Watch: Tremendous Junior’s Kyuhyun and Lee Sung Kyung Sing in Best  Cohesion on “Radio Star”

Watch: Tremendous Junior’s Kyuhyun and Lee Sung Kyung Sing in Best Cohesion on “Radio Star”

Watch: Large Juniors Kyuhyun and Lee Sung Kyung Sing in EasiestSolidarity on Radio Megastar kminjungee March 24, 2016 0 LINE it!Watch: Super Juniors Kyuhyun and Lee Sung Kyung Sing in Perfect Harmony on Radio Star On March 23, throughout MBCs Radio Star, Lee Sung Kyung sang A complete New Global from Aladdin, with Super Juniors Kyuhyun. Lee Sung Kyung, known more for her modeling and acting, up to now showed her making a songtalents on King of Mask Singer.

Kyuhyuns candy voice blended amongst Lee Sung Kyungs natural voice creates a nostalgic atmosphere, and it seems likegazing Aladdin everywhere again.

Maybe its because theyre embarrassed, yetthe 2replace shy smiles each and every time their eyes meet, making hearts flutter with their sweet gazes.

The watching MCs comment, Why cant you guys glance at one another properly? You guys mayappear to beyou're begging to SM and YG (Kyuhyun and Lee Sung Kyungs respective agencies), making the remainder of the visitors laugh.

This episode of Radio Star and featured Lee Sung Kyung, Tae Hang Ho, Defconn, and Heo Kyung Hwan.

Watch their stunning duet below!

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Kyuhyun Unearths Why EXO’s Chen Took Suho’s Spot on “Radio Star”

Kyuhyun Unearths Why EXO’s Chen Took Suho’s Spot on “Radio Star”

Kyuhyun Unearths Why EXOs Chen Took Suhos Spot on Radio Celebrity ck525 February 24, 2016 0 LINE it!Kyuhyun Exhibits Why EXOs Chen Took Suhos Spot on Radio Star Suho would most likely not existthe maximumsmartly liked member inside of EXO for kind shows, according to Kim Gu Ra.

On the episode of “Radio Star” aired on February 24, the onesmost well liked in China seemed every bitvisitors for the “You’re China Style” special.

“When my managing firmused to betaking into consideration who to send out to ‘Radio Star,’ they first made up our minds on Suho then replaced to Chen,” Kyuhyun says. “Kim Gu Ra became very opposed to it.”

“Doesn’t even your managing agency admit he’s no fun,” Kim Gu Ra says.

“Kim Gu Ra actively told the manufacturer that Suho isn't funny,” Yoon Jong Shin reveals.

Meanwhile, Ji Suk Jin, Choi Sung Gook, EXO’s Chen, and Top Combine’s Kim Eun Sung (also referred to as Tanas Kim) seem as guests for the show.

Do you trust Kim Gu Ra?

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Super Junior’s Kyuhyun apologises for his old  impolite behaviour on “Radio Star”

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun apologises for his old impolite behaviour on “Radio Star”

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAfter receiving backlash for his old attitude on Radio Star, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun responds to the debate with Yang Se Hyung and apologises. 

On the February 17th of Radio Star on MBC, Kyuhyun took the opportunity to supply an explanation for what had came about when Yang Se Hyung guested on the program two weeks ago. He began his remarkpronouncing how worried he used to be filming for the maximum recent episode and was hoping he can pass the episode without growing any issue. Additionally, he said that, “I apologise to the audience for appearing my bad side. Taking a look at it, I’m embarrassed of myself.” 

The controversy started following Yang Se Hyung’s appearance early this month where he mentioned a beyondinterplay with Kyuhyun. However, as the tale continued, Kyuhyun becomeno longerin a position to assist and defended himself from the comedian’s accusation and explained his aspect of the interaction.

As the debate heated, netizens can'tassistanceyet criticise for Kyuhyun’s habit on the program, leaving some to look for his past insults as well. Image: Radio Megastar / Mydaily

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Super Junior Kyuhyun Beneath  Fireplace For His ATTITUDE On Radio Star

Super Junior Kyuhyun Beneath Fireplace For His ATTITUDE On Radio Star

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAfter a comic brings up a beyondinterplay amongstGreat Junior member Kyuhyun, netizens criticize the artist.

