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Jang Geun Suk to release album "Lounge H" in Japan

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Jang Geun Suk to release album

Back on October 2011, Hallyu star Jang Geun Suk released his first Chinese album, "Lounge H". He teamed up with Big Brother to form a unit group Team H.

On January 18th, his agency Tree J. Company revealed that Team H's mini album "Lounge H" will be available in Japan on March 21st.

"The upcoming release is composed of eight songs including the track 'Gotcha Getcha' and a new tune 'I Stopeed Myself as Much' while the songs will be recorded in both Korean and Japanese", the official explained.

Jang Geun Suk first debuted with his single album, Let Me Cry, in Japan in May last year, reaching #1 on the Oricon Weekly chart. He has been recognized for his singing talent in Korea as well from singing OST to several of his dramas.

Jang Geun Suk's Team H Releases "Lounge H the first impression"

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Jang Geun Suk released the Team H Japanese mini album “Lounge H the first impression” on March 21. “Lounge H the first impression” is a collaboration between Jang Geun Suk and the producer/artist Big Brother. Jang Geun Suk was directly involved in choosing the songs, the album jacket, the music video, and clothing concept.

The title song for the album is the Japanese version of “I’ve Held Back Enough.” There are a total of 10 songs that include “Shake It,” “Gotta Getcha,” and “No Human Smell.”

The album contains a DVD which has the music video of “I’ve Held Back Enough.” The music video gained a lot of attention because of Jang Geun Suk’s dance with a female dancer. The DVD also contains a behind the scenes making of video as well.

Here is the music video for Team H’s “I’ve Held Back Enough”:

Jang Geun Suk’s Japanese collaboration album, “Lounge H”, hits #1 in pre-orders

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Jang Geun Suk’s Japanese collaboration album, “Lounge H”, hits #1 in pre-orders

Jang Geun Suk was previously revealed to be pulling out all the cards for the promotion of his upcoming collaboration album with Big Brother, Lounge H the First Impression.

It seems his efforts in renting out a promotional cafe seemed to hit it off, as the album has ranked #1 in pre-orders even before its hit the shelves! The mini-album features a total of 10 tracks that Jang Geun Suk personally picked out concepts for from the music video to the outfits.

The DVD also contains music videos and behind-the-scenes footage that fans wont want to miss. Japans biggest video site, Niconico Live, has been airing the title track music video as well as Gotta Getcha, footage of his 2011 Asia Tour Last in Seoul Team H stages, and exclusive interviews.

Jang Geun Suk is certainly on a roll, as this is all combined with his simultaneous efforts for his KBS drama, Love Rain.

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Jang Geun Suk opens a promotional cafe in Shibuya for his ‘Lounge H’ album release

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Jang Geun Suk opens a promotional cafe in Shibuya for his ‘Lounge H’ album release

Jang Geun Suk is always looking for unique ideas to promote himself worldwide. His next collaborative Japanese mini-album with Big Brother, Lounge H The First Impression, is no exception. This time hes gone all out with the launching of a new cafe to promote its release!

Scheduled for release on March 21st, the actor revealed that he will be opening up a cafe specifically for the albums release to create a unique experience for his fans. The cafe is in collaboration with Tower Records and is situated on the streets of Shibuya. The promotional event will run from March 19th through the 25th.

Fans that purchase his mini-album will receive limited Lounge H cash and a discount on the Lounge H Original Menu once they visit the cafe. The cafe itself is decked out in music videos and audio of Jang Geun Suk and will play his new albums songs as BGM. Through a lottery, fans can also win the chance to receive Team H specialized napkins, coasters, and panels.

The album is a special one, as Jang Geun Suk worked on everything from the music selection, music video, and outfit concepts. Lounge H The First Impression is comprised of 10 total tracks.

Source + Photos: TV Report via Naver

The “Asian Prince” Jang Keun Suk sweeps across China with his album ‘The Lounge H vol.1’

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The “Asian Prince” Jang Keun Suk sweeps across China with his album ‘The Lounge H vol.1’

‘Asian Prince’ Jang Keun Suk once again proved his popularity in China.

Previously on February 16 at 2012 IFPI Hong Kong Records Sales Award, actor Jang received the Best Seller Awards for Japanese, Korean music with his first Chinese EP album ‘The Lounge H vol. 1’.

Exceeding 65,000 copies in presale, Jang’s first Chinese EP album ‘The Lounge H vol.1’ ranked first place as the most albums sold in Korea and Japan after its release.

