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Love Rain Episode 19 Recap

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Love Rain Episode 19 Recap

Yoonhee says not to worry, it doesnt change anything. Hana says she understands but ends up at the garden alone and crying. She is called by Seojoon to ask how she is doing. He calls to head over.

She asks why he came. He said he thought she might need him. They hug and says she did, she does need him. Shes not strong enough for this right now.

Inha researches about eyes and calls his friend doctor to see if surgery is possible.

Inha comes to take Yoonhee to the hospital. Yoonhee is discomforted by his visits and wishes he doesnt come any more. Inha says "Even as friends?" and she says no.

Hana comes over and after the two plan on going on a true, real date.

Sunho talks to hana and seojoon separately.

Seojoons mom calls Seojoon and Hana. He doesnt want to meet and hangs up. Hana does pick up and Seojoons mom wants to meet them. He's bitter at her.

She calls him "Oppa" and he is surprised. She says that so that he will meet his mom. They go together.

They meet all together. Seojoons mom called them over to say that she wants Seojoon to marry Miho.

Everyone disagrees that its a good idea. Even the doctor, mihos dad. The only people that are for it are Seojoons mom and miho.

Seojoons mom says for Hana to never come back again.

Hana says how they still, even today, havent had a proper date yet. He says there will be plenty of times to have proper dates. She is looking forward to it.

Hana goes home to her mom.

Seojoon talks to Inha and Seojoon says that if in the case that hana becomes blind, he wants to be with her to the end and help her anyway that he can. So he only has the highest respect for his dad, inha.

Sunbae comes to tell hana that Seojoons mom is meeting with Yoonhee somewhere.

They indeed do meet. Seojoons mom still wants them to break up, but yoonhee sees it differently. She asks if there is no way for her to see it nicely, and she says no.

Seojoon is mom is angered because she feels yoonhee is always putting into a position of being he evil lady.

Sunbae comes over and threatens Seojoon to break up if he isnt going to do a proper job of taking care of hana and her mom.

Yoonhee is planning on getting surgery. So she asks Seojoon to take good care of hana while it happens.

They stop outside and he whispers into her ear "I Love You"

He doesnt want to meet Hana until after yoonhee has her surgery for a good cause, she thinks its good too.

Seojoon decides to move out for a bit. For his sanity sake. His mom is shocked.

Hana meets with her sunbae and he wants to ask if she can like him. If not, he will stop and never ask again. Hana was happy for Sunbae but even if she is not happy she chooses Seojoon because she loves Seojoon. He understands and has a face of defeat.

Seojoon decided to go to New York, but it's just a thought. Miho says that if Seojoon really does go to NY, she intends to follow.

Yoonhee is looking at pictures of hana because shes afraid if the surgery doesnt go right, she wont be able to see how she looks anymore.

Yoonhee leaves a note that she needs time for herself. She leaves her cell behind. Hana thinks she knows where she is (her hometown).

Yoonhee is reminiscing on her memories, inha finds her.

Seojoon tells hana that hes going to new york. and wants her to spend time with her mom during this difficult period.

She then says that she heard him say "I love you" and then says it back.

Love Rain Episode 18 Recap

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Love Rain Episode 18 Recap

Seojoons mom is shocked to find out that Seojoon's been seeing Hana.

Seojoon finds out that Yoonhee already knows that hana and Seojoon are together.

Yoonhee wants things to work out between the four of them, so she asks for Seojoon not to talk about what she said to him and also to Inha.

Hana apologizes for not telling Seojoons mom. Seojoons mom says it will not work and never will, she will never approve.

Seojoon comes home to find Hana. Shes happy to see him. He feels there's something wrong with her. She says there isn't. She wants to go home to see her mom. He understands, thinking it's about Yoonhee's health.

He wants to take her home, but instead she lets him take her to the bus stop. She kisses his cheek. He smiles ^^.

Seojoons mom is wondering why Seojoon is so happy (she really knows why). They sit and she asks Seojoon to marry Miho. He has no interest and leaves to his room.

Yoonhee is happy to see Hana happy, and vice versa.

The lovers talk on the phone and ask if they have been good to their mothers. Hana asks what kind of mom Seojoons mom is. He says she can be difficult but his heart hurts for her.

He asks the same and she says her heart hurts for her but Seojoon says he will try his best to help her out, and hana says the same.

Seojoon asks Sunho if things are kept secret between his mom about his business with inha, Sunho says yes.

Yoonhee is visited by the doctor and he says to go to the hospital with him, he will take care of him. She does so.

Seojoon later comes and aids her after her minor procedure.

Seojoon knows hana doesnt know, but he tells yoonhee that he cant lie to hana. She knows and she realizes that her eyes are becoming worse.

Seojoon thinks in the car on how to handle the situation and whether to tell Hana or how.

Hana gets a call from Seojoons mom telling her to visit the house.

Seojoons mom, miho and hana sit together awkwardly. Seojoon calls hana, she picks up and says shes busy. he finds that strange. he makes a turn.

Hana says she cant break up because she made a promise.

Seojoon comes in and takes her out and drives off.

They stop off the road and he asks why she was sitting there with his mom. Doesnt she understand his mom?! She says how could she not? It's his mother! It would be disrespectful not too. Because he's heated, he needs time to cool off so she decides to leave.

The two workers have a small talk about Miho, and the possibility of maybe one of them dating her. the laugh, teehee!!

Miho stops to talk to Sunho. Sunho says to apologize to Hana. She refuses, and says she will do whatever it takes to get Seojoon.

Sunho talks to Hana via video phone. Just to make sure each is doing okay.

Hana is meeted by her Sunbae and a superior. Sunbae likes hana, obviously. And his superior thinks she would look well with Sunbae.

He just mentioned, its actually taesungs mom!!!

Seojoon saw it and feels jealous from afar.

Taesung likes hana but he doesnt know about her and Seojoon. He feels shocked as she walks away.

Shot shot shot shot shot shot.

Inha and his buddies drink and talk and they are sorry for what happened toward Inha. The doctor wants to but cant tell Inha about her illness.

Hana says Miho seems to suit Seojoon (jokingly). He says they are alike, they get jealous and they get stubborn easily. They laugh.

She says if he in fact doesnt care about Miho then they shouldnt work together, he agrees. Hana says to get along with his mom. He says okay.

Seojoon goes home to talk to his mom. She's angered and distressed.

Seojoons mom breaks the news to Hana that her mom's vision will soon be impaired and hana is shocked. thus she asks again for her to break up with Seojoon.

Seojoons mom visits inha and says to break things off by meeting with Seojoon.

Inha visits Seojoon and Seojoon tells inha that Yoonhee is sick, and that she will most likely become blind.

