Majority of Korean men like this member of TWICE the best

Majority of Korean men like this member of TWICE the best

Korean males from online communities participated in a poll to show who their favorite TWICE member was and the results were unanimous!

The poll was conducted amongst three top male-dominated online communities. In the end, Sana topped all three community polls!

Sanas hit the soft spot in every Korean males heart!

NBA Mania is a community for those interested in basketball and the NBA. The results clearly favored Sana over all other members.

Sana about to steal your mans heart!

Diesel Mania is a community for those who are addicted to cars and everything related to them! It seems like even diesel heads cant get enough of Sana, they also voted her #1.

Great at dancing and singing!

Finally, MLB Park is a website for those who love baseball but it seems like its also a website for those who love Sana! Heres how male baseball fans ranked the members of TWICE according to their bias.

5. Jeongyeon — 11.0% (174 votes)

8. Chaeyoung — 8.6% (137 votes)

Korean men love Sana due to her clumsy and cute personality. Her Korean skills are pretty unbelievable too! Sana is super friendly with everyone around her and shows genuine care for her friends too.

Its no doubt Sanas an ideal type for most men in Korea!