Love Rain Episode 19 Recap

Love Rain Episode 19 Recap

Yoonhee says not to worry, it doesnt change anything. Hana says she understands but ends up at the garden alone and crying. She is called by Seojoon to ask how she is doing. He calls to head over.

She asks why he came. He said he thought she might need him. They hug and says she did, she does need him. Shes not strong enough for this right now.

Inha researches about eyes and calls his friend doctor to see if surgery is possible.

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Inha comes to take Yoonhee to the hospital. Yoonhee is discomforted by his visits and wishes he doesnt come any more. Inha says "Even as friends?" and she says no.

Hana comes over and after the two plan on going on a true, real date.

Sunho talks to hana and seojoon separately.

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 2

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Seojoons mom calls Seojoon and Hana. He doesnt want to meet and hangs up. Hana does pick up and Seojoons mom wants to meet them. He's bitter at her.

She calls him "Oppa" and he is surprised. She says that so that he will meet his mom. They go together.

They meet all together. Seojoons mom called them over to say that she wants Seojoon to marry Miho.

Everyone disagrees that its a good idea. Even the doctor, mihos dad. The only people that are for it are Seojoons mom and miho.

Seojoons mom says for Hana to never come back again.

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Hana says how they still, even today, havent had a proper date yet. He says there will be plenty of times to have proper dates. She is looking forward to it.

Hana goes home to her mom.

Seojoon talks to Inha and Seojoon says that if in the case that hana becomes blind, he wants to be with her to the end and help her anyway that he can. So he only has the highest respect for his dad, inha.

Sunbae comes to tell hana that Seojoons mom is meeting with Yoonhee somewhere.

They indeed do meet. Seojoons mom still wants them to break up, but yoonhee sees it differently. She asks if there is no way for her to see it nicely, and she says no.

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Seojoon is mom is angered because she feels yoonhee is always putting into a position of being he evil lady.

Sunbae comes over and threatens Seojoon to break up if he isnt going to do a proper job of taking care of hana and her mom.

Yoonhee is planning on getting surgery. So she asks Seojoon to take good care of hana while it happens.

They stop outside and he whispers into her ear "I Love You"

He doesnt want to meet Hana until after yoonhee has her surgery for a good cause, she thinks its good too.

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Seojoon decides to move out for a bit. For his sanity sake. His mom is shocked.

Hana meets with her sunbae and he wants to ask if she can like him. If not, he will stop and never ask again. Hana was happy for Sunbae but even if she is not happy she chooses Seojoon because she loves Seojoon. He understands and has a face of defeat.

Seojoon decided to go to New York, but it's just a thought. Miho says that if Seojoon really does go to NY, she intends to follow.

Yoonhee is looking at pictures of hana because shes afraid if the surgery doesnt go right, she wont be able to see how she looks anymore.

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Yoonhee leaves a note that she needs time for herself. She leaves her cell behind. Hana thinks she knows where she is (her hometown).

Yoonhee is reminiscing on her memories, inha finds her.

Seojoon tells hana that hes going to new york. and wants her to spend time with her mom during this difficult period.

She then says that she heard him say "I love you" and then says it back.

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 19 pt 1


Love Rain Episode 18 Recap

Love Rain Episode 18 Recap

Seojoons mom is shocked to find out that Seojoon's been seeing Hana.

Seojoon finds out that Yoonhee already knows that hana and Seojoon are together.

Yoonhee wants things to work out between the four of them, so she asks for Seojoon not to talk about what she said to him and also to Inha.

Hana apologizes for not telling Seojoons mom. Seojoons mom says it will not work and never will, she will never approve.

Seojoon comes home to find Hana. Shes happy to see him. He feels there's something wrong with her. She says there isn't. She wants to go home to see her mom. He understands, thinking it's about Yoonhee's health.

He wants to take her home, but instead she lets him take her to the bus stop. She kisses his cheek. He smiles ^^.

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Love Rain Episode 18 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 1

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 1

Seojoons mom is wondering why Seojoon is so happy (she really knows why). They sit and she asks Seojoon to marry Miho. He has no interest and leaves to his room.

Yoonhee is happy to see Hana happy, and vice versa.

The lovers talk on the phone and ask if they have been good to their mothers. Hana asks what kind of mom Seojoons mom is. He says she can be difficult but his heart hurts for her.

He asks the same and she says her heart hurts for her but Seojoon says he will try his best to help her out, and hana says the same.

Seojoon asks Sunho if things are kept secret between his mom about his business with inha, Sunho says yes.

Yoonhee is visited by the doctor and he says to go to the hospital with him, he will take care of him. She does so.

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 2

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 2

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 2

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 2

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 2

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 2

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 2

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 2

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 2

Seojoon later comes and aids her after her minor procedure.

Seojoon knows hana doesnt know, but he tells yoonhee that he cant lie to hana. She knows and she realizes that her eyes are becoming worse.

Seojoon thinks in the car on how to handle the situation and whether to tell Hana or how.

Hana gets a call from Seojoons mom telling her to visit the house.

Seojoons mom, miho and hana sit together awkwardly. Seojoon calls hana, she picks up and says shes busy. he finds that strange. he makes a turn.

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 3

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 3

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 3

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 3

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 3

Hana says she cant break up because she made a promise.

Seojoon comes in and takes her out and drives off.

They stop off the road and he asks why she was sitting there with his mom. Doesnt she understand his mom?! She says how could she not? It's his mother! It would be disrespectful not too. Because he's heated, he needs time to cool off so she decides to leave.

The two workers have a small talk about Miho, and the possibility of maybe one of them dating her. the laugh, teehee!!

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 4

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 4

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 4

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 4

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 4

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 4

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 4

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 4

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 4

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 4

Miho stops to talk to Sunho. Sunho says to apologize to Hana. She refuses, and says she will do whatever it takes to get Seojoon.

Sunho talks to Hana via video phone. Just to make sure each is doing okay.

Hana is meeted by her Sunbae and a superior. Sunbae likes hana, obviously. And his superior thinks she would look well with Sunbae.

He just mentioned, its actually taesungs mom!!!

Seojoon saw it and feels jealous from afar.

Taesung likes hana but he doesnt know about her and Seojoon. He feels shocked as she walks away.

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 5

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 5

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 5

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 5

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 5

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 5

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 5

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 5

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 5

Shot shot shot shot shot shot.

Inha and his buddies drink and talk and they are sorry for what happened toward Inha. The doctor wants to but cant tell Inha about her illness.

Hana says Miho seems to suit Seojoon (jokingly). He says they are alike, they get jealous and they get stubborn easily. They laugh.

She says if he in fact doesnt care about Miho then they shouldnt work together, he agrees. Hana says to get along with his mom. He says okay.

Seojoon goes home to talk to his mom. She's angered and distressed.

Seojoons mom breaks the news to Hana that her mom's vision will soon be impaired and hana is shocked. thus she asks again for her to break up with Seojoon.

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 6

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 6

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 6

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 6

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 6

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 6

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 6

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 6

Hana runs out, crying.

Seojoons mom visits inha and says to break things off by meeting with Seojoon.

Inha visits Seojoon and Seojoon tells inha that Yoonhee is sick, and that she will most likely become blind.

All 4 end up meeting at the hospital. It ends with Hana hugging her mom, crying.

What will happen in the next episode?!?! Stay tuned next week for updates!!

Thank you everyone! ^^ Have a great week.

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 7

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 7

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 7

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 7

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 7

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 7

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 7

Love Rain Episode 18 pt 7


tvN Drama

tvN Drama "Ho-gu's Love" Episode 12 Recap

tvN Drama Ho-gu's Love Episode 12 Recap

Surprised at finding Kang-chul leaning over Ho-gu for a kiss, she backs into the wall, making enough sound to catch Kang-chul’s attention. He covers up the near-kiss by slapping Ho-gu on the cheeks, telling him to wake up and go home.

When Gong-mi meets Ho-kyung for dinner with Chung-jae and Tae-hee, and Gong-mi and Tae-hee immediately recognize each other from when he and Ho-gu barged into the office. He pulls her aside, making her promise not to tell Ho-kyung about their visit or the baby.

Ho-kyung notes that they seem to have a connection, and apologizes to Chung-jae because she had originally intended to set him up with Gong-mi instead. But Chung-jae is offended that Ho-kyung, who he has a crush on, would be setting him up with girls. Ho-kyung: “What, should I be introducing you to boys instead?”

A phone call from Kang-chul quickly distracts her. He wants to know if there’s another way that someone could find out if he’s gay that doesn’t involve kissing the guy that makes his heart flutter. Ho-kyung offers to bring all her research and information to a lunch date tomorrow, and after Kang-chul agrees, he wonders why it feels like he’s been lured into a trap.

Ho-gu is reluctant to leave the baby and Do-hee has to practically shove him out the door. But they get distracted by all of Kang-chul’s trophies. Do-hee and Ho-gu are impressed that Kang-chul climbed Mt. Everest last year, and the dates on the certificate make Ho-gu realize that he would have been climbing Mt. Everest around the same time Do-hee got pregnant.

She just rolls her eyes, reminding him she’s already told him that Kang-chul isn’t the father, but with the photographic evidence of Kang-chul standing at base camp, Ho-gu starts to actually believe it.

Despite Do-hee and Kang-chul’s protests, Ho-gu still tries to find a way to cling his belief that Kang-chul is the father (even suggesting that Do-hee went to Everest with him). He can’t get over the conversation he overheard in the hospital, when he thought they were talking about Kang-chul not using condoms.

Do-hee has no idea what he’s talking about, but Kang-chul looks a little shifty as he orders Ho-gu to go home. Ho-gu refuses, and when Kang-chul reminds him yet again that he’s not the father, Ho-gu says that’s why he can’t go home — he can’t leave Do-hee alone with another man.

In a happy voice, he says to himself: “My name is Ho-gu. Kang Ho-gu.”

After they finally convince Ho-gu to leave, Kang-chul wonders how they’ll keep the real father a secret. Do-hee begs him not to tell Ho-gu the truth, and Kang-chul reassures her he won’t. After all, he’s not a high-priced lawyer for nothin’ — he knows how to keep client confidentiality.

The next morning, Ho-gu makes an important decision — a hair-cut. As the barber snips off those adorable curls, he says that Ho-gu must be about to confess to a women. Ho-gu, very seriously, answers “yes.”

Sporting his new ‘do, he marches with purpose to Kang-chul’s apartment building. He’s determined to ask about Do-hee’s relationship with Kang-chul and the baby-daddy — as Geum-dong’s “hyung” and the fact he was her guardian in the hospital, he has the right to know. But when he sees Do-hee walking to the bus stop, he quietly follows her.

Unnoticed, he gets off at the same stop as her, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. He continues to follow her to a cemetery, where she greets an older couple, and it’s apparent that they’re all there for a memorial.

Ho-gu returns to Kang-chul’s apartment, where an annoyed Coach is surrounded by dirty diapers as he struggles to get a fresh diaper on Geum-dong. Ho-gu quickly takes over, asking about Kang-chul and Do-hee. They’ve gone to meet potential adoptive parents.

Aw, Kang-chul is the one who interviews them while Do-hee hides a few tables away, listening in. She shakes her head when Kang-chul asks her about them, but it’s the last couple they had lined up as Geum-dong’s prospective parents. He sighs that they’ll have to find another place to look, as well as figure out more selective criteria.

Curious, Do-hee asks him why he’s working so hard to help her. He tells her it’s because she promised him a huge fee when hired him as the lawyer to oversee Geum-dong’s adoption. He swears it’s not because he has any feelings for her, it’s just…

Do-hee asks if it’s because he’s sorry because he didn’t use “that thing” originally. Hesitating, Kang-chul quietly admits that if he had filed a complaint for her, it would have made her life even more difficult. She confesses she really resented him because of it, but the more she thinks about it, the more she agrees with him. Especially for Geum-dong’s sake.

Kang-chul is back to business when he reminds her not to forget to pay him for his services, and after he leaves, Do-hee grumbles that a woman is about to cry and all he can do is leave: “It’s no wonder he can’t get a date.”

Ho-gu watches over the sleeping Geum-dong and remembers earlier in the morning, when he saw Do-hee at the cemetery. He had greeted the other couple as they waited at the bus stopm (sans Do-hee), and the woman had explained that Do-hee and their deceased child were close friends.

He wonders if their son was the baby’s father who died in an accident, since it would make sense — both why she should seek out Kang-chul for legal advice as well as her statement that both she and the baby’s father made a mistake. Not to mention her breakdown, wondering if she’d ever be able to love again.

Even so, Ho-gu can’t back down from his purpose today. He came to ask her some important questions (and even cut his hair!). Kang-chul and Do-hee arrive home, and pfffft, when Kang-chul sees Ho-gu, he sighs that they really need to change the passcode.

When Do-hee notes that Ho-gu got a haircut, he screws up the courage to tell her why he got it cut — because it’s a hindrance when taking care of babies. Buhhh? Holding out the “babysitter needed” notice Kang-chul had posted on the apartment community board, he tells them that he’s Geum-dong’s new babysitter.

Do-hee pulls him aside, demanding to know if he’s being serious. Ho-gu swears he is, and Do-hee asks if he’s really not curious about the father or how Kang-chul is involved. Ho-gu admits that it doesn’t matter to him anymore. All he cares about is Geum-dong.

Even if she broke off the potential relationship she might have had with him, he asks Do-hee to at least promise not to break apart the relationship he could have with Geum-dong. They agree to write up a contract that will allow him to babysit and keep their relationship professional.

The doorbell rings, and Kang-chul answers it, annoyed that the video screen isn’t working so he can’t see who’s at the door. Surprise! It’s Ho-kyung (with her hand over the camera). She’s there to give him the information he’d asked for last night.

Kang-chul’s trying to hustle Ho-kyung out the door, and she teases him that he must be hiding a girl when suddenly Do-hee appears. Ho-kyung is ready to face-off and defend her turf when Ho-gu arrives with the baby. The twins are surprised to see each other, and Ho-kyung is even more shocked to see the baby. Do-hee cooly tells Ho-kyung that, yes, it’sher baby.

The men can sense the tension as they slowly back away, and Kang-chul tries to explain that it’s not his baby. But Ho-kyung curses him out as she kicks him in the face, giving him a bloody nose and sending him sprawling on the sofa.

Ho-gu tends to the dazed Kang-chul as a furious Ho-kyung tries to talk sense into Ho-gu (while Do-hee once again insists that Kang-chul isn’t the father — this assumption seems to run in the family). She wants to know why her brother is caring for a baby that isn’t his, especially when he said his fling with Do-hee had ended. So why is he still here — is he dating Kang-chul, or what?

When Ho-gu realizes how close his face is to Kang-chul’s, he slooooowly slides away. But Ho-kyung is putting together all the clues and figuring out why the atmosphere is so weird — is the story Kang-chul told her about his client actually his? Is Kang-chul gay? Is thatwhy Ho-gu is here with him?

Kang-chul scrambles up, insisting that’s not it, and sputters out that Ho-gu is actually the babysitter. Congrats, Ho-gu — you’ve officially got the job.

Ho-kyung follows Ho-gu home, trying to talk sense into him. How can he be taking care of a baby when he also has be working on the webtoon? He tries to bribe her to go along with it (and not tell Mom, heh) by promising her he’ll help her get in with Kang-chul’s good graces, but when that doesn’t work, he threatens to show Kang-chul her pre-cosmetic surgery pictures, instead.

