TRENDING Suicidal lady defeats depression with her love for EXO

TRENDING Suicidal lady defeats depression with her love for EXO

33kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter A 2nd year centercollege girl, who is an avid fan of EXO, and her mother, who didnt like the reality that she was once an EXO-L, were featured on SBS Same Bed, Other Dreams

The young fan, Songji, confessed she spends 24 hours of her day thinking and observing EXO and her momturned intounsatisfied and may justno longernotice why she spent such a lot of her time and cash on EXO and purchasing EXO comparable products.

At this point Songji confessed the realexplanation whyin the back of her love of EXO. She printedthat once she was in 6th grade, her oldsters did no longer have much time for her because of the fact that her older sister was very sick. She had to take care of the loneliness and the depression that got here amongst it by potential of herself. She confessed that she even attempted to harm herself as the finish result of her depression.

Thats when she stumbled on EXO and discoveredsafety and a feeling of network in their fandom. She mentioned that by turning into a fan she have become more social with her palsspeaking to them about EXO.

Chanyeol even seemed equally a wonder guest for Songji.

1467, 106 Even but even so her state of affairs its herbalfor a lady her age to moveloopy over celebrities. She does seem to beat theexcessiveaspectyet it wont remaining too long. The genuinetrouble are adults who do sasaeng activities.

1111, 88 Its organicfor ladies her age to love celebrities.

994, 266 Their folksdemanding earned cash all is going to a famous person that youve never even ate in combination with. Do you guys in reality like celebrities that much..

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Heize & Dean Toe the Line Between Love and Hate in “And July”

Heize & Dean Toe the Line Between Love and Hate in “And July”

20160724_seoulbeats_heize_dean_and_july_4Heize Dean Toe the Line Between Love and Hate in And JulyWritten by capability of Chelsea On July 24, 2016Its been a busy a year of collaborations for either Dean and Heize. Whilst Heize received aid teaming up with both Chanyeol and Chen of Exo, Dean featured in Taeyeons Starlight as neatly every bit Dok2s Bad Vibes Lonely. Back in June, the 2emerging artists got herein combination for the jam, Close Up and Groove. Keeping the momentum in their collaborative good fortune going, Heize and Dean have teamed up once back alongside the reduction of DJ Fritz to offer the lead unmarried of Heizes debut album, And July.

If it were any individualwith the exception of Dean, I'd exist wary of the reality that both of Heizes post-Unpretty Rapstar singles feature the similar artist. However, Heize and Dean have a differentmore or less musical chemistry thats advantageous for either one of them. Here'sprincipallyon account ofthe style they balance with one another and can play off of each and every other effortlessly. Theres a herbal  almost playful synergy between them, and this isnot moretransparent than in And July. Together, they organize to convey a complex relationship that ft the line between affection and loathing.

Weve come to be expectingexcellent things from Digipedi productions, and And July does now not disappoint on that front. Whats interesting more or less the MV is that the lyrics say one thing, while the visuals apparentlyput acrossanything entirely different. Or do they? Theres a wealthy layer of complexity between the sentiments of the tune and the movements of Heize and Dean on screen that creates more questions than answers: are they looking to confess their affections or their ambivalence? Are they enthusiasts or enemies? Do the ones two things must be mutually exclusive?

And July plays much like a throw-back hip hop confessional of an adult playground rivalry; Dean pulls Heizes metaphoric pig tails, and she figuratively kicks him in the shin in retaliation. She doesnt need him to peer her react, now not when he pours sugar into her coffee or when he passes her chewed up gum in its place of the hoop she anticipated. Heize continues to play into their childish game because its more straightforward than acknowledging that perhaps she in truth cares about him that hes in some way wormed his way into her heart.

Did someone put medication in it?

(I acknowledged it’s) killin me softly

Dean, too, struggles with communicating his affections and frustrations. Where she acts ambivalent, he acts out to stay her attention. He knows its not healthy, what theyre doing, yet he also fears that speaking about the elephant in the room may ruin everything.

But today, it’ll be different

All the feelings onedriven back

20160724_seoulbeats_heize_dean_and_july_1Where Heize wonders how to admit her emotions without coming off too eager, Dean needs to promise her the sectoras long as she recognizes that they could be more than friends. Somehow, they both achievethe realization that July is the easiest month for the verbal exchange to take position if they are ready to survive until then.

