MAMAMOO Shares First Impressions Of Each Other And More Fun Stories

MAMAMOO Shares First Impressions Of Each Other And More Fun Stories

MAMAMOO recently sat down for a tipsy interview where they shared some insights into their history together.

The group talked about various topics from their beginnings to their first impressions of each other as they drank together.

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Moonbyul started off by saying, I met Wheein at another agency. She was the youngest then, and I wasnt really close to her. I thought maybe she didnt like me. When I asked her, Do you want to go eat? she would say that she had to go take care of her cousins. After that, we reunited some time later, and she reached out like weve known each other for a long time.

She continued, I heard that there was someone unique, and when I first met her, I thought, So this is Hyejin [Hwasas real name]. Solar and I became close pretty quickly because were close in age. I thought she was younger than me, so I didnt talk respectfully to her.

To that, Solar mentioned, Moonbyul suddenly started calling me that friend over there. I felt very disrespected. I thought, I cant be her friend, but since we talked everyday, we naturally became good friends. It was all a misunderstanding.

Hwasa and Wheein also shared their close friendship during the interview. The two went to middle school together and auditioned for agencies together as well. Hwasa said, I was actually eating at Wheeins house when I got the call that I passed the audition. We screamed, running all around the house. From then on, I knew that we had to be together.

Wheein added, Hwasa and I need to be together to succeed. Every time we auditioned individually, it didnt work out. Because we were tired of this routine, we skipped an audition once and ate at the Han River. I remember us talking about how we grew up so fast, and whether we can become singers.

MAMAMOO recently made a comeback with their hit track Yes I Am.