CL And Male Style  Fortunate Blue Smith Rock Leather In combination At MCM Fashion Show

CL And Male Style Fortunate Blue Smith Rock Leather In combination At MCM Fashion Show

CL and Lucky Blue Smith and : CL Instagram)London saw a fit made in leather over the weekend, as K-pop rapper and 2NE1 leader CL (Chaerin Lee) and male fashion Lucky Blue Smith were snapped in combination in practically matching leather outfits at a London display of MCM, a luxury goods brand.

CL uploaded a photo on Instagram which showed her and Lucky eitherdressed in all-black ensembles with almost matching leather jackets. They also styled their looks with silver jewelry. Yetthe feminine idol wore fancier pants with huge studs running down the aspect from her hips to her legs.

Fans hyperventilated at the sight of CL and Lucky Blue sitting beside every other, and how surprisingthe 2 of them looked.

"Lucky and CL good-bye world," "Gorgeous," "OMG Lucky Blue and CL in one picture," gushed fans.

Also observed in the photo are Black Eyed Peas frontman and entertainer and Lucky's sister Pyper The us Smith.

CL used to be besides interviewed and shared her sturdy connection with the MCM brand, which she stated "did customs for my video."

The MCM provebecame in partnership with British clothier Christopher Raeburn, unveiling a highly-anticipated collaboration collection, appearing once back CL's clout as a manner influencer.

"The release of Raeburn's highly imaginative pillseries celebrating MCM's 40th anniversary was probably the mostmaximum sought-after invitations at London Collections Men," said MCM about the show.

Mickey is a author and virtual content creator based totally in Manila. He's a co-founder of ZAVI App. He has also been bitten by way of the K-Pop fashion malicious program - observe him on Instagram @mickjami.

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9 Male K-Drama Actors With the Sexiest Voices

9 Male K-Drama Actors With the Sexiest Voices

9 Male K-Drama Actors With the Sexiest Voiceslahkim April 19, 2016 0 LINE it!9 Male K-Drama Actors With the Sexiest Voices From the originaltale lines to the spot-on soundtracks, as neatly as the incredibly hot actors, K-dramas have mastered the art of having millions of lovers dreaming and fantasizing over their primary characters. However, in many Korean dramas, even ifthe major actor’s physical appearance is some extent in which many audience anticipate, their similarlyglorious voices ceaselessly capture the hearts of many fans.

These Korean actors are completelyin a role toshooting our hearts with an easy “hello,” spoken in their lusciously deep voices. Here are ten male actors with the sexiest voices in no specific order!

When thinking of male actors with sexily deep voices, the primary actor that got here to brainused to be Kim Woo Bin. All all through Heirs, regardless that Lee Min Ho became the major star, all I may justfocal point on was Kim Woo Packing containers voice. I might say that Kim Woo Bin is the easiest package. Hes tall, hot, cute, caring, well-built, and deep-voiced. All I might bein a position to say is Shin Min Ah is one fortunatelady to have snagged a guy like that!

Lee Sun Gyuns manly and deep voice first stuck my attention when I used to beobserving the drama Pasta a couple years ago. In the drama, he was portrayed as a hot-tempered chef who continuously scolds his workforce for their mistakes. Oddly enough, even throughout theconsistent yelling and shouting that Lee Sun Gyun displays in the drama, I discovered him highlyhornyall aroundyour complete series!

With his vampire-ish looks, Lee Soo Hyuk also has the private and sexiest voice that just makes you need to jump into his arms. Every time Lee Soo Hyuk says a line in any drama, he steals the scene no longermost effective with his impeccible acting yet likewise with his deeply sexy voice.

With the hotluck of Descendants of the Sun, Jin Goo is now not just receiving attention for his fascinating acting as Search engine marketing Dae Young, but also for his sleek and velvety voice. As the 2nd one in command, Jin Goo belts out his deep and sexy voice to reserve all his subordinates to apply his command. I would undoubtedlycheck in for the navy if Jin Goo was there!

Choi Jin Hyuk actually has one of my favourite voices in the K-drama scene. At the back ofthat lovable eye smile, Choi Jin Hyuk possesses the maximumultimate husky and deep voice that makes ladieseverywhere in theglobal fall instantly in love!

It turns out that the Yoo Si Jin craze isn't yet over! In the fresh make drama Decendants of the Sun, Song Joong Ki was portrayed as Yoo Si Jin who was a a section of the Alpha team, a really expertarmy unit. All over this drama, Yoo Si Jin gainednumerous dearestinternational not just for his charmingly excellent looks but also for the masculine voice behind his jokes and sarcastic puns.

