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New Travel Guide Book “Oppa! Take Me to Korea!”

Travel guide author Littlemisshoo has recently released her second book “Oppa! Take Me to Korea!” after achieving great success to her first book titled “Travel to Korea in KPOP/KDRAMA Style”. K-Drama fans who plan on visiting Korea for filming locations will not only find comprehensive information in the book but also photos and easy-to-follow maps.

Some of the locations listed in this new guide includes Café Illuso, which was featured in the drama “That Winter, The Wind Blows,” the shopping mall in “Master’s Sun,” and the fried chicken shop opened by Jang Hye Sung (Lee Bo Young)’s mother in “I Hear Your Voice,” just to name a few.

 Many scenes in “Love Rain” were shot in Daegu.

Plan a trip to scenic Jeju easily with this guide book

The Prince of Asia Models…Bread?!

The “Prince of Asia” Jang Geun Suk is modeling…bread in Japan?! A photo of “Jang Geun Suk’s bread” had been uploaded onto various internet community sites, garnering netizens’ attentions.

Last year, Jang Geun Suk had signed with Lawson Frau International and Tree-J Company to become Lawson’s product ambassador. As a result, his face is on two types of bread produced by Lawsons.

Lawsons began selling “Jang Geun Suk Mocha Coffee Melon Bread” and “Jang Geun Suk Bulgogi Bread” in Lawsons’ convenience stores throughout Japan today, January 17.

A representative of Lawsons stated, “Jang Geun Suk is extremely popular among Japanese females, and we chose him to endorse our product because female consumers are our target market. “  

Jang Geun Suk has charmed hallyu fans, especially those in Japan, with his memorable characters in dramas like “You’re Beautiful” and “Mary Stayed Out All Night,” as well as his singing prowess

Original Cast of "Winter Sonata" Are Touched by Its Musical Adaption

Time has flown by. It has already been ten years since the immense popular drama “Winter Sonata” aired its very first episode on January 14, 2002. To celebrate its grand anniversary, the original cast of the drama had gathered on the musical stage of “Winter Sonata” on January 14, 2012. Not only Choi Ji Woo, but also Kim Hae Sook, Lee Hye Eun and Park Hyun Sook and all other members were at this gathering.

Actress Choi Ji Woo had seen the musical commented, “From my point of view, as the actress who played the part of Yoo Jin, I was very happy with this musical. It made me feel very good but also emotional. Some parts of the dialogue also made me think about the late Park Yong Ha.” Kim Hae Sook also confessed her emotions by commenting, “Throughout the whole musical, I was reminded of the drama and it made me tear up

KBS eyes March broadcast date for YoonA & Jang Geun Suk’s ‘Love Rain’

KBS‘s highly-anticipated drama, ‘Love Rain‘, may hit the small screens in March!

A representative from the production staff spoke with TV Daily on January 16th and revealed, ”Although details haven’t been confirmed yet, KBS has expressed their wish to air ‘Love Rain’ in March. Scenes from the ’70s story arc have already been completed, and we are scheduled to continue filming in the beginning of March.”

Directed by PD Yoon Suk Ho (of ‘Autumn Fairytale‘ and ‘Winter Sonata‘ fame), ‘Love Rain’ exhibits the pure emotions of love during the ’70s, as well as the trendy love of today’s society. Both actor Jang Geun Suk and Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA play dual roles

The Girls′ Generation Members Who Shined in Drama OSTs

preview nextview 1/6 preview nextview There are plenty of idol girl groups out there but only a handful of them have been acknowledged by other parts of the entertainment world through drama OSTs.

The Girls’ Generation members prove that they’re not just a group of girls who sing and dance on stage, but they also have the ability to move the heart by singing in dramas.

While it may not be all nine of them belting it out for these dramas, here are the members who made their names known in the drama world.


Now flaunting her vocals through her musical, Seohyun has previously shined as a drama OST artist as well. .

