John Park shows his manners to Park Jin Hee on ‘Music and Lyrics’

John Park shows his manners to Park Jin Hee on ‘Music and Lyrics’

John Park shows his manners to Park Jin Hee on Music and Lyrics

On May 5ths airing of MBCs Music and Lyrics, the actress Park Jin Hee and John Park prepared for their mini concert together, and it seems like the duos interactions have been warming up considerably.

On this episode, the two got into a car to ride to the workshop together. John Park politely opened the door for Park Jin Hee to which she responded saying, Do you usually hold doors open for girls before they get into a car? John Park then made Park Jin Hees heart flutter by saying, Nope. Only for you nuna.

Park Jin Hee then confessed, I like it when men open car doors for me. To this John Park shyly replied, Im not usually the type to do this...” She then cutely demanded, Cant you just say that youre the kind of man that does this?” In the end, John Park responded, Ill try my best.

In the interview held after this, John Park remarked, [Park Jin Hee] has a cute dongseng-like side to her.

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John Park reunites with his first love on ‘Music and Lyrics’

John Park reunites with his first love on ‘Music and Lyrics’

John Park reunites with his first love on Music and Lyrics

Singer John Park was reunited with his first love after 16 years on the latest episode of MBCs Music and Lyrics.

John Park and actress Park Jin Hee were given the mission to put on a mini-concert in order to reveal the song they had composed together for AlexHoran.

However, during the concert, Park Jin Hee actually had a surprise event in store for the singer. The actress had invited John Parks first love, Moon Eun Ji, to the concert.

Unable to conceal his nervousness, John Park warmly greeted his first love and began to reminisce their childhood memories. The audience were brought into laughter as his first love remarked, Do you not remember me? You used to bother me so much.

John Park had previously revealed on Music and Lyrics that he had his first love when he was in 2nd grade in elementary school. Her last name was Moon so I used to make fun of her by calling her moonbanggu (means a stationary store in Korean).

John Park reunites with his first love on Music and Lyrics

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Park Jin Hee monitors her own episode with John Park on Music and Lyrics

Park Jin Hee monitors her own episode with John Park on Music and Lyrics

Park Jin Hee monitors her own episode with John Park on Music and Lyrics

Recently, actress Park Jin Hee was spotted watching the episode of MBC’s Music and Lyrics in which she appears with John Park.

On April 21, Park tweeted a picture with the comment “I’m monitoring myself in TV. How was it?”

The star is resting her chin in her hands in front of a TV and staring at the camera. The scene inspires laughter as John Park, in the screen, seems to be looking down at her.

Netizens who saw the picture commented: “I’m watching it now, a real-time viewer!” “You two look great together.”

Since April 14, the actress and singer have been appearing as a couple in MBC’s Music and Lyrics.

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‘Music & Lyrics’ couple Park Jin Hee & John Park get friendly

‘Music & Lyrics’ couple Park Jin Hee & John Park get friendly

MusicLyrics couple Park Jin HeeJohn Park get friendly

Singer John Park and actress Park Jin Hee, who teamed up for new reality program Music and Lyrics, seem to have warmed up to one another after an awkward first encounter.

Park Jin Hee recently shared the above photo via her official Twitter page with the message, John Park, Park Jin Hee. We are currently [watching ourselves on television].

The two look more comfortable with each other and appear to have become closer as the beer on the table in the photo suggests they had a friendly drink together.

John Park then shared his own photo of the two together on Twitter, posting, With Jin Hee nuna.

Despite the fact that John Park and Park Jin Hee are ten years apart, followers commented, They kind of look good together, and Cant tell Park Jin Hee is 10 years older.

In related news, Park Jin Hee and John Park are working on a new song to be included in Clazziquais Alex and Horans new album.

MusicLyrics couple Park Jin HeeJohn Park get friendly

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John Park & Park Jin Hee awkwardly collaborate on ‘Music and Lyrics’

John Park & Park Jin Hee awkwardly collaborate on ‘Music and Lyrics’

John ParkPark Jin Hee awkwardly collaborate on Music and Lyrics

John Park and actress Park Jin Hees first awkward meeting was broadcast on the April 14th episode of MBCs Music and Lyrics.

Though the singer and actress seem to have warmed up to each other after the first filming, the atmosphere is reported to have been incredibly awkward when they first met one another. John Park and Park Jin Hee were assigned to create a collaborative song for solo artists and Clazziquai members Alex and Horan.

Horan stated, I feel like Im observing a blind date. Please take the feeling that you have for each other as man and woman to create a song, revealing that she felt a certain chemistry between the Music and Lyrics partners. She asked Park Jin Hee, Have you written lyrics before? The actress seemed at a loss for words when John Park intervened, Not really worrying about the lyrics.