Although many folks are noona fans for Yeo Jin Goo, who was born in 1997, his young age is usuallyoverpassedas a result of his deep and manly voice. Yeo Jin Goos deep tone makes you overlook that youre in truth older than him because all you would like to do is call him Oppa!

Because I was overdue to the K-drama scene, Lee Byung Hun was never on my radar till anewere given to take delight in the bit hit drama Iris. Within the drama, all I'llspecialise in was how SEXY Lee Byung Hun was. Even during the notorioussweet kiss scene, as many ladiessought after to grow to be Kim Tae Hee, I wished to become his vocal chords simply so I could sing their own praisesthe wealthy and deep tone that Lee Byung Hun has!

Although Lee Seo Jin has currently been receiving so much of love from typedisplayscomparable to Grandpas Over Plantsand 3Foods a Day, he has at all times been a fantastic actor who has starred in many bit hit productions such as Pheonix and Damo, and now, Marriage Contract. I accept as true with that probably the most reasons why he has always been a most sensible veteran actor is not justthanks to his adorable dimples or his excellent acting, but because of his tender and velvety voice. Even if complaining about the variousrange shows that Na Young Seok PD makes him join in in, his velvety smooth voice captures the hearts of many feminine fans!

Did we get your favorite sexy voices? Who did we miss? Let us know in the comments down below!lahkim is a Soompi creator who is enthusiastic about Korean good looks products in addition the cosmetic trends of Korea. As antagonistic to her love for Korean beauty, she may bepartial to K-dramas, K-indie, and K-hip-hop. Her favorite K-pop artists come with Bobby, Hyukoh, Zion.T, and WINNER. Some of her favorite K-dramas are “Gentleman’s Dignity” and “Kill Me, Heal Me.” When she is unlikelyloopy over the most recent update about Bobby or obsessing over the latest episode of the newest drama, she can also beobserved either reading for her Biology midterms or aiding out at her campus ministry.

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The thirteen Tightest Pants Worn Via Male Idols

The thirteen Tightest Pants Worn Via Male Idols

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Whilst Korean celebrities are known for having some loopytype sense, whether it be fantastic or bad.. on occasion guys wear some lovely tight pants!!

We put in combination a collection of one of the tightest pants that male idols have worn.. because why not?! Take a glance at this list of 13 Absurdly Tight Pants Worn Through Hot Male Idols!

13 Absurdly Tight Pants Worn By Horny Male IdolsBy Koreaboo

While Korean celebrities are known for having some crazy fashion sense, whether it be tremendous or bad.. usually guys wear some fairly tight pants!!

B2ST Hyunseung in glossy tight pantsBy Koreaboo

EXO D.O. Overflowing with self assuranceBy Koreaboo

TVXQ Yunho is a fierce beastBy Koreaboo

Lee Joon the crouching tiger hidden dragonBy Koreaboo

NUEST Ren the white princeBy Koreaboo

JYJ Jaejoong in all black leatherBy Koreaboo

SHINee Onew giving it his all on levelBy Koreaboo

EXO D.O. pulls of a few Matrix movesBy Koreaboo

EXO Baekhyun taking a look colorfulBy Koreaboo

SHINee Onews functionality is on an entire new pointBy Koreaboo

Kai the nipple zombie, and Luhan the midas touchBy Koreaboo

TVXQ Yunho descends from heavenBy Koreaboo

U-KISS Kevin looking out manly in a fitted suitBy Koreaboo

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D.O. says he drank so much with 'Pure Love' actors   Kim So Hyun unearths which male actor she felt maximum  at ease with

D.O. says he drank so much with 'Pure Love' actors Kim So Hyun unearths which male actor she felt maximum at ease with

EXO's D.O. and Kim So Hyun were eithera phase ofthe clicking preview for their newestmovie 'Pure Love,' where D.O. talked uninhibitedly about bonding with the forgedindividuals over bountiful amounts of alcoholic beverages. 

D.O. proudly discussed the teamwork of the film's actors when it got here to drinking, saying, "Aside from So Hyun who is a minor, we all drank a lot." Kim So Hyun added her two cents with, "I wasn't sulky for now not being in a positionto join in them because I am still in my teens. YetI believe I did feel a little bit left out.

