Maknae Of Girl Group Who Is Known For Her Mature Beauty Wows On King Of Masked Singer

Maknae Of Girl Group Who Is Known For Her Mature Beauty Wows On King Of Masked Singer

The most recent episode of MBCs King of Masked Singer revealed the identity of Olive to be the youngest member of a popular girl group who is known for her beautiful and mature looks.

The first battle of the first round featured a singing match between Help Me Popeye Olive Girl and Eat Spinach and Power Up Popeye, and the duo sang Breath by Girls Generations Taeyeon and SHINees Jonghyun.

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The duo enthralled everyone with their harmonies, with Olive showcasing her clear vocal tone while Popeye sang with a soft but masculine voice.

Though both singers wowed the panel and audience, Popeye moved on to the next round with a vote of 62 to 37.

Olive performed I Only Know Love and took off her mask to reveal that it was Apinks Oh Hayoung.

When asked why she decided to appear on the show, Oh Hayoung said, I was envious of the other members appearances on this show. It was fun watching people recognizing their voices and figuring out who they were.

She also jokingly added, I wanted to break the stereotype that Im an old-looking maknae. I think I look like someone my age now. Now, all I have left to do is keep these looks and look younger than I am from now on.

When asked why she decided to sing I Only Know Love, the idol explained, I once sang it to my grandparents and they cried hearing me sing. Thats why I wanted to sing it here.

Oh Hayoung concluded with, Our manager asked me if I wanted to appear on this show, maybe he felt just how much I wanted to be here. From the moment he brought it up till now, my hearts been racing. I wanted to be here because some people dont know my voice, and Ive never really sung a whole song by myself. I hope that people enjoyed it, and I hope that people will think of me when they hear this song.

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The idol also posted a photo of herself wearing her Olive mask on her Instagram account, showing just how much she enjoyed her appearance on the show.

Check out Hayoungs performance, as well as many others, in the latest episode of King of Masked Singer below!