All 4 end up meeting at the hospital. It ends with Hana hugging her mom, crying.

What will happen in the next episode?!?! Stay tuned next week for updates!!

Thank you everyone! ^^ Have a great week.

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Love Rain ep 15 recap , Last Released online new korean drama in korean Series synopsis Love Rain ep 15 recap Watch Episodes Reviews Love Rain ep 15 recap TV Series Movie Episodes NewsWatch Full Streaming HD Episodes for Free korean drama ep Love Rain ep 15 recap Read Fan Reviews, Best Artist Download Wallpapers, and Video Preview of below. Watch Love Rain ep 15 recap

Love Rain ep 15 Sinopsis Sumary

Joon shows up clean to In ha about his relationship along with Ha Na. But In Ha couldn't release easily Yoon Hee whom he reunited again after separated for several years. Even if he includes sense of guilt in direction of Joon and Ha Na, In Ha still hastily prepares marriage ceremony.

Joon is anxious to have back Ha Na once again, but is suffering as Ha Na couldn't accept his heart.

Then, Joon who decides to treat Ha Na as a family member accidentally saw Ha Na who is together with Tae Sung.

however, with the increasingly nearer for the wedding ceremony, the relax of In Ha is definitely getting heavier.

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Love Rain Episode3 Screenshot Recap

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Love Rain Episode3 Screenshot Recap

Details Love Rain Episode 3 Recap

Title: 사랑비 / Sa-rang-bi Love Rain Episode 3

Also known as: Love Rides the Rain / Love Rain

Genre: Romance, Melodrama

Broadcast network: KBS2

Broadcast period: 2012-March-?? to TBA

Air time: MondayTuesday 21:55

Production Company: Yoon’s Color

Screenwriter: Oh Soo Yun

“Love Rain” depicts a 1970′s pure love and a love from the presentday at the same time. It shows how the offsprings of a previousill-fated couple, who met in the 1970s, managed to meet and fall inlove. Seo In Ha and Kim Yoon Hee, a art student and a shy beauty, metand fell in love with each other during college in the 1970s butunfortunately their love was fated to never be. Now in the present 21stcentury Korea, Seo In Ha’s son, Seo Joon (a liberal photographer) meetsand falls in with the daughter of Kim Yoon Hee, Kim Ha Na, a cheerfuland energetic girl who’s personality is different from her mother’s.Will their love for each other keep them together or will they have toface the same fate as their parents?

Rain and Kim Tae Hee Fell in Love to get started with Sight?

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Rain and Kim Tae Hee Fell in Love initially Sight? Looks like love was once in the air for Rain and Kim Tae Hee from the instant they first met!

On the September 2 episode of “One evening television Entertainment,” one a section of the display dug into stars’ behind-the-scenes happenings right through advertisement shoots.

Advertisement manager and television personality Oh Kyung Soo revealed, “There are many instances of double casting in the advertisement industry nowadays.”

He continued, “We often known as Rain and Kim Tae Hee for a double casting, and the 2 were very shy when they first met. It made where feel like they were on a blind date instead of a commercial shoot.”

“Rain became one week clear of enlisting in the army back then, yet I saw him nearly each day. He got here on the set even when it wasn’t his turn to shoot,” Oh Kyung Soo said, laughing.

[Spoiler] "My Love Eun-dong" moves forward with passionate kiss in the rain and ardent bed scene

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The 11th episode of JTBC"s FridaySaturday drama, "My Love Eun-dong" depicted the touching reunion of Seo Jeong-eun (Ji Eun-dong played by Kim Sa-rang) and Ji Eun-ho (Park Heyon-soo played by Joo Min-mo) as Seo Jeong-eun finally recovered all of her memories.

On this episode, Seo Jeong-eun could recollect everything related to the car accident from 10 years ago and went to the vacation home, where she had visited with Go Mi-soon (Kim Mi-jin).

Seo Jeong-eun called Ji Eun-ho as she could not resist her yearning feeling any longer. She said, "Hyeon-soo oppa" and then burst into crying.

Ji Eun-ho also bust into crying as he said, "Eun-dong". He drove his car in the pouring rain to the vacation house where Seo Jeong-eun was staying.

When Ji Eun-ho arrived at the place after he drove through the thunder storm, Seo Jeong-eun opened the dooor and came out. The two stood face to face. And then they shared a passionate hug.

Seo Jeong-eun and Ji Eun-ho kissed in the rain and confirmed their ardent feeling towards each other. Ji Eun-ho drove her to his place and the two continued with their expression for love that they had been missing for a long time.

Weekly Recap: tragedy strikes, banned banned banned, and Western love for K-pop

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So much can happen in just 7 days, from joyful baby announcements to amazing concerts to sorrowful tragedies. Catch up with the events that happened in the K-pop world this past week.

Tragic news hit the world of K-pop about the unfortunate death of model and actress Jung In Ah. While practicing skydiving for an upcoming movie, she met with bad weather that led to an improper and unsafe landing. After three days of searches, her body was ultimately found.

Our condolences to her family and loved ones, and may she rest in peace.

EXO-L"s Breathe A Little Easier

Following last week"s rumors of opening his own studio, Tao reportedly filmed a solo Chinese CF. The new commercial is supposedly related to food, although the brand name is still unknown.

However, EXO-Ls were relieved with the announcement of an upcoming paper toy set of EXO members. Despite talks of departure from the group as well as his solo activities in China, a paper toy for Tao was included in the set.

Epik High Concert The allkpop staff was lucky enough to attend Epik High"s New York City concert! The trio definitely threw some awesome performances of songs from their latest album Shoebox as well as fan favorites like "Fly," "Umbrella," and "Happen Ending." We even got to see glimpses of their awesome personalities and hidden agendas here and there, from Tablo"s comments on everything to Mithra"s wish to "spread the Korean language in America." Plus, it turns out that the trio really, really loves Shake Shack!

Don"t forget to relive the experience here!

The "JYJ Law," proposed by Choi Min Hee as a measure to protect artists, failed to pass. While this law aimed to help artists by banning broadcast companies" actions of unjustifiably prohibiting the appearance of artists, the bill was instead put on hold on continuous evaluation as it was said to need further revisions. Let"s hope a law like this one can get passed soon to protect our favorite K-pop idols.

The West showed its love and appreciation for all things K-pop!

American wrestler Xavier Woods revealed his status as a Shawol. Tweeting a screenshot of Shinee"s "Alive," he gushed, "On repeat all day & is now my Gym Jam - about to learn these romanized lyrics SHINee I think I"m a Shawol." Welcome to the club Mr. Woods!