On the newest episode of Radio Star, comedian Yang Sae Hyung was once featured as a guest.

Yang Sae Hyung confessed his sadness in opposition to MC of Radio Superstar and Super Junior member Kyuhyun for the past interaction.

He printed that because of Super Junior member Heecheols request, Yang Sae Hyung helped MC one of Kyuhyuns pals weddings ultimate year. After the marriageritebecome over, Yang Sae Hyung revealed that he was in an awkward functionto invite for his price showtime since he was older.

But as Yang Sae Hyung was leaving after the ceremony, it was revealed that Kyuhyun attempted to give the cash without a money envelope to the older comedian. Yang Sae Hyung claimed that it was estimated around 200,000 Won whilst Kyuhyun tried to supply an explanation for that it was around 1 million Won. Alternatively much the amount, Kyuhyun told Yang Sae Hyung here, take it in front of another friend of Kyuhyun.

It was revealed that Yang Sae Hyung gets around 3 million Won for such process which is estimated around $2,500 USD.

But due to thethe truth that Kyuhyun would give money without an envelop in front of his non-celebrity friend, Yang Sae Hyung made up our minds to reject the cash and told him to shop for some foods and drinks next time.

But after pronouncing yes, it's been revealed that Kyuhyun never reached out to Yang Sae Hyung till the day of the shooting of Radio Star after knowing that he's going to exist running into him. Kyuhyun tried to describe that he was searching for an envelop but did now not accept fourth dimension as he saw Yang Saw Hyung leaving the wedding.

Netizens have begannot tosimplest criticize Kyuhyun for his past behaviors but his attitude at the programme as well. In its place of apologizing, Kyuhyun started to insult and accuse Yang Sae Hyung for coming hung over and nearlyoverdue to the wedding. Kyuhyun also tried to explain that his friend who was the husband of the wedding was displeased when Yang Sae Hyung first got here which showed audience that Kyuhyun was effortlesslyhanging words or tattle tailing one of his perfect friends. Many viewers and netizens claimed that they felt uncomfortable staring at Kyuhyuns impolite attitude toward an elder.

Koreaboo has gathered reactions from Netizens who commented on the usual article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this newsletter being published.

244 @friend Unni here is the story. Kyuhyun hired Yang Sae Hyung thru Heechul. Kyuhyun didnt even get ready an envelop or money so he made a decisionto tug out money from the ATM last minute. In front of his friend, Kyuhyun offered 1 million Won without an envelop to Yang Sae Hyung asserting here, take it. (According to Kyuhyun) Yet according to Yang Sae Hyung, it was 200,000 Won without an envelop. Yang Sae Hyung generally gets paid around 3 million Won ($2,500 USD) But Yang Sae Hyung didnt settle for the money but Kyuhyun promised to touch him but he didnt contact him after. Kyuhyun says that Kyuhyuns friend get startedspeaking trash about Yang Sae Hyung when he showed up at wedding. After Yang Sae Hyung was showed to be on the program Radio Star, Kyuhyun without notice contacted Yang Sae Hyung telling him In deficient health see you at the studio. But after Yang Sae Hyung brought this scenario to the discussion on Radio Star, Kyuhyun as an alternative of apologizing, disses Yang Sae Hyung how he maywere hung over and came late. Also that his friend who was the husband was displeased. Finally, Yang Sae Hyung finally ends up apologizing in position ofthe wrong way around. After the program aired, Kyuhyuns enthusiastscommence criticizing Yang Sae Hyung. But then after the pictures were released of the wedding, Kyuhyun were given criticized instead. (There were no issues of Yang Sae Hyung at the wedding in the case of his garments or hair). He didnt appear hung over and it was just a hypothesisvia Kyuhyun that he revealed to the program. He was not late or even did his hair to the wedding.

285 It comes out incessantly on Radio Star, but Kyuhyun really showed his unmannerly function this time. But its okay! His fans are going to give coverage to him anyways hahaha!

