Male K-Pop Idols You'll Love In Lipstick

Male K-Pop Idols You'll Love In Lipstick

Makeup isn’t just for girls anymore! K-Pop idols really spice things up with their high-fashion sense and the need for over-accessorizing. However, makeup is another key factor in completing the look and male idols know what’s up, too! Check out these male idols who rock their lipstick!

VIXX definitely impressed us with their daring, chic black lipstick for their “Hyde” promotions.

Theboys of Block B really are a “Jackpot” with their sexy red lipstick!

Kevin reminds us all how cute he is with his baby pink lips! Kiss up!

G-Dragon is nothing but bad in his daring, bright red liptint!

Jackson will steal your heart with just one kiss! That color is so him!

Member Jun.Q impressed us with his futuristic, metallic lipstick color!

This bad boy rapper is no stranger to cute lipstick colors!

Jo Kwon is full of color and gives us life with his playful, tropical red lipstick!

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