Thus Ho-gu begins his career as a babysitter. During the day, while Do-hee trains, he watches Geum-dong. When Do-hee returns in the evening, she takes care of the baby while Ho-gu works on the webtoon. In the meantime, Kang-chul interviews potential adoptive parents (and vainly tries to tolerate a messy baby in his apartment).

Even Ho-kyung gets in the act, stopping by to visit Kang-chul but getting put on baby duty so Ho-gu can do some chores. When Do-hee returns home, she finds Ho-kyung napping next to Geum-dong. She warns Do-hee not to seduce her brother. This is just another source of charity for the kind of guy who takes in all the neighborhood stray cats.

Do-hee says that it’s not about her, but about Geum-dong. When Do-hee admits that she’s using Ho-gu’s goodwill to have someone take care of her baby, Ho-kyung marvels that Do-hee isn’t the “nation’s mermaid,” but rather the “nation’s bitch.”

But Ho-kyung’s found her match in Do-hee, who pointedly reminds her that Ho-kyung’s been speaking informally to her when she’s supposed to be Do-hee’s dongsaeng. Ho-kyung scoffs, saying that Do-hee shouldn’t be so presumptuous — if she keeps acting like that, she’ll be abandoned by the baby’s real father.

Do-hee gives her the death glare as she asks if Ho-kyung knows who the father is. Ho-kyung gulps and says she doesn’t, then smiles, adding honorifics for her “unni.”

When they meet in the elevator, Kang-chul pitches a fit that Ho-gu’s wearing the wrong cleaning gloves to take out the trash. But Ho-gu just ignores him and as they ride up together, instad asking if Do-hee sought Kang-chul because the baby’s father died in an accident.

As a lawyer, Kang-chul can’t answer that. But as a friend, he admits that Do-hee came to him, asking for help, but he turned his back on her. He swears he’d do the same again, though, even though he knows he’d be called a selfish bastard.

But Ho-gu admires him because Do-hee considered Kang-chul someone dependable enough to ask for help, and is relieved that Kang-chul was her ex-boyfriend. Kang-chul is just amazed that Ho-gu found out about the accident.

Ho-gu’s mother intercepts a delivery for Ho-gu, surprised that it contains baby diapers. She tracks him down to Kang-chul’s apartment, where Professor Mok is also there to see her son. The women side-eye each other, since their style is so opposite — Ho-gu’s mother with her colorful, bohemian ensemble, and Professor Mok with her subdued, fashionable outfit.

But both women are equally astonished to see Do-hee leave the apartment with Geum-dong, and they retreat to a coffee shop to get over the shock. Hahahaha! The moms think their children are dating and had a secret kid together, as they assume Do-hee must be the other’s daughter. Ho-gu’s mom is excited to call each other in-laws while Professor Mok bursts into tears.

Kang-chul is meeting with another national athlete from Do-hee’s company, NO KYUNG-WOO (Kim Hyun-joon), who wants to sue whomever started the rumor that he’s gay. When Kang-chul tells him it seems pointless to sue for such a minor thing, Gong-mi pipes up that in many Korean companies, if it’s found out that you’re gay, you automatically become an outcast, potentially ruining your career and reputation.

Kyung-woo adds that’s why the company told him to seek out Kang-chul — they said he’s the best in this field. Kang-chul, having become progressively anxious throughout the meeting, suddenly demands to know who told Kyung-woo that he’s the “gay expert.” But Kyung-woo just meant that Kang-chul is the best at defamation cases.

Ho-kyung’s gives Kang-chul documents to help support Kyung-woo’s case, including an assessment for Kyung-woo to take to prove that he isn’t gay. She convinces Kang-chul to go with her for some drinks, and when he insists that he won’t drink alcohol, she pops open a bottle of soda for him.

But when the bottle cap hits him on the forehead the same way that “Ho-gu” had opened the bottle of beer back in high school, he begins to wonder. After Ho-kyung excuses herself to use the restroom, he reaches for the gay assessment test.

Do-hee meets with CEO Park, who has a new concept image to present to her — a sexy photo-shoot. Do-hee’s a little hesitant and CEO Park reassures her it shouldn’t be too awkward since she’ll be doing it with fellow swimmer, Kyung-woo. The sound of his name makes Do-hee even more determined not to do it. But CEO Park tells her that they can dispel all those childbirth rumors with this photo-shoot — it’s not a request, it’s an order.

At the restaurant, Kang-chul is totally drunk now, and he tipsily asks Ho-kyung why she likes him. He cutely tells her that she shouldn’t like him, though, because he’s… he lowers his voice… gay. She laughs it off, but he repeats it, yelling: “I’m gay! Gay!” until he passes out drunk at the table. She spots the crumpled up assessment next to him.

When Do-hee returns home, she sees Ho-gu to the door. But Ho-gu notices that she’s looking tired, and offers to hug her — when someone in his family is having a rough day, they give each other a hug, no questions asked. She agrees, and he comforts her, telling her she’s doing great, working hard to make money to pay for diapers.

She smiles as she hugs him back, telling him he’s also doing great, working hard to change those diapers. As he pulls away, she stares at him a moment, then… kiss!

Do-hee bids him good-night, and Ho-gu calmly walks out of the apartment, only to go all rubber-legged once the door closes. Awww, Do-hee also falls to her knees as she wonders what she just did. She spots the old sketchbook that Ho-gu gave her, and then she starts to cry as she remembers finding it and seeing the story of the girl who was a mermaid.

Ooohhhh, it turns out that Do-hee actually recognized Ho-gu on the street corner before he first saw her in his camera; that she immediately knew he wasn’t the waiter (aw, the smile she tries to hide when she sends him off for more chips is adorable); and when she walked away from him in the crosswalk, she’d sighed that he was as clueless as ever.

Do-hee clutches the sketchbook to her chest, and with a hankie over her eyes, cries as she remembers their night in Yeosu. At the sound of Geum-dong crying, too, she turns to comfort him. She’s still weeping as she apologizes to Geum-dong, telling him that she’ll pull herself together — she’d tried so hard to hold it in. But she breaks down, sobbing even harder after she admits that it’s her first love.

CEO Park is astonished to discover that Do-hee had the baby, wondering who Do-hee is dating. But her assistant says that Do-hee isn’t dating anyone — it was sexual assault. Ooof.

As Do-hee comforts her baby, she looks at the sketchbook and smiles. “My name is Ho-gu. Do Ho-gu.”

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tvN Drama

tvN Drama "Ho-gu's Love" Episode 11 Recap

tvN Drama Ho-gu's Love Episode 11 Recap

Ho-gu breaks down in great sobs at the thought that they may have sent Geum-dong away with bad people, as Do-hee hides her tears and Kang-chul sits stone-faced. Ho-gu grabs Coach and drags him out of the apartment to help him find Geum-dong, refusing to give up. Do-hee asks Kang-chul if he thinks those were bad people, but Kang-chul just asks in return if his answer would change anything.

Out in the street, Coach admits that he didn’t really know the adoptive parents, that he just met them at a cafe. Is he saying that he sold Geum-dong?? He tells Ho-gu that it wasn’t a physical cafe, but a website, and Ho-gu goes to an internet cafe to do some research.

He’s horrified to find that the website is basically a place for unwed mothers to sell their babies to the highest bidder. The mothers post about their situations, and potential “adoptive” parents choose which child they want and make a monetary offer. As Ho-gu digs deeper, he finds posts where the biological parents are concerned about the motives of the adoptive parents, wondering if they can get their babies back.

Coach had told Ho-gu that Do-hee chose which internet cafe to use, so Ho-gu goes back to Kang-chul’s place to confront her. With dead eyes and a flat voice, he asks if Do-hee just sold Geum-dong. She swears she didn’t accept any money, only asking the parents to raise him well and saying she had no other choice.

Kang-chul comes to Do-hee’s defense, saying that in order to adopt her baby out legally, she’d have to go on record as having a baby. Even after adoption, Geum-dong would have been on Do-hee’s family register, and her secret would be out.

Ho-gu doesn’t understand, saying that they’re the adults in this situation and even if there are consequences, they still should have done the right thing by Geum-dong. At the end of her rope, Do-hee yells that he’s her baby, and that it’s her right to decide how to handle the situation. Ho-gu screams that Geum-dong may be her baby but she’s no mother, and Kang-chul neatly puts him in his place.

Ho-gu agrees — this is not his house, and Geum-dong is not his baby. It’s none of his business. He wipes his tears, tells them it’s their business and to do whatever they want, and leaves. He wanders the streets, thinking of Geum-dong but admitting to himself that he really has nothing to do with him. It’s hard to admit, as he remembers cutting the cord and Geum-dong’s tiny hand gripping his finger.

When Ho-gu gets home he finds his mom feeding the stray cats, and she asks him the name of that little gold kitten. He says it’s “Geum-dong,” and Mom says she hasn’t seen Kitten Geum-dong in a while.

Gasping for breath, Kang-chul and Do-hee jump in his car and he asks for the last time if she won’t regret this. She says she won’t, for now, and suddenly Geum-dong’s adoptive parents run up and pound on the car windows. Kang-chul peels out, and holycrap they just kidnapped Geum-dong, didn’t they? They did!! AWESOME.

Kang-chul asks what Do-hee plans to do now, wondering what she was thinking, but she says there’s nothing to think about. It was the only thing she could do. Despite being her getaway car, Kang-chul marvels at her audacity, but she reminds him that she’s a badass single mom and she’s not scared of anything. HAHA, Kang-chul’s all, “Are you seriouslybragging right now??”

Meanwhile Ho-gu calls for Kitten Geum-dong from his bedroom window, who he can hear mewing but can’t see, and pleading with him not to cry. “My name is Ho-gu. Kang Ho-gu.”

Ho-kyung comes down the next morning and runs to call Ho-gu to breakfast, sure she’s about to catch him with a woman in his room. Instead she finds him alone in bed, wide awake and staring at the ceiling. She demands the truth about him and Do-hee, but poor Ho-gu only moans that he wishes there was no such thing as morning, and turns his back.

They go to the manhwa shop to talk, and Ho-gu tells Ho-kyung that there’s nothing to tell about Do-hee — it’s been over between them for a long time (wait, does that mean there used to be something?). She asks why he was crying, but he just says it was about someone else. Crying again, Ho-gu says he thought he really had something with that person, and leans into his sister for a sweet, comforting hug.

Tae-hee and Chung-jae see Do-hee on television doing a press conference, and figure she really did give her baby up for adoption. When Ho-gu wanders in to work, he wilts to see Do-hee promising her fans that she’ll win an Olympic gold medal.

At his home watching Geum-dong, Kang-chul frowns to see all of the baby stuff (not to mention, the actual baby) taking up space on his precious furniture. He gripes at his housekeeper for using the same gloves to clean the kitchen as she used to clean his trophies, which is an impressive new level of nitpicky, sheesh.

Kang-chul’s parents come to see him again, Dad swearing to break open the door if necessary to get inside. They run into Do-hee in the elevator, and obviously Dad is a fan, since a huge smile breaks over his face and he starts to fawn over her (while Mom glares daggers at him, hee).

Dad is so goofily thrilled to meet Do-hee that it’s embarrassing, and he even digs in his wife’s purse for paper for an autograph. He hands Do-hee his business card, offering his services as a lawyer if she ever needs it, and they all get off at the same floor (Do-hee’s face is hilarious!). Kang-chul’s parents screech to a halt to see the famous athlete Do Do-hee going into their son’s apartment, and can only stare open-mouthed.

Kang-chul orders Do-hee to get a babysitter, since his housekeeper is making mistakes because she’s too busy looking after the baby. He thinks Do-hee is rich, but she says all her money goes towards paying off her parents’ debts. Kang-chul is chastened, but mutters that she should use the money she’ll get for a recent CF she made to get a babysitter.

Do-hee lights up like a Christmas tree when the doorbell rings, but wilts again when it’s just the housekeeper looking for her scarf. Awww, she misses Ho-gu. Kang-chul clocks her behavior, but Do-hee strongly denies it when he asks if she’s waiting for Ho-gu.

Ho-kyung waits outside Kang-chul’s building, wondering over some things Ho-gu said to her that morning. He’d said he would have held onto the person he cares about more, if he’d known he’d have to send them away like this. She wonders who the new woman is that displaced Do-hee, which leads her thoughts to Do-hee and Kang-chul. She refuses to accept losing, and takes off after Kang-chul when he comes out for a jog.

Ho-gu also thinks over his talk with his sister, who’d reminded him of his own words that a heart is like paint — you have to use it or it hardens. She’d said that she still has a lot of paint, but when the person you want to draw goes away, you have to wash away the paint quickly.

Ho-gu takes out Geum-dong’s discarded belly-button, and seems to come to a decision. He goes to the bank and stops the automatic payments he’s been making to a children’s charity, asking the bank employee to stop when she laughs at his name.

Ho-kyung pretends it’s a coincidence that she just happens to be biking in the same place Kang-chul is jogging, and the incredulous look on his face is priceless. He doesn’t stop, pointedly mentioning that he likes to exercise alone. When he refuses her offer to get something to drink, she skids to a stop in front of him, forcing the issue.

Next Ho-gu goes to Kang-chul’s place, surprised to see that Do-hee is still there. He stops her when Do-hee starts to talk, and gives her a photo of the Tibetan child that he’s been sponsoring. He says that sponsoring the child made him proud and happy, but that he stopped that sponsorship on the way here.

Ho-gu says that he realized that that happiness was pointless, because a one-sided love isn’t love. He tells Do-hee that when he stopped the sponsorship, he also let go of his feelings for Geum-dong. He gives Do-hee Geum-dong’s belly-button which he had made into a seal stamp, and Do-hee asks if this isn’t a bit strange.

Ho-gu insists that he’s totally done with caring about Geum-dong, and says he feels soooofree now. In fact, he realizes how much trouble babies are, and the amount they poop is just gross. Do-hee just calmly turns and says, “Geum-dong-ah, Ho-gu made you a seal stamp and says you’re nothing but trouble.”

Ho-gu’s head whips around so fast it gives instant lie to his insistence about being over Geum-dong, and he gasps to see Geum-dong laying right there on the couch. Do-hee stops Ho-gu from going to him — you know, since he’s so annoying. She picks up Geum-dong, and Ho-gu is so overcome he can only run and hug them both. He wails that he missed Geum-dong so much that he wanted to die, and kiss-kiss-kisses the baby’s head while Do-hee smiles.

Ho-kyung gets Kang-chul to sit, and even manages to maintain her sweetness-and-light demeanor when he gulps a drink down and tries to go. She drags him back down onto the bench, denying that this meeting was anything but an accident, and swears that she heard him when he said he’s not interested and only wants to be friends.

In fact, Ho-kyung reminds Kang-chul that she’s a psychology major and that he may need her help in his future cases, but he starts to leave anyway. He stops and asks if she’s ever heard of someone’s sexual preferences changing, and suddenly their talk looks more like a therapy session.

Ho-kyung uses pickled radish as a metaphor — some people eat it, and some don’t. But some people are like her, who likes pickled radish alone but picks it out of kimbap. So, is she a person who eats pickled radish, or a person who doesn’t?

Kang-chul wonders, what does pickled radish have to do with sexual preference? She says there’s a deep connection, and wheedles him into going somewhere more comfortable before she’ll tell him. They sit down with some ramyun (and pickled radish, naturally), and Ho-kyung says that liking pickled radish actually IS like sexuality, in that there’s more than two simple and distinct answers.

Claiming that a man came to him for legal advice, Kang-chul asks how you can kiss someone of the same sex without knowing your sexuality, and without permission at that. But Ho-kyung wants to know, who asks permission? Asking breaks the mood.

