‘Marie Claire’ interviews artist who embroidered 100 outfits worn by EXO

‘Marie Claire’ interviews artist who embroidered 100 outfits worn by EXO

For the upcoming May issue, ‘Marie Claire’ interviewed artist Choi Yoon Ji, who embroidered 100 outfits worn by EXO!

According to her interview, Choi Yoon Ji took up embroidery as a hobby and began her first EXO-outfit embroidery in November of 2015. In approximately a year and a half, she’s managed to embroider a whopping 100 outfits!

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All of her embroidery pieces so far have done on a single piece of cloth, as you can see below. When asked about her favorite EXO member, she answered, “Many people who’ve watched me work up until now seem to think that I’m a fan of Sehun. It’s true that he’s the member I’ve embroidered the most. He manages to pull off a great silhouette even if he’s wearing sportswear, and he’s overall a fashionista. But personally, my favorite members are Chen and Chanyeol.”

Does Choi Yoon Ji have a grasp of each of the EXO members’ styles now? “I don’t particularly know their personal styles. I do know, that D.O. used to wear all-black for a period of time, but these days wears more navy and olive colors. Chanyeol likes vetements, and if he falls for a particular style, he only wears that. To be honest, the outfits I’ve embroidered aren’t really clothes that pick out the members’ personal styles, but rather if they’re wearing something out of the ordinary like D.O, or clothes EXO wore that are memorable for fans,” she answered.

Check out photos of her work featured in ‘Marie Claire’ below!

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