I used to be denying it, announcing I don’t know

Then two seasons have passed us

Even in this moment, I omit you

If the MV is any indication, their courting is a ticking time bomb. All the insecurities of the lyrics translate into a live-action edition of Spy vs Spy, complete with quite so much of food, toothbrushes in puts they shouldnt be, dead-pan stares, and button-pushing. How things escalated this some distance is unclear, but what is obvious is that something should be done sooner than they finally finish upany further bruised than they already are (literally).

Despite the palpable tension of the MV, theres something similarly adorable about it. A lot of the cuteness will also be attributed to Deans immature yet adorable endurance contrasted with Heizes stoic eye rolls. They play off one another and so naturally, taking turns lamenting their own misfortune and gleefully torturing the opposite in retaliation. Its all push and no pull, but theres a small semblance of fondness communicated in their gestures when the other isnt looking.

20160724_seoulbeats_heize_dean_and_july_3Its not just their on-screen chemistry that makes And July so enjoyable, either. Heize and Dean have voices that compliment each one other both vocally and stylistically. Heize has a in point of fact unique vocal colourjust like Suran and I appreciate how smoothly she flows between rap verses and making a song bits. Deans vocals are equally dynamic, and when their voices come together it becomes a harmonious substitute of banter that is rarely dull.

(That being said, there are moments when Heizes lack of enunciation in And July is reminiscent of someone given slightly in addition to much Novocaine at the dentist. The track mayget excitement from clearer start on her part.)

Overall, And July is a frank and amusing release. Underneath the juvenile antics of the MV, theres a captivating exploration of the boundary between love and hate that is going hand-in-hand with the complexities of trendy relationships. Why do we've gotsuch a lothassle expressing our feelings, and why is it more easy to act detached than displaysymptoms of vulnerability? The MV doesnt take a glance atto respond to the questions it raises, and for me, that makes it all the more successful.

Heize and Deans And July, with all its contradictions, is much stronger than their first collaboration which I still very well enjoyed. While it will be great to see Heize liberatean absolutely solo track, I wouldnt object to seeing more from the two artists together.

(YouTube. Photographsby way of CJ EM. Translations thru Pop!Gasa.)


NCT 127 And Zhoumi Display SM Circle of relatives Love

NCT 127 And Zhoumi Display SM Circle of relatives Love

NCT 127 And Zhoumi Display SM Circle of relatives Lovekokoberry July 23, 2016 0 NCT 127 And Zhoumi Show SM Kinfolk Love NCT 127 and Zhoumi show some love and give a spice up to for every other!

Both NCT 127 and Zhoumi are these daysselling their new albums and functioning onsong shows.

It seems as regardless that they were in a positionto satisfy up behind the curtain since they both carried out on MBCs Music Core today.

Zhoumi posted a snapshot on his Instagram account and wrote, My cool NCT 127 more youthful siblings. In the photo, Zhoumi holds NCT 127s album whilst Taeyong holds up Zhoumis album.

NCT 127 made their debut with album NCT #127 and name track Fireplace Truck. Zhoumi made his solo comeback with Whats Your Number?

NCT 127 - NCT #127Assist the artist by way ofpurchasing NCT #127 from YesAsia Zhoumi - What is Your Number?Support the artist by acquiring Zhoumi - What's Your Number? from YesAsia Related Tags NCT 127ZhoumiPost NavigationOutdatedTaleHit The Degree Recruits More Talented Dancers

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Fans are in love with EXO’s new concert merchandise: framed, transparent portraits

Fans are in love with EXO’s new concert merchandise: framed, transparent portraits

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter The primary day of EXOs 3rd concert excursion has kicked off on July 23rd, and EXO-Ls are already appearing off the fantastic concert products online.

What looks to be new item for this concert tour are framed, transparent portraits of each and every members. Lovers can grasp up the frames to the sky and make allowance nature to give the photo a beautiful, natural gradient to give it a totally unique look.

While fans have left comments on how gorgeous they are, many have noted the highly priceyvalueto procure even a unmarried portrait, a large low for quite a bit of of them.

The workforce has also offerededition 2 in theirreputable lightstick, which many has raved over its simplicity.

Meanwhile, EXOs EXOrdium concert kicks off in Seoul beginning on July 23rd and 24th, followed by skill of3 dates at the 29th, 30th and 31st.

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"The 2nd Ultimate Love" Kwak Si-yang to turn into Kim Hee-ae's man

Actor Kwak Si-yang is starring in "The 2ndFinal Love".