Meanwhile, American actress Chloe Moretz continued to appear on "We Got Married." To have a little bit of fun, she joined Henry, Yewon, Eric Nam, U-KISS"s Kevin, and 15&"s Park Ji Min in some hilarious rounds of karaoke. She even sampled a collection of unique Korean dishes, like soondae (pig intestines stuffed with blood and rice), sannakji (live octopus), spicy ramen, and bundaegi (steamed silkworm pupa)!

Unfortunately for VIPs, Big Bang was banned from SBS"s "Inkigayo" as a penalty for previously missing a live broadcast: "It has always been problematic when a 1st place group does not appear on the live broadcast unless they had an unavoidable reason." While Big Bang was filming for an MV, this apparently was not a big enough reason to excuse their absence from the show.

Despite the ban, Big Bang went on to win the 14th"s episode of "Inkigayo." Congratulations to them!

What"s the difference between Big Bang, Shinee, and EXO? Ask G-Dragon.

Amidst the flurry of comebacks, G-Dragon bravely responded to a question on what set Big Bang apart from fellow idol groups SHINee and EXO. "What sets us apart is that we make our own songs, which appeals to the public, and the public likes the songs," he said. When he was reminded of EXO-L and Shawols" potential angry responses, he casually said, "They might get mad, but it"s true, so there"s nothing that can be done about it."

Looks like we"ll be seeing a lot more of Girls" Generation this summer than we thought! In addition to their scheduled summer comeback, the girls are preparing for a group appearance on SBS"s "Running Man." Members Yuri, Tiffany, and Hyoyeon will also be making individual appearances as well as continuing their current roles on various variety programs.

And if that"s not enough Girls" Generation for you, do not fear! The girls are gearing up to star in their very own reality show! We"ll be able to see the girls candidly talk about fashion, beauty, and their favorite "hot spots." Hold onto your seats SONEs!

Welcoming future K-pop idols! This week brought some happy news of future Korean stars!

Celebrity couple Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung welcomed their first child, a healthy baby girl! Both mother and daughter are doing well, with Lee Bo Young reporting through her agency, "With all your support and love, I was able to give birth to a healthy baby. Although it was a long wait, I"m just so grateful that she has come to us healthy. I"ll try to greet you all with a good production as soon as possible. Thank you."

Yoon Sang Hyun and Maybee also revealed that they are expecting their first child! The two were married back in February and jumped straight into married life without a honeymoon. She is currently 15 weeks pregnant.

Kim Tae Woo excitedly announced that his wife is currently pregnant with their third child! He revealed, "I"m a father of a daughter, daughter, son. I"m going to work even harder. I have everything now."

Congratulations to these proud parents!

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tvN Drama "Ho-gu's Love" Episode 12 Recap

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tvN Drama

Surprised at finding Kang-chul leaning over Ho-gu for a kiss, she backs into the wall, making enough sound to catch Kang-chul’s attention. He covers up the near-kiss by slapping Ho-gu on the cheeks, telling him to wake up and go home.

When Gong-mi meets Ho-kyung for dinner with Chung-jae and Tae-hee, and Gong-mi and Tae-hee immediately recognize each other from when he and Ho-gu barged into the office. He pulls her aside, making her promise not to tell Ho-kyung about their visit or the baby.

Ho-kyung notes that they seem to have a connection, and apologizes to Chung-jae because she had originally intended to set him up with Gong-mi instead. But Chung-jae is offended that Ho-kyung, who he has a crush on, would be setting him up with girls. Ho-kyung: “What, should I be introducing you to boys instead?”

A phone call from Kang-chul quickly distracts her. He wants to know if there’s another way that someone could find out if he’s gay that doesn’t involve kissing the guy that makes his heart flutter. Ho-kyung offers to bring all her research and information to a lunch date tomorrow, and after Kang-chul agrees, he wonders why it feels like he’s been lured into a trap.

Ho-gu is reluctant to leave the baby and Do-hee has to practically shove him out the door. But they get distracted by all of Kang-chul’s trophies. Do-hee and Ho-gu are impressed that Kang-chul climbed Mt. Everest last year, and the dates on the certificate make Ho-gu realize that he would have been climbing Mt. Everest around the same time Do-hee got pregnant.

She just rolls her eyes, reminding him she’s already told him that Kang-chul isn’t the father, but with the photographic evidence of Kang-chul standing at base camp, Ho-gu starts to actually believe it.

Despite Do-hee and Kang-chul’s protests, Ho-gu still tries to find a way to cling his belief that Kang-chul is the father (even suggesting that Do-hee went to Everest with him). He can’t get over the conversation he overheard in the hospital, when he thought they were talking about Kang-chul not using condoms.

Do-hee has no idea what he’s talking about, but Kang-chul looks a little shifty as he orders Ho-gu to go home. Ho-gu refuses, and when Kang-chul reminds him yet again that he’s not the father, Ho-gu says that’s why he can’t go home — he can’t leave Do-hee alone with another man.

In a happy voice, he says to himself: “My name is Ho-gu. Kang Ho-gu.”

After they finally convince Ho-gu to leave, Kang-chul wonders how they’ll keep the real father a secret. Do-hee begs him not to tell Ho-gu the truth, and Kang-chul reassures her he won’t. After all, he’s not a high-priced lawyer for nothin’ — he knows how to keep client confidentiality.

The next morning, Ho-gu makes an important decision — a hair-cut. As the barber snips off those adorable curls, he says that Ho-gu must be about to confess to a women. Ho-gu, very seriously, answers “yes.”

Sporting his new ‘do, he marches with purpose to Kang-chul’s apartment building. He’s determined to ask about Do-hee’s relationship with Kang-chul and the baby-daddy — as Geum-dong’s “hyung” and the fact he was her guardian in the hospital, he has the right to know. But when he sees Do-hee walking to the bus stop, he quietly follows her.

Unnoticed, he gets off at the same stop as her, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. He continues to follow her to a cemetery, where she greets an older couple, and it’s apparent that they’re all there for a memorial.

Ho-gu returns to Kang-chul’s apartment, where an annoyed Coach is surrounded by dirty diapers as he struggles to get a fresh diaper on Geum-dong. Ho-gu quickly takes over, asking about Kang-chul and Do-hee. They’ve gone to meet potential adoptive parents.

Aw, Kang-chul is the one who interviews them while Do-hee hides a few tables away, listening in. She shakes her head when Kang-chul asks her about them, but it’s the last couple they had lined up as Geum-dong’s prospective parents. He sighs that they’ll have to find another place to look, as well as figure out more selective criteria.