Ho-kyung asks how that man felt when the other man kissed him — was he shocked, and did his heart pound? Kang-chul says that he was shocked at first, because the other man just came at him, and that now every time he sees the man his heart pounds from the trauma. Ho-kyung says that it’s not trauma — the man is gay.

Kang-chul’s voice squeaks on the word “gay,” and he insists that it’s not true, his “client” is NOT gay. But to Ho-kyung, if your heart pounds when you see a certain person, it means you like them. And if that person is another man, then you’re gay. She tells Kang-chul to advise the “client” to kiss the other man again, and if his heart pounds again, he’s gay.

Ho-gu can’t stop grinning at Geum-dong, even turning his back on Do-hee, his possessiveness over Geum-dong making her smile. Ho-gu asks how this happened, and we see that after he left Kang-chul’s that night, Kang-chul had asked Do-hee if this was all over, sighing in relief when she said it was.

Oh but by the way, Kang-chul mentions, he got the adoptive parents’ license plate. He asks Do-hee one final time if this is really over, and apparently her answer changed. Back in the present, Do-hee says that it was Kang-chul who’d found out where the parents lived and taken her to get her baby back. He’d even climbed a wall to get to Geum-dong. MELT.

Kang-chul innocently comes home just then, and Ho-gu relinquishes the baby to Do-hee so he can tacklehug Kang-chul at the door (as an instrumental version of I’m Your Ladyswells in the background, HAHA). He yells that Kang-chul should have called him before doing something so dangerous, but Kang-chul doesn’t register Ho-gu’s words over his suddenly racing heart.

Kang-chul staggers to his office, clutching his chest and gasping for air. Desperate, he texts Ho-kyung to meet with him tomorrow to talk. When he gets himself together and goes back out to the living room, he’s startled to see Ho-gu and Geum-dong, sleeping beatifically together on the floor.

Kang-chul asks Do-hee how she and Ho-gu got to be friends, and a strange smile comes over her face. She remembers back in high school, going to class early one day and finding Ho-gu’s sketchbook in her desk. She finds the naked picture he drew of her, only now she’s clothed in a beautiful colored dress.

She flips through the sketchbook and her smile grows wider and wider — it’s entirely filled with amazing manhwa-style drawings of her. The pictures tell the story of a girl who goes to the sea and is drawn into the water, swimming deep and meeting amazing sea creatures. Slowly the girl’s legs change into a beautiful tail, and she transforms into a mermaid.

It was the same day that Ho-kyung had worn Ho-gu’s jacket to school, and we see the twins screaming at each other over it at the family’s manhwa store. Do-hee comes into the store while Ho-gu is working, chooses a couple of books, and asks Ho-gu hesitantly if the girl turns into a mermaid every time she goes into the water.

Ho-gu misunderstands and thinks she’s asking about the girl in the manhwa books she chose and corrects her, since Elize is a warrior. Annoyed, Do-hee pays and leaves in a huff, but Ho-gu realizes what she meant and goes after her. He calls out that the girl was a mermaid from the beginning, which is why she’s happier in the water and isn’t comfortable around people.

After that, Do-hee had visited the manhwa store often, initially turning down Ho-gu’s tentative gifts of fruit. Slowly she begins to accept the tangerines, and eventually they’re comfortable enough to sit knee-too-knee and silently share fudge pops. That is so freaking adorable — it wasn’t a one-sided love!

But one day, Ho-gu and Tae-hee go to a restaurant, and Ho-gu’s face falls to see Do-hee and Kang-chul eating together. He watches as Do-hee asks if Kang-chul looked in the book she returned to him, disappointed that he hasn’t mentioned the four-leaf clover, and unaware that Kang-chul doesn’t even know it was from her.

Turns out, Do-hee brought Kang-chul here to ask him if she can use the pool at the club he belongs to, since the pool is regulation-size. He flatly refuses her, citing the high dues for members, and says they can’t just let any loser use the pool. Do-hee’s temper flares, and she splatters ddukbokki sauce on his hand and leaves.

Kang-chul uses the sketchbook that Do-hee had with her to wipe his hand, which has Ho-gu (who’s still watching for a couple of tables over) rising from his chair in horror. He leaves with Tae-hee right behind him, so they miss Do-hee coming back for her things. She sees the sauce smear on the sketchbook, and her loud threats have Kang-chul’s hands shaking violently.

Unaware that Ho-gu witnessed her conversation with Kang-chul, Do-hee goes to the manhwa store with snacks as usual, but Ho-gu isn’t in any mood to hang out. He shuts her down so Do-hee leaves, but Ho-gu only watches her go.

Back in the present, Do-hee leaves Ho-gu napping with Geum-dong, but before she goes she asks Kang-chul why Ho-gu had earlier mentioned a fast food restaurant that had been outside their school. Kang-chul just reasons that Ho-gu is abnormal, ha.

Do-hee goes to a cemetery with flowers, though we don’t see who she’s visiting. She apologizes to the person for not coming in a long time, and cleans up the grave while saying the person’s parents should visit more often. No, she should come more often, but she’s been busy, hiding and looking into adoption while also trying to make a comeback.

Do-hee’s smile falters as she says that she got “our” baby back (although in Korean, that doesn’t necessarily mean anything other than a term of endearment). She asks if she did well, and starts to cry in earnest: “I miss you. I really miss you.”

Chung-jae waits nervously for Ho-kyung in a cafe, adorably dressed in a suit, but she shows up in her ratty old tracksuit. He tells her he likes her, and even presents her with flowers and a song, but gets no reaction whatsoever. She bounces up when Gong-mi enters the cafe, leaving him hanging mid-note.

Kang-chul watches Ho-gu sleep all day, and finds the sketchbook that Do-hee is still carrying around with her. He lays on the floor to get a closer look at Ho-gu, remembering Ho-kyung’s words that if your heart pounds for someone, it means you like them.

Kang-chul searches Ho-gu’s sleeping face, looking simultaneously worried and fascinated. Softly he asks, “Kang Ho-gu… do I… like you?” He thinks about Ho-kyung’s advice to kiss the man again and see if his reaction is the same, and he reaches out but stops short of caressing Ho-gu’s face.

Kang-chul slowly leans down, determined to see if another kiss with Ho-gu will make his heart pound. Just before their lips touch, Do-hee comes home and sees Kang-chul leaning over Ho-gu, and claps her hands over her mouth in shock.

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tvN Drama "Ho-gu's Love" Episode 10 Recap

tvN Drama Ho-gu's Love Episode 10 Recap

Kang-chul pins Ho-gu to the wall and tells him that he’s going to finally see this through. Rawr. Do-hee pounds on the locked door, shouting at Kang-chul to talk to her instead of Ho-gu, but Kang-chul is desperate to finally get an answer and end the confusion: just who, exactly, does Ho-gu like? Is it Do-hee? Ho-gu admits that he does indeed like Do-hee.

Stunned, Kang-chul reels back, wondering how that’s even possible. Ho-gu knows he shouldn’t have those feelings, either — especially because of Kang-chul. Even so, he still likes Do-hee. With a pained expression, Kang-chul quietly asks: “Do you like Do-hee… more than me?”

Outside, Do-hee is ready to break down the door, but Kang-chul suddenly emerges. He brushes her off when she asks him to talk in private, and she follows him to his car, asking him what he and Ho-gu talked about. In his room, Ho-gu reaches for the baby rattle Kang-chul left behind, and then picks up the four-leaf clover that fell to the floor.

Kang-chul tries to walk away from Do-hee, telling her he’s not going to waste his time with this anymore, but there’s no dramatic escape for him since his car is blocked in. He pounds on the window of a van to get the guys inside to move it — uh-oh, it looks like they’re reporters on a stake-out.

The reporter feigns surprise at running into Do-hee, who furtively takes off her “disguise” (aka her pair of oversized glasses) and genially greets him, pretending to also be surprised at their meeting like this. He pleasantly agrees it must be fate, but zeros in on the baby she’s holding.

She lies that it’s a friend’s baby, and when the reporter “jokingly” asks if it’s actually hers instead, she smoothly denies it. He asks what the baby’s name is, and she falters for a moment. Kang-chul watches in worry, knowing she hasn’t named him yet. But she quickly reassures the reporter that he has a name — she sees one of Ho-gu’s stray kittens he’s named, and uses the kitten’s name for inspiration. “His name is Geum-dong.”

To confirm that she’s telling the truth, Ho-gu comes running up, shouting “Geum-dong!” He gathers up the baby, telling Do-hee she can leave now, and then hands “Geum-dong” over to his “father,” Kang-chul. He literally shoves Kang-chul and the baby into Kang-chul’s car as he babbles to the reporter about how they have to take care of the baby now.

He drives off with Kang-chul and the baby, and Kang-chul is just as concerned as I am about Ho-gu’s terrible driving skills. But a nervous Ho-gu reassures Kang-chul that he does, indeed, have his driver’s license. As he switches on the windshield wipers instead of the turn indicator, he adds that this is only the other time he’s been behind the wheel since he took the driving test.

Somehow the guys make it safely to Kang-chul’s parking garage. Kang-chul is surprised to find out that the reporters have been following Do-hee for awhile, and that’s why she went to Ho-gu’s house. When Do-hee calls, Kang-chul snatches the phone from Ho-gu, demanding to know why she’s wandering around when reporters are stalking her. And what the hell is that awful smell?

That would be a poopy diaper, and Ho-gu carries the baby into Kang-chul’s apartment so he can change it. But Mr. Neat-freak Kang-chul tries to keep Ho-gu from setting the baby down on any of the furniture, worried about the poop getting on his pristine sofa. Affronted that Kang-chul is more worried about poop than the welfare of the baby, Ho-gu breezes by and sets about changing the diaper on Kang-chul’s bed (much to Kang-chul’s horror).

Coach is relieved to find out that the reporters didn’t learn anything. Besides, they won’t have to worry about hiding out for too much longer — he found a couple who will adopt Do-hee’s baby, but they want to pick him up today. She’s surprised at how sudden it is, but for Coach, it’s not soon enough.

They arrive at Kang-chul’s apartment, where Ho-gu is happily cuddling with the baby and an irritated Kang-chul is busy changing his soiled bed linens. Coach is impressed with the apartment, and Kang-chul proudly puffs up when Ho-gu happily explains that Kang-chul is a successful lawyer — and the father of Do-hee’s baby.

Them’s fightin’ words, and Coach grabs Kang-chul by the lapels as he yells at him, blaming him for this mess. Kang-chul tries to explain that he’s not the father, and Do-hee steps up to intervene, also yelling at Coach that Kang-chul isn’t the father. Ho-gu kicks back on the sofa with the baby, watching them with a satisfied look on his face.

Ho-gu’s family watches a drama on TV, and the lines are eerily close to the ones that Ho-kyung had used with Kang-chul earlier. She cringes as she realizes how desperate she sounded. Mom scoffs that the drama is boring — they always make the girl a single mother who has to raise a child. Hey, now. They’re not all boring.

But Mom’s already switched to the news where there’s a report on Do-hee. Mom remarks that she looks exactly like Ho-gu’s girlfriend, which surprises Dad because she’s so pretty and Ho-gu is, well, Ho-gu. Ho-kyung is more surprised to discover that Ho-gu has a girlfriend in the first place.

Coach and Ho-gu glower at Kang-chul as Do-hee fixes up the scrapes Coach gave him during their tussel. Kang-chul slinks down into his seat as Do-hee yells at them, reminding them that she’s already told them he’s not the father. Coach doesn’t care, though — after the baby gets picked by his adoptive parents, Coach is going to interrogate Kang-chul, anyway.

Ho-gu is a little shocked to realize that baby is leaving tonight. Kang-chul doesn’t understand why the adoptive parents have to come to his apartment, of all places, but Coach explains it’s the only place that works, since Do-hee’s still in hiding. Fine, then — but they can only sit where Kang-chul allows them to sit, and they’re not allowed to touch any of his trophies. Coach: “That just makes me want to touch them even more.”

Ho-kyung sneaks into Ho-gu’s room and rifles through his things. She finds the box that Ho-gu keeps his precious momentos from that night in Yeosu, as well as the baby rattle Kang-chul left behind.

At the studio, Chung-jae tries to butter up Tae-hee in order to find out who the father of Do-hee’s baby is, but Tae-hee insists he doesn’t know. The suggestion that Ho-gu might be the father is immediately dismissed, but at that moment, they receive a message from Ho-kyung, demanding they explain why Do-hee is now dating Ho-gu.

Kang-chul tries to go about his normal life, but his new house guests are disrupting his flow. He finds Coach sprawled on the sofa, idly playing a video game on his phone, and Ho-gu on the bed with the baby. When he reminds Ho-gu that he didn’t give Ho-gu permission to be on the bed, Ho-gu pouts that the sofa is too small for him to lie down with Geum-dong. His lip wobbles as he says it’s the last time he’ll get to see the baby, and Kang-chul clutches at his suddenly pounding heart.

Flustered, he allows Ho-gu to stay on the bed, provided he doesn’t change any more poopy diapers on it. When he heads into the restroom to calm his pounding heart, he’s startled to find Do-hee curled up in his bathtub. She sadly tells him that she wishes she could give her baby a proper bath before he’s adopted.

Kang-chul tries to ignore her, but once sad-puppy-face Ho-gu appears to make the same wish, he doesn’t stand a chance against them. He says they can give the baby a bath — just don’t let him pee in the tub. Kang-chul tries to distract himself with his work, but he’s still clutching his heart as he remembers Ho-gu’s answer to his “Do you like Do-hee more than me?” question.

Ho-gu couldn’t answer that, because how can he know? He can’t possibly compare the feelings people have for each other — it’s different for each individual. Once again the men continue their cross-talk, as Kang-chul thinks Ho-gu means he loves both Do-hee and Kang-chul, but Ho-gu thinks Kang-chul is asking if he likes Do-hee more than Kang-chul likes her.

When Kang-chul tells him that it’s abnormal (as in, it’s abnormal to him for a man to be equally in love with a man and a woman), Ho-gu admits that he knows it’s strange that he’s squeezing in between them (as in, he’s interfering in what he assumes is the relationship between Kang-chul and Do-hee). But even so, he has to do it so he can see the baby. Kang-chul: “A man, a woman, and now a baby?” He throws the four-leaf clover on the floor, telling Ho-gu he refuses to be a part of this confusing mess anymore.

Shaking off the memory of that conversation, Kang-chul focuses once more on his work. Meanwhile, Do-hee and Ho-gu give the baby a bath. Eeep, that’s a huge tub with a lot of water in it for such a little baby.

They gently wash the baby, being careful not to disturb the remaining bit of the umbilical cord still attached to him. Do-hee sighs, sad that she won’t be able to see it fall off before the baby leaves. Kang-chul peeks in on his way to refill his espresso, but the next thing he knows, he’s helping bathe the baby, too.

Ho-kyung lays out the evidence that Do-hee was the girl Ho-gu had a fling with, and Tae-hee continues to profusely deny that they’re dating. When she asks if the thing with her brother petered out because of Kang-chul, Tae-hee gasps that she figured it out (and Chung-jae just wants to know who Kang-chul is, ha!). She downs another shot of soju as she contemplates what Kang-chul, Do-hee, and her brother are up to.

Still washing the cutest baby ever, that’s what. Ho-gu and Do-hee are delighted when the tiny bit of umbilical falls off the baby’s belly button as Kang-chul washes it, but Kang-chul freaks out and tries to put it back, worried that the baby will be without a belly button the rest of his life.

