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Singer NS Yoonji Is Making Her Acting Debut in "Marriage Clinic: Love & War 2"

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Singer NS Yoonji Is Making Her Acting Debut in Marriage Clinic: LoveWar 2Singer NS Yoonji will be taking her first step into the acting world.

On January 6, NS Yoonji attended the celebratory 100th episode press conference for KBS’s “Marriage Clinic: LoveWar 2,” along with Seo Kwon Soon, Min Ji Young, and Choi Young Wan.

NS Yoonji will be debuting as an actress in the 100th episode special, “Daughter-in-Law Competition.” She said, “It’s an honor to be a part of the special 100th episode. I don’t have any acting experience, so there were a lot of areas where I was lacking, but the other actors and the director gave me a lot of tips and advice, and I’m really thankful for that.” She continued, saying that that day was her third day of filming, and she was also praised the show. “I always watched the show from the vantage point of a viewer, but now I’ve  been pregnant, fought with family members, and it’s a whole new experience. Even just reading the script made me laugh, and I hope everyone else enjoys the show, as well.” 

“LoveWar 2” is a show that portrays marriage problems in a realistic way, and the 100th episode will be airing on January 17 at 11:10 pm (KST).

Yoo Jae Suk stocks His mind on Love and Marriage

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Yoo Jae Suk Shares His Thoughts on Love and Marriage Yoo Jae Suk had some words of comfort for Jeon Hyun Moo, who is still unmarried. This substitute came about at the November 20 episode of “I Reside Alone,” in which Jeon Hyun Moo confided in Yoo Jae Suk and asked for advice.

Jeon Hyun Moo asked, “Do you observed it's far imaginable to get married after 40?” Yoo Jae Suk said, “Jung Joon Ha did precisely that,” looking to convenience Jeon Hyun Moo.

Yoo Jae Suk added, “I typically tell my hoobaes to get married if they truly love someone. maximum others that I know give the other advice, though.” Jeon Hyun Moo agreed, “Ji Suk Jin acknowledged exactly that, pronouncing that he would no longer get married if he were me.”

Although it appears Yoo Jae Suk’s recommendation isn't the norm, do you trust it?

Dongho Confirms Marriage in an Exclusive Interview; Says He’s Madly in Love

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Dongho Confirms Marriage in an Exclusive Interview; Says He’s Madly in Love Dongho has showed the scoop of his marriage.

Thought it can be a little early at the age of 22, he said, “I wish to get married soon since I’ve met the proper person.”

Though there’s just a month and a part left till the marriage, Dongho was once still wary about speaking about his bride so as to protect her privacy. Yet he didn’t hide his love, saying, “I have at all times sought after to get married faster than later, and I in reality love my bride.”

“My folks told me that it isn’t ideal to have reports after reports about my marriage balzing throughout the media, so I won’t be giving out much main points via mere quilt reports,” Dongho stated in an interview with Day-to-day Sports. “I’ve been seeing my female friend for bout a year and a half. It’s true that we’re either beautiful young. However, I’ve needed to marry early since i used to be young, and I’ve continually brought it up too. Surprisingly, my girlfriend has been thinking the similar way as well.”

“During our relationship, I’ve discussed I wish to get married if things figure out between us. In all honesty, I’ve even thought about getting married earlier. However, my parents steered opposed to it. They wanted me to get to understand her for a little longer, and now I believe we are ready,” he said.

“Though some would possibly think we haven’t dated long enough, we’ve already long gone by way of so much in combination and feature ready for at the prevailing time one-by-one. i believe our love is fairly obvious if we’ve made up our minds marriage at the type of young age,” Dongho added.

The marriage can be hung on November 28. Regardless that news of his marriage began surfacing final week, it turned into tough to be successful in Dongho, who has retired from famous person existence and not has a managing agency. most effective a close friend of Dongho said, “We will be sending out the major points through a policy report.”

Later on, Dongho’s marriage planners sent a coverage record saying, “The bride and groom were making ready their marriage for the beyond 3 months. They've been getting ready the procedure one-by-one. More small print will be printed in conjunction with the couple’s wedding photo shoot.”