Curious, Do-hee asks him why he’s working so hard to help her. He tells her it’s because she promised him a huge fee when hired him as the lawyer to oversee Geum-dong’s adoption. He swears it’s not because he has any feelings for her, it’s just…

Do-hee asks if it’s because he’s sorry because he didn’t use “that thing” originally. Hesitating, Kang-chul quietly admits that if he had filed a complaint for her, it would have made her life even more difficult. She confesses she really resented him because of it, but the more she thinks about it, the more she agrees with him. Especially for Geum-dong’s sake.

Kang-chul is back to business when he reminds her not to forget to pay him for his services, and after he leaves, Do-hee grumbles that a woman is about to cry and all he can do is leave: “It’s no wonder he can’t get a date.”

Ho-gu watches over the sleeping Geum-dong and remembers earlier in the morning, when he saw Do-hee at the cemetery. He had greeted the other couple as they waited at the bus stopm (sans Do-hee), and the woman had explained that Do-hee and their deceased child were close friends.

He wonders if their son was the baby’s father who died in an accident, since it would make sense — both why she should seek out Kang-chul for legal advice as well as her statement that both she and the baby’s father made a mistake. Not to mention her breakdown, wondering if she’d ever be able to love again.

Even so, Ho-gu can’t back down from his purpose today. He came to ask her some important questions (and even cut his hair!). Kang-chul and Do-hee arrive home, and pfffft, when Kang-chul sees Ho-gu, he sighs that they really need to change the passcode.

When Do-hee notes that Ho-gu got a haircut, he screws up the courage to tell her why he got it cut — because it’s a hindrance when taking care of babies. Buhhh? Holding out the “babysitter needed” notice Kang-chul had posted on the apartment community board, he tells them that he’s Geum-dong’s new babysitter.

Do-hee pulls him aside, demanding to know if he’s being serious. Ho-gu swears he is, and Do-hee asks if he’s really not curious about the father or how Kang-chul is involved. Ho-gu admits that it doesn’t matter to him anymore. All he cares about is Geum-dong.

Even if she broke off the potential relationship she might have had with him, he asks Do-hee to at least promise not to break apart the relationship he could have with Geum-dong. They agree to write up a contract that will allow him to babysit and keep their relationship professional.

The doorbell rings, and Kang-chul answers it, annoyed that the video screen isn’t working so he can’t see who’s at the door. Surprise! It’s Ho-kyung (with her hand over the camera). She’s there to give him the information he’d asked for last night.

Kang-chul’s trying to hustle Ho-kyung out the door, and she teases him that he must be hiding a girl when suddenly Do-hee appears. Ho-kyung is ready to face-off and defend her turf when Ho-gu arrives with the baby. The twins are surprised to see each other, and Ho-kyung is even more shocked to see the baby. Do-hee cooly tells Ho-kyung that, yes, it’sher baby.

The men can sense the tension as they slowly back away, and Kang-chul tries to explain that it’s not his baby. But Ho-kyung curses him out as she kicks him in the face, giving him a bloody nose and sending him sprawling on the sofa.

Ho-gu tends to the dazed Kang-chul as a furious Ho-kyung tries to talk sense into Ho-gu (while Do-hee once again insists that Kang-chul isn’t the father — this assumption seems to run in the family). She wants to know why her brother is caring for a baby that isn’t his, especially when he said his fling with Do-hee had ended. So why is he still here — is he dating Kang-chul, or what?

When Ho-gu realizes how close his face is to Kang-chul’s, he slooooowly slides away. But Ho-kyung is putting together all the clues and figuring out why the atmosphere is so weird — is the story Kang-chul told her about his client actually his? Is Kang-chul gay? Is thatwhy Ho-gu is here with him?

Kang-chul scrambles up, insisting that’s not it, and sputters out that Ho-gu is actually the babysitter. Congrats, Ho-gu — you’ve officially got the job.

Ho-kyung follows Ho-gu home, trying to talk sense into him. How can he be taking care of a baby when he also has be working on the webtoon? He tries to bribe her to go along with it (and not tell Mom, heh) by promising her he’ll help her get in with Kang-chul’s good graces, but when that doesn’t work, he threatens to show Kang-chul her pre-cosmetic surgery pictures, instead.

Thus Ho-gu begins his career as a babysitter. During the day, while Do-hee trains, he watches Geum-dong. When Do-hee returns in the evening, she takes care of the baby while Ho-gu works on the webtoon. In the meantime, Kang-chul interviews potential adoptive parents (and vainly tries to tolerate a messy baby in his apartment).

Even Ho-kyung gets in the act, stopping by to visit Kang-chul but getting put on baby duty so Ho-gu can do some chores. When Do-hee returns home, she finds Ho-kyung napping next to Geum-dong. She warns Do-hee not to seduce her brother. This is just another source of charity for the kind of guy who takes in all the neighborhood stray cats.

Do-hee says that it’s not about her, but about Geum-dong. When Do-hee admits that she’s using Ho-gu’s goodwill to have someone take care of her baby, Ho-kyung marvels that Do-hee isn’t the “nation’s mermaid,” but rather the “nation’s bitch.”

But Ho-kyung’s found her match in Do-hee, who pointedly reminds her that Ho-kyung’s been speaking informally to her when she’s supposed to be Do-hee’s dongsaeng. Ho-kyung scoffs, saying that Do-hee shouldn’t be so presumptuous — if she keeps acting like that, she’ll be abandoned by the baby’s real father.

Do-hee gives her the death glare as she asks if Ho-kyung knows who the father is. Ho-kyung gulps and says she doesn’t, then smiles, adding honorifics for her “unni.”

When they meet in the elevator, Kang-chul pitches a fit that Ho-gu’s wearing the wrong cleaning gloves to take out the trash. But Ho-gu just ignores him and as they ride up together, instad asking if Do-hee sought Kang-chul because the baby’s father died in an accident.

As a lawyer, Kang-chul can’t answer that. But as a friend, he admits that Do-hee came to him, asking for help, but he turned his back on her. He swears he’d do the same again, though, even though he knows he’d be called a selfish bastard.

But Ho-gu admires him because Do-hee considered Kang-chul someone dependable enough to ask for help, and is relieved that Kang-chul was her ex-boyfriend. Kang-chul is just amazed that Ho-gu found out about the accident.

Ho-gu’s mother intercepts a delivery for Ho-gu, surprised that it contains baby diapers. She tracks him down to Kang-chul’s apartment, where Professor Mok is also there to see her son. The women side-eye each other, since their style is so opposite — Ho-gu’s mother with her colorful, bohemian ensemble, and Professor Mok with her subdued, fashionable outfit.

But both women are equally astonished to see Do-hee leave the apartment with Geum-dong, and they retreat to a coffee shop to get over the shock. Hahahaha! The moms think their children are dating and had a secret kid together, as they assume Do-hee must be the other’s daughter. Ho-gu’s mom is excited to call each other in-laws while Professor Mok bursts into tears.