Do-hee and Ho-gu explain that it’s supposed to fall off, and she takes it from him, gently wrapping it up in a cloth so that Geum-dong’s new parents can keep it. They dress the baby on Kang-chul’s bed, pointedly explaining that they can’t add the baby powder so it won’t make a mess.

But Kang-chul is wrapped around their fingers now, and despite his initial protests, he insists they put it on. He’s just going to change the sheets, anyway, so it doesn’t matter if they make a mess. Yeah, because changing the linens a few times a day is just what you do, eh? The cute domestic moment is soon cut short when Coach tells Do-hee that CEO Park wants to see her.

She leaves the baby with Ho-gu, and he coos over Geum-dong as Kang-chul pretends to not care. But Kang-chul watches as Ho-gu shows Geum-dong the “belly button” that fell off. He explains that if you cry and laugh, it will fall off, and then when it falls off, the belly button needs to be carefully disinfected. Ho-gu starts to cry because he won’t be around to disinfect it for Geum-dong — instead his adoptive parents will be the ones to take care of it. The doorbell rings and Ho-gu goes to answer it, thinking it’s Do-hee returning from her meeting. Instead, it’s Coach with the adoptive parents.

Do-hee’s still in her meeting with CEO Park and the rest of the board of directors who are there to cancel Do-hee’s contract and replace her with Sung-shil, her rival. But CEO Park is one tough cookie, and asks someone to convince her why it’s a good idea to get rid of Do-hee. When someone brings up the rumor about the baby, she point-blank asks Do-hee if she had a baby.

Pausing a moment, Do-hee looks her straight in the eye and calmly answers, “No.” That’s enough evidence for CEO Park, and she chides everyone for believing rumors over the word of one of their athletes. She cooly tells the board that if it turns out the rumor is true, she’ll resign as CEO.

Do-hee meets with CEO Park privately in her office, humbly apologizing for putting her in a difficult position and offering to take full responsibility. But that’s not what CEO Park wanted to talk to her about, and Do-hee desperately tells her that she’ll work four times as hard and make it to the Olympics and win the gold medal.

When CEO Park gives her a hug, Do-hee starts to cry. “Don’t you want to know what I’ve been up to?” But CEO Park tells her that it doesn’t matter what she did — she’s back now. That’s all that counts.

Coach explains to the adoptive parents that the baby’s mother attends one of Korea’s best colleges and accidentally got pregnant with her boyfriend, who’s studying for the civil service exam. Of course. In private, Coach explains that he’s just trying to keep Do-hee’s identity as the mother a secret, as well as make the baby appear more appealing by having smart biological parents. When they find out that Geum-dong is a boy, the adoptive parents aren’t so sure they want him because they were expecting a girl.

Ho-gu sends an urgent text to Do-hee, telling her to hurry back. He’s got a bad feeling about the parents, but Coach sends him off to get a teddy bear so the baby will have something to remember them by. He runs into Do-hee just arriving at the apartment, and it’s too late — the adoptive parents have already left with Geum-dong.

Do-hee fights to keep her expression neutral as she agrees with Coach that it was best that Geum-dong left before she returned — it’s easier that way. Ho-gu spots something in the trash and digs it out before rushing back out the door. He runs through the streets, looking everywhere for Geum-dong while Coach, Do-hee, and Kang-chul sit silently in the apartment, each lost in their own thoughts.

Coach tries to ask how it went at the meeting, and Do-hee tells him she starts training again tomorrow. Ho-gu returns just as she’s forcefully rattling off the regimen Coach will need to put her on. Ho-gu’s still worried about Geum-dong because he doesn’t trust the adoptive parents, and Do-hee cooly asks if he wants to bring Geum-dong back — it’s easiest to have a baby adopted when he’s still a newborn, you know. Ho-gu says it isn’t that, but Do-hee stands and turns to face him.

Her voice rising in emotion, she asks what will happen if they bring him back and can’t find someone to adopt him. Who will take care of him? Will Ho-gu decide to sacrifice her life and her dreams so he can save Geum-dong’s?

But Ho-gu shouts that they left behind the belly button. He breaks down into sobs, explaining that he gave it to them to take careful care of since it belongs to Geum-dong, but they threw it away. He shows it to Do-hee, and she slowly turns around and sinks back down on the sofa.

Ho-gu falls to the floor, weeping. Do-hee silently cries, her face still turned away. The happy times they shared during Geum-dong’s bath are now just a memory.

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tvN Drama

tvN Drama "Ho-gu's Love" Episode 9 Recap

tvN Drama Ho-gu's Love Episode 9 Recap

Ho-gu comforts a crying Do-hee in the alley, and she wails that she’ll never be able to fall in love again, so upset that his assurances that it’s not true don’t seem to get through to her. Kang-chul watches in shock, then he drops the seaweed soup that Ho-gu made and leaves without a word.

Ho-gu leads Do-hee inside but she can’t stop crying, and she says she’s afraid the tears will never stop. She tells him that this has happened before, when she cried for three days straight after her parents’ forty-ninth day memorial ceremony. She huddles under the covers and whines that she couldn’t even cry when they died. Her sobs wake the baby, and she pats him on the tummy to comfort him. Ho-gu pats Do-hee to comfort her in turn, and all together now: AWWW.

Ho-gu softly murmurs that she probably just held back too much — his father says tears are like urine, and you have to let them out regularly. That’s so oddly gross, yet sweet. He figures Do-hee’s tears are a good thing, and tells her to let it all out today.

Kang-chul goes back to the empty alley and fumes when he sees the light in Ho-gu’s window go out. He kicks the soup pot which alerts Ho-gu (who’s sitting on the steps) to his presence, and Ho-gu picks up the pot and follows Kang-chul to his car. He’s too late, and Kang-chul peels out leaving Ho-gu to wonder why he came.

Ho-gu’s mom knocks on his door the next morning, startling him and Do-hee awake (and awww, he slept all night with his hand on Do-hee’s shoulder). Ho-gu and Do-hee scramble to hide all the evidence of her and the baby, but when Mom finally gets in to collect his laundry, Ho-gu freaks out a little bit when she accidentally grabs a dirty diaper.

The baby lets out a little peep and Ho-gu blames it on a stray kitten outside his window, grabs the laundry and the diaper, and finally gets Mom to leave. But her radar is pinging, and she asks Dad if Ho-gu could possibly have a girlfriend. She could swear his room smelled like a woman had been in there.

Ho-gu lets Do-hee and the baby out of his closet, and they have this awkward moment where they stand a bit closer, and stare a bit longer, than strictly necessary. The baby coos and provides an excuse to do something else, and Do-hee lets out a little breath of tension once Ho-gu moves away. I saw that.

Kang-chul furiously writes down everything he (thinks he) knows about Ho-gu, drawing what seem to be the most logical conclusions. Ho-gu kissed him, therefore Ho-gu is gay. Ho-gu thinks Kang-chul is the baby’s father, made seaweed soup for Do-hee, and told Kang-chul to take responsibility for Do-hee, therefore Ho-gu likes Do-hee. But how can both of those things be true?

Ho-gu prepares for work and tells Do-hee that she can stay until her coach comes back, though she’s hesitant to accept. She ignores a call from Kang-chul, saying it’s not important. Ho-gu just quietly takes the baby and tells her to answer, and Kang-chul asks her to meet with him about the baby.

Ho-gu offers to take the baby to work with him so Do-hee can see Kang-chul, using reporters as an excuse, but I really suspect he just loves that tiny little face. Neither Chung-jae nor Tae-hee are thrilled to see the baby at the office, but at least Tae-hee makes an effort to pretend it’s okay.

Do-hee and Kang-chul talk in his car, where he tells her that Ho-gu came to see him. He says that Ho-gu thinks he’s the father and ordered him to take responsibility, and Do-hee demands to know what Kang-chul told Ho-gu. He wants her apology first, and she promises to explain everything to Ho-gu.

Kang-chul asks what the relationship is between Do-hee and Ho-gu, and he doesn’t believe her when she says they’re just friends. Ho-gu does too much for her to be just friends. Do-hee misunderstands his irrational emotional state to mean that he still likesher, and Kang-chul accuses her of being a narcissist. HAHA.

Do-hee can tell he’s jealous, and quips that he either likes her or Ho-gu, but that hits a bit close to home. Kang-chul goes overboard denying it, saying that he’s just angry at being accused of being the father. Do-hee leaves in a snit, wondering how she could have ever liked him.

The tension is palpable as Ho-gu works while holding the baby, and Chung-jae tells him that he’s violating his labor contract by bringing a baby to work. He at least wants to know whose baby it is, not taking “my friend’s baby” as an acceptable answer anymore.

Tae-hee says the mother is a friend of theirs from high school, concocting a story that she doesn’t get along with her mother-in-law so has nobody to take care of the baby. Chung-jae is so upset at having a baby around that he scrunches up his Do-hee pillow, making Tae-hee and Ho-gu cringe. Ho-gu asks if they have childcare leave, and Chung-jae nearly has a stroke.

He sends Ho-gu and Tae-hee out to sort the trash as punishment, and Ho-gu tells Tae-hee that Do-hee is meeting with Kang-chul. He’s upset that they’re probably getting back together, and takes his anger out on the aluminum cans, close to tears. He tells Tae-hee that he’s so angry his heart is burning, but if Kang-chul is the baby’s father, there’s nothing he can do.

Kang-chul meanwhile sits in his apartment stewing over Do-hee’s joke that he must like Ho-gu, and nurses his upset at Ho-gu’s hypocrisy. How can he have kissed Kang-chul back in school but like Do-hee now? Can a gay man suddenly like women again? He ignores a text from Ho-kyung asking what he’s doing today.

Do-hee goes by Ho-gu’s work to pick up the baby and finds Chung-jae alone, and he admonishes her for leaving her baby at someone else’s workplace. He’s hugging his Do-hee pillow and fanning himself with his Do-hee fan, but he still doesn’t recognize her and scoffs when she says she’s a swimmer. Even when she tells Chung-jae her 100 meter record, he yells that that’s Do Do-hee’s record, and he’s not an idiot. Um…

Chung-jae is all smiles once Ho-gu and Tae-hee come back and he realizes this really isDo Do-hee, and he even argues that she can’t stay in a hotel because the reporters could find her and anyway, she’d be all alone. He generously offers for her to keep staying in Ho-gu’s room, and did he really just call the baby “agi-nim”? HAHA. Ho-gu is confused to find out that he suddenly has childcare leave as part of his work contract.

Ho-gu and Do-hee sneak back to his room with the baby, and Do-hee apologizes that the adoption is taking longer than expected to go through. Ho-gu is surprised that she doesn’t plan to raise the baby with Kang-chul, but they’re distracted by the kitten at his window again.

Ho-gu says the kitten’s name is Geum-dong. His father named all the neighborhood stray cats, because even stray cats have the right to have a name. Ho-gu hopes that Kang-chul will at least name his baby. But Do-hee sets him straight — Kang-chul is not the father.

Mom and Dad tango and pop a bottle of champagne, because Mom spotted Ho-gu taking areal live woman to his room. Ho-kyung wanders in but isn’t impressed at her brother’s newfound dating prowess, and her dad literally tackles her when she tries to go to Ho-gu’s room to get her blanket back, hee.

Meanwhile Do-hee tells a shocked Ho-gu not to contact Kang-chul anymore, since he has nothing to do with this baby. She promises that once the baby’s been adopted she won’t bother Ho-gu anymore. Trying to process all this, Ho-gu just gives her a sad little smile.

Kang-chul relaxes at home with music and wine, but he shuts the music off when his parents try to let themselves in and find that he’s changed his passcode. His mom calls him and he refuses to give her the passcode, telling her it’s bad manners to let themselves in. His dad grabs the phone to say it’s not his home since they paid for it, but Kang-chul reminds him that he earned it by becoming a lawyer.

His parents leave and this time the doorbell rings, and Kang-chul is surprised to see Ho-gu outside his door. He lets Ho-gu in, and Ho-gu says he came to give Kang-chul something. He sets the baby’s rattle on the table, saying that it makes the baby calm down. Next he holds up a diaper and shows him how you can tell if it’s dirty.

Kang-chul stops Ho-gu halfway through his detailed explanation of diaper cream, but Ho-gu says he should know this stuff as a guardian. Kang-chul yells that he’s not the father, but Ho-gu thinks that Do-hee is just covering for Kang-chul because she likes him.

With a pained expression, Kang-chul asks why Ho-gu is doing this to him, but Ho-gu thinks he should already know. Kang-chul knows there’s no way Ho-gu likes Do-hee, wondering if possibly… does Ho-gu still… ? But Ho-gu just wants to know if he doesn’t have the right to like Do-hee. Is Kang-chul looking down on him because he’s a lawyer with a fancy house?

Poor Kang-chul couldn’t possibly be more confused, especially when Ho-gu assures him that there’s no way Do-hee could like him since she still likes Kang-chul. Ho-gu says he just wants the person he likes to be happy, so he’s trying to like the person that the person he likes, likes.

It’s worded so confusingly that Kang-chul of course hears it backwards, that Ho-gu is trying to like Do-hee because she likes the same person he likes. Kang-chul clutches his heart when it starts to beat wildly in his chest, remembering his kiss with “Ho-gu,” and his knees give out.

Ho-gu tells him that the baby still has no name, and that Kang-chul will regret it if he lets the baby be adopted without giving him a name. He leaves the rattle to remind Kang-chul to visit the baby just once and name him, and says he’ll be waiting for him. After he leaves, Kang-chul tries to catch his breath and stares at the rattle as if it might bite him.

Ho-kyung and Gong-mi drink beer in the park (through straws, because they’re dainty ladies, you know), and Gong-mi chastises Ho-kyung for letting herself get so upset over an unanswered text message. It’s not like Kang-chul is her first love or anything. This reminds Ho-yung of her day with Kang-chul, when she and Ho-gu had fought over which jacket to wear.

Mom said they had to wear different colors because even she got them confused if they wore the same thing. Ho-kyung has snuck off to school wearing Ho-gu’s jacket, which is how she had his name tag on that day.

Back in the present, Gong-mi asks what Ho-kyung sees in that stuffy Kang-chul anyway, and Ho-kyung only smiles that he’s cute, remembering him cowering behind her and his defiant drinking when she dared him. Gong-mi says there are lots of cute guys out there, but Ho-kyung dreamily admits that Kang-chul is her one-and-only first love. Too bad Gong-mi is already passed out drunk.

Do-hee wakes in the night to find the baby gone, and a note from Ho-gu not to worry. She goes outside to sit on the steps, where Mom accidentally catches her when she pokes her head out the door. Ha, it’s hard to tell who’s more embarrassed.

Mom invites Do-hee in for some fruit, and Do-hee apologizes for being in Ho-gu’s room. Mom assures her that she has every right to be there as Ho-gu’s girlfriend, going to great lengths to tell Do-hee that they neeever eeever go into Ho-gu’s room, and by the way Dad even goes to bed early. Also the basement is soundproof. I’m dying over here — Mom makes a pretty darn good wingman!

Do-hee relaxes a bit when Mom comments on her looks but doesn’t recognize her, though Mom admits she’s too pretty for Ho-gu. She pouts that Ho-gu’s never even had a “some,” much less a real girlfriend, which makes Do-hee smile. Never mind, I’m revoking Mom’s Wingman Card.

Mom says that Do-hee may find it difficult to date Ho-gu because he’s slow, and Do-hee adds that he’s not concerned about himself and a scaredy-cat, but she says it with so much affection it squeezes my heart. Mom asks why she’s dating him then, and Do-hee starts to deny it, but stops herself and just says it’s because of his smile.