Meanwhile, Dongho debuted as a member of U-KISS in 2008 and commenced an active occupation in both videos and diversity shows. However, because of privacy issues, he halted his media career in 2013.

Park Hyung Sik Shares His Thoughts On Love And Marriage

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Park Hyung Sik Shares His Thoughts On Love And Marriage

ZE:A singer Park Hyung Sik did a convincing job of playing a man in love in the recent romantic drama "High Society." But in real life, he says, he is still pretty innocent when it comes to romance.

According to a recent interview with Korea"s Nate News, in some respects he is just like the character he played, chaebol Yoo Chang Soo. If he was truly in love he is sure that he would be willing to give up a lot for the person he loved.

In the drama his character Yoo Chang Soo defied his mother"s request that he marry a rich girl. He chose a poor one instead. Although he was prepared to sacrifice his fortune and position in his family"s company, he ultimately did not have to. Beforewinnign his mom"s approval, the mismatched couple did have to date in secret.

Would he also date in secret or would he announce his real life relationship to the public?

"If she was the one I wanted to marry then I think it would be all right to expose our relationship," said Park. "When will I get married though? When I am capable of taking care of my own family. I would like to get married when I find the one I love. I don"t believe in waiting to get married when you love someone. I would want to make that person mine rather than lose her."

Although he"s only 23, he thinks people took love more seriously in the good old days, at least in the days when his father was young. He thinks that nowadays people rush into relationships too fast.

"People these days don"t realize the meaning of love and relationships," said Park. "In our father"s generation, everyone had a curfew so it was more affectionate and undying, but you don"t find that these days."

And he is pretty specific about the circumstances under which he would fall in love. It would not be on the set of a drama.

"I want to meet my true love while I am on vacation," he said. "It would be great. I wouldn"t want to come back home."

And non-Korean girls may be pleased to hear that he finds the looks of foreign actresses very appealing. He listed Kristen Stewart and Amanda Seyfried as examples of attractive foreign actresses.

"I think they are so attractive. Meeting one of them would be an openingg to a new culture and I can learn English. I did an ad with a foreign model once and I almost fell into her eyes."

Before "High Society," Park appeared in "Persevere Goo Hae-Ra," "What Happens to My Family," and "The Heirs." He also played a young Lee Jin Wook in "Nine: Nine Time Travels."

[Spoiler] "My Love Eun-dong" Kim Sa-rang is going to look Kim Tae-hoon in clinic

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"My Love Eun-dong" Kim Sa-rang went to peer Kim Tae-hoon, who had attempted to devote suicide.

on the 15th episode of JTBC"s "My Love Eun-dong", Park Hyeon-ah (Kim Yoon-search engine marketing) instructed Seo Jeong-eun (Ji Eun-dong/Kim Sa-rang) that Choi Jae-ho (Kim Tae-hoon) had attempted to devote suicide.

At this surprising news, Ji Eun-ho (Joo Jin-mo) took Seo Jeong-eun to the sanatorium. Ji Eun-ho told Seo Jeong-eun that he also would pass and spot Choi Jae-ho. however Seo Jeong-eun insisted she would pass on my own and Ji Eun-ho let her do as she sought after.

As she saw Choi Jae-ho in coma, she felt combined feelings. Ji Eun-ho, who later still got here in to peer Seo Jeong-eun, fell in deep mind at the scene.

Love Clinic (2015)

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Love Clinic (2015)

Genres: Comedy and Romance

Starring: Oh Ji-ho, Kang Ye-won

Synopsis: A female urologist and a male obstetrician open clinics in the same building. They become entangled and cure their own pain through each other.

"Love Clinic" actress, Kang Ye-won looks stunning in surf brand pictorial

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Actress Kang Yewon showed off her healthy and slender body in a pictorial recently.

Water sports brand, Super INC has recently selected Kang Ye-won as their model and revealed the summer pictorial starring Kang Ye-won.