Kang-chul is meeting with another national athlete from Do-hee’s company, NO KYUNG-WOO (Kim Hyun-joon), who wants to sue whomever started the rumor that he’s gay. When Kang-chul tells him it seems pointless to sue for such a minor thing, Gong-mi pipes up that in many Korean companies, if it’s found out that you’re gay, you automatically become an outcast, potentially ruining your career and reputation.

Kyung-woo adds that’s why the company told him to seek out Kang-chul — they said he’s the best in this field. Kang-chul, having become progressively anxious throughout the meeting, suddenly demands to know who told Kyung-woo that he’s the “gay expert.” But Kyung-woo just meant that Kang-chul is the best at defamation cases.

Ho-kyung’s gives Kang-chul documents to help support Kyung-woo’s case, including an assessment for Kyung-woo to take to prove that he isn’t gay. She convinces Kang-chul to go with her for some drinks, and when he insists that he won’t drink alcohol, she pops open a bottle of soda for him.

But when the bottle cap hits him on the forehead the same way that “Ho-gu” had opened the bottle of beer back in high school, he begins to wonder. After Ho-kyung excuses herself to use the restroom, he reaches for the gay assessment test.

Do-hee meets with CEO Park, who has a new concept image to present to her — a sexy photo-shoot. Do-hee’s a little hesitant and CEO Park reassures her it shouldn’t be too awkward since she’ll be doing it with fellow swimmer, Kyung-woo. The sound of his name makes Do-hee even more determined not to do it. But CEO Park tells her that they can dispel all those childbirth rumors with this photo-shoot — it’s not a request, it’s an order.

At the restaurant, Kang-chul is totally drunk now, and he tipsily asks Ho-kyung why she likes him. He cutely tells her that she shouldn’t like him, though, because he’s… he lowers his voice… gay. She laughs it off, but he repeats it, yelling: “I’m gay! Gay!” until he passes out drunk at the table. She spots the crumpled up assessment next to him.

When Do-hee returns home, she sees Ho-gu to the door. But Ho-gu notices that she’s looking tired, and offers to hug her — when someone in his family is having a rough day, they give each other a hug, no questions asked. She agrees, and he comforts her, telling her she’s doing great, working hard to make money to pay for diapers.

She smiles as she hugs him back, telling him he’s also doing great, working hard to change those diapers. As he pulls away, she stares at him a moment, then… kiss!

Do-hee bids him good-night, and Ho-gu calmly walks out of the apartment, only to go all rubber-legged once the door closes. Awww, Do-hee also falls to her knees as she wonders what she just did. She spots the old sketchbook that Ho-gu gave her, and then she starts to cry as she remembers finding it and seeing the story of the girl who was a mermaid.

Ooohhhh, it turns out that Do-hee actually recognized Ho-gu on the street corner before he first saw her in his camera; that she immediately knew he wasn’t the waiter (aw, the smile she tries to hide when she sends him off for more chips is adorable); and when she walked away from him in the crosswalk, she’d sighed that he was as clueless as ever.

Do-hee clutches the sketchbook to her chest, and with a hankie over her eyes, cries as she remembers their night in Yeosu. At the sound of Geum-dong crying, too, she turns to comfort him. She’s still weeping as she apologizes to Geum-dong, telling him that she’ll pull herself together — she’d tried so hard to hold it in. But she breaks down, sobbing even harder after she admits that it’s her first love.

CEO Park is astonished to discover that Do-hee had the baby, wondering who Do-hee is dating. But her assistant says that Do-hee isn’t dating anyone — it was sexual assault. Ooof.

As Do-hee comforts her baby, she looks at the sketchbook and smiles. “My name is Ho-gu. Do Ho-gu.”

tvN Drama "Ho-gu's Love" Episode 11 Recap

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tvN Drama

Ho-gu breaks down in great sobs at the thought that they may have sent Geum-dong away with bad people, as Do-hee hides her tears and Kang-chul sits stone-faced. Ho-gu grabs Coach and drags him out of the apartment to help him find Geum-dong, refusing to give up. Do-hee asks Kang-chul if he thinks those were bad people, but Kang-chul just asks in return if his answer would change anything.

Out in the street, Coach admits that he didn’t really know the adoptive parents, that he just met them at a cafe. Is he saying that he sold Geum-dong?? He tells Ho-gu that it wasn’t a physical cafe, but a website, and Ho-gu goes to an internet cafe to do some research.

He’s horrified to find that the website is basically a place for unwed mothers to sell their babies to the highest bidder. The mothers post about their situations, and potential “adoptive” parents choose which child they want and make a monetary offer. As Ho-gu digs deeper, he finds posts where the biological parents are concerned about the motives of the adoptive parents, wondering if they can get their babies back.

Coach had told Ho-gu that Do-hee chose which internet cafe to use, so Ho-gu goes back to Kang-chul’s place to confront her. With dead eyes and a flat voice, he asks if Do-hee just sold Geum-dong. She swears she didn’t accept any money, only asking the parents to raise him well and saying she had no other choice.

Kang-chul comes to Do-hee’s defense, saying that in order to adopt her baby out legally, she’d have to go on record as having a baby. Even after adoption, Geum-dong would have been on Do-hee’s family register, and her secret would be out.

Ho-gu doesn’t understand, saying that they’re the adults in this situation and even if there are consequences, they still should have done the right thing by Geum-dong. At the end of her rope, Do-hee yells that he’s her baby, and that it’s her right to decide how to handle the situation. Ho-gu screams that Geum-dong may be her baby but she’s no mother, and Kang-chul neatly puts him in his place.

Ho-gu agrees — this is not his house, and Geum-dong is not his baby. It’s none of his business. He wipes his tears, tells them it’s their business and to do whatever they want, and leaves. He wanders the streets, thinking of Geum-dong but admitting to himself that he really has nothing to do with him. It’s hard to admit, as he remembers cutting the cord and Geum-dong’s tiny hand gripping his finger.

When Ho-gu gets home he finds his mom feeding the stray cats, and she asks him the name of that little gold kitten. He says it’s “Geum-dong,” and Mom says she hasn’t seen Kitten Geum-dong in a while.

Gasping for breath, Kang-chul and Do-hee jump in his car and he asks for the last time if she won’t regret this. She says she won’t, for now, and suddenly Geum-dong’s adoptive parents run up and pound on the car windows. Kang-chul peels out, and holycrap they just kidnapped Geum-dong, didn’t they? They did!! AWESOME.

Kang-chul asks what Do-hee plans to do now, wondering what she was thinking, but she says there’s nothing to think about. It was the only thing she could do. Despite being her getaway car, Kang-chul marvels at her audacity, but she reminds him that she’s a badass single mom and she’s not scared of anything. HAHA, Kang-chul’s all, “Are you seriouslybragging right now??”