As the feminine lead, Kim So Hyun gained the male casts' adulation in the film scenes, and it appears there were circumstances of her getting piggyback rides from the male actors. Among them, Kim So Hyun admitted that she felt maximumat ease when she used to be getting piggy-backed via Beom Shil (D.O.'s personality in the film). She said, "Except for San Dol (Yeon Joon Seok), I were given piggyback rides from Gil Ja (Joo Da Young), Gae Deok (David Lee), and Beom Shil (D.O.), but I feelI used to be virtuallypleased with Beom Shil because he turned intothe consumer who gave me the most piggyback rides in the movie."

SEE ALSO: D.O. solid as the lead voice actor in new animation film

D.O. additional detailed how the actors of 'Pure Love' bonded but even so their love of drink. He said, "We all went fishing and enjoyed swimming in the sea. We also acted along the village citizens and we met so regularly amongst Mr. Pass Heung that we nearlyhave becomebuddies with him. He even made a small appearance. He isthe onlythat is MC-in all the manner through the scene where we all sing their own praises our making a song talent.


The four Male Actors Who Make “Reply 1988″ Shine

The four Male Actors Who Make “Reply 1988″ Shine

The four Male Actors Who Make Answer 1988 Shinehearteu January 3, 2016 0 LINE it!The 4 Male Actors Who Make Reply 1988 Shine Is any person equallyenthusiastic about answer 1988 as I am? I had topexpectancies afterwards Reply 1997 and Reply 1994, and the 3rd installment of the series has still one way or the othercontrolledto discover a position in my heart. A widea section of its luck has to be because of the actors, all of whom are talented and well-fitted for the jobsthat they're playing. In particular, the 4 male actors who play the four communitybuddies of Girls Days Hyeri have risen to immense statusthru their roles. Since no longerthey all were moderately thuswell known before, we couldtake a little timeto satisfy them!

Park Bo Gum used to beone of the mostfamous actor ahead of answer 1988 got here to existence. He played a significant function in Day after today Cantabile and then I Be mindful You, giving himself some recognition. The maximumuseful is most likely his role as an MC for Track Bank. Hes for sureexcellent looking, and also stated to be one of the nicest celebrities one will ever meet (as told by capacity of his co-stars). Hes naturally friendly, kind, and a wide variety of lovely with all of his co-stars, either male and female. And he at all times has his bright smile on him.

Park Bo Gum could also be one of the most efficient actors Ive observed in his age range. For being relatively young, he has played a wide range of roles in both dramas and videos and lovely much nailed them all. Even in Reply 1988 alone, he has shown quite so much of emotional acting. Besides, can you consideranybody else being Taek?

Honestly, Ryu Jun Yeol changed intonow not on many peoples radars before he starred in Reply 1988. That can bedue to thethe reality that hes starred in a fairchoice of movies, yetsimplestbeginning in 2014. Additionally, Reply 1988 is his first drama or Televisiondisplay in his superstar career. Its a pity that it took him this long to be in a drama, because hes doing an excellent job. I sincerely hope to look more of him at the small screen in the future.

Ryu Jun Yeol is actually a prime example of waysthe answer serial toilet bring an unknown actor to overnight stardom. This article from a couple of weeks back makes my point greater than I can beready to in words. He is unquestionably one to seem out for!

Ko Kyung Pyo is one of the ones actors which you could not have heard of before, but you've got definitely visible him somewhere. He was in Day after today Cantabile and the hit film The Admiral: Roaring Currents with Park Bo Gum, in addition Flower Boy Next Door, Potato Star, and a wonderful number of other dramas and movies. In keeping with his profile, he was also on all 3 seasons of SNL Korea.

The first time I put his call to his face was when he came out on Infinity Problem in February this year. After spotting him, I looked ahead to his role in Reply 1988 — and he has not disappointed. His persona as the very best son, perfect student, and perfect boyfriend fits him incredibly well. Plus, upload his little sister into the mixture and he just wins all the awards.

Lee Dong Hwi is very identical to Ryu Jun Yeol in that he has most commonly been in films and not many TV presentations or dramas. However, while you watch numerous Korean movies, you practically certainly do appreciate him because hes played roles in many ofmain films. That acting ability has added flavor and life to the chemistry of the friend staff in Reply 1988. Lee Dong Hwi is every other case of a celebrity who have become immensely popular via his role in the Reply series; he'sit appearsall of the rage in Korea correct now!