Do-hee tells Mom that when she smiles, she only smiles halfway, because she’s afraid people will take advantage of her if she seems to easy to get along with. So she only smiles part-way and saves some “bullets” for herself. “But Ho-gu, he smiles one hundred percent. He leaves his bullets behind and always smiles with one hundred percent of his heart.” So true.

Do-hee adds that that’s why Ho-gu needs to meet someone nice. Mom tells her that she isnice, and Do-hee asks with the most childlike hopeful expression if Mom likes her. Mom says that she does, because if Ho-gu likes her then she’s worth it. She adds that she’s fine with his choice as long as it’s not a married woman with kids… whoops. Do-hee’s eyes well up but I don’t know if she even heard that last comment, because she just says she envies Ho-gu.

The next morning on his way to work, Kang-chul stops to glare at the offending rattle again, pocketing it. But when he gets to work he remembers Ho-gu saying that he hopes Kang-chul comes once to see and name the baby, and he chucks the rattle in the garbage.

Ho-kyung is waiting to “accidentally” run into him, and Kang-chul doesn’t look at all happy to see her. They go for coffee where he throws up a wall every time Ho-kyung tries to connect with him, but she’s doggedly determined to get through to him. She even provides an excuse for why he probably didn’t ask her out on a second date, saying he was probably too busy.

SLAM. She runs into another wall when Kang-chul replies blandly that he wasn’t busy, he just forgot. Ho-kyung’s smile falters a bit, but she says that at least now he has another chance. But he makes it clear he’s not interested, and says he hopes they don’t run into each other again. He tells her he never changes his opinion, and gets up to leave.

Ho-kyung jumps to her feet to holler, “Just go out with me!” Such a delicate flower, this girl, haha. The entire restaurant stares as Kang-chul grinds his teeth at her: “I. Don’t. Want. To.”

Gotta give the girl props, she’s stubborn as a mule. She actually chases Kang-chul out and physically blocks his path. She drops all the overly-polite calculated lines and says honestly that she wants to keep seeing him, practically begging him to go out with her again.

Ho-kyung says that she’s willing to do whatever it takes, even if it’s humiliating, which seems to give Kang-chul pause. She says that if she doesn’t grab him now, she’s worried he’ll never fall in love. She actually knows the guy pretty well — she knows that he avoids things like public transportation because people can be messy and dirty. But she’s scared he’ll die of loneliness that way.

It’s clear that Kang-chul is moved, but he blusters that Ho-kyung doesn’t even know him well enough to say those things. He doesn’t need those things, or her, only himself. He pushes past her and goes on his way.

Do-hee tells Ho-gu that her coach is back, and that her baby’s adoptive parents have been chosen. It’s a good situation, because they’re educated and wealthy, and they plan to move to the States with the baby. But Ho-gu is shocked, sure she was going to change her mind and stay with Kang-chul and keep the baby.

Later, Kang-chul asks Gong-mi and Lawyer Gae if they ever ride the subway. They do, but Gong-mi snickers that Kang-chul could never do it — he’s so scared of human contact that he has his own pen, his own coffee cup, and even his own bathroom. She and Lawyer Gae whisper as they leave that Kang-chul will probably die alone in his house, and Kang-chul looks chastened to hear it twice in one day.

We see that when Kang-chul walked away from Ho-kyung, she’d yelled at his back that it wasn’t that he doesn’t need other people, but that he’s scared. He runs back to the garage and fishes the rattle out of the trash (does he just carry rubber gloves with him all the time? That’s hilarious).

Ho-gu asks Do-hee if he can go with her to see Coach and meet the adoptive parents, but she cuts him off and says he can’t. She has her armor firmly back in place, and doesn’t even let him say goodbye to the baby or walk her out.

Shortly after she leaves, Ho-gu hears a commotion and opens his door to see a furious Kang-chul standing outside. Do-hee runs back to see what’s happening, but Kang-chul just pushes Ho-gu inside and locks the door behind him.

Pinning Ho-gu to the wall by the wrist and getting real up close and personal, Kang-chul growls right into Ho-gu’s face: “I came to see you, Kang Ho-gu. I’m going to seal the deal here in this room today.”


tvN Drama

tvN Drama "Ho-gu's Love" Episode 8 Recap

tvN Drama Ho-gu's Love Episode 8 Preview

Kang-chul is surprised to see Ho-gu barge into his office, yet he cooly pulls himself together to greet him. In return, Ho-gu is surprised that Kang-chul remembers him, but Kang-chul thinks to himself, “How could I forget you?” and then pulls his hand away like it’s on fire when he realizes how long he’s been gripping Ho-gu’s hand.

Ho-gu has something to tell him about “what happened that night,” and a worried Kang-chul kicks his staff out of his office so they can talk in private. As Ho-gu glares at him, asking him if he’s afraid of other people finding out about “that night” (he’s referring to when he overheard Do-hee and Kang-chul talking at the hospital about “that night,” which Ho-gu interpreted to mean when they had sex), but Kang-chul’s actually worried about him remembering “that night” six years ago, when they “kissed.”

They cross-talk past each other, and Ho-gu becomes irate when a bewildered Kang-chul refuses to take responsibility for his actions “that night.” It wasn’t his fault — he wasn’t the one who started it. Ho-gu lunges for him, rarin’ for a fight, but Kang-chul spins out of the way, telling he won’t be fooled again (worried about another kiss, eh?).

Ho-gu’s fighting abilities seem to only destroy the office, though. Kang-chul tries to reassure Ho-gu that it meant nothing to him (to be kissed by “Ho-gu”) — there were no emotions attached, which to Ho-gu sounds like it means that sleeping with Do-hee meant nothing to Kang-chul. As Ho-gu scrambles back on his feet to continue his one-man fight, he sees the four-leaf clover that had fallen to the floor, and stops.

Quietly, he asks Kang-chul if he’s kept it all this time, and a frantic Kang-chul shouts that it means nothing to him. Panicking, he punches Ho-gu in the face, knocking him out and giving him a bloody nose.

At a pharmacy, Tae-hee cleans up Kang-chul’s bloody nose, asking why that jerk Kang-chul hit him. Ho-gu says it’s because of the four-leaf clover.

Flashback to high school, where Ho-gu nervously waits outside the sports center for Do-hee, the infamous comic of her in his hand. She ignores him as he follows her like a lost puppy until she finally spins around, telling him if he’s there to apologize for the comic, then forget about it.

All she wants to do is forget the comic ever happened and not have to deal with a guy like him. She orders him to leave her alone. But Ho-gu can’t forget about her, and later that night as he remembers watching her swim, he starts a new drawing. The next morning, he waits nervously at school, practicing what he’ll say to Do-hee when he gives the sketch book to her.

That’s when he notices her slipping the four-leaf clover into the book she returns to Kang-chul, which promptly falls out as Kang-chul walks away. Which is when he rushes up to return it to Kang-chul.

In the present, Ho-gu slowly walks back to the hotel, Do-hee’s baby in his arms. He thinks about the fact that Kang-chul has kept that clover all these years — which must mean that he still cares for Do-hee.

When Ho-gu returns with the baby, Do-hee furiously demands to know where he’s been all day, since she couldn’t get in touch with him. He smiles a little at the thought that she was worried about him, but she insists she was just worried about the baby. She notices the cotton swabs sticking out from his nose, and he stammers out that he just fell down. But she’s not buying it, and she narrows her eyes as Ho-gul nervously gulps, telling him that it looks like he actually… picks his nose? Hahaha!

Gong-mi thinks Ho-gu and Tae-hee must be related to the single mother case Kang-chul has been working (because they had the baby with them), and is ready to report them to the police, but Kang-chul tells her not to. In fact, he begs her not to mention them to anyone ever again. When he dismisses her for the day, she hands him the four-leaf clover that she found on the floor. He stares at it, remembering that day when “Ho-gu” kissed him.

In a flashback, a dazed high school student Kang-chul slowly walks home, only to be met with a slipper to the head as soon as he enters the door. Dad is furious that his son skipped school and smells like alcohol. He’s ready to bring a beat-down, but Mom throws her wine in Kang-chul’s face, calmly telling him to go focus on his English studies. Well, that’s one way to diffuse the situation.

For the next month, Kang-chul tries to avoid Ho-gu as he studies for his exams, and it almost works — he almost forgets about what happened that night, until Ho-gu runs up to him with the four-leaf clover. In his voiceover, Kang-chul says he was relieved that he didn’t react and that, afterwards, Ho-gu “pretended” he didn’t know Kang-chul, but he seems slightly disappointed that Ho-gu doesn’t acknowledge him when he passes by.

In the present-day, Kang-chul wonders why Ho-gu would show up now, all these years later, demanding he take responsibility for that night. Take responsibility for what, he wonders, as he throws the four-leaf clover into the trashcan and leaves his office — only to come back a minute later, stomping his feet in frustration as he retrieves the four-leaf clover from the trash.

On the motel rooftop, Do-hee reminds Ho-gu that he promised to return her silver medal to her. He digs it out of his pocket to hand it over, but she tells him he can keep it — it’s her way of repaying him for all he’s done for her. Ho-gu insists that he can’t keep it, but she reassures him that she’s going to win a gold medal instead.

Ho-gu reassures her that he doesn’t look down on her for having a kid — how could he, after having seen what it takes to give birth? He does wonder who will watch the baby when she’s swimming, though — Coach, perhaps. Do-hee tells him that her baby’s adoptive parents will take care of him. Ho-gu stares at her, stunned, but she just smiles, avoiding his gaze as she returns to her room.

When Ho-gu returns as well, he worries about all the heavy, greasy food that Coach has been buying for Do-hee. As a new mother, she needs to be careful about her stomach, and tells Coach she should eat things like seaweed soup. In the bathroom, Do-hee clutches her side in pain. Oh no.

Ho-kyung sits despondently on her bed in her, remembering her drunken encounter with Do-hee. With her messy hair and in her old tracksuit, she asks Dad if she’s pretty, and he carefully answers that she looks “comfortable.” Sad, she says that Do-hee must have thought she was a beggar. Dad tries to reassure that maybe she just appeared to be homeless, instead. Oh, Papa Kang, I lub you.

Ho-gu’s up early that morning, much to Mom’s surprise. He tells her he’s making breakfast because Dad’s busy, but Mom notes that he’s making seaweed soup, wondering if someone just had a baby. She points at Ho-gu: “You’re dating someone, aren’t you? And that woman has…” Ho-gu trembles until Mom finishes her sentence “…a birthday today.” Phew.

As Ho-kyung picks at her breakfast, she admits that she ran into the last person who should have seen her like this (and ew, she admits to not washing her tracksuit for three weeks). Mom thinks it must be a guy she likes, but Ho-kyung says it’s worse — it was that guy’s ex-girlfriend. I love that everyone’s horrified on her behalf. What a great family.

While he’s hanging up his laundry, Ho-gu sighs over the fact that Do-hee is putting her baby up for adoption, also remembering that Kang-chul asked him why he needed to take responsibility. Ho-kyung also sighs as she hangs up her laundry, remembering that Kang-chul said she was the second prettiest person he’d ever met.

She asks Ho-gu what it means if a man calls you pretty, but only the “second prettiest,” and Ho-gu says that it must mean the man likes the prettiest one more. When he finds out this is about “that blind date guy,” he tells her that she seems to like him, so she should call him. She sighs that all her dating books tell her not to appear too interested if she wants a second date.

Ho-gu says that she shouldn’t hold back. In art school, he’d carefully hoarded his paint, afraid to use too much of it — but in the end it dried up and he had to throw it out before it was even halfway used. So, too, is the heart — it will dry up if it isn’t used. In a moment a sincere sibling affection, Ho-kyung says that he should do the same, but Ho-gu just smiles, telling her that he was already going to.

Tae-hee and Chung-jae read through all the netizen comments on their final webtoon chapter, frowning at all the ones that say it’s the worst thing ever, and giddily laughing at the ones that say it’s a work of art. Chung-jae tries to reassure himself that even though their readers leave negative comments, they are still generous with their star ratings — except the ratings have dropped to 5.5 out of 10. Yikes.

As he melodramatically flops back in his chair, Chung-jae wonders how small-time artists like themselves can survive in this corporate world. But as soon as the phone rings, he scrambles to answer it — it’s their manager, and when he hangs up the phone, he tells Tae-hee to put away his work. Because they’re going out for dinner in celebration of getting a second season! Yay!

Elated, they call Ho-gu to tell him the good news, telling him to meet them at the squid restaurant. I’m surprised Ho-gu is even allowed to go back there, but he agrees, except he has to stop somewhere first.

Ho-kyung arrives at the restaurant, having been invited to celebrate with them because she helped by cursing them out and motivating them. Ha! Tae-hee asks her how her blind date went, and she moans that she can’t figure out the perfect way to text him. She ignores a mildly jealous Chung-jae when Tae-hee takes her phone to show her what kind of text would make him happy to get from a girl. Ho-kyung scoffs at it, but when Chung-jae distracts her, she accidentally hits “send.” Whoops.

She immediately calls Gong-mi to get her to delete it without him seeing, but for once, Gong-mi is not the keeper of Kang-chul’s many phones — instead, he’s working at home today. When the text goes through, he reads it: “Kang-chul-ssi, I miss you. Bbuing bbuing!” No time to think about it, though, because his housekeeper tells him he has a visitor.

It’s none other than Ho-gu, carrying a giant bundle. He slowly unwraps it, all the while very seriously telling Kang-chul that the only way for them to be happy is if Kang-chul sacrifices himself. Kang-chul hits the deck, yelling for his housekeeper to save herself, believing that the pot Ho-gu opens contains a bomb. Instead, it’s just the seaweed soup for Do-hee.

Ho-gu insists that he take it do Do-hee, which totally confuses Kang-chul, since it has nothing to do with him. When Kang-chul asks him why he should be curious about how she and the baby are doing, Ho-gu bursts out that it’s because Kang-chul is the father. He entreats Kang-chul to take the seaweed soup and make up with Do-hee so she doesn’t have to put the baby up for adoption.

He gets up to leave, admitting that this isn’t really his business, but he just had to ask Kang-chul for this one favor. Ho-gu adds that Kang-chul mustn’t just forget Do-hee. A thoroughly bewildered Kang-chul watches him go.

On the bus ride home, Ho-gu stands to allow a mother with a small child have his seat. He repeats to himself that Kang-chul can’t forget Do-hee — after all, he’s her first love and her baby-daddy. As he sadly walks home, he wonders what she sees in Kang-chul, though. In Ho-gu’s eyes, he’s just bad luck.

Coach is waiting for him with the baby, and tells Ho-gu that reporters have figured out where Do-hee has been hiding. He needs to leave the baby with Ho-gu for a while, and as Coach gets ready to leave, he notes that Ho-gu’s basement room is nice and cozy — a perfect place to hide. I’m sure bars on the window help in that assessment.

As Ho-gu happily babysits, Kang-chul sits alone in his giant apartment, piecing together Ho-gu’s various visits: the punch in the elevator; the fight in his office; leaving behind the seaweed soup. He wonders if it’s all because of Do-hee, and when he remembers the kiss with “Ho-gu,” he slams down the lid to the soup pot, insisting it can’t be that.

Do-hee lurks outside of Ho-gu’s house, ducking around the corner when she sees Ho-kyung walk up. Ho-kyung is once again tipsy, and as she stumbles in, she sees her old shoes in the trash bin — the same shoes that Kang-chul had tied for “Ho-gu.” Furious that her dad was going to throw them out because they’re old and worn, she yells at him, wondering if he’d like it if she threw out a memory as well — like his old love letters or wedding ring. She gets reprimanded by Mom, though — no one talks smack to her honey while she’s around!

