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Rain and Kim Tae Hee Fell in Love to get started with Sight?

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Rain and Kim Tae Hee Fell in Love initially Sight? Looks like love was once in the air for Rain and Kim Tae Hee from the instant they first met!

On the September 2 episode of “One evening television Entertainment,” one a section of the display dug into stars’ behind-the-scenes happenings right through advertisement shoots.

Advertisement manager and television personality Oh Kyung Soo revealed, “There are many instances of double casting in the advertisement industry nowadays.”

He continued, “We often known as Rain and Kim Tae Hee for a double casting, and the 2 were very shy when they first met. It made where feel like they were on a blind date instead of a commercial shoot.”

“Rain became one week clear of enlisting in the army back then, yet I saw him nearly each day. He got here on the set even when it wasn’t his turn to shoot,” Oh Kyung Soo said, laughing.

[Spoiler] "My Love Eun-dong" moves forward with passionate kiss in the rain and ardent bed scene

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The 11th episode of JTBC"s FridaySaturday drama, "My Love Eun-dong" depicted the touching reunion of Seo Jeong-eun (Ji Eun-dong played by Kim Sa-rang) and Ji Eun-ho (Park Heyon-soo played by Joo Min-mo) as Seo Jeong-eun finally recovered all of her memories.

On this episode, Seo Jeong-eun could recollect everything related to the car accident from 10 years ago and went to the vacation home, where she had visited with Go Mi-soon (Kim Mi-jin).

Seo Jeong-eun called Ji Eun-ho as she could not resist her yearning feeling any longer. She said, "Hyeon-soo oppa" and then burst into crying.

Ji Eun-ho also bust into crying as he said, "Eun-dong". He drove his car in the pouring rain to the vacation house where Seo Jeong-eun was staying.

When Ji Eun-ho arrived at the place after he drove through the thunder storm, Seo Jeong-eun opened the dooor and came out. The two stood face to face. And then they shared a passionate hug.

Seo Jeong-eun and Ji Eun-ho kissed in the rain and confirmed their ardent feeling towards each other. Ji Eun-ho drove her to his place and the two continued with their expression for love that they had been missing for a long time.

Soo Ae Backs Out Of Love-call For "While You Were Sleeping," Rain Still Considers

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Soo Ae Backs Out Of Love-call For

It is reported that Rain is still considering taking the male lead in upcoming movie "While You Were Sleeping;" Meanwhile, actress Soo Ae has backed out of the love-call!

According a representative of Rain’s agency, Cube Entertainment, “Rain has been contacted regarding the role, but no final decisions have been made. We are currently discussing the opportunity further.” Meanwhile, a representative of Soo Ae flatly denied the report, saying, “Soo Ae has already made the decision to turn down the project.”

Previous reports that the two were set to co-star as husband and wife in the film had garnered a lot of attention given the two stars’ relatively long absences from the movie industry. Rain’s last performance in a Korean film came before his military service in the 2012 film “R2B: Return to Base.” Soo Ae has not appeared in a film since 2013’s “The Flu.”

Meanwhile, “While You Were Sleeping” is a melodrama that tells the authentic story of a husband devoted to his wife.

Kim Tae Hee reported to have visited Rain on the set of upcoming Chinese drama "Love is like Diamonds"

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Kim Tae Hee reported to have visited Rain on the set of upcoming Chinese drama

Actress Kim Tae Hee is reported to have visited the set of her boyfriend Rain"s upcoming Chinese drama "Love is like Diamonds", dispelling rumors of a possible breakup.

The singer and actor is currently filming for his first ever Chinese TV drama in Shanghai, and Kim Tae Hee is said to have visited personally to show him support. An insider stated, "As Rain is giving his all to filming, you"ll be sure to find out what he has to offer through the drama."

Meanwhile, Rain will be playing the role of a manipulative business executive. Stay tuned for more details about "Love is like Diamonds"!

Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye Talk Love In Rain

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Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye Talk Love In Rain

The production team of the newly premiered SBS Wednesday Thursday drama "Pinocchio" shared pictures of the main actor Lee Jong Suk and actress Park Shin Hye on a lovely date in rain. Today, the production team of the newly premiered SBS Wednesday Thursday drama "Pinocchio" shared pictures of the actor and the actress standing in rain. Actor Lee Jong Suk and actress Park Shin Hye were romantically looking at each other, wearing orange safety cones on their heads to avoid the raindrops. In related news, the SBS Wednesday Thursday drama "Pinocchio" premiered today. The new SBS Wednesday Thursday romantic comedy drama "Pinocchio," which is produced by director Park Hye Ryun, tells a story of entry-level reporters working for a newspaper company. Actress Park Shin Hye is to play one of the two main characters, called Choi In Ha, who is a reporter who hiccups whenever she lies to other people. Actress Park Shin Hye is to play her role with actor Lee Jong Suk, who plays Choi Dal Po in the drama, an attractive, smart reporter who lives with a fake name.

