Man Who Said Hed Kill Apink Threatens To Bomb Showcase

Man Who Said Hed Kill Apink Threatens To Bomb Showcase

Apink, who is set to release their new album Pink UP tonight (June 26) at 6 p.m. KST, has been subjected to yet another threat by the man who made a death threat against the group earlier this month.

According to Plan A Entertainment, “The [man who threatened Apink] called to say that he would plant a bomb at Apink’s showcase venue. We’ve reported this to police, who, upon reviewing a recording of the call, sent a special unit to the venue. The showcase will proceed as planned.”

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Ilgan Sports reported that security is tight at the venue, and that nothing was found amiss during a police dog search.

Previously, the same man called police on June 14 threatening to murder the Apink members, prompting Plan A to implement tight security measures for the group.

A day later, on June 15, the man contacted a media outlet explaining why he did what he did, claiming that he never intended to harm Apink.

Police have yet to identify the culprit.