Based on a Eastern original, "The Moment terminal Love" is a 40s love tale about a guy who does notneedthe rest to take place and a lady who needsanything to happen.

Kwak Si-yang is Kim Hee-ae's more youthful boyfriend Joon-woo. He's going to be Ji Jin-hee's rival.

The production explained that Kwak Si-yang used to behornyampleto slotthe nature frame.

Kwak Si-yang said, "I hope to be informedso much from the seniors and I will do by way of best".

"The Second Last Love" can also benoticedat the 30th this month at 10PM.

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Watch: iKONs Bobby Jokes That Hed Love to Be Good-looking For Only one Day

Watch: iKONs Bobby Jokes That Hed Love to Be Good-looking For Only one Day

Watch: iKON’s Bobby Jokes That He’d Love to existGood-looking For Only one Dayilmare42 July 21, 2016 0 Watch: iKON’s Bobby Jokes That He’d Like To Be Handsome For Just One Day On July 21’s episode of “Daddy And Me,” Bobby and his father chat as they continue to drive around during their father-son travel in Hawaii.

Bobby looks at himself in the camera screen, and then turns to his dad and says with a grin, “What do you suspectwhilst you see comments online that say I’m ugly?”

His father says he doesn’t think much of it, and Bobby says, “I don’t care much about it either.” His dad replies that he thinks Bobby is handsome, and Bobby laughs and insists he’s not.

He then smiles and turns to his dad to say, “But I would liketo have a look at being handsome, just once. Only for a day. I just would like tocheck out IT once!”

“Do you think that you've gotten gota definite charm though?” asks his dad. “Me? I utterly love myself!” replies Bobby confidently. He then jokes that he thinks he’s more handsome than his older brother, despite the truth thatfolks tell they glance the same.

“I think that a guys personality is more vital than his face,” says Bobby.

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Suzy Demonstrates Another time Why She’s Referred to as Korea’s “First Love” In Contemporary Press Photos

Suzy Demonstrates Another time Why She’s Referred to as Korea’s “First Love” In Contemporary Press Photos

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSuzy’s symbol every bit the “Nation’s First Love” displays no symptoms of slowing down as netizens continue to rave about her day by way of day activities. 

Attending the film premiere of Train To Busan final July 16th, Suzy graced the red carpet dressed in a rose purpleget dressed from Fendi’s 2017 collection. The glancewas once complimented by rosy make-up, minimumcoiffure and red strappy sandals.

Suzy’s appearance and visuals were licensed by her fanatics as they continue to rave on her simplistic good looks and sparkling aura. Others have in comparison her public appearance to anything that she would do on a photoshoot.

Aside from selling her drama Uncontrollably Fond, the singer and actress also remains busy with other activities across Asia. Recently, she have becomethe primaryfeminine Korean famous person to have her wax figure done by Madame Tussauds.

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“Doctors,” A Drama About Non-public Growth, Love, And Locating Courage For Both

“Doctors,” A Drama About Non-public Growth, Love, And Locating Courage For Both

Doctors, A Drama About Private Growth, Love, And Locating Courage For Either somilha July 20, 2016 0 Doctors, A Drama About Personal Growth, Love, And Finding Courage For Both These days reigning over the Monday Tuesday primetime drama slot is SBSs Doctors, starring Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won. Doctors is a romantic drama set in the scientificglobal that unearthsthe tale of a guy and a girl who conquer their adolescence struggles. Its a drama about personal growth and the sure effects of authentic love written via screenwriter Ha Myung Hee of Top Society and directed by director Oh Choong Hwan of My Love From the Star.

Park Shin Hye stars as our major character, Yoo Hye Jung, a pessimistic high-school antisocial who comes from a coarse background. Hye Jung struggles with opening up to these around her, opting for rather to take choicemovements which ceaselesslyends up in violence. Her tale unfolds in some waythat permits us to peer her growth from an apathetic and competitiveearly life to that of a young, decided doctor. 

Kim Rae Won plays the local high college teacher, Hong Ji Hong, who comes from an prosperous family. His compassion for his scholars and care against them breaks down their barriers and serves as a type of encouragement for Hye Jung. He is a superbinstructoryet his mannerisms recommend that there are topics in his lifestyles that he avoids. Even supposing Ji Hong is adopted, he stocksa robust bond with his followed father.