Do-hee can only find Ho-gu’s room after she calls him to come get her, and when she’s getting ready to leave with her baby, she echoes Coach’s words, saying that his room is nice and cozy. She and Ho-gu both add at the same time that it’s a good place to hide. Methinks Coach was planting some seeds, because Ho-gu invites her to stay the night, saying it’s too late to find a hotel room.

He gets an extra set of blankets from Ho-kyung and makes up the bed. When he says that he’ll sleep at Tae-hee’s place, Do-hee tells him it’s so late, so he should just sleep here. He adorably fails at nonchalance as he tries to protest, but once he sees that Do-hee’s set up a spot next to the bed for him, he settles in.

Do-hee gently pats her baby as they try to fall asleep, but Ho-gu can’t bear the silence and turns on the radio. Lee Juck and Jung-in’s “Before Sunrise” plays, and just as he’s about to switch it off because it hits a little too close to home, Do-hee sleepily thanks him for that night in Yeosu. He also thanks her for that night, because of her, he had fun and was happy.

She asks him if she remembers it correctly, that they said they had no thought of dating each other. Ho-gu gulps and quietly admits that’s true. Rolling over, half-asleep, she says it’s a relief, because she feels like she’s becoming more of a jerk lately. Then Ho-gu says that he had no desire to date her — because when he was with her, he just wanted to love her. That’s all he wanted to do.

Memories of their happy night in Yeonsu fill Do-hee’s mind. She steps out, telling Ho-gu she needs to use the restroom. After she leaves, Ho-gu kicks himself for his cheesy words, but when he hears Do-hee sobbing outside the window, he gets up and goes to her.

Crouching next to the wall, Do-hee cries her eyes out, and Ho-gu asks if she’s okay — is she crying because she couldn’t find the bathroom? Is she’s hurt anywhere — is it her stomach? But she just tells him to shut up as she continues to wail. Ho-gu gently holds her and she rests her head on his chest while she sobs.

Kang-chul arrives at that moment with the bundle of seaweed soup Ho-gu left with him, and when he sees Ho-gu holding Do-hee, he drops the pot, spilling soup all over the ground.

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tvN Drama "Ho-gu's Love" Episode 6 Recap

tvN Drama Ho-gu's Love Episode 6 Recap

We pick up where we left off, with Kang-chul visiting Do-hee in the hospital, and Ho-gu overhearing their conversation, concluding with the epic “Use a condom, you bastard!” punch in the face. So satisfying.

tvN Drama Ho-gu's Love Episode 6 Recap

Kang-chul is panicked to discover his nose bleeding and stumbles to the floor. Ho-gu hides his face and tries to run as soon as the elevator doors open, but Kang-chul grabs his legs. Before he fully runs away, Ho-gu angrily asks if Kang-chul is hungry, and then throws the buns he had been planning to give to Do-hee at Kang-chul, slipping in one final toss of one of the condoms he took from Ho-kyung before the doors close.

As a nurse and doctor shriek in horror at discovering a knocked-out Kang-chul slumped in the elevator, he voice-overs: “My name is Kang-chul. Byun Kang-chul.”

A sleep-deprived Tae-hee and Chung-jae try to come up with a way to keep their webtoon alive (they decide they can’t use Jordan as their setting for the second season because the popular “Bisaeng” webtoon is using it, pffft). Ho-gu finally arrives at the office, and it’s a melodramatic reunion as Tae-hee asks him where he’s been, beating on Ho-gu’s chest like a forgotten lover.

At Ho-gu’s silence when he asks if he and Do-hee are over, Tae-hee wonders if he’s now become a baby errand boy after spending his life being a snack errand boy. He tries to talk sense into Ho-gu, asking who the father is, and Ho-gu admits he knows who it is, but it takes Tae-hee to put a name to a face: Byun Kang-chul.

Speak of the devil. He’s also trying to figure out why Ho-gu seems so familiar to him — maybe it’s someone he won a case against who has a grudge against him? As he’s trying to place where he’s seen Ho-gu before, Gong-mi arrives to get some documents, and conveniently spots Kang-chul’s old yearbook. But that sparks a sudden connection, and he grabs it from her, flipping to Ho-gu’s picture (which switches to a growling picture of him in the elevator, ha!).

In a high school flashback, Kang-chul observes that Ho-gu is the school’s snack errand boy, or “bread shuttle,” always doing one of three things: buying bread for someone, or buying milk, or buying bread and milk at the same time. It’s clear to Kang-chul that it’s a case of school bullying and a violation of his basic human rights, but Ho-gu flummoxes him by being so happy to do his daily errands.

He can only conclude that Ho-gu was born to be a slave to others. Kang-chul can also predict the exact moment that Tae-hee will come running up to help his friend. As Tae-hee and Ho-gu are beat up for getting the snack order wrong, Kang-chul walks away, dismissing them as inferior beings.

Ho-gu’s pulled out his own yearbook to double-check that it’s the same person, and Tae-hee reminds him that Kang-chul was always a lucky guy in high school.

Another flashback, and a group of girls are all swooning over Kang-chul’s good looks (or class-president ranking, if you go by Tae-hee’s assessment). As Do-hee returns a book to Kang-chul, Ho-gu wonders if she likes Kang-chul. Considering the four-leaf clover she left in the book and the way she smiles as she walks away, I’d say that’s a safe bet. Ho-gu sees the clover fall from the book, and stops to pick up up, angrily shouting after Kang-chul: “Hey!”

In the present, Kang-chul wonders why Ho-gu attacked him in the elevator. He rifles through his yearbook until he finds the four-leaf clover: “No way…” Flashback to high school: Ho-gu returns the clover to a bewildered Kang-chul, placing it in his hand and telling him not to throw it away.

Present-day Ho-gu and Kang-chul are not pleased to remember each other.

Tae-hee’s guessed that Kang-chul is the father because he assumes the only reason a celebrity like Do-hee went to the high school reunion was to find the baby’s father, who must be an alumnus. Downing soju are a couple of guys we saw at the reunion, and when one starts to cry that he’s done bad things in his life, it’s revealed that they both received the same same anonymous “Shouldn’t you be spending Christmas with your family?” texts as Kang-chul. Interesting.

There’s no news on who the mysterious sender is, and Kang-chul pounds his desk in frustration before returning to his normal robot-like self. As he sets out for his blind date with Ho-kyung, Gong-mi tries to suggest that he looks more like he’s going to a business meeting than a romantic date. Which is fine by Kang-chul, because that’s exactly how he sees this date.

At the hospital, Do-hee ignores voicemails from her coach warning her about reporters since there’s already rumors going around about her disappearance, and tries to settle up her hospital bill. Because she refused insurance in an effort to keep her identity private, she balks at the sum — and then tries to bargain a discount since she’s paying in cash. Ha!

Ho-gu tries to fight the urge to visit Do-hee, telling himself that he’s only leaving home to go to work. But as he steps outside, he runs into Coach, who treats him to lunch as a way to say thanks for paying back the amount he borrowed in Yeosu (aw, Ho-gu even made sure to include extra for the ATM transaction fee). Coach’s real purpose is to find out where Do-hee is, though, and Ho-gu awkwardly manages to evade the question.

But Coach melodramatically worries whether or not Do-hee is sick or kidnapped or killed, and Ho-gu rushes to reassure Coach that she’s doing well, uh, that is, he just believes she must be doing well. You’re a terrible liar, Ho-gu.

Do-hee watches happy families surround the viewing area of the hospital baby room as she waits alone for her baby to be given to her. She’s a little dazed as the nurses hand the baby over, and when she says she’ll be going home, they assume she’ll be returning to the States.

Carefully cradling her newborn, she slowly leaves the room, overhearing the nurses remarking that she’s the one who never came down to try and nurse her baby, and how much she looks like the swimmer Do Do-hee. One of the nurses wonders why, if she’s American, she reverted to talking in saturi during labor instead of English. Do-hee turns around, and, in hesitant English, says goodbye.

Ho-gu arrives at the hospital, unaware that Coach is hot on his tail. But Do-hee has already been discharged, so he glumly walks back to the bus stop. Just across the street, though, is Do-hee getting into a taxi, and Ho-gu shouts and runs after her to try and get her attention — but no such luck.

Dressed to kill (er, figuratively, but I hope maybe literally, too), Ho-kyung makes her way to her blind date with Kang-chul. Gong-mi calls her, worried because she’s late for the date. But it’s all a part of Ho-kyung’s plan. She’s exactly seven minutes late so it will build anticipation and let her be in control of the first impression.

There are about a half dozen guys, all looking identical in their suits, all waiting in the lobby of the hotel. They perk up when Ho-kyung walks in and scramble for their phones when she pulls out hers. But they slump back down in their seats when Kang-chul answers his phone. Smiling, Ho-kyung walks over to him, apologizing for being late. Inwardly, she says he’s just as awful as he was six years ago — and just as handsome.

Do-hee arrives at a cheap motel, and it looks like she’s been staying here for some time, based on all the personal items strewn about the room. She sets the baby down on the bed and slowly unwraps him from his blanket. Awww, he’s just the cutest little thing. Her eyes well with tears as she gently pats his stomach and holds his hand.

Having followed her to the motel, Ho-gu slowly makes his way through the hallways. He stops at a door where he hears the sound of a baby crying and gently knocks. Do-hee answers it, surprised to see him. Ho-gu is also surprised by Coach, who shoves Ho-gu aside and barges into the room.

Coach has a breakdown after seeing the baby, weeping and beating the floor. But Do-hee, unfazed, tells him to be quiet or he’ll wake the baby. Ho-gu tries to keep the peace as Coach and Do-hee bicker back and forth, and when Coach demands to know who the father is, Do-hee tells him there isn’t one.

He says that’s impossible — what is she, some kind of Virgin Mary? Do-hee is delighted to have an example of another woman who gave birth alone, adding that Coach should just think of it as a miraculous birth.

Over dinner, Ho-kyung is bored by Kang-chul’s prattling on about his work, even though she smiles and appears interested. She pours on the flattery about his choice of restaurant and dining selection, and he proudly tells her that not just anyone can get into this restaurant. Except it’s the twelfth time she’s been on an arranged date there this year. Pffft.

She eyes the other couples having their blind dates like they’re opponents in table tennis, accurately guessing which couples are just about to start their game and which ones are about to end with a smashing serve. After the meal, Kang-chul suggests coffee, and Ho-kyung politely offers to pay. Kang-chul tell her of course she’ll pay — after all, he paid for dinner. Oh, you ass.

They start their own game of table tennis, and cocky Kang-chul serves first, just wanting to get the final portion of the date over as quickly as possible. Pffft, he even has a flow-chart how to determine is a woman is a suitable dating partner and worth pursuing.

He serves first, complimenting her beauty (the first step in the flow-chart), and she easily returns it, demurely thanking him, and then surprising him by pointing out that physical beauty is really just a natural force for stimulating the hormones. That checks off the next criteria (“Is she cultured?”).

This time it’s Ho-kyung’s serve, and Kang-chul tells her that she’s the second most beautiful person he’s ever seen, but denies that the most beautiful is his mother or his first love, as suggested by Ho-kyung. She doesn’t care, though, because if she dates him, she’s not interested in his past — just the present and the future. That hits the last criteria (“Does she not annoy me?”), and it’s game, set, match.

Kang-chul looks like he doesn’t quite know how to handle this discovery that she’s easily made it through his flow-chart, and Ho-kyung nonchalantly sips her tea.

Ho-gu tidies up Do-hee’s room as Coach naps with the baby. Do-hee feels bad for Coach, since she’s his primary source of income and she disappeared for six months to have a baby. Ho-gu asks her why she did it, if she knew it would be such a shocking matter — and especially with a guy like Kang-chul.

He grabs her shoulders, shouting if she thinks he’s a fool (a “hogu”). Surprised, she says he is Kang Ho-gu. But he insists that even if he is a fool, she shouldn’t take advantage of him — why would she flirt with him when she’s having Kang-chul’s baby?

Except it’s just his imagination, and Do-hee stares at him, wondering if he has something to say to her. He pretends to brush the dust off her shoulders as a way of explaining why he grabbed her, and it’s back to sweetheart Ho-gu as he worries if she’s okay.

He sighs as he wonders how she relieves her stress. Coach can scream, cry, drink, and then sleep — but what about Do-hee? He offers to buy her something to eat, but instead she just wants some fresh air.

Coach soon joins her where she stands on the rooftop of the motel. They stare out at the city landscape, and when Coach asks why she decided to have the baby when she’s so determined to succeed in her swimming career, she softly smiles and says it’s because of Ho-gu.

It’s also because of the ahjumma pickpocket who stole their wallets in Yeosu. Flashback to Do-hee’s confrontation in the bathroom, and afterwards she signs the baby-carrier, asking why the ahjumma decided to have the baby even though she has no husband or family to support her. What gave her the courage to go through with it?

The ahjumma pickpocket admits that she had the baby because she didn’t have the courage. She had lived following her own will up until then, but while she was waiting to have an abortion, she realized that she would regret it. She plans to give him up for adoption to a family that is financially stable and will be able to have a better life than she could give him. Even so, because of her baby, she admits likes herself a lot more these days.

On the rooftop, Do-hee says that she went to the abortion clinic, but just couldn’t go through with it. She tells Coach not to worry — things might not have started the way she planned, but she’s resolved to see it through to the end. She, too, will put the baby up for adoption.

Coach asks worries about the reporters who are trying to find her, and she says that she’ll be fine — she’ll make sure of that. But Coach wonders what’s the deal with her friend, who takes care of her baby without complaint. Do-hee smiles, saying that’s just Ho-gu.

As Ho-gu watches over the baby, he sighs that he ended up being unable to ask Do-hee what happened between her and Kang-chul, or if the baby is his. He tries to tell himself that it’s better that way — according to Ho-kyung, just like you can’t ask an elder when they’ll die, you can’t ask a girl about her past.

Kang-chul drives Ho-kyung home, and when Gong-mi texts her, dying to know how it’s going, she reassures her friend that the game isn’t over yet. Ho-kyung sweetly apologizes to Kang-chul for texting, excusing it as a work-related thing. As he pulls up to drop her off, she smiles brightly, thanking him for the date and telling him next time it will be her treat.

He agrees, but doesn’t seem convinced they’ll meet again. She flirtatiously tells him that if he doesn’t agree to a second date, then she’ll figure out who that most beautiful person was. As Kang-chul watches her go, he wonders to himself whether or not if having a past means you can’t talk about having good luck or bad luck.

Ho-gu watches the baby sleep, convincing himself that the baby has Kang-chul’s nose and chin, and tries to warn the baby that he’ll hate it in the future. But the cute faces his makes at the baby bely his words.

Kang-chul decides that he won’t be able to tell Ho-kyung who the most beautiful person was — because the most beautiful person is none other than “that punk.”

A brief flashback shows high school Kang-chul suddenly being kissed. The kisser’s face is obscured by a hood and scarf, but Kang-chul tells us, “Because that person is Ho-gu. Kang Ho-gu.”


Well, that was a twist I did not see coming. You’ve definitely got my attention, show.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when the anticipated “My name is Ho-gu. Kang Ho-gu” was replaced with “My name is Kang-chul. Byun Kang-chul” at the beginning of the episode. There may have been a moment’s panic because after the previous episode, I was not too thrilled about spending an episode centered around Kang-chul. Even though I’ve been assuming that the conversation Ho-gu overheard was a red-herring, and really about something totally other than condoms (my pet theory is it has to do with legal matters, since he’s probably the only lawyer Do-hee could trust), Kang-chul definitely hasn’t been a likable character lately.