The two later commented on their thoughts about each other. John Park stated, I really like Jin Hee. But shes older than I thought she would be. Shes ten years older. I was shocked She has a piercing gaze. Im not the type who avoids eye contact, and [her] eye contact was really strong.

Park Jin Hee said, I think hes making it too obvious he likes me. When someones so obvious, its hard to react. Its good to be straight-forward A PD told me to listen to John Parks song, and the song was really good. Maybe its fate that we met today.

John ParkPark Jin Hee awkwardly collaborate on Music and Lyrics

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Music and Lyrics: Actress Park Jin Hee is satisfied with being paired up with John Park

Music and Lyrics: Actress Park Jin Hee is satisfied with being paired up with John Park

Music and Lyrics: Actress Park Jin Hee is satisfied with being paired up with John Park

Actress Park Jin Hee seems to fall in love with signer John Park playing the piano.

On the episode of MBC’s Music and Lyrics that aired on April 14, the first meeting of John Park and Park Jin Hee was broadcast.

The twosome was requested to write a song with romantic emotions as if they were a real couple. The virtual couple started working on a song for Alex and Horan’s new album with a little pressure.

John took the plunge; he sang a song with sonorous vocals while playing the piano. At seeing the attractive singer sing a beautiful song, Park couldn’t help but serve up a big smile.

Later, Park revealed, “I was worried that everybody noticed that I felt really satisfied with Park’s singing, but I couldn’t help it. I was on cloud nine.”

The lovely actress generated great expectations about working with her gorgeous partner for a month to come, saying “To be honest, that kind of scene was what I had been dreaming of.”

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John Park’s first impression of actress Park Jin Hee on ‘Music and Lyrics’

John Park’s first impression of actress Park Jin Hee on ‘Music and Lyrics’

John Parks first impression of actress Park Jin Hee on Music and Lyrics

Singer John Park spoke up about his first impression of actress Park Jin Hee on MBCs Music and Lyrics.

John Park commented during the April 9th filming of the romantic reality music program, I came not knowing who my partner would be, and I only found out when I arrived [on set]. [The staff] kept the identity of my partner a secret until the end. I was really shocked when I found out it was actress Park Jin Hee.

After he and Park Jin Hee completed recording Music and Lyrics for the day, John Park stated, I got the feeling that she was a good, nice person. Park Jin Hee is really deep. While working together, we found a lot of things in common so it was fun. Im relieved I got to work with [someone like] her.

This episode of Music and Lyrics will broadcast on April 14th at 5:15PM KST on MBC.

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Jay Park and John Park to pair with Lee Si Young and Park Jin Hee on ‘Music and Lyrics’

Jay Park and John Park to pair with Lee Si Young and Park Jin Hee on ‘Music and Lyrics’

Jay Park and John Park to pair with Lee Si Young and Park Jin Hee on Music and Lyrics

Lee Si Young and Park Jin Hees partners for MBC TVs Music and Lyrics were discovered through some detective work by netizens.

Although MBC did not officially reveal the male counterparts for Lee Si Young and Park Jin Hee, netizens have discovered the identity of their partners through social networking sites and online communities. Since April 11th, netizens began posting the photos that they themselves took, after spotting Lee Si Young and Jay Park filming in Hongdae, as well as Park Jin Hee and John Park filming in Insadong.

Music and Lyrics is a reality program created by MBC, where an actress is paired with a male singer/songwriter. The two must then write and compose a love song together in a given amount of time.

This week, the new episode of Music and Lyrics will air in place of We Got Married, which has currently been pre-empted due to MBCs labor strike.

Viewers can catch the episode on April 14th at 5:15 PM KST.

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Music & Lyrics: The Intricacies of Breathing

Music & Lyrics: The Intricacies of Breathing

20150809_seoulbeats_bigbang_gdragonTune Lyrics: The Intricacies of RespiringWritten via Pat On Might 18, 201620130908_seoulbeats_big bang_g-dragon2Breathing. It’s so undeniable as taking in air, letting it fill your lungs, and letting it out. It's miles an action that comes naturally to us humans. Yet in poetry and literature, breathing takes on an entirepoint of symbolism. It refers to several things depending at the context – it's to be alive, it is ease, it is suffocation, it is rest, it is freedom. The trouble of breathing is for instance suffocation and anxiety; and whole stoppage of breathing is death.

One little word, yet such so much of definitions.

Maybe because of its nature of being simple to be taken in many ways, there are lots of songs with the notice ‘breathe’ as its title. It can be such an summary word, but we all appearto understand what it wayand willwithout difficulty interpret them. It translates smartly to any language and applies to many instances, which makes wordplay such a lotmore straightforward and all-embracing.