125  Kyuhyun, its army time for you.

101 Kyuhyun in reality screwed up this time. If his non-celebrity friend was provide at the scene, he must induceready the money in an envelop and shouldnt have introduced the money that way to an elder. If he was thinking of paying in the primary place, he must havekeen ITsooner than the wedding. He didnt even thank him for his provider nor contact him after not paying him. But he's insulting and accusing Yang Sae Hyung on the program.

87 This is anything a dongseng must always apologize to his hyoung over 100 times explaining that he was busy and didnt call to mind it.. Wow I used to besurprised when Kyuhyun acknowledged okay, Ill call you currentlyand purchase y'all food and drinks.

I dont know if he was seeking to save his symbol just he sold his friend claiming that he was the consumer whoconcept Yang sae hyung was allegedly inebriated at the wedding and that he was displeased with Yang Sae Hyung. Why did he act such way in front of people Is he acknowledging smoothly that his top friend talked behind Yang Sae Hyungs back? Its not Kyuhyuns characteristic trouble but I believe he is a little immature and led this to happen.

45 I was so uncomfortable watching the program with Kyuhyuns attitude

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Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and Yang Se Hyung Playfully Poke Barbs at Each and every Other on “Radio Star”

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and Yang Se Hyung Playfully Poke Barbs at Each and every Other on “Radio Star”

Super Juniors Kyuhyun and Yang Se Hyung Playfully Poke Barbs at Each and every Other on Radio Superstar orionight February 4, 2016 0 LINE it!Super Juniors Kyuhyun and Yang Se Hyung Playfully Poke Barbs at Every one Other on Radio Star In a vintage case of tit-for-tat, Yang Se Hyung and Super Juniors Kyuhyun dished out embarrassing studies close to each other from a marriage they either attended.

On the February 3 episode of Radio Star, Yang Se Hyung started outby way of spilling about a wedding etiquette faux-pas Kyuhyun made. In maximum cases at weddings, youre meant to give cash to the couple after the rite is over. Yet Kyuhyun just passed over a stack of 4 50,000 won notes (approximately $166 total). It wasnt even in an envelope or anything.

Embarrased, Kyuhyun explained himself by saying, I had intended to get an envelope for the cash, but my friend used to be about to get in his vehicle to leave, so I just handed it over. He added, Also, it wasnt four 50,000 won notes, but 20 (approximately $834 total).

Kyuhyun then grew to become the tables on Yang Se Hyung by saying, The marriageturned into at five oclock, but anyonemay see how hungover Yang Se Hyung was by his haggard appearance when he arrived. Our friend said, Man, how might you? Im most effective getting married once!

Yang Se Hyung joked, Im the one that looks bad now.

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'Ballad Princes' Kyuhyun & Ryeowook Rap On 'Radio Star'

'Ballad Princes' Kyuhyun & Ryeowook Rap On 'Radio Star'

'Ballad Princes' Kyuhyun Ryeowook Rap On 'Radio Star' Jan 28, 2016 16:59e.PNG

Super Junior Kyuhyun who is understood to lovers as ballad prince showcases some otherfacet of his musicality on the maximum recent episode of "Radio Star".

Together with Ryeowook who gave the impression as guest ahead of his solo debut with "Little Prince" the 2Great Junior maknaes took the highlight and stand on levelappearing "Guilty".

While Ryeowook looks after the melody, Kyuhyun, dressed in his hip hop get up, leather pants, black jacket and shadesis going alongside the rhythm and beat rapping the lyrics with swag.

He even shows his hip hop gestures while calling the eye of Zico entertaining every personat the set. Watch their functionality below:

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Kyuhyun and Seulgi have chemistry in this week's 'Radio Star'

Kyuhyun and Seulgi have chemistry in this week's 'Radio Star'

Kyuhyun and Seulgi have chemistry in this week

Before Seulgi debuted with Red Velvet, she garnered hobby because there were reports going out that she used to be "Kyuhyun"s girl."  Although the rumors were cleared up by way of Kyuhyun himself, it"s not easy to disclaim their chemistry when she seemed on MBC"s "Radio Star" on September 30 for their monolid special.  

