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INFINITE are lovely boys for the making of THE STAR

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INFINITE are lovely boys for the making of THE STAR

INFINITE exhibit their charm in the making movie of The Star.

The boys pose very easily in the bed themed photoshoot, take a look at the clip beneath for more exclusive cuts.

15& Park Ji Min Will Be Making Her Solo Debut Through “K-Pop Star”

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15& Park Ji Min Will Be Making Her Solo Debut Through “K-Pop Star”

15 Park Ji Min will be making her debut as a solo artist.

On March 31, singer and producer Park Jin Young posted the news of her solo debut through his twitter and that she would be holding her debut stage on March 5 through SBS’s “K-Pop Star.”

“I first put Park Ji Min and Baek Ye Rin together as a team hoping that they could rely on each other while practicing together. Thankfully, for the past three years, they have learned each other’s strengths and supported each other throughout this journey.” Park Jin Young continues, “I am so eager to see Park Ji Min’s solo debut stage up close.”

A JYP representative further released details to X Sports News and said, “Park Ji Min will officially start her schedules after her first stage on ‘K-Pop Star.”

They added that 15 will continue to exist and said, “Park Ji Min will continue with both her career as a solo artist and as a member of 15.”

Meanwhile, Park Ji Min is the winner of “K-Pop Star” season 1 and has been singing in the group 15 with Baek Ye Rin.

Eat Like A K-Pop Star: Making Kimbap, Korea's Favorite To-Go Meal

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Eat Like A K-Pop Star: Making Kimbap, Korea's Favorite To-Go Meal

Welcome to this week"s "Eat Like a K-pop Star." It"s the weekly series where we showcase a delicious Korean specialty or something we"ve seen a K-pop star chowing down on lately and show you how to get or create some food of your own.

It"s kimbaptime! Kimbapis to Korea what the sandwich is to the United States - starts with the same basic ingredients but can include basically whatever the eater wants. It"s served both traditionally old school and gussied-up fusion style. It"s sometimes wrapped in tinfoil for a tasty on-the-go meal and sometimes savored among friends.

In Korea, it"s also universally enjoyed and can be found everywhere from 7-11 to upscale joints. One of the country"s most ubiquitous fast food chains, Kimbap Chungook, translates to "Kimbap Heaven."

Take a scroll through the Twitter or Instagram food posts of some of your favorite K-pop stars, andyou"re going to see some variation of kimbap.

(Photo : Greem Kim Instagram) We"ll show you how to make a version just as delicious-looking right in your own kitchen.

Start by placing a sushi matdown on a flat surface. (The bamboo mats are affordable and available at major Asian supermarkets, at kitchen retailers, or through Amazon.)

The two crucial ingredients are, of course, the kim(the dried seawood wrapping that holds the roll together) and the bap, or the rice.

Place a dried seaweed sheet(they"re also known as nori, and are available at any Asian market) atop the sushi mat. You might have to use kitchen shears to cut a few inches off the sheet, if it starts larger than the mat itself.

Then, add about one third of a cup of cooked sticky Korean white or purple rice, seasoned with a few splashes of sesame oil and a few sprinkles of salt. Smush it flat and evenly across the seaweed sheet so that just a bit of the kimis poking out on all four sides.

After the kim and bap, there are a few more basic ingredients that go into most versions of the rolls.

First, take a few leaves of English spinachand give them a quick steam.

Now, put your smallest pan over a simmering heat and drizzle a little sesame oil into the pan. Thoroughly whisk one eggand pour it into the pan. Let the egg form into an omelette and take it out just as it sets.

Then slice some danmooji,or pickled daikon. It"s the crunchy yellow radish that"s part of many popular Korean dishes and gives the kimbapa satisfying crunch. It"s sold in long yellow logsin Asian markets. Slice it lengthwise into a sliver about as thick as a dime and place it horizontally across the rice.

Next, julienne about half of a small carrotand gather the matchstick-sized pieces in a horizontal line with the daikon.

The last common kimbapitem might be hard to find, even in some Asian markets. It"s burdock root, or wooung jorim.This is prepared in a few different ways, and any are good in kimbap.You can soak the burdock root in a little water and vinegar. Or, you can saut this in a little soy sauce, sugar, and sesame seeds for a little more of a salty flavor. Then, julienne it the same way as the carrots. If you can"t find burdock root, you can also use cucumber slices sprinkled with a little

Now, your spinach should have a light steam to it. Take it and place it with the rest of the veggies.

Your egg should have also cooled. Cut it into thin strips and throw them in that roll, too.

Congratulations! You can roll this up the same way you would a sushi roll, cut it into bite size pieces, and you"ve got a delicious kimbap. But why stop there? Most kimbapshave a lot more ingredients and flavor inside of them. Here"s what you should add for some of the most popular versions:

Tuna (chamchi): This is simple. Mix an ordinary can of tuna with a little mayonnaise and some fresh black pepper and slap it in with the veggies. Tuna kimbap!

Kimchi: Also super easy. Buy some kimchi, put it in your kimbap, immediately watch the flavor levels go from 10 to 100.

Bulgogi: This requires a little more effort, but for fans of beef, it"s worth it. Get about half a pound of very thinly sliced beef, and marinate it in a mixture of minced garlic, a few spoonfuls of tamari or soy sauce, a sprinkle of sugar, a few gurgles of dark sesame, and a few healthy shakes of fresh black pepper. Saute the marinated meat in a little more sesame oil until it"s just cooked, and then add it to the kimbapfor a nice meaty mouthful.