In the revealed pictorial, Kang Ye-won shows off her firm and flawless physique. She perfectly showcases the various pieces by the brand.

Meanwhile, movie "Love Clinic" starring Kang Ye-won and Oh Ji-ho has been released on May 7th and she is currently on a busy schedule to promote the movie.

Oh Ji Ho Talks About The Making Of ‘Love Clinic’

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Oh Ji Ho Talks About The Making Of ‘Love Clinic’

For his last drama "Maids," Oh Ji Ho had to dress in historical costume and do some intense action scenes but that doesn"t compare to what he went through while filming his latest movie "Love Clinic."

In "Love Clinic" he plays Wang Sung Ki, an obstetrician and gynecologist. Being a male OB/GYN is not that unusual. However, he has an office in the same building as Kim Shin Seol, a female urologist, and that career choice is more unusual. Kim Shin Seol, played by Kang Ye Won, is one of the few female urologists around.

Since both those doctors treat problems associated with the reproductive organs of the opposite sex, it was expected that the film"s script might lead to some embarrassing situations.

Oh Ji Ho expected as much. In a recent interview with the Korean media outlet Nate, he said that given the subject matter he was prepared to be embarrassed while filming "Love Clinic." While he felt a little uncomfortable during some of the examination scenes, he was most embarrassed by the scene where the character played by Ha Jo Hee attempted to seduce him.

The sexy costume she wore made him uncomfortable because as he pointed out, he is a married man.

"It was embarrassing when Ha Joo Hee wore the costume," he said in the Nate interview. "The scene itself wasn"t that bad. However she was walking around in the costume while I was talking to the director."

Newlywed Oh Ji Ho waited to tell his wife about the intimate scenes in the film. The 39-year-old actor just celebrated his first wedding anniversary, having married his non-celebrity wife Eun Bo Ah in April 2014.

"I told her when the premiere was near," he said.

Kang Ye Won, who plays his true love in the film, was last seen as a police inspector in the 2014 drama "Bad Guys" and played Hong Dan the 2014 film "The Huntresses."

"Love Clinic" also stars Kim Min Kyo, who appeared in the drama "The Idle Mermaid" and the film "Man in High Heels" as a photographer. Hong Suk Chan, last seen as a gambling king pin in "Triangle," plays a psychiatrist. Oh Min Suk of "Kill Me, Heal Me" and "Misaeng" plays a foreign car owner.

Ha Jo Hee last appeared in the drama "Ruby Ring."

The film was released on May 7.

"Love Clinic" Oh Ji-ho is all full of love

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"I worried a lot. "Love Clinic" isn"t an easy genre. I could be defaming myself. But I watched the movie and thought otherwise. People around me say it"s fun and it"s fun to talk about it. It"s not an opportunity that comes by every day".

Oh Ji-ho is a handsome, smart and sexy gynecologist named Wang Seong-gi who knows women on the "inside" but not enough. Kang Ye-won plays Gil Sin-seol a urologist who examines men on their sensitive parts but hasn"t had a proper relationship experience.

Wang Seong-gi is a funny character. He is perfect but quite ditzy. This is a character a romantic comedy needs but it"s not easy to act it out like Oh Ji-ho did.

"I prepare a lot before we go into shoot. I put much weight on timing. I watch how my co-star does it and I act out what I"ve prepared. I always think about what the audience might like. I ask the director for advice and focus on the audience at all times. I prepare two kinds of acts for one scene".

Director Kim Aaron says, "He"s always spot on in front of the camera. He"s well prepared". Kang Ye-won said, "He"s very hard working at all times and does everything perfectly".

"A movie is based on a scenario and people pay to see it. You can"t disappoint them".

Thanks to his "preparations", making the movie wasn"t embarrassing. It"s an adult rated comedy movie about the best gynecologist who performs vaginal contracting surgery on women and the best urologist who expands men"s sensitive areas. He might"ve known there was going to be certain embarrassing situations while filming the movie when he "prepared" himself for it. However, scenes where he had to concentrate on a woman"s parts and Ha Joo-hee seducing him with a sexy costume were embarrassing indeed.