Kim Gu Ra jokingly presented her with, "Kyuhyun"s non-celebrity lady has turn out to be a celebrity."  Reportedly, she has the vocal skills of Taeyeon and the dancing talents of Hyoyeon.  Regarding her monolid look, Kim Gu Ra said, "Seeing her now, she provides off the sensation of former Wonder Girls" Sohee."

MC Kyuhyun said, "The individual that suits my taste.  She"s in spite of everything here.  I"ll see you later, Seulgi," then instantly were given embarrassed, so Kim Gu Ra said, "He"s doing this for no reason why when there"s not anything between the two of them," then added, "I got a telephone call from Heechul.  He asked me to delight deal with Seulgi.  He told me Seulgi doesn"t even pay any attention to Kyuhyun," making all and sundry laugh.

Seulgi addressed the reports of her being Kyuhyun"s woman got here out, "I changed into practicing when my trainee pals came and acknowledged I"ve arise at the real-time searches.  I stayed to get started with position without falling.  I saw that each one day."  Kyuhyun said, "I"ve dug up a star."

Kim Gu Ra also discovered out that Seulgi was a "motae solo (someone who"s never dated)" and asked about her ideal type.  She said, "When I see a drama or movie, I fall for the character. Recently, I fell for Jo Jung Suk in "Oh My Ghost.""

Kim Gu Ra asked what she considered Kyuhyun as a man, and she replied, "I never thought-about Kyuhyun.  But he has an affectionate and excellent personality, no?  I don"t like men with double eyelids."

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Super Juniors Kyuhyun and Red Velvets Seul Gi to satisfy on Radio Star

Super Juniors Kyuhyun and Red Velvets Seul Gi to satisfy on Radio Star

--> Park Kyung Lim, Jin Yi Han, Red Velvet′s Seul Gi and grey might be acting on Radio Star.

According to a rep from MBC′s Radio Star on September 23, entertainer Park Kyung Lim, actor Jin Yi Han, Red Velvet′s Seul Gi and grey will be filming today.

Super Junior′s Kyuhyun and Red Velvet′s Seul Gi to fulfill on ′Radio Star′

The episode will be focused on celebrities without double eyelids and their entertaining conversations.

This is Park Kyung Lim′s first time appearing on Radio Star. enthusiasts also are excited to peer Seul Gi, whom MC Kyuhyun in the past chose as his ideal type, at the show.

The episode will air on September 30.



SECRET"s Hyosung fearlessly exposes her body measurements on "Radio Star"


Radio Star"s special segment "Steal Your Gaze! Summer Girl" special recently aired, featuring guest appearances by SECRET"s Hyosung and SISTAR"s Soyu.

As the owners of bodies that are widely acknowledged by the general public as the best, the idols didn"t shy away from discussing what they regard as their best physical features. Hyosung was the most confident of the "line that stretches from waist down to pelvis with a focus on my abs," describing her lower body in detail. On the other hand, Soyu emphasized the S line created by her firm derriere, stating, "I"m most confident of the line that falls just below my buttocks."

Hyosung also wasn"t afraid to reveal her measurements, bravely telling the MCs, "The last time I measured [myself] I was 35-24-36. But now [my waist] fluctuates between 24 and 25." Soyu expressed her awe at Hyosung"s confession by commenting, "A 24-inch waist can only be the result of enormous effort."

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SHINee"s Minho to replace Super Junior"s Kyuhyun as one-day special MC on "Radio Star"

SHINee"s Minho will make his appearance as a special MC on MBC"s "Radio Star".

According to the officials, Minho participated in the recording of "Radio Star" on June 3rd as an one-day special MC, replacing Kyuhyun due to his concert in Japan.

A rep said,"Minho adapted well to "Radio Star. The recording finished in a fun atmosphere".

Featuring Ok Joo Hyun, Lee Ji Hoon, Shin Sung Rok, Kim Soo Yong as guests, this episode will be broadcasted on June 10th. READ MORE