Meanwhile Ho-gu calls for Kitten Geum-dong from his bedroom window, who he can hear mewing but can’t see, and pleading with him not to cry. “My name is Ho-gu. Kang Ho-gu.”

Ho-kyung comes down the next morning and runs to call Ho-gu to breakfast, sure she’s about to catch him with a woman in his room. Instead she finds him alone in bed, wide awake and staring at the ceiling. She demands the truth about him and Do-hee, but poor Ho-gu only moans that he wishes there was no such thing as morning, and turns his back.

They go to the manhwa shop to talk, and Ho-gu tells Ho-kyung that there’s nothing to tell about Do-hee — it’s been over between them for a long time (wait, does that mean there used to be something?). She asks why he was crying, but he just says it was about someone else. Crying again, Ho-gu says he thought he really had something with that person, and leans into his sister for a sweet, comforting hug.

Tae-hee and Chung-jae see Do-hee on television doing a press conference, and figure she really did give her baby up for adoption. When Ho-gu wanders in to work, he wilts to see Do-hee promising her fans that she’ll win an Olympic gold medal.

At his home watching Geum-dong, Kang-chul frowns to see all of the baby stuff (not to mention, the actual baby) taking up space on his precious furniture. He gripes at his housekeeper for using the same gloves to clean the kitchen as she used to clean his trophies, which is an impressive new level of nitpicky, sheesh.

Kang-chul’s parents come to see him again, Dad swearing to break open the door if necessary to get inside. They run into Do-hee in the elevator, and obviously Dad is a fan, since a huge smile breaks over his face and he starts to fawn over her (while Mom glares daggers at him, hee).

Dad is so goofily thrilled to meet Do-hee that it’s embarrassing, and he even digs in his wife’s purse for paper for an autograph. He hands Do-hee his business card, offering his services as a lawyer if she ever needs it, and they all get off at the same floor (Do-hee’s face is hilarious!). Kang-chul’s parents screech to a halt to see the famous athlete Do Do-hee going into their son’s apartment, and can only stare open-mouthed.

Kang-chul orders Do-hee to get a babysitter, since his housekeeper is making mistakes because she’s too busy looking after the baby. He thinks Do-hee is rich, but she says all her money goes towards paying off her parents’ debts. Kang-chul is chastened, but mutters that she should use the money she’ll get for a recent CF she made to get a babysitter.

Do-hee lights up like a Christmas tree when the doorbell rings, but wilts again when it’s just the housekeeper looking for her scarf. Awww, she misses Ho-gu. Kang-chul clocks her behavior, but Do-hee strongly denies it when he asks if she’s waiting for Ho-gu.

Ho-kyung waits outside Kang-chul’s building, wondering over some things Ho-gu said to her that morning. He’d said he would have held onto the person he cares about more, if he’d known he’d have to send them away like this. She wonders who the new woman is that displaced Do-hee, which leads her thoughts to Do-hee and Kang-chul. She refuses to accept losing, and takes off after Kang-chul when he comes out for a jog.

Ho-gu also thinks over his talk with his sister, who’d reminded him of his own words that a heart is like paint — you have to use it or it hardens. She’d said that she still has a lot of paint, but when the person you want to draw goes away, you have to wash away the paint quickly.

Ho-gu takes out Geum-dong’s discarded belly-button, and seems to come to a decision. He goes to the bank and stops the automatic payments he’s been making to a children’s charity, asking the bank employee to stop when she laughs at his name.

Ho-kyung pretends it’s a coincidence that she just happens to be biking in the same place Kang-chul is jogging, and the incredulous look on his face is priceless. He doesn’t stop, pointedly mentioning that he likes to exercise alone. When he refuses her offer to get something to drink, she skids to a stop in front of him, forcing the issue.

Next Ho-gu goes to Kang-chul’s place, surprised to see that Do-hee is still there. He stops her when Do-hee starts to talk, and gives her a photo of the Tibetan child that he’s been sponsoring. He says that sponsoring the child made him proud and happy, but that he stopped that sponsorship on the way here.

Ho-gu says that he realized that that happiness was pointless, because a one-sided love isn’t love. He tells Do-hee that when he stopped the sponsorship, he also let go of his feelings for Geum-dong. He gives Do-hee Geum-dong’s belly-button which he had made into a seal stamp, and Do-hee asks if this isn’t a bit strange.

Ho-gu insists that he’s totally done with caring about Geum-dong, and says he feels soooofree now. In fact, he realizes how much trouble babies are, and the amount they poop is just gross. Do-hee just calmly turns and says, “Geum-dong-ah, Ho-gu made you a seal stamp and says you’re nothing but trouble.”

Ho-gu’s head whips around so fast it gives instant lie to his insistence about being over Geum-dong, and he gasps to see Geum-dong laying right there on the couch. Do-hee stops Ho-gu from going to him — you know, since he’s so annoying. She picks up Geum-dong, and Ho-gu is so overcome he can only run and hug them both. He wails that he missed Geum-dong so much that he wanted to die, and kiss-kiss-kisses the baby’s head while Do-hee smiles.

Ho-kyung gets Kang-chul to sit, and even manages to maintain her sweetness-and-light demeanor when he gulps a drink down and tries to go. She drags him back down onto the bench, denying that this meeting was anything but an accident, and swears that she heard him when he said he’s not interested and only wants to be friends.

In fact, Ho-kyung reminds Kang-chul that she’s a psychology major and that he may need her help in his future cases, but he starts to leave anyway. He stops and asks if she’s ever heard of someone’s sexual preferences changing, and suddenly their talk looks more like a therapy session.

Ho-kyung uses pickled radish as a metaphor — some people eat it, and some don’t. But some people are like her, who likes pickled radish alone but picks it out of kimbap. So, is she a person who eats pickled radish, or a person who doesn’t?

Kang-chul wonders, what does pickled radish have to do with sexual preference? She says there’s a deep connection, and wheedles him into going somewhere more comfortable before she’ll tell him. They sit down with some ramyun (and pickled radish, naturally), and Ho-kyung says that liking pickled radish actually IS like sexuality, in that there’s more than two simple and distinct answers.

Claiming that a man came to him for legal advice, Kang-chul asks how you can kiss someone of the same sex without knowing your sexuality, and without permission at that. But Ho-kyung wants to know, who asks permission? Asking breaks the mood.

Ho-kyung asks how that man felt when the other man kissed him — was he shocked, and did his heart pound? Kang-chul says that he was shocked at first, because the other man just came at him, and that now every time he sees the man his heart pounds from the trauma. Ho-kyung says that it’s not trauma — the man is gay.

