Lovelyz reveal their secret to losing weight

Lovelyz reveal their secret to losing weight

The members of Lovelyz revealed their secrets to losing weight and maintaining their figures.

Lovelyz gained attention for their slimmer figures both during their recent comeback and at KCON Japan. Through hard work and dieting, their weight loss was a big success. Members Baby Soul and Jiae both lost 10 kg (22 lbs) through dieting and exercise. 

These are the tips and secrets that each member of Lovelyz uses.

I try to eat less products with flour or carbohydrates. If I get hungry in the evening or at night, Ill eat cherry tomatoes. I also try to cut back on sweet, salty, and flour based foods. Theres also a stationary bike in our dorm so I ride that for 30-50 minutes a day!

I generally eat cereal and fruits. When I eat meals, I only end up eating half of whats on my plate. Thats how I eat all 3 meals of the day. I also practice our choreography and walk around our neighborhood a lot.

I work very hard at exercising. Im focusing on my lower bodys blood circulation. Im learning a lot from my trainers coaching and the experts tips. I end up eating as little as possible.

I practice our choreography and also do aerobic exercise along with small amounts of strength training. Even if its for a little bit, I walk. I try to walk as much as I can. Ill eat a salad or another nutritious meal in the morning and not eat much for dinner.

I rarely eat carbohydrates. Instead I eat a lot of protein and move around a lot. I try to keep a protein based diet such as eggs and chicken breast. When I wake up, I make sure to stretch and before I sleep, I do some yoga.

Exercise is the best! I recommend swimming as an exercise. I really like swimming so I do it often. Ill try to take care of myself with one meal, usually with a salad and fruits.

Both aerobic exercise and strength training are necessary. I do squats and lunges whenever I have the chance to. While dieting, Ill eat one healthy meal, usually a salad.

I tend to check out my bodys condition in the mirror. Creating a habit of walking to places that are close by is like a natural workout. I also do a lot of squats. I dont actually control my diet much. If I feel full Ill just stop eating.