She’s sung for the history drama, Kim Soo Ro as well as Fashion King, which we’re guessing she took part in to support her fellow member Yuri, who was starring in the drama

Deer Yoona, Strong Yoona and More of the SNSD Member′s NIcknames

′Singer,′ ′actress,′ ′SNSD member′ often precede Yoona′s name, but the starlet′s looks and personality have earned her numerous nicknames over the years, and today we′re looking into some of Yoona′s most famous nicknames.

Deer Yoona

Famous for her girl next door image, SNSD′s Yoona has often been described as a deer for her innocent, wide eyed appeal.

Her deer-like features and youthful image are what make her the perfect face for cosmetic brands as well as dramas like You Are My Destiny and Love Rain.

Alligator Yoona

She may have Bambi eyes, but Yoona′s mouth has a bit more bite.

Search ′Alligator Yoona′ and you′ll find photos and screencaps of the SNSD member′s signature, toothy smile

Yoona’s Pretty Boys Before Lee Seung Gi

preview nextview 1/6 preview nextview Girl’s Generation’s Yoona probably broke a lot of hearts when it was revealed that she was dating Lee Seung Gi.

But as Lee Seung Gi’s chase for the SNSD member took more than four years, Yoona found herself surrounded by other men, so we’ve chosen five out of the many, many men who’ve looked at this nation’s first love and let out a dreamy sigh.

Lee Tae Sung

In her first drama role ever, Yoona played Shin Joo Young, an internet novelist in MBC’s 9 Ends 2 Outs. As a big fan, she chased around Lee Tae Sung’s character, Kim Jung Joo, who was actually dating the female protagonist (Soo Ae), otherwise known as her co-worker.

Along with the twists and turns, Yoona made her grand debut with her eyes locked on Lee Tae Sung

8 of the Youngest and Hottest Female A-Listers in Korean Tinseltown

Move aside Bae Doona,Choi Ji Woo, Song Hye Kyo, and the rest of you stunning A-list female women because we've got a pack of young and hot female A-list actresses that are coming to Korean Tinseltown and running the whole town. Who are the hottest and youngest female A-listers these days? Let's take a look at the top 8!

Park Shin Hye, 24, best known for "The Heirs," "You're Beautiful," "Heartstrings," and "Stairway to Heaven."

Go Ara, 24, best known for "Reply 1994," "The Blue Wolf," and "Snowflower."

SNSD's Yoona is a hot commodity in the world of acting. She is best known for "The Prime Minister and I," Love Rain," and "Woman of Matchless Beauty

Unexpectedly Engaging: Prime Minister and I, Episodes 1-4

Unexpectedly Engaging: Prime Minister and I, Episodes 1-4

I never thought a Lee Bum-soo and Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona combination would be something I’d look forward to seeing every week. Replacing Mirae’s Choice as KBS’ Monday-Tuesday drama, Prime Minister and I is a fun romantic comedy centering around family and politics, with just a touch of humor at the right moments. Also starring are Yoon Si-yoon, Chae Jung-ahn, and Ryu Jin. If this drama continues on a good streak and the newly airing Miss Korea finds one as well, it may be that SM C&C has finally found some type of groove.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

To begin, the acting for the main two leads is on point

IU's Video For 'Friday' Explains What Is Wrong With 'Pretty Man' Chemistry

IU is adorable with model Jang Ki Yong.

The colorful and upbeat personality of IU shines in the music video for the song Friday. Friday, a single off of Modern Times-Epilogue features IU with History's Jang Yi Jeong.The two vocalists exhibit a comfortable familiarity which comes across through the vocals in the song,. Model Jang Ki Yong portrays the object of IU's affection in the music video and is absolutely adorable. The relationship dynamic portrayed in the music video appears natural and carries strong emotional integrity.By comparison, the relationship between IU's Kim Bo Tang and Jang Geun Suk's Dokgo Ma Te in the drama Pretty Man appears off kilter, as well as forced.

Friday emphasizes the excitement of relationships, especially those at their newest level, in which one bubbles with anticipation at the idea of seeing the object of their affection