Man wears maternity belt in order to experience his wife’s pain in childbearing

Man wears maternity belt in order to experience his wife’s pain in childbearing

A recent broadcast of SBS’ special program ‘Dad Is Pregnant’ featured a father who attempted to wear a 10-kilogram (22 lbs) maternity belt in order to understand his wife’s childbearing pain.

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With just two weeks left until his wife was to give birth to their second child, 37-year old Kim Chang Yong who had been married for five years did not quite understand his wife’s pain.

However, upon wearing the maternity belt, he faced numerous daily challenges such as having trouble kneeling down to tie his shoe and trouble sleeping due to the bulging belly.

He also had trouble doing the dishes and barely managed to walk up the stairs which he then slowly began to understand what his wife Kim Hyun Kyung (29) had to go through on a daily basis.

Kim Chang Yong even decided to eat the same meals as his wife who happened to be diabetic, avoiding sweet and salty foods, as well as soda beverages and limiting his carbohydrate intake.  

It didn’t end there.  In order to get the full experience, Mr. Kim decided to find out what it was like to give birth for himself.

Soon, his facial expression became distorted as he began to scream out loud in much agony during the pain simulation.  Mr. Kim commented prior to the experiment, “I can tolerate it if the pain is similar to an appendicitis.”  However, he gave up within three minutes wailing about.

When the doctor asked if he could continue, he replied, “I don’t think I can do it. I’m sorry.”  “Wow, this is unbelievable.”

Afterward, he told his wife, “I wish I can bear the burden instead. I’m sorry that I can’t,” and showing affection, after fully comprehending her struggles.

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