Thats not to mention that those are the sole four male actors in Reply 1988 that make the drama shine — definitely not in the least, not with Sung Dong Il, Kim Sung Kyun, Ahn Jae Hong, and Choi Sung Won starring with them. To be honest, I maymove on and write a feature for eachunmarried actor in Reply 1988 and how they give a contribution to the drama because thats how castthe whole cast is. However, as cast as core friend teams go, there couldnt be some other more solid than these four here (plus Hyeri). They have got shined in Reply 1988, shined through Reply 1988, and made Reply 1988 shine.

hearteu is a K-drama, K-pop, K-anything enthusiast who potentially shouldnt prioritize those things over faculty but does so anyways. Her newest obsessions are toddler Daebak, bubble tea, EXOs functionality at the KBS Song Festival, and Park Bo Gum (could you tell?).

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Male Actors of “Reply 1988″ Bring the Elegant  Unfashionable Vibe in Singles Pictorial

Male Actors of “Reply 1988″ Bring the Elegant Unfashionable Vibe in Singles Pictorial

Male Actors of Answer 1988 Bring the SublimeUnfashionable Vibe in Singles Pictorialck525 December 5, 2015 0 LINE it!Male Actors of Reply 1988 Bring the Chic Retro Vibe in Singles Pictorial The good-looking male actors of “Reply 1988,” the maximum recent trending drama, were givenin combination for a pictorial with the magazine Singles.

On Decmember 6, the mag posted five pictures from the photo shoot of Ko Kyung Pyo, Park Bo Gum, and Ahn Jae Hong via its respectable Facebook. Even though they are enjoyed for their retro and outdated looks from “Reply 1988,” their chic and charismatic transformation is crowd pleasing equally well.

Though Park Bo Gum is the heartthrob of many as a result of his role as the candy and romantic Taek, he's taking on a rougher aspect in the pictorial. His ruffled hair, piercing eyes, and function in the automobile is not anything like Taek from “Reply 1988.”

Ko Kyung Pyo and Ahn Jae Hong, too, marvelenthusiasts alongside their macho charms. In position ofthe standard retro garments fans are used to seeing them wear in the drama, their fashionable yet classy outfits spotlight their true charms.

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Male Actors Who Have Change into More Popular After Marriage

Male Actors Who Have Change into More Popular After Marriage

Male Actors Who Have Turn into More Popular After Marriage Recently there were an building up in male actors who have become more popular after you have married.

In the past, marriage was once thought to be to lead to a minimize in repute for male actors. However, it sounds as if as although times are converting and a few actors are turning into more popular than ever after tying the knot.

Most notably, actors Song Il Gook and Uhm Tae Woong have attained higher fame after getting married and having children. Also, Kim Moo Yeol has enjoyed a surge in adoration after marrying actress Yoon Seung Ah.

Let’s take a closer glance at those 3 folks and their upward thrust in repute post-marriage.

Uhm Tae Woong wedding

First, either Uhm Tae Woong and Song Il Gook gained love for their air of secrecy as masculine characters when they were bachelors. Uhm Tae Woong equipped impactful performances on MBC’s “Queen Seonduk” and KBS 2TV’s “Equator Man.” Likewise, Song Il Gook was once highly enjoyed for his roles on KBS 2TV’s “Emperor of the Sea” and MBC’s “Jumong.” In particular, “Jumong” controlled to garner over 50 % ratings and enjoyed excessive popularity.

Song Il Gook Song Triplets

After marrying, either actors have endured to get hold of love with their new, more smooth images. By way of other acting projects and diversity display appearances, they've portrayed friendly photographs that lead them to more endearing and relatable to the public. Both actors are currently dads at the hit form display “Superman Returns.” in place of being noticed as actors, they divulge their identities as husbands and fathers at the show. Uhm Tae Woong’s wife, Yoon Hye Jin, seems at the display slightly frequently and her husband brazenly presentations his affection for her. Meanwhile, Song Il Gook and his adorable triplets are adored by means of audiences in all places the world. Their wonderful repute is reflected in the a large number of advertisements they've been ready to film.


As for Kim Moo Yeol, his success seems to increased after his wedding. First, he effectively done the musical “Kinky Boots.” Next, his movie “Northern Limit Line” was once viewed by means of 6,039,688 individuals. The actor has also gained extra awareness among audience through his fresh drama “My stunning Bride.”

Marriage has became out to be quite fortuitous for those male actors. What are your mind on their upward thrust in popularity? Are there any other male actors with equivalent cases?

