my waist] fluctuates between 24 and 25." Soyu expressed her awe at Hyosung"s confession by commenting, "A 24-inch waist can only be the result of enormous effort."

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SHINee"s Minho to replace Super Junior"s Kyuhyun as one-day special MC on "Radio Star"

News via dkpopnews.net

SHINee"s Minho will make his appearance as a special MC on MBC"s "Radio Star".

According to the officials, Minho participated in the recording of "Radio Star" on June 3rd as an one-day special MC, replacing Kyuhyun due to his concert in Japan.

A rep said,"Minho adapted well to "Radio Star. The recording finished in a fun atmosphere".

Featuring Ok Joo Hyun, Lee Ji Hoon, Shin Sung Rok, Kim Soo Yong as guests, this episode will be broadcasted on June 10th. READ MORE

SHINee"s Minho to fill in for Super Junior"s Kyuhyun on "Radio Star"

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SHINee"s Minho will be filling in for his SM Entertainmentlabelmate and senior Super Junior"s Kyuhyun on "Radio Star".

Fans may already know that Kyuhyun has been one of the hosts of "Radio Star" for a while now. He was busy with the "Super Junior - K.R.Y Japan Tour 2015 ~phonograph~" on June 2 and 3, so Minho is reported to have filmed for the variety show in his stead.

Though Minho is busy with SHINee"s promotions for "View", he apparently volunteered to help out Kyuhyun.

Are you excited to see Minho on "Radio Star"?

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[Radio Star] Super Junior's Kyuhyun Reveals CNBLUE's YongHwa Often Avoids Girls Who Like Him

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[Radio Star] Super Junior's Kyuhyun Reveals CNBLUE's YongHwa Often Avoids Girls Who Like Him

Super Junior's Kyuhyun reveals how CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwa treats girls who like him!

On the latest broadcast of MBC's Radio Star, Kyunhyun revealed that, “There are so many girls who hit on Jung Yong Hwa, but he always turns them down. He is really good at self management.”

Kim Gura said, “So what if he’s good at self management? He can’t choose good dramas,” and Jung Yong Hwa, who repeatedly emphasized that he has nothing to lose, said, “Of course, it would be nice if the drama is successful but my satisfaction is important too.”

Then he clenched his teeth saying, “But I’m going to be really careful about the next project I choose,” bringing out laughter.

Super Junior's Kyuhyun Surprised Fandom With His Monolid Eyes on “Radio Star”

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Super Junior's Kyuhyun Surprised Fandom With His Monolid Eyes on “Radio Star”

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun surprised viewers after revealing a photo of himself during high school, showing how he looked before receiving double eyelid surgery.

On the December 17th episode of MBC Radio Star, the singer revealed a closeup photo of himself during high school and said, “My half closed eyes were opened after I met Super Junior. I found new light through double eyelid surgery.

He later mentioned that this is his real high school graduation photo and added, “I didn’t touch my nose though, I can bet my wrist on it.”

Although Kyuhyun was being truthful, Kim Gura, who is another MC on Radio Star seemed to question his statement, but later accepted the Super Junior member’s confession.

Meanwhile, Kyuhyun released the music video for his latest track, “At Gwanghwamun,” featuring Red Velvet’s Irene on November 13th, and is currently promoting a follow up track, “At Close.”

Vote for Super Junior at the 2014 International Hallyu Awards for Artist of the Year, Song of the Year (MAMACITA), Best Solo Debut (KyuhyunZhoumi), Best Sub-Unit (Super Junior-M), Best Male Vocalist (Kyuhyun), Best Music Video (MAMACITA), Best Social Media Personality (Siwon), Best Male Group, Most Anticipate Comeback, and Best Ballad Artist (Kyuhyun)!

Kyuhyun reveals that he is more popular than Seohyun on "Radio Star"

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Kyuhyun reveals that he is more popular than Seohyun on

Super Junior"s Kyuhyun jokingly stated that he believes he is more popular than Girls" Generation"s Seohyun on the November 26 edition of MBC" "Radio Star."

When asked about Kyuhyun"s kiss scene with Shin Da Eun in the musical, "The Moon That Embraces the Sun," the idol commented, "It was in the script of the musical." Kim Gu Ra then asked, "You didn"t get cursed at?"

Kim Gu Ra then went on to compare the two kiss scenes that Kyuhyun had participated in, where he kissed both Seohyun and Shin Da Eun. Kim Gu Ra said, "Why did you do it so carefully with Seohyun (lips barely touching) but for Shin Da Eun, it was a deep kiss?" Get rid of your star complex. If the person (Seohyun) is more popular, then you"re quite careful but if they"re less popular (Shin Da Eun), you"re going to be like this (pointing at the picture of the deep kiss)."

Kyuhyun then proudly answered, "Nowadays, I am more popular than Seohyun." However, the idol then became hesitant about his answer and took his words back by saying, "Am I going to get cursed at?," fearing the potential backlash that his comment would bring.

Super Junior"s Kyuhyun revealed his "Radio Star" family gave him constructive criticism on his solo debut

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Super Junior

Super Junior"s Kyuhyunthanked his"Radio Star" family for giving him a lot of constructive criticism on his solo debut.

Kyuhyun held an interview with OSEN in the waiting room of KBS 2TV"s "Music Bank" at KBS Hall in Yeouido, Seoul on November 21. He was asked, "Did your hyungs from the MBC variety show "Radio Star", which you are an active MC for, show a lot of support?"

The Super Junior member shared, "Prior to the release of my solo album, my hyungs jokingly gave me a lot of biting remarks. YoonJong Shin hyung said, "It will probably rank in the top 50," and I listened to it positively because even #1 is in the top 50. Even if they said negative things, I thought about it positively. That is why I didn"t take my hyungnims" words in a bad light... I also asked KimGu Ra hyung to give me a lot of criticism. For some reason, I felt that if I hear Gu Ra hyung"s criticism, I would do well."

It seems both the good and bad feedback did him well as he won #1 on "M! Countdown", "Music Bank", and "Show! Music Core"with "At Gwanghwamun" this week. Congrats once again, Kyuhyun and ELF!

Rapper DinDin jokes he"s got the dirt on Kyuhyun on "Radio Star"

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Rapper DinDin jokes he

Rapper DinDin was one talkative guest on the August 27 installment of MBC"s "Radio Star," even revealing at one point that he had some dirt on MC Kyuhyun?

He said, "I heard Kyuhyun went to a gym with my chief, Deux"s Lee Hyun Do," which Kyuhyun confirmed he had in the past. DinDin continued, "I heard a lot of things from him like with whom Kyuhyun drank, whom he met, and more, so I have a nuclear bomb," making everybody on the set laugh.

He continued, "So when you go to the army, if you switch with me, I"ll keep my mouth shut and do nothing for two years," causing even more laughter. DinDin said, "If I blow this up... You"re going to have to go to the army, anyway."

Kyuhyun gradually looked more and more uneasy to everyone"s amusement, saying, "But Lee Hyun Do doesn"t know me very well." DinDin explained that he was close, however, to the other members and heard some things.

Kyuhyun once again said that is why he kept quiet about things even among his members. Another guest, Yoo Jung Hyun, joked, "If you blackmail like this to become an MC, then who will maintain social justice?"

You can check it out above at 1:47!