The first song that comes to brain is more than likelysome of themost rational choices: G-Dragon’s 2009 track, “Breathe.” The 2d one promotional track from his debut solo album, Heartbreaker, it starts off reputedly tackling the lonely international of being idol, sooner than delving into his heartache.

In this loopy world, the bloodlessmiddle of the city, I’m by myself

I can’t residenot more but I can’t prevent no more

Even if I close my eyes I can’t pay attention your breathing anymore

20140512_seoulbeats_infinite_lastromeo1With the repeated hook of “I can’t breathe,” it’s effortlessto realize what the song is about: the sensation of suffocation from out of doors forces. “I don’t even handle the feeling like I’m being squeezed.” Whilst on the outside IT does seem love itis set his love life, one can put their tinfoil hats on and say that this may also be aquick glance of being alone regardless of the popularity.

With a identical subject of relationships is Infinite’s “Breathe” from their moment full-length album, Season 2. This time, they do not look to bespeaking roughlyno longer being readyto respiredue to theoutdoors forces, but rather suffocation all the style through a relationship.

I like you too and it’s great being in combinationalways

But don’t overdo it, I’ll get in deficient health of you at this rate

Whoever I met, anywhere 1 go, whatever I do

Pretend you don’t know even whenever you do,

Pretend you haven’t observed evening if you've got

Let me breathe, let me breathe

Give me area to breathe, give me space to breathe

Infinite’s “Breathe,” just put, talks about their loss of freedom.

Not settling for straightforwardcommunicateof the way they suffocate from their enjoyed ones being too clingy, Endless furthers it by talking about a vicious cycle where their female friend “crosses the line,” making it her accountability to make other women know that they're together. Even ifmaking a song about being alone, the song makes it some extent that the lady is the only sticking too close, where one can smoothlyceaseworrying about the woman.

20130208_seoulbeats_missA_stepupIt also makes it a point to color the lady alongside stalker dispositions that Infinite are getting sick of – making the song smooth fodder for folksto mention that this song could potentially be about sasaengs who might make Infinite feel as though the lyrics “Even when I’m house alone, I believe like I’ll see you” stick a little too close for comfort.

Another is a identify track from Miss A, “Breathe,” which followed their hit debut track, “Bad Girl Just right Girl.” This strays clear of the theme of suffocation and uses breathing to paint an image of how a feminine feels at seeing her crush.

Because of you my heart drops

Because of you my frameneeds (ya)

Every time I catch your eye

Every time you grab my intellect

Because of you my heart drops

It’s another universal theme – the feeling while you meet they girl or guy that you like, and how you're feeling your breath hitch to your throat, especially if the individual looks your way. In this song, breathing is used to demonstratethe mixture of anxiousness and adrenaline rush when your overwhelm looks your way. Unlike the former tracks, here isvisible in a more sure light, and looked upon luckily equally well.

20160321_seoulbeats_leehiThe ultimate is a track released just previous this year, Lee Hi’s “Breathe.” It is in all probability the maximum abstract of them all, fitting since SHINee’s Jonghyun, who does have a name for his expressive prose, wrote it.

It’s ok if your breath gets short

You can make mistakes every now and then

Different from the alternative tracks, it tells the listener that it is alright to breathe, to sigh, despite the failures. It serves as a reminder that other individuals accept failed and yet continue on, not to shoulder the blame. It's the track that takes the theme of breathing and makes it inspirational, with a which meansthat everybody fire guide to heart and relate with.

Here, breathing is considered as a coping mechanism. Take a deep breath, let the air fill your lungs, and free up it to the world, permitting this to turn out to be a car of freeing your worries and failures. Lee Hi’s “Breathe” also reminds of us that one can get too stuck up in ones own troubles, but so does all people else, so when one says the ones words Im alright, even while you are not, its understandable. There is an empathy this is weighed into those words, and it is universal.

Breathe is a straightforward word, yet has so many meanings and techniques when implemented to any roughly lyrics. Those are just a handful of songs that take the theme and run with it. Are there any others you know of?

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Music & Lyrics: Kim Jaejoong’s Interaction of Love And Emotional Violence

Music & Lyrics: Kim Jaejoong’s Interaction of Love And Emotional Violence

20160423_seoulbeats_Jaejoong2Tune Lyrics: Kim Jaejoongs Interaction of Love And Emotional ViolenceWritten through Lo On April 25, 201620160423_seoulbeats_JaejoongIt has been just over a year since Kim Jaejoong entered the army for his national service, and I, like many other K-pop fans, am seriously lacking him. Of course, Kim Jaejoong isn't but any K-pop star; hes a musician with a punk streak that sticks outsome of the crowd of euro-pop and hip-hop thats been coming to dominate K-pop. In this circular of Music Lyrics, were having a look at Jaejoongs more non-public works, the songs he either wrote the lyrics for and conducted himself. And in the ones self-penned songs, a transparenttrend emerges an ever-present interplay of love and emotional violence.