Kang-chul’s voice squeaks on the word “gay,” and he insists that it’s not true, his “client” is NOT gay. But to Ho-kyung, if your heart pounds when you see a certain person, it means you like them. And if that person is another man, then you’re gay. She tells Kang-chul to advise the “client” to kiss the other man again, and if his heart pounds again, he’s gay.

Ho-gu can’t stop grinning at Geum-dong, even turning his back on Do-hee, his possessiveness over Geum-dong making her smile. Ho-gu asks how this happened, and we see that after he left Kang-chul’s that night, Kang-chul had asked Do-hee if this was all over, sighing in relief when she said it was.

Oh but by the way, Kang-chul mentions, he got the adoptive parents’ license plate. He asks Do-hee one final time if this is really over, and apparently her answer changed. Back in the present, Do-hee says that it was Kang-chul who’d found out where the parents lived and taken her to get her baby back. He’d even climbed a wall to get to Geum-dong. MELT.

Kang-chul innocently comes home just then, and Ho-gu relinquishes the baby to Do-hee so he can tacklehug Kang-chul at the door (as an instrumental version of I’m Your Ladyswells in the background, HAHA). He yells that Kang-chul should have called him before doing something so dangerous, but Kang-chul doesn’t register Ho-gu’s words over his suddenly racing heart.

Kang-chul staggers to his office, clutching his chest and gasping for air. Desperate, he texts Ho-kyung to meet with him tomorrow to talk. When he gets himself together and goes back out to the living room, he’s startled to see Ho-gu and Geum-dong, sleeping beatifically together on the floor.

Kang-chul asks Do-hee how she and Ho-gu got to be friends, and a strange smile comes over her face. She remembers back in high school, going to class early one day and finding Ho-gu’s sketchbook in her desk. She finds the naked picture he drew of her, only now she’s clothed in a beautiful colored dress.

She flips through the sketchbook and her smile grows wider and wider — it’s entirely filled with amazing manhwa-style drawings of her. The pictures tell the story of a girl who goes to the sea and is drawn into the water, swimming deep and meeting amazing sea creatures. Slowly the girl’s legs change into a beautiful tail, and she transforms into a mermaid.

It was the same day that Ho-kyung had worn Ho-gu’s jacket to school, and we see the twins screaming at each other over it at the family’s manhwa store. Do-hee comes into the store while Ho-gu is working, chooses a couple of books, and asks Ho-gu hesitantly if the girl turns into a mermaid every time she goes into the water.

Ho-gu misunderstands and thinks she’s asking about the girl in the manhwa books she chose and corrects her, since Elize is a warrior. Annoyed, Do-hee pays and leaves in a huff, but Ho-gu realizes what she meant and goes after her. He calls out that the girl was a mermaid from the beginning, which is why she’s happier in the water and isn’t comfortable around people.

After that, Do-hee had visited the manhwa store often, initially turning down Ho-gu’s tentative gifts of fruit. Slowly she begins to accept the tangerines, and eventually they’re comfortable enough to sit knee-too-knee and silently share fudge pops. That is so freaking adorable — it wasn’t a one-sided love!

But one day, Ho-gu and Tae-hee go to a restaurant, and Ho-gu’s face falls to see Do-hee and Kang-chul eating together. He watches as Do-hee asks if Kang-chul looked in the book she returned to him, disappointed that he hasn’t mentioned the four-leaf clover, and unaware that Kang-chul doesn’t even know it was from her.

Turns out, Do-hee brought Kang-chul here to ask him if she can use the pool at the club he belongs to, since the pool is regulation-size. He flatly refuses her, citing the high dues for members, and says they can’t just let any loser use the pool. Do-hee’s temper flares, and she splatters ddukbokki sauce on his hand and leaves.

Kang-chul uses the sketchbook that Do-hee had with her to wipe his hand, which has Ho-gu (who’s still watching for a couple of tables over) rising from his chair in horror. He leaves with Tae-hee right behind him, so they miss Do-hee coming back for her things. She sees the sauce smear on the sketchbook, and her loud threats have Kang-chul’s hands shaking violently.

Unaware that Ho-gu witnessed her conversation with Kang-chul, Do-hee goes to the manhwa store with snacks as usual, but Ho-gu isn’t in any mood to hang out. He shuts her down so Do-hee leaves, but Ho-gu only watches her go.

Back in the present, Do-hee leaves Ho-gu napping with Geum-dong, but before she goes she asks Kang-chul why Ho-gu had earlier mentioned a fast food restaurant that had been outside their school. Kang-chul just reasons that Ho-gu is abnormal, ha.

Do-hee goes to a cemetery with flowers, though we don’t see who she’s visiting. She apologizes to the person for not coming in a long time, and cleans up the grave while saying the person’s parents should visit more often. No, she should come more often, but she’s been busy, hiding and looking into adoption while also trying to make a comeback.

Do-hee’s smile falters as she says that she got “our” baby back (although in Korean, that doesn’t necessarily mean anything other than a term of endearment). She asks if she did well, and starts to cry in earnest: “I miss you. I really miss you.”

Chung-jae waits nervously for Ho-kyung in a cafe, adorably dressed in a suit, but she shows up in her ratty old tracksuit. He tells her he likes her, and even presents her with flowers and a song, but gets no reaction whatsoever. She bounces up when Gong-mi enters the cafe, leaving him hanging mid-note.

Kang-chul watches Ho-gu sleep all day, and finds the sketchbook that Do-hee is still carrying around with her. He lays on the floor to get a closer look at Ho-gu, remembering Ho-kyung’s words that if your heart pounds for someone, it means you like them.

Kang-chul searches Ho-gu’s sleeping face, looking simultaneously worried and fascinated. Softly he asks, “Kang Ho-gu… do I… like you?” He thinks about Ho-kyung’s advice to kiss the man again and see if his reaction is the same, and he reaches out but stops short of caressing Ho-gu’s face.

Kang-chul slowly leans down, determined to see if another kiss with Ho-gu will make his heart pound. Just before their lips touch, Do-hee comes home and sees Kang-chul leaning over Ho-gu, and claps her hands over her mouth in shock.

Japanese-Korean Drama "SECOND LOVE" Recap

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Japanese-Korean Drama

This drama is like a guilty pleasure, albeit one I was reluctant to admit I was watching. But now that I know there are a LOT of you out there watching and waiting along with me for subs each week, it’s more fun. *heh*

We left off with Yui’s Mother confronting Kei at work, begging him to return her daughter to her. She tells him Yui is a considerate child and him ripping them apart was a bad thing to do, doesn’t he agree? Ermm…no. She scoffs, that was expected since he’s not really Japanese. Wut? He tells her he is Japanese but she claims since he lived in Germany for over 10 years, that means he’s now German. Wait…is she crazy?