[Spoiler] "My Lovely Girl" Rain, Krystal, L in a love mess

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Romance has become complicated with the appearance of L in the picture.

On the thirteenth episode of the SBS drama "My Lovely Girl", Si-woo (L) interrupted Yoon Sena (Krystal) and Lee Hyeon-wook (Rain).

When the Chinese investor for ANA was about to turn his investments to Seo Jae-yeong (Kim Jin-woo), Lee Hyeon-wook came to a point where he had to create some kind of results. Lee Hyeon-woo called Si-woo and Sena and said, "This project is very important for the company. I trust you with it".

However, Sena was in the slumps after she found out about Hyeon-wook and her late sister Yoon So-eun"s (Lee Si-ah) relationship. Si-woo asked her, "What"s wrong? What"s going on between you and Hyeon-wook?" Sena said, "We can"t be anything" and Si-woo said, "Did you guys break up?"

Si-woo had been consistent with his feelings for Sena but she only had eyes for Hyeon-wook. At the end of the episode, Si-woo witnesses a quarrel between Sena and Hyeon-wook and says, "Let her go".

Si-woo had moved a step back for the two of them but now that he knows about their break-up he means to interfere. Will Sena take in Si-woo after breaking up with Lee Hyeon-wook?

Still cuts and promotional posters of Rain"s Chinese film "For Love or Money" released!

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Still cuts and promotional posters of Rain

Still cuts and promotional posters were released for the upcoming Chinese romance movie of Rain and Chinese actressLiu Yifeientitled "For Love or Money."

The still cuts showed Rain while having a conversation with his co-star in a restaurant. The other featured him while enjoying a carousel ride.

"For Love or Money" is based from a book and is directed byGao Xixi. It will premiere on November 7th in China.

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Lee Mi Sook Casted For ‘Love Rain’

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Lee Mi Sook According to a producer, Lee Mi Sook will play Lee Hana (Yoona)"s mother as well as gardener Kim Yoon Hee, who is Yoona"s 70s college student version, 32 years later.

Lee Mi Sook is planning to present a different side to Yoona"s 70s version of Kim Yoon Hee through deeper, fond melodrama acting.

Lee Mi Sook, who has been known for playing strong characters in the past, will partake in a heart beating love with her first love, Jung Jin Young, who she meets again after 32 years.

Director Yoon Suk Ho expressed, "Lee Mi Sook is one of Korea"s best female actresses who has exceptional concentration and the ability to act deeply into a character through her life experiences. I think she will show Yoon Hee"s personality very well."

‘Fated to Love You’ Jang Hyuk kisses Jang Na Ra in rain

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‘Fated to Love You’ Jang Hyuk kisses Jang Na Ra in rain

MBC drama "Fated to Love You" actor Jang Hyuk and actress Jang Na Ra had a date.

On the most recent episode of the drama MBC drama "Fated to Love You" which aired on August 20, 2014, Kim Mi Young, played by actress Jang Na Ra, and Lee Gun, played by actor Jang Hyuk, went on a date that was not planned. After signing the contract with Lee Gun"s company, Kim Mi Young visited a botanical garden. She met Lee Gun there by accident, but declined to hang out with him, saying, "I hope I would not have to see you outside of the office." However, the rain started to fall and the two ran to the closest inn, because there were no transportation back to Seoul. Kim Mi Young tried to leave the inn, but Lee Gun held her hand and kissed her. In related news, the new MBC romantic comedy drama "Fated to Love You" tells a story of a nave girl named Kim Mi Young, played by actress Jang Na Ra, who is at times too nice, and her destined love with Lee Gun, played by actor Jang Hyuyk, whose position as a heir is being threatened. The drama airs every Wednesday and Thursday.

Rain receives another casting offer for upcoming KBS 2TV drama 'Love Discovery'

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Rain receives another casting offer for upcoming KBS 2TV drama 'Love Discovery'

Rain has received another casting offer for the upcoming KBS 2TV Mon-Tues drama "Love Discovery" which is set to premiere this August.

A representative from his agency Cube DC revealed to Star News on May 2, "Rain has been receiving casting offer for various films and dramas... Although he has received the casting offer for "Love Discovery", he does not have a particular production in mind yet."

Rain has also received the casting offer for the drama "Indian Summer". His agency rep stated, "He will make a decision soon."

"Love Discovery" is written by tvN"s "I Need Romance" series" Jung Hyun Jung and is a romantic comedy which portrays the story of an ex-boyfriend reappearing to a woman who is dating someone else.