"It was embarrassing when Ha Joo-hee wore the costume. The scene itself wasn"t that bad. However, she was walking around in the costume while I was talking to the director".

Oh Ji-ho is brave when it comes to acting but there"s someone he"s afraid of. That"s his wife. He claimed that he couldn"t tell his wife about the erotic scenes in the drama.

"I told her when the premiere was near. The bed scene was in the scenario but we never filmed it. Before the VIP premiere, I explained to her that it was done on the bed. Getting married puts restrictions like that".

He"s been married for a year now. He"s enjoying his honeymoon. He recently held a surprise event for the wife on their 1st anniversary. He says he wants a daughter first, then twin boys.

"I hope those who watch "Love Clinic" understand that love doesn"t change. Love has always been there. The subject, method and form of love might change but it"s there. Even 20 years later it"s going to be there.

"Love Clinic" Kang Ye-won, "Aromi is cool"

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Kang Ye-won, or Aromi as she is nicknamed, is pretty cool unlike the person we saw dropping tears out of her big eyes in the TV show "Real Men".

Kang Ye-won plays Gil Sin-seol, a urologist who hasn"t had much experience in relationships in the adult rated comedy "Love Clinic". The movie is about a man and a woman who look normal on the outside but are defected inside. Wang Seong-gi (Oh Ji-ho) is a gynecologist who is physically defected because of a trauma and Gil Sin-seol only know men on the outside but not on the inside. This comedy romance may look obvious but it"s not.

""Love Clinic" is much more serious than other romantic comedies. It"s realistic. The process of which the man and the woman overcome their distress and get close is fun. I chose Gil Sin-seol because she is very much like me".

Kang Ye-won is like Gil Sin-seol in many ways. She"s honest and carefree and has the ability to make her opponent feel comfortable. She"s like the sister next door.

According to Kang, having many relationship experiences and being good at them are completely different things. Despite her experience, she thinks she"s not so good at them.

"I am too carefree to fall in love with someone at first sight or feel tenacious for someone. I also think there"s more to think about then men in this life. I don"t like hanging with men and I don"t want to rush into getting married. If I have a fated partner then he will come to be when the time comes. I don"t want to die thinking about the future (laughs). Funny thing is, I might not be in a relationship myself, but I do give a lot of advice".

Could it be because of her personality? She claims she"s not at all confident about seducing someone. She wouldn"t even dream of a character like Meng In-yeong (Ha Joo-hee) who continuously seduces Wang Seong-gi. She said, "No" loud and clear.

"It"s the one role I can"t play. I can"t do it because that"s just not me. It doesn"t have anything to do with taking off my clothes and I"d prefer getting seduced but not doing it myself. I want to do what I can do. I don"t want to try something impossible for me. Ha Joo-hee was good at it and I felt jealous".

Kang Ye-won is also afraid of comedy as much as seduction. She makes all laugh in "Love Clinic" but this was the result of her efforts and teamwork with Oh Ji-ho.

"The drunk scene had to be taken ten times. I kept asking the producer to do it again and again. I wanted to show something unique and not just a drunken image. Comedy is hard. You have to coordinate with your co-star and thankfully Oh Ji-ho and I were alright. I was lucky to have met him".

This is her first movie after starring in the TV show "Real Men". It might have pressured her that she had to continue the reputation she gained from a TV show but she was optimistic.

"I think about it, then I forget about it soon. I just smile about it; I can"t help it. This is the way I was born. I always try to think about the good side".

There was a time when Kang Ye-won couldn"t even look a stranger in the eye. "Real Men" changed Kang Ye-won for sure. She"s braver, brighter and stronger. She"s going to star in more TV shows from now on although she"s terribly busy these days.

"Acting and entertainment are really tough. I don"t know how I am going to make it through this. Still, if I have the chance, I"ll do anything. My heart is brighter than before. I don"t think I would"ve done anything else if it wasn"t for acting.