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Male lead actors of 'Season Series': Bae Yong-joon, Won Bin, Song Seung-heon have discovered true love in genuine existence

Male lead actors of 'Season Series': Bae Yong-joon, Won Bin, Song Seung-heon have discovered true love in genuine existence

Bae Yong-joon, 43, Won Bin, 38, Song Seung-heon, 39, all the male lead actors in the so-called "Season Series" have fallen in love.

From "Autumn in my middle" to " wintry weather Sonata" and "Summer smell", the "Season Series" via manufacturer, Yoon Seok-ho, the male leads of the dramas have discovered their loving partners in genuine existence currently in a row.

Bae Yong-joon, who had ignited the Hallyu tr finish with his role, Kang Joon-sang in " wintry weather Sonata", was a husband for a girl from everyone"s lover, when he tied the knot with actress Park Soo-jin, 30, via a personal wedding in a top finish hotel closing month.

even supposing it used to be a personal wedding, about one hundred japanese fanatics visited the venue to congratulate the couple, which proved his undying fame.

Han Tae-SEOk of "Autumn in my middle", actor Won Bin also had a nuptial rite with actress Lee Na-young, 36, in may and made himself unavailable in the marketplace.

whilst Won Bin is known for his charismatic line, "How much will do?" in "Autumn in my middle", he opted to hang a quiet non-public rite for his wedding inviting most effective individuals of the circle of relatives in JeonSEOn, Gangwon-do. The couple"s delightful pregnancy news also won many congratulations from his fanatics.

Song Seung-heon, Yoon Joon-SEO in "Autumn in my middle" also has discovered his lover after all. the love across border between him and actress Liu Yife, who is named goddess of mainland, is a brilliant marvel for many of us.

the 2 met via film "The third Love", which is to be released soon, and got here into the romantic dating. in step with his firm, "The dating is in a degree that just has begun".


10 Male Korean Actors And K-Pop Idols Work Pink Suits

10 Male Korean Actors And K-Pop Idols Work Pink Suits

Male Korean actors and K-pop idols rock suits on a regular bases on the red carpet and in magazine pictorials. As the ultimate, traditional medium of opulence and elegance, suits have the unmistakable and wordless power of making a person feel powerful and (regardless of age) grownup.

Despite the various trends, from tie accessories to colorful blazers, in suit fashion, the monochromatic tuxedo is still the go-to item for high-profile events. But the custom is changing. Bold, bright suits and pieces with psychedelic patterns are becoming the statement pieces of various stars, including Big Bang"s T.O.P and JYJ"s Junsu.

However, pink is taking over the pages of style magazines. The color, which is traditionally regarded as feminine, is quickly becoming an androgynous shade that can showcase sophistication, fun, and mystery. Below is a list of ten actors and K-pop idols who have rocked pink suits for magazines.

1. [Bangtan Boys] Jin in W Korea December (2014) Issue

(Photo : W Korea)

2. [JYJ] Jaejoong in BNT International December (2014) Issue

(Photo : BNT International)

3. [Big Bang] Taeyang in Vogue July (2014) Issue

(Photo : Vogue) 4. [Super Junior] Kangin in Ceci February Issue

(Photo : Ceci) 5. Hong Jong Hyun For Jill Stuart Love Edition Accessory Collection

(Photo : Jill Stuart) 6. [2PM] Wooyoung in The Star October 2014 Issue

(Photo : The Star) 7. [CNBLUE] Jung Shin in Ceci March Issue

(Photo : Ceci) 8. [GOT7] JB in Oh Boy! Magazine Vol. 47

(Photo : Oh Boy! Magazine) 9. Jang Yoon Joo in 1st Look Vol. 73

(Photo : 1st Look) 10. [EPIK HIGH] Mithra in ize Magazine November (2014) Issue

(Photo : ize Magazine) ---

About the Author: Elsa is the founder, head writer, and editor of She"s a coffee addict, K-pop enthusiast, fashion lover and one of the few remaining members of the Church of Kristianity.


Eye Candy: Adorable childhood photos of male actors (Part Two)

Eye Candy: Adorable childhood photos of male actors (Part Two)

Following part one of "Adorable childhood photos of male actors," here"s part two! Proving that they were blessed from birth with good-lookin" genes, these ten actors were adorkable before they became the dashing, dapper men they are today.

Lee Seung Gi

Joo Won

Kim Woo Bin

Song Joong Ki

Hyun Bin

Lee Dong Wook

Lee Jong Suk

Lee Min Ho

Song Seung Hun

Won Bin

Make sure to also check out our previous ten batch of actorshere!