This video is a great look at making both common varieties of kimbapalong with a few fusion-y flavors. Sounds like you"ve got the makings of a delicious kimbapparty. Bon appetit!

Just don"t make your kimbap salty like Yoona!

Donghae and Eunhyuk wish you a Happy New Year in their making film for "THE STAR" pictorial

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Donghae and Eunhyuk wish you a Happy New Year in their making film for

Super Junior"s Donghae and Eunhyuk gave their New Year"s greeting through their making film for their hot pictorials in "THE STAR"s January issue!

Donghae and Eunhyuk shared, "Hello, it"s Super Junior! We think it"s a great honor to start off 2015 with "THE STAR". We hope that you enjoy watching us film today until the end. We hope that Super Junior may show a good album, concert, and hard-working image in our individual fields in 2015. Happy New Year, everyone! We wish you success and that all of your wishes may be granted. Please show a lot of love for Super Junior as well as Donghae and Eunhyuk."

If you missed their swoon-worthy preview photos released earlier, you can check them out in the previous article here.

"10+ Star" reveals making of October issue photo shoot with BTS

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"10+ Star" has revealed the making of the magazine"s pictorial featuring BTS.

The boys of BTS covered the October issueand took on the concept "Colorful Moment". They showed off their own color for the pictorial, which was completely different from their charismatic "DarkWild" image.

Check out what went on behind the scenes with BTS above!

THE STAR releases making story of Teen Top"s photoshoot

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THE STAR releases making story of Teen Top

Teen Top have first shown their grown up appearance during the pictorial for "THE STAR" September issue.

Ahead of their comeback in 15th, the boys expressed their will to show the concept of charming men through their upgraded appeals.

Let"s take a look behind their photoshoot of Teen Top. Meanwhile, Teen Top are coming back with a mini album "EXITO" on September 15.

Lee Bo Young reveals why she chose to star in 'God's Gift - 14 Days' + making-of film

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Lee Bo Young reveals why she chose to star in 'God's Gift - 14 Days' + making-of film

Lee Bo Young revealed viewer ratings weren"t a factor in her decision to star in "God"s Gift - 14 Days".

On the "God"s Gift - 14 Days" epilogue on April 28, Lee Bo Young revealed her reason for choosing the drama, "If I thought about how well the drama would do in viewer ratings, because the competing programs have grabbed their places already, I wouldn"t have chosen this drama... Although I am thankful if viewer ratings rise, rather than that I was looking forward to taking on a well-produced [drama] of this genre."

Also check out the making-of film of the final filming below!

GOT7 get all the 'girls' to love them with their various charms in making story for 'THE STAR'

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GOT7 get all the 'girls' to love them with their various charms in making story for 'THE STAR'

GOT7 got all the "girls girl girls" loving their look, style, and swagger in the making-of story for their pictorial for "THE STAR"!

D-3 Kollaboration Star feat Drunken Tiger: Making Dreams Come True and Now Saving Lives!

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Kollaboration, Drunken Tiger

When they say non-profit, they mean it.Kollaboration, positioned as an organization that aims to depict Asian/Pacific Islander Americans as accuraely as possible, is not just for show.On Saturday, in their return to the Pasadena Civic Auditorium, they also aim to beat a record they have set in years past.

In 2006, in the same venue, Kollaboration set an all-time record for bone marrow donor registration, by registering 140 donors for the "Be the Match" campaign.This year, in this upcoming weekend, they aim to beat that number.Asian Americans have had historically low donor registration rates for bone marrow, thus, this campaign from Kollaboration goes a long way.Saturday's bone marrow donor registration campaign isactually targeting to save a life in the Pasadena community.Pasadena local Sofia Flores, a toddler of nearly two years, is currently battling an aggressive form of leukemia, and Saturday night's drive is an attempt to find a match for her. Potential donors can find out more by visiting the Kollaboration Terrace prior to the event.

The Kollaboration Terrace will be where things happen early.Guests are encouraged to come at 4 PM to participate in festivities, with booths, food trucks and a full bar! The Bun Truck, Seoul Sausage Company, and Bool BBQ will all be parking to fill attendee tummies.

There will also be a Red Carpet where fans can see their favorite celebrities, in commemoration of Asian American entertainment, prior to the show. It definitely is shaping up to be an event not to miss!


Ticketsarestill availableforpurchasethroughTicketmaster.

‘K-Pop Star’ Making a Comeback with Season 3 on November 24th!

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SBS, K-Pop Star 3, Barefoot Friends, Running Man

‘K-Pop Star’ Making a Comeback with Season 3 on November 24th! ‘K-Pop Star’ Making a Comeback with Season 3 on November 24th! SBS' survival audition program "K-Pop Star 3" has released a confirmed release date for its first episode.

On November 4th, the show announced, "'K-Pop Star 3' will air its 1st episode on November 24th at 5PM." This timeslot is usually reserved for "Barefoot Friends."

Following this announcement, there's curiosity as to how the SBS Sunday variety program schedules will change. Currently, on Sunday afternoons SBS airs "Good Sunday" segments titled "Barefoot Friends" and "Running Man."

Ever since "K-Pop Star" finished filming round 1, there have been questions as to what schedule changes there will be. However, SBS was cautious about speaking on the matter, and had stated that nothing has been confirmed how the timeslots will be organized.

But it looks like with the announcement of the show's new show time, "Good Sunday" will inevitably be reorganized.