Lovelyz Keis “oppayah” aegyo is the next viral aegyo trend among idols

Lovelyz Keis “oppayah” aegyo is the next viral aegyo trend among idols

Lovelyz Keis rendition of this adorable song has become a go-to aegyo performance for other idols.

Since Gwiyomi by Hari became a hit song made popular by BTOBIlhoon and Girls GenerationYoona on MBCWeekly Idol, another song has stepped in to take its place.

Although the song Oppaya or Sweetheart by acoustic duo SEENROOT was released almost two years ago, the tune recently gained more popularity when idols began showing off their aegyo with it.

A popular BJ on Afreeca TV, showed her aegyo with SEENROOTs song, and the song became the latest craze overnight.

Since Kei showed her adorable charm and facial expressions with the song, Weekly Idol and other variety programs have been asking other idols to show aegyo with the song as well.

It is common for Kpop idols to show cute displays of affection, which is often expressed through a cute/baby voice, facial expressions, and gestures, in order to express their love and affection for their fans.

Idols such as WINNERMino, members of EXIDOh My GirlHighlightApink and many more, accepted the challenge and displayed their cuteness for their fans.

Check out this compilation video of Oppaya!