The interplay of sex and violence is not anything new. Blending destruction and advent has a balance that has at all times spoken to the tortured souls of the world, yet Jaejoongs take is an atypical one. In Jaejoongs lyrics, this same interplay is present, but on a purely emotional, internalized level. In his world, love and pain can't exist without the other.

This mix of pain and enjoyment first wasobvious in All By myself from I. All Alone opens with I reside in the memories of when we used to love/ The dear pain also remains in the memories. Jaejoong is puttingequivalentworthat the heartache as on the nice times. The invaluable pain isnt just from missing his girl, either, implied by the lyric I attempt to accept out our love that have become a secret in my heart. This creates shiny imagery of Jaejoong wanting and failing to excise a poisonous relationship, and being not able to do so.

Jaejoongs apparent relish for emotional anguish used to be carried over onto WWW and expanded. Light, Butterfly, Rotten Love, 9 1#, and It's miles all have lyrics tying pain and love, althoughGentle and 9 1# are the maximum prominent examples. From Lighting fixtures opening lines, its clean that Jaejoong perspectives love thru a lenses of pain.

What’s the point of creating me yours by way of causing harm in me?

The unavoidable target of your arrow is coming correct at my heart.

What’s the point of making me yours through causing hurt in me?

Tears marks the start of love

The feeling of the coolest wind passing

It blows too much, making me unwell of it.

Jaejoong invokes the picture of Cupids bow and arrow, but instead of treating is as playful, emphasizes the violence of having shot throughout the heart. Pale paints love as anything unavoidable and gruesome, filled with anguish with little payoff. He overtly equates the beginning of a courting alongside tears, seeing distress in the happiest of times. He openly admits that after a relationship is going well, he gets sick of it; who prefer the power of anger and destruction to the peace of happiness.

20160423_seoulbeats_Jaejoong39 1#  also portrays love as a violent, brutal affair, althoughone who he brings upon himself. Here, he actively seeks to bring injury onto himself, inviting others to hurt him. He refers to his center equallysimpleto wreckearlier than admitting that hes attracted to darkness and dives in anyway. Jaejoong knows that this woman will consume him and tells her to do so, calling himself a pale, dried up sacrifice.

The lyric that very best portrays Jaejoongs violent love, though, is I did all of theloopy things which are unforgiveable when I promised destruction upon the god of love. This can also be interpreted as Jaejoong promising destruction in the call of the god of love. This a clear metaphor for emotionally volatile relationships, he does crazy, unforgivable things as an specific expression of love.

On his most contemporary album, No.X, Jaejoongs more masochistic inclinations mellowed out somewhat. However, that interplay of love and pain is still present, All That Glitters being a high example of this.

We are stuck in a hallucination

Whippings became lonely

This sour and bitter poison

20160423_seoulbeats_Jaejoong5Jaejoongs newest relationship has obviously soured, with his female friend leaving him after changing into trapped in an phantasm of happiness. However, they clearly werent satisfied before, either. For the whippings to change into lonely, they would have had to be suffering in combination long before she left Jaejoong choking on his own inner pain. He openly accuses her of emotional abuse, pronouncing you hurt me humorously before accusing her of icing him out before leaving as a punishment.

Yet whilst his more youthful self relished the emotional violence, this older Jaejoong seems to be accepting it, but now nottaking section in it. Hes bored with the consistent pain, and it in seek of something else. All That Glitters closes with I don’t wish to exist crazy for long, I wish to live a long life, appearing his preferenceto transport on from the carousel of misery hes been on.

That said, short ofto discover a new form of relationship doesnt mean he knows how find it, as shown in Breathing. Respiring is a surelystunning song, showing his favor to lean on his girl, as she has changed intothe middle piece of his life.  Here is a song about retaining hands and hugs for emotional support, but strains of the old Jaejoong still appear.

Scream without reservation

with the sound of the rough waves

Despite portraying a healthy, certain relationship in Breathing, Jaejoong still turns to violent imagery in an try to express how love makes him feel. His love isnt tough yet peaceful, its ocean waves, which may bebad and deadly if you're making a wrong move. Even in the most efficient of times, pain follows Jaejoongs love.

Jaejoongs lyrics display a constant intermingling of love and emotional pain. Now and again its anguish, typically violence, but in his brain and his words, the 2 are hardlya long way apart.

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