If the impressive production group of workers and major characters did now not catch your attention, the drama also capabilities an achieved ensemble of supporting characters. Audienceacquainted with the drama “Pinocchio” might beready to witness a other dynamic between Yoon Kyun Sang and Park Shin Hye, as the former plays a neurosurgeon (Jung Yoon Do) who works in the similar hospital. Jung Yoon Do is highbrow and blunt; his quirky personality makes him the comedic relief but also endearing to watch.

Lee Sung Kyung, who garnered combinedstories for her portrayal in Cheese in the Trap wraps up our romantic quadrangle as Hye Jungs hardworking and rich classmate, Jin Search engine optimization Woo. Lee Sung Kyung delivers in her portrayal of the jealous high faculty student who fancies her homeroom teacher. Despite the truth that her motives are commonly selfish, her talent to voice her feelings makes her a personality thats in a function to much development. Not each2nd lead is supposed to serve as a rival for a heroine. In this drama, Seo Woo and Hye Jung percentage many differences, but bitterness and hate isn'tthe sole result in their clashes. 

Doctors has aired 10 episodes of its 20 total so far. By this point, weve been exposed sufficient to our characters to grow to be invested in their stories. As this display has progressed, I'mrepeatedly being inspired by the deft way it has captured the relationships between various individuals. The prove has done an implausibletask showing raw human emotions whilst pairing it with a sprint of sweet romance.

There are many stereotypical roles in the drama that will havelong gone wayward, but they didnt. The superficially stereotypical are fleshed out into unique, relatable characters. For example, Jin Seo Woo is the beautiful moment lead who comes from a prosperouscircle of relatives and is complete of jealousy, but she is also a personsufferingto appreciate herself and to discover the values she needs to reside by. Yoo Hye Jung is the cuteleading character with a disturbing past; she could also bea girlfinding out to be touchy and robust in a global where it roughly feelsladies cant be both. The characters in this drama are multidimensional. Just as in genuine life, it isn'tsimple to categorize them as just right or bad.

The beautiful cinematography and the sprinkles of narration by Yoo Hye Jung have truly made this drama a joy to watch. Although I was concerned about the teacher-student dating narrative, I am beginning to understand perhaps the story is intended show the growth a of mentor-mentee relationship to that of lovers. This topic, which turns out taboo, has been treated amongst care and an enchanting plot.

Are you interested in this drama? Music in to the primary episode of Doctors below.

“Why don’t you've a boyfriend yet?” ask my relatives. I shrug and tell them I’m too busy, declining to mention the reality that I am in truth in more than one parasocial relationships with my favourite celebrities. It’s the fan-girl life for me and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Sign up for me, somilha, as I consume more K-pop, more dramas and the restI will get my hands on throughout the internet.

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Taeyeon’s peculiar and embarrassing dance moves make SONEs fall in love with her even more

Taeyeon’s peculiar and embarrassing dance moves make SONEs fall in love with her even more

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSONEs are cracking up in embarrassment after seeing the maximum recent Snapchat videos from the girls as she takes audiencebehind the scenesin theirnewest concert stop.

Uploaded on July 17th thru several of the individualsnon-publicyet public Snapchat accounts, Girls Generation were stuck dancing hilariously backstage as they awaited for their next stage. In one video, their coordinators walk by way of with fanatics claiming that even they were embarrassed at the feminine idols antics.

They continue to dance an awkward cross eve as they remain on standby for their time at the stage, laughing till they had to catch their breath. Hilariously enough, the interiorfunny storyenduredall the style through their level equally the members couldnt lend a hand but give a big smile as they looked at one another.

Girls Generation currently went to Osaka, Japan on July 16th and 17th to take part in the SMTOWN concert held at the Kyocera Dome. Another 2-day circle of relatives concert is determined for August 13th and 14th in Tokyo at the Tokyo Dome.

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8 Times We Fell In Love With Wonder Girls

8 Times We Fell In Love With Wonder Girls

Wonder Women have just won their first trophy for their new single,"Why So Lovely," and so in honor in their win and their comeback let's glance at 8 of their greatest hits to remind us why we likethose ladies!

Remember the days of "So Hot"? We love this video!

AdvertisementLove how this song makes us feel!

We needno oneyet Wonder Girls!

How are we in a position to ever disregard the song that introduced these girls into superstardom?

We love the outfits in this video!

During their days in America, Wonder Girls released this song with singer Akon.

We for sureomit SunYe and SoHee!

And ofcourse we can not forget their latest hit single!

Congratulations on a large comeback girls!

(Photo :

© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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