But now I’m gobsmacked with the realization that he was probably in love with Ho-gu. Sure, the kiss itself was obviously Ho-kyung, but Kang-chul didn’t know that — he probably doesn’t even know Ho-gu has a twin. Which makes me wonder: Is that the reason why Kang-chul sees blind dates as business propositions? Because he’s had a secret unrequited crush on Ho-gu since high school? I also wonder if that’s what makes him such a jerk, but liking the same sex doesn’t magically grant you the rights to be a total ass to everyone.

Which is why I’m so glad that Ho-kyung is there to ruin his life. Obviously she must have had a thing for him back in the day, and I’m dying of curiosity to see how this whole high school version of Twelfth Night went down. But in the present day, I’m so happy to see how she calmly and confidently shakes him up. It’s so satisfying watching the calm, collected robot Kang-chul get so unnerved by her.

As for Do-hee, I loved her in this episode. I mean, I love her just generally, but this episode was fantastic in letting us getting another glimpse of who she is behind her façade. I’ve been impressed with UEE since the beginning, but this is my favorite episode for her yet. I especially was moved by watching her attempt to keep distant from her child melt away as she brought him home, tearing up as she held his tiny hands and looking so much in love with her baby. She may not have originally wanted this child, and she may plan to give him up for adoption, but she’s still his mother and she still loves his cute little face. And let’s face it, that baby is cuuuuuuuuuuuute.

Maybe Ho-gu will adopt him. After all, despite the fact he’s terrible about respecting Do-hee’s privacy and the boundaries she’s set (I’m still annoyed by that from the previous episode, and even though I know it will end well, I’m not a fan of him following her to her motel), he clearly is head-over-heels for this little guy. Hey, maybe if it is Kang-chul’s baby, he and Kang-chul can adopt it and raise it together! What, too progressive?

Hey, a girl can dream that Dramaland will give her a happy ending where everyone wins — Do-hee gets to keep swimming and win her gold, knowing that her child is being taken care of by the best mama figure; Ho-kyung gets her revenge and can torment Kang-chul for the rest of her life; Kang-chul gets to be with the most beautiful person he’s ever met; and Ho-gu gets to play hero-savior-sweetheart to everyone and raise the cutest baby ever. Win-win-win-win-win.

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tvN Drama Ho-Goo's Love Episode 5 Recap

tvN Drama Ho-Goo's Love Episode 5 Recap

By: Dramabeans

tvN Drama Ho-Goo's Love Episode 5 Recap

Do-hee gives birth, and Ho-gu is an emotional wreck. He leaves the delivery room sobbing just as a woman is wheeled in, her husband calling encouraging words after her. He sees Ho-gu crying, and his concern turns to alarm when Ho-gu starts to explain that in that delivery room, the babies are… the babies are… The husband leans in agitatedly.

“…born!” Ho-gu wails, his cries growing louder. Wah-wahhhh. The husband inches away.

Over in his bachelor pad, uptight lawyer Kang-chul has a difficult time going to sleep that night, haunted by that text message hinting that a new member has just been born to his family.

While Do-hee sleeps, Ho-gu tidies her things, and a piece of paper flutters to the floor. An address is written on it on memo paper from Kang-chul’s firm, located in Yeosu.

Do-hee wakes, so Ho-gu pockets the paper. She sleepily asks for a fish-shaped sweet bun, and Ho-gu notes it with a smile. He walks home because he doesn’t have money for a taxi, and peers in on Ho-kyung’s room. He fondly starts to call her his “lovable little sister” just as she kicks him in her sleep, nailing him in the groin as he gasps on the word “lovable.”

Next he looks in on his sleeping parents, and gets teary as he places his hand over his mother’s stomach, thinking of the pain she endured to give birth to him. Then Mom wakes up, sees a figure in black touching her stomach, and freaks out, attacking Ho-gu with her pillow.

Ho-kyung runs in ready to beat the intruder over the head with a hair dryer, and then the screaming quiets as they realize who it is. They stare blankly at Ho-gu, who just curls up to his mother’s belly, crying, “It must’ve been so hard for you…”

Meanwhile, Kang-chul keeps staring intently at that text message. At the hospital Do-hee looks in on her baby in his incubator, wearing a curious (dark?) expression on her face.

At the breakfast table, Ho-gu picks at his food looking glum, and his family trades looks back and forth wondering what’s up. They have a silent conversation in increasingly wild gestures, though Ho-gu’s head remains bowed over his rice bowl while the family guesses that he got dumped by a girl.

“That’s not it,” Ho-gu says, surprising them all by following along. He explains that it’s not any of the things they guessed, and that he’s just thankful and amazed to have been born, and that this is his family. That makes his family well up with tears, while Ho-kyung checks the calendar wondering if they changed the date for Parents’ Day.

Despite Ho-gu’s statements, Ho-kyung reports to Mom that according to his buddies, the webtoon has been having trouble and they only barely managed to convince their editor to let them keep going. (There’s a running gag that Ho-kyung is unrecognizable with her full face of makeup, and based on the way Mom has vamped herself up, it must be a family thing.)

But Mom interprets Ho-gu’s crying differently, thinking it prompted by something much more significant. She remembers Dad crying like that when his kids were born, though Ho-kyung sniffs that Mom’s waaay overestimating Ho-gu if she thinks he had it in him to father a child. Mom laughs that that’s true.

Ho-gu finds his father at the gate by their family nameplate, and wonders why it’s in Mom’s name only, and why Dad always answers phones or makes dinner reservations with her name instead of his own. Dad leans in to share a secret that he was saving for Ho-gu’s wedding: “Women are much more amazing creatures than men.” Aw. Better yet is the way Ho-gu takes him completely seriously, asking, “Really?”

Dad points out how women are much more beautiful than men (and how Ho-kyung is proof that even if one isn’t necessarily pretty, women are capable of transformation), and moreover, women give birth. Dad says, “If you see a child being born once, you’ll think like me, Ah, I’d better listen to what women say.

Ho-gu understands completely, and finishes Dad’s sentences for him about how it is to cut the umbilical cord, and how babies are amazing. Dad wonders how Ho-gu knows this, and Ho-gu hurriedly makes up an excuse about seeing it in manhwa books.

Then Dad gives Ho-gu some cash, and the first thing Ho-gu does is buy those hot buns Do-hee wanted. A TON of them. He hands them out to the hospital staff, making his way to Do-hee, who reads through the long string of distressed texts from her coach.

Ho-gu cheerfully hands her the snacks, tells her to share with the other mothers, and heads out to hand out the rest. He makes a slip of the tongue and says “our baby” before catching himself, and Do-hee’s voice grows hard as she asks why he has any business seeing her baby.

She reminds him that he was only going to stay until she had her baby, as friend and emergency contact. He understands that she’s asking him to leave, and awkwardly agrees to go. Do-hee does thank him sincerely, promising to repay him for all he’s done for her.

Ho-gu leaves with a heavy heart, but ends up heading back in to see her baby anyway, enamored at first sight. He pulls out that note from Do-hee’s jacket and recalls their overnight beach visit, and how Do-hee had said she had to get surgery to get rid of a small lump.

Do-hee reaches for a hot bun, and the bite is so hot that she reaches for her water, sending the whole bunch into the trash. That’s when Ho-gu returns, and he sees them sitting in the bin. Aww.

He asks if the reason she wanted to go to Yeosu in the first place was to get her surgery. She admits that she was going to get an abortion, and he just asks “Why?” when she says that she couldn’t have it, that she didn’t want it. Do-hee bursts out that news of her having a baby would have ruined her life, and that it was “just a mistake” on both parents’ parts.

Ho-gu just picks the bag of buns out of the trash, telling her, “These aren’t buns you can throw away so easily.” She hadn’t even realized they’d fallen, and he gets emotional as he says his parents worked hard so he could buy them. So even if she doesn’t want them, she shouldn’t just toss them. He takes them and tells her not to repay his favor: “Because I don’t want to see you again.”

Do-hee watches him leave, chastened and teary-eyed.

In a courtroom, a lawyer asks if it’s a crime for a single woman to have a baby, arguing that her client was unlawfully fired merely for having a child. Sitting at the defendant’s table is Kang-chul, who is opposing counsel, and he takes his turn before the court, addressing the plaintiff.

Kang-chul references an instance when the woman’s single-motherhood resulted in business consequences for her company. She admits that it did, but as she tells her story, it’s clear to all in the courtroom—or almost all—that there were extenuating circumstances, because her contact in a deal verbally abused her, saying that she wasn’t fit to handle business operations when she “couldn’t even manage her own body” (to, you know, not be pregnant while unmarried). The even audience gasps in sympathy, and it’s understandable that her temper caused her to talk back, and the deal fell through.

But Kang-chul is unbending, hammering in that she must take responsibility for the consequences of her actions, since being maligned doesn’t retroactively make the deal go through. He coldly calls her “irrational” for being a single mother in the first place (which is therefore a sign of her compromised judgment), since it’s an abnormal state that nobody in her sane mind would choose. Oh, you are the worst kind of ass—the kind who thinks you’re right. I can’t wait for you to be painfully and miserably torn to shreds by Ho-kyung. I’m already sad in advance that it won’t be as gruesome as you deserve.

When opposing counsel objects, he thunders at her that a man and a woman dating, marrying, and having babies is “this nation’s correct order.” No, I’m pretty sure that’s just a nursery rhyme. But apparently they hand you morality badges with law degrees now, and Kang-chul sneers at the plaintiff with contempt for daring to contradict society’s proper order.

The angry plaintiff asks Kang-chul if he’s saying she should have aborted her baby. He looks at her in honest-to-goodness confusion and asks, “Why are you asking me that?” OH MY GOD.

As they leave the courtroom, his disgusted secretary, Gong-mi, sarcastically congratulates him on a job well done. He just replies, “I know.” And then he tells her she needs to lose weight, because it looks like she’s put on six kilograms. Oh god, I can’t be responsible for all the bloodthirsty fantasies I’m having from here on out. If entrails aren’t involved it’s not nearly violent enough.

Gong-mi calls him out for harassment, though he says it’s not harassment for a designer to tell his model to lose weight. He only hired her because she’s pretty—he doesn’t need a capable secretary since he’s good on his own. To my great dismay, she’s totally mollified by the backhanded nonpliment. At least, until he says he wanted a generically pretty face, and losing some of her looks takes away from the desired effect.

Gong-mi is still raging as she goes shopping later with Ho-kyung, seething that she’ll rip him to shreds. It makes her want to become a lawyer to crush him on his own turf. But Ho-kyung says that won’t cut it: “I have to be the one to exact revenge on that bastard. Only I can do it!” She growls that she’s been waiting for this day, so she could get payback on her high school enemy.

Ho-kyung imagines herself as a fierce warrior in a historical piece, out for satisfaction, and promises her friend to avenge today’s affront as well. Gong-mi’s surprised to hear that she already knows Kang-chul, but Ho-kyung adds that he won’t (or shouldn’t) know her.

Flashback to high school. Rankings are posted, and Tae-hee’s only a few places higher than Ho-gu near the bottom of the pile. Hilariously, while Tae-hee gulps in dismay, Ho-gu’s beaming because this is actually an improvement for him. On the other hand, Kang-chul sits at the very top of the list in first place.

Ho-gu waits for his sister after school, and Tae-hee is shocked at his first glimpse of Ho-kyung, looking tough and weird and wild. Kang-chul’s chauffeured car screeches to a halt to barely avoid hitting her, and the driver screams at her to watch where she’s going. Ho-kyung screams in outrage, ready to go punch out some lights.

In the present day, Kang-chul texts Ho-kyung a request to meet this weekend, and she crows in excitement. Let the revenge begin.

Meanwhile, her professor (Kang-chul’s mother) is busily working on a report regarding the condom usage study when her husband comes home and demands food. He notices the condoms on the table and asks about them, then tunes out halfway through her sentence and demands food again. Well we know where the son got his manners. Mom tries to suggest that her husband can take some condoms if he wants to use any (with her, she means), but he just blankly says he has no use for them, and she heaves a sigh.

Dad asks about Kang-chul’s upcoming blind date and says he wants grandchildren soon. Mom points out that he dislikes kids, but Dad says he still wants them—to brag about, since all his colleagues are full of nonstop bragging over their grandkids. Dad grumbles that Kang-chul’s wasting his good years working late when he could be off making babies—and Mom snaps at him in horror. Hm, her reaction seems rather strong—does she know anything?

At the office, Kang-chul asks his secretary to track down everyone in a messenging program whose IDs are listed as “X,” since that’s the name on the mysterious text sent to him. He also asks for phone number for the ex-girlfriend who came looking for him.

Ho-gu has that number stored in his phone, and he goes back and forth trying to decide whether to delete it. A kid bumps into him, and when Ho-gu sees that Do-hee’s number has been deleted, he howls in dismay. He tries to tell himself it’s for the best. The kids look curiously at the fish-shaped buns he’s eating and ask for a taste, so he hands them out as they mill around.

He gets a call from the hospital because “Elise” isn’t feeling well and the nurse wants to know if he’ll be by tonight. He says he won’t be going anymore, but asks if the condition is serious. The nurse says it’s not, but that a woman may experience afterpain following delivery that’s alleviated with massages.

That weighs on his mind all evening, and he declines to join in on the family Go-Stop game. Ho-kyung drops her purse and scatters its contents, so he helps retrieve them and is shocked at all the condoms she’s carrying, saying he’s confiscating them. Ho-kyung matter-of-factly tells him that they’re leftovers from her research and that she’d have more use for them than he would.

Ho-gu scolds her, saying that guys would think she’s careless and easy if they knew she carried condoms, and Ho-kyung retorts that the people who are actually easy are the ones who don’t use condoms. Furthermore, these are made to protect her body from selfish men who don’t want to be bothered with the hassle.

Ho-gu sputters in affront, though it’s gratifying to see his parents nodding in agreement with her. Ho-kyung asks if she’s supposed to walk around unprepared, or spend her life “saving it” and dying old and alone. Mom: “Is it water or electricity? Why would you save it up? Life’s short enough just to enjoy it!”

Ho-kyung tells Ho-gu not to become one of those selfish men and offers him a condom. Dad urges him to take it, and Mom offers him a strawberry-flavored one instead. LOL.

Do-hee endures the pains with difficulty, and sees the half-eaten fish bun she’d dropped on the floor. Picking it up, she thinks of Ho-gu arguing to stay with her through labor, because it would be scary for her to do it alone. She starts to cry while holding it close, and when someone pushes aside her bed curtain, she looks up hopefully and asks, “Ho-gu?” But it’s not him.

Ho-gu isn’t far, though, and comes to the hospital clutching a fresh bag of hot buns. The nurse advises him to wait before going to see Do-hee, because a visitor is here and the air seems a bit tense.

So he waits outside the door for a while before heading inside. The curtains are drawn closed, but he can hear a man asking furiously if she’s in her right mind, and that she should have done as he said and aborted the baby. Ho-gu can’t see, though we can, that it’s Kang-chul here to berate Do-hee for going through with the pregnancy, though Do-hee says the baby is hers and he has no place telling her what to do.

Kang-chul agrees that he has no responsibility, reminding her that she came to him that night. She reminds him that she asked him to use “that” and he refused. He sneers that he doesn’t use condoms—he’s never used one and never will. I really hope that’s because you’ll never get laid again. She tells him to go, and that he’s no longer involved.