She claims Yui was a “dokumo” in high-school and when Kei doesn’t know what that is, it’s further proof to her that he’s not Japanese. “Dokumo” is an amateur model. Kei’s surprised by this, he didn’t know. Mom also wants to know how he’s set, financially. It’s important if he plans to marry Yui. When Kei mentions he hadn’t thought of marriage yet, Mom really loses it, yelling that he’s irresponsible. Well, at least she asked about marriage.

Kei’s co-workers come out and Mom overhears them discussing the young woman who came to see Kei days ago and now it’s an older woman. She questions them about the younger girl, becoming convinced Kei is dating more than one woman at a time. Her neurotic itch starts as she yells at Kei to stop toying with her daughter if he doesn’t want marriage and she smacks him across the face with her purse.

That night at home, he exercises with Yui, trying to get her to stretch her back and laughs when she squeals that it hurts. He leans forward, kissing her but then places his hands behind his back and says he won’t use his hands today…when they do it. ROFLMAO, I can’t…it’s like “Look Ma, no hands!” Oh, but Yui can use her hands. She kisses him but he says he can’t take off his clothes this way so she removes his shirt for him.

Leaning over, with his hands still behind his back, he uses his teeth to pull down the strap on her top. What the hell am I watching and why do I suddenly feel like a perv? As he kisses her neck and uses his foot to remove his own pants, Yui thinks to herself that his movements were like he was dancing. I can’t stop laughing. Is he bored already?

The next day, Kei mopes as he remembers the German guy asking him to be an interpreter. At school, the little brats gossip, convinced Yui and married guy are having an affair. Quiet student, Sora, snaps at them to not arbitrarily decide something like that without proof. When the girls argue there is proof, she stomps towards them and demands to know if they saw them going into a hotel? Or did they actually see them doing it? Slamming her hands on the desk, she yells that Sensei isn’t that kind of person! OMO, she does have a crush on Yui, doesn’t she? Excellent guess by someone!

In the teacher’s lounge, the headmaster wants married guy and Yui to come into his office for a discussion. Married guy jumps up, saying they can talk here and asks if it’s about the rumored affair? The headmaster wants to know what basis the students have to claim such a thing? The headmistress claims the students know the two of them met at a restaurant and married guy drove Yui home. Whoa…if that’s all it takes, I must be having affairs with quite a few of my co-workers. *snort*

Married guy claims they met at the restaurant to discuss a difficult student: Sora. He kindly gave her a ride home and even met her Mother at the gate. It’s only natural that they meet to discuss students, that’s all there is to it and it’s nothing for them to be embarrassed about. The headmaster thinks they should educate the students while married guy apologizes to Yui for putting her in this position. Smooth liar.

At home, Yui wakes up early to cook a boxed lunch for Kei as well as doing the laundry. This makes her realize her Mother did everything for her – shopping, cooking, cleaning, ironing and even taking out the garbage. As they walk out to work, Kei finally tells Yui that her Mother visited him at work. She apologizes if her Mom said anything strange, he tells her no matter what her Mom says, it won’t affect them.

At married guys house, his wife notices again that he’s spacing out but he plays it off and rushes out to work. When he meets Yui in the hallway at school, the students suddenly start chanting “adultery” again. Quiet student Sora rushes up to Yui and asks her if it’s true? Yui says it’s not. She doesn’t understand why they’ve all misunderstood but the person she’s going out with is not married guy. She announces she’s currently living with a 27 year-old single man and reminds the girls that school is a place to study.

Kei has to start getting up early, telling Yui the interpreter job will only last 2 weeks. That night, for the first time, he turns away from her to sleep. Wow, it’s over already. (LMAO) As he heads out the next morning, it’s clear he’s a bundle of nerves. He’s introduced to the company as the interpreter but the guy also gives his stats – like that he won the Lausanne competition at 17, he used to be a solo artist with this company and that he danced the main lead in this work when it premiered.

Kei sits with the German guy on a dias and watches as the new lead who replaced him dances. He’s deeply moved as he realizes this guy is much better than he is and he tearfully admits it’s the end of his dream. Awww. That night, he asks Yui to come see the performance since he was once the lead. When she resists, he admits the other guy is a better dancer. She thinks it’s her fault that he’s suddenly satisfied with being an interpreter but he says she’s wrong. Telling her he loves her, he wants her to see the performance to get to know him better.

Yui’s Mother calls, faking a tummy ache but Yui catches on quickly. This seems to make Mom happy, it proves she and Yui’s hearts are connected since Yui could immediately tell she was lying. ROFL, Mom is a hoot. She expresses worry for Yui since that Kei guy said he didn’t want to get married. Yui accuses her of lying again and hangs up. Ruh, oh, she’s not lying about that bit.

Disaster strikes the dance company as the lead dancer refuses to perform because he hurt his arm. Kei changes the choreography and works through it with the guy so that he can safely perform without straining his arm. Yui arrives and finds her seat, the curtain goes up and the performance goes off without any further problems. Kei walks out to find it snowing and then sees Yui standing across the street, clapping for him. Awwww, cute!

At the practice studio the next day, one of the directors of the dance company arrives to thank Kei and also tells him his phone is going crazy with people requesting Kei’s services. Is it okay if he gives out Kei’s number? Hell, yes! WooHoo, a new career! He’s suddenly in demand, charged with creating choreography for commercials and other things.

Yui is asked by the headmistress to join her for tea and spills that she also has a younger boyfriend, only hers is 20 years younger. LMAO, they gossip and giggle about their young studs like schoolgirls, it’s hilarious. Married guy learns that his son passed his exam and heads home with steak to celebrate but finds the house strangely stripped empty as his wife tells him she wants to break up. She knows he holds no affection for her and hasn’t for a long time. He tries to stop her but she leaves.

Kei comes home with a bottle of Dom Pérignon to celebrate his first paycheck. He’s not only going to be busy doing choreography but he’s being asked to dance in a commercial. They drink the champagne in regular glasses. Yui’s Mom watches her regular game show, curled into blankets on the floor in the living room. Married guy goes into the bathroom and realizes his wife took all the photos of their children, which pisses him off.

Kei believe this good fortune is coming his way because of Yui, she truly became his goddess. Everything started from her. She hopes to stay his goddess forever. He wants to find a bigger apartment but she’s happy where they are since it’s close to the gym, her school and the public baths. Putting his arms around her, he starts to pull off her shirt when she asks if they’re doing it too much? He takes that to mean she doesn’t like it but that’s not what she means. He pulls her into a hug.

In voiceover, Yui says she didn’t know anything. It was only the two of them who were happy.