Ho-gu ducks around the corner as Kang-chul stalks out of the room, and as he follows Kang-chul out wearing a dark expression, he reminds himself of words his father once told him: that a man mustn’t act rashly, that he must focus on facts. Do-hee’s and Kang-chul’s words float in his head, of how it was a simple mistake, how the baby shouldn’t have been born, how Kang-chul bears no responsibility for it.

Ho-gu covers his face with his scarf and hood, and prepares to act. Maybe he’s thinking to give Kang-chul a pounding, but then he recalls the comment about Do-hee coming to Kang-chul the night they conceived, and he imagines a Little Red Riding Hood scenario where Do-hee drops by to see grandma, only to find Kang-chul the wolf there.

Ho-gu shakes off the fantasy and follows Kang-chul into the elevator, warning himself to remain calm. But then Kang-chul says into the phone that he doesn’t use those things because they’re a hassle, and how he hates using condos, which sounds a lot like that other thing. So when he reiterates, “I will never use condos!” Ho-gu can’t hold back and grabs the bastard by the jacket, shoving him against the wall, demanding to know why he refuses.

Raising his fist, he bellows, “USE CONDOMS, you piece of trash!” and punches him in the face.

Today his voice is stronger: “My name is Ho-gu. Kang Ho-gu!


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tvN Drama "Hogu's Love" Episode 2 Recap

tvN Drama Hogu's Love Episode 2 Recap

Ho-gu rushes back to Do-hee in the middle of the crosswalk, telling her “let’s go the ocean.” Meanwhile, back at the Kang family home, Mom tells Chung-jae that going to the ocean is a total green light — it’s how she and Ho-gu’s father got together. Ha, and it was Mom who took the initiative, making sure it was the last boat home. According to Mom, just going to the beach together doesn’t mean you’re dating — the key is making sure you stay out all night.thers

Ho-gu rushes back to Do-hee in the middle of the crosswalk, telling her “let’s go the ocean.” Meanwhile, back at the Kang family home, Mom tells Chung-jae that going to the ocean is a total green light — it’s how she and Ho-gu’s father got together. Ha, and it was Mom who took the initiative, making sure it was the last boat home. According to Mom, just going to the beach together doesn’t mean you’re dating — the key is making sure you stay out all night.

Ho-kyung gets a phone call (and Chung-jae is astonished that her ringtone is Kang Gary’s risqué “Shower Later”), and she’s so dazed by it that she can barely spit out what it was about, stumbling only over the words “Ho-gu… your eldest son…” Mom, Dad, and Chung-jae leap up, thinking he must have gotten into an accident and are ready to rush out the door, when Ho-kyung finally blurts out that he isn’t coming home tonight.

At the bus station, Ho-gu gets tickets for the last bus to Yeosu so that he and Do-hee can go to the ocean. He offers to buy her some water, and heads to the convenience store. But instead of returning to the waiting area right away, he ducks off into the men’s restroom to have a mini panic-attack.

He tries to gain his courage with some mind games, repeating over and over, “I can do it, I can do it.” Which only gets him handed a business card to a urologist from another guy in the restroom. Pffft. Ho-gu’s phone rings, and it’s Ho-kyung (with an eavesdropping Chung-jae), demanding to know where he is.

Ho-gu says that he’s still with his old high school buddies, but Ho-kyung isn’t falling for his lies, and asks if he’s there with a girl. She warns him not to do anything, but if he isgoing to do something, make sure to spend a lot of money. Chung-jae’s shocked at her advice, but she reminds him that Ho-gu will be lucky to get to first base, if he doesn’t totally strike out in the first place.

At the ATM, Ho-gu empties his bank account — all 300,000 won — and then boards the bus to sit next to Do-hee. He notices that her seatbelt isn’t buckled yet, and is about to tell her, but remembers Ho-kyung’s list of things not to do if you’re going to spend the night with a girl. The first one is to shut his mouth. If he wants to do something for a girl, he should just do it, and not talk her head off.

So he tries to buckle the seatbelt for Do-hee, but it won’t stretch. She moves the jacket on her lap to reveal that she’s already buckled in, and that seatbelt is his. Ha!

Ho-kyung’s second rule is to not let his date get bored. To make sure she’s having fun, he asks Do-hee if she wants to listen to some music. When she agrees, he pulls out his mp3 player and shares his earbuds with her. Aw, the track he selects is Busker Busker’s “Yeosu Night Sea.” Do-hee sighs and says it’s nice, relaxing a little as she watches the world go by outside the bus window. Ho-gu adorably smiles to himself.

At home, Mom and Dad dance together, and he wonders if Ho-gu is doing all right. Mom reassures him that Ho-gu takes after her, but then Dad worries if he’ll overdo it and be too “beast-like,” but Mom reminds him that Ho-gu takes after him, too, so he’ll be properly restrained.

On the rooftop, Chung-jae shouts out his envy that Ho-gu’s spending the night with a girl, but the practical Ho-kyung scoffs, saying it will be a surprise if Ho-gu doesn’t fall asleep first. But the only person sleeping on Do-hee’s shoulder is the mom with a small child who Ho-gu had given his seat to. As Ho-gu dozes and struggles to maintain his balance in the uncomfortable center seat, Do-hee turns to look at him, saying to herself: “His name is Ho-gu. Kang Ho-gu.”

Once they reach Yeonsu, they get a taxi to go to the beach. Do-hee is happier than we’ve ever seen her as she leans out the window, shouting her hoy. The genial taxi driver teases the “young lovers” for thinking the winter air is like a warm summer evening. Ho-gu bashfully tells him they’re not dating, but the driver is thrilled to try and help him win “the young lady’s” heart.

Do-hee delights in watching the scenery go by, but Ho-gu watches the taxi meter quickly increase, and tries to furtively reach for his wallet. Except he can’t find it. Do-hee quickly realizes (much to sweet, naive Ho-gu’s surprise) that the mother Ho-gu swapped seats with also stole his wallet.

He protests when Do-hee reaches for her bag, telling her that the man should pay. Do-hee: “Who cares? The person with money should pay.” Except it turns out her wallet was stolen, too. Oh no!

The class reunion has dwindled down to Tae-hee, the class bully, and couple of others in various states of drunkenness. Demanding to know why their class president didn’t show up to the reunion, the bully calls him — only to get a sleepy secretary at a law firm. Oh, hey — it’s the same law firm that Do-hee visited in the first episode. Composing herself, the secretary pounds on the lawyer’s office door in order to be heard over the Tchaikovsky playing full blast on the stereo.

She finally gets the attention of BANG KANG-CHUL (Im Seul-ong), and does her best to stifle her frustration with him as she passes along the messages she’s received, which he color codes as “red” or “green” depending on their importance. She asks what his “ex-girlfriend’s” number should be classified, and he cooly replies, “Red.”

Tae-hee isn’t surprised to learn that Kang-chul is now a very successful lawyer, since he was always at the top in school. The rest of the classmates wonder if Do-hee and Kang-chul are still dating, like they did in school, and Tae-hee suddenly realizes that Ho-gu isn’t around.

That’s because he and Do-hee are slowly making their trek across the bridge, now that the taxi driver kicked them out for being unable to pay their fare. When Do-hee clutches at her stomach, Ho-gu worries if she needs to go to the restroom. She’s annoyed that he remembers she’s been plagued with constipation issues from high school, and then blames him for getting their wallets stolen.

A high school couple walking by catch their attention — it’s Answer Me 1994‘s Dohee and C-CLOWN’s Kangjun.

Do-hee watches them go, thinking they’re adorable — but then again, anything you did at that age was adorable. Ho-gu agrees, saying that no matter what Do-hee did, she was always pretty.

Flashback to their school days, during gym class as all the guys gawk at the pretty Do-hee. But as soon as the game of kickball begins, her competitive side comes raging out, and she makes leaping catches of every single ball, easily getting the other team out while her team stares at her in amazement.

Back in the present, Kang-chul’s secretary tells him that she’s leaving for the day. She then adds that she thought his ex-girlfriend was very pretty — so why did they break up?

Flashback to Do-hee screaming at her team to run, and then terrifying the other team with her forceful kicks. As she kicks another home run, she celebrates by unzipping her track jacket as she runs about the bases, scoffing at everyone staring at her. What, like they’ve never seen a sports bra before? Watching her as he walks by is student Kang-chul, and present-day lawyer Kang-chul matter-of-factly tells his secretary that the reason he broke up with his girlfriend is because “she’s scary.”

Do-hee and Ho-gu continue to walk because they’ve got no other choice, but once they reach the top of a hill, they look back at the lights in the city. Ho-gu marvels at how pretty it is, something he didn’t notice when they were walking through it. Do-hee agrees, adding that people will make a point to go out of their way to see something that’s beautiful from far away, but close up is so dirty.

Case in point: the high school couple sitting on a nearby bench, drinking soju and smoking cigarettes. Do-hee marches over, chastising them for smoking and drinking while wearing their uniforms. But the boyfriend stands up and tells her she’s not his mom, so she shouldn’t tell him what to do or he’ll break her arm.

But Do-hee is no gentle flower, and challenges him back, cursing him out. Ho-gu tries to intervene, but the girlfriend shoves him aside to confront Do-hee. Just about every other word the women yell at each other is a curse word (and the ineffectual Ho-gu continually gets pushed aside), until the girlfriend recognizes Do-hee as the nation’s athlete.

Ho-gu tries to escape with Do-hee by distracting the high schoolers, shouting, “Look! It’s Seo Taeji!” Hahaha! Everyone turns to look, and Ho-gu grabs Do-hee’s arm and runs away. He also takes their cigarettes, soju, and snacks, leaving behind the only money he has on him — a 500 won coin. The girlfriend turns back to her boyfriend, asking, “Who is Seo Taeji?” It’s extra hilarious since that actress played a character obsessed with Seo Taeji in her Answer Me 1994 role.

As they make sandcastles on the beach, Do-hee teases Ho-gu for selecting Seo Taeji as the celebrity the kids would know. (Maybe in 1994, but not now.) He thinks it’s great that they recognized her, though, and he says he’ll be more mindful when he says that they’re friends, since he realizes how famous she really is.

They break out the pilfered soju, and when Ho-gu asks how well she holds her liquor, Do-hee says she doesn’t know — she’s never drunk alcohol before. He’s surprised, because it’s just natural to have a beer or two when you meet up with friends. Do-hee: “I don’t have any friends.”

It turns out two small sips is enough to get her totally trashed, and Ho-gu chases after her as she drunkenly runs around on the beach. She asks him which is more harmful to the body — soju or cigarettes, then orders him to light a cigarette for her so it could “harm her body” and make “this thing inside her go away.”

Bewildered but compliant, Ho-gu begins to light the cigarette, but then Do-hee smacks him on the head, demanding to know why he would smoke in front of her when it would harm her body.

She starts crying, and Ho-gu gently pulls an eyelash of her cheek, telling her to make a wish — but the eyelash flies away before she can make her wish. She breaks down in sobs, yelling after the eyelash to “take this thing from my body because I’m scared.” Ho-gu holds her, trying to comfort her while she weeps, and thinks to himself that her chronic constipation must be really painful. Oh, you naive boy.

Once she finally stops sobbing, he cups her face in his hands, asking if she’s okay. They stare at each other for a long moment, and he goes in for the kiss! Then she grabs him and kisses him back. Sunrise on the beach sure makes for a perfect romantic setting.

At the train station, Do-hee hands over the 300,000 won that her coach wired to her, telling him he doesn’t need to worry about paying it back — her coach has made enough money off her over the years. She also gives him a ticket back to Seoul. She’s staying behind for a surgery.

She shows him the doctor’s note for hemorrhoid removal. But the nervous way she says it’s just like removing a small cyst, and she needs to get better soon so she can start training again, raises some flags. Ho-gu is oblivious, though, and grabs her hand to tell her it will be all right, that everything will be better (or “clean”) after the surgery. Do-hee wonders if that’s really true.

As she walks him to his train, she hands over her silver medal, telling him that he can return it to her on Christmas Day, which is when she’ll return the comics she rented, too. He wears her medal as he rides back to Seoul, barely able to contain his excitement that he has a date for Christmas.

Do-hee sees the pick-pocketing mom from before, and waits until they’re alone in the restroom to confront her. She warns the pick-pocket that if she doesn’t want to be reported to the cops, she’ll deposit 300,000 won to the account number Do-hee gives her.

Angry, the pick-pocket mom yells after Do-hee, telling her at least she didn’t abandon her child. She may not be exactly law-abiding, but she’s providing for her family. Then she stops, recognizing Do-hee. Do-hee: “Do you want an autograph?”

Ho-gu tries to sneak into the workplace, apologizing for being late, and his buddies totally freeze him out — until he admits he was out all night with a girl, and suddenly they’re buddies again, wanting all the details. He refuses to tell them who he was with, but he bashfully admits they kissed, and dreamily explains that it felt like bees buzzing in his ears. That’s sweet, but totally not the details his friends are looking for.

When he finally returns home, he sees a banner hanging up in front of his door, congratulating him on his first night out.

Do-hee arrives at the clinic, pausing before entering when she sees “Seo Tae-ji” on the name board. The doctor takes an ultrasound, letting her know that she’s thirteen weeks along. If she wants an abortion, it’ll have to happen soon. But Do-hee watches the ultrasound screen, marveling how small it looks — like a piece of candy. The doctor switches it off, gruffly saying it’s better to not see it.

She asks him if he knows that he has the same name as the famous singer, but the doctor is surprised that there’s anyone else out there with his name. He doesn’t pay attention to popular culture, which is probably the reason she was referred to him — and he holds up a post-it with his information. Ooooo, the post-it is from Kang-chul’s legal firm. So, when does she want the surgery?

Months go by, and Ho-gu wonders how Do-hee’s surgery went. He sends her multiple text messages, but she doesn’t respond. Even though he clings to the promise that they’ll meet again on Christmas Day, he worries that the surgery was more dangerous than he thought.

One day, as he’s skimming through the newspaper, he sees an article about Do-hee taking a break from training for health reasons. He asks Ho-kyung what hemorrhoids are, and once he realizes that it isn’t something that requires a lengthy surgery, he tracks down Do-hee’s coach to ask if he knows where she is.

But Coach is in the same boat as Ho-gu — he doesn’t know where Do-hee has disappeared to, or why she’d need to go to a specialist to have hemorrhoids removed. He just knows that she promised to come back the day after Christmas.

Ho-gu has another reason for visiting Coach, though, and hands over an envelope of cash to repay the amount Do-hee borrowed on his behalf. Coach asks if there’s something going on between him and Do-hee, reminding him that Do-hee is a celebrity and a national treasure, and he’s fooling himself if he think he can have a relationship with her.

Ho-gu rides the subway back to Seoul, staring at Do-hee’s silver medal in his hands as he remembers when his sister would elbow him in the stomach, and he’d have no choice but to be suddenly awakened from his dream. That’s what it feels like, now — being rudely and painfully awakened from a beautiful dream.

When a very pregnant woman stands in front of him, he immediately leaps up to let her have his seat. Ho-gu tries to be thankful that at least he’s being woken from his dream, but admits to himself that he can’t wake up from it. Not being able to wake up from a dream no matter how hard you try — isn’t that really a nightmare?

As the pregnant woman’s bag spills its contents, he stoops down to help pick up her things. But he stops when he recognizes the comic book that fell from her purse. He looks up at the woman, and it’s Do-hee. He finishes his internal narration with what’s becoming his catchphrase: “My name is Ho-gu. Kang Ho-gu.”

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