Moreover, Jang beat Korean top star Lee Min ho on a popularity poll with 732,748 votes that was held on Chinese’

biggest portal site Weibo. Jang took third place on Asian Artist popularity poll which included artists from Korea, Japan, and China and once again showed how popular he is in China.

Jang expressed his appreciation by saying, “I’m honored for all your attention that you are giving to my mini

album that will soon be released in Japan. Not only that, I am grateful for receiving The Best Seller Awards in China. I will make it up by showing the better side and always endeavoring to improve.”

Shinhwa’s Jun Jin’s Mind on His New Solo Album, Fans, and Marriage

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Shinhwa’s Jun Jin’s Mind on His New Solo Album, Fans, and Marriage

Shinhwas Jun Jins Mind on His New Solo Album, Fans, and Marriagekiddy_nights November 29, 2015 0 Allure has published a pictorial of Jun Jin of Shinhwa in its December issue. Jun Jin, who is now in his 1930s (!), showed off his masculine aspectviadressed intrendy suits. The mag likewise featured an interview where they asked for his thoughts on quite so much of topics, starting alongside his emotions on liberating a solo album. Here's his first in seven years.

I werefascinated with IT for a long time, yet as Shinhwa endured to unencumber albums, there wasnt a good time to release a solo album. He continued, All singers wish todisplay their fans that they have got got improved. This was once especially true for me, since this is my first probability in seven years.

Jun Jin is understood for communicating with his fans vianumerous media, adding Navers V App and Instagram, and he also spoke to Attraction some his love for his fans. He said, I want toprove that I'mmaking innovations to to either my fans, and also to the ones that dont care about me. I'm hoping to continue my occupation as a singer that will do this, and I hope that my career is a long one. He hopes to be a singer neatly into his sixties, and he acknowledged that I hope that In deficient health existready to host some dinner displays for my fans when Im in my sixties.

Finally, he mentioned his thoughts on marriage. He said, I know the wayvery importantcircle of relatives is, and i'm very humbled and inspired by the those who are living thankfully as a family. When asked whether he became going to get married soon, he said, I wish to be one of the most commencement3 to get married inside of Shinhwa, because those are the folk who are going to get all of the press attention, causing laughter a few of the crew.

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Ailee Drops First Complete Album “VIVID” and “Mind Your Own Business” Song Video

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Ailee Drops First Complete Album “VIVID” and “Mind Your Own Business” Song Video

Ailee Drops First Complete Album Vibrant and Brain Your Own TradeTune Videojun2yng September 29, 2015 0 At midday KST on September 30, Ailee dropped her first full album, “VIVID.”

It turns out there was onceminimumlengthen from Ailee’s foot fracture, which she sustained whilst filming the “Mind Your Own Business” music video, which became also released by way of YouTube on September 30.

“Mind Your Own Business” is accompanied at the album by nine other tracks of varying genres, adding rock ballad, ballad, unfashionable soul, pop, and RB.

Ailee might be making her first comeback functionality on October 1 on Mnet’s “M!Countdown.”

Watch the music video for “Mind Your Own Business” below.

Improve the artist by purchasing MAD from YesAsia Source (1)

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BTS is taking up charts with their new mini album 'HwaYangYeonHwa Section 2'!

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BTS is taking up charts with their new mini album 'HwaYangYeonHwa Section 2'!

ARMYs, your favourite boys are at it again. It best been a little over a hour since BTS released their mini album 'HwaYangYeonHwa Section 2,' and all the songs are topping the track charts! Yes, I do mean all of the songs at the album--it's now not an exaggeration. 

SEE ALSO: BTS in spite of everything 'Run' in their well-awaited 'HwaYangYeonHwa Element 2' comeback

Squeal, scream, and feel free for BTS, who are at last back after a long wait which looked likeit'll never end! With how just right their new album is sounding and their domination on charts, it issecureto mention that the wait used to beneatlyvalue it.

Updated: TaeTiSeo Releases Particular person Teaser Pictures for Christmas Album

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Updated: TaeTiSeo Releases Particular person Teaser Pictures for Christmas Album

Updated: TaeTiSeo Releases Particular person Teaser Photographs for Christmas Albumkokoberry November 24, 2015 0 Updated 11/28/15:

Last yetnow not least, Seohyun unearths her individual teaser image. Remain tuned for teaser videos!

Tiffany is the following member to expose her teaser image!

Taeyeons individual teaser symbol has been revealed. Dwell tuned for Tiffany and Seohyuns teaser images!

Girls Generations sub-unit TaeTiSeo has published their first teaser picture for their upcoming Christmas album.

The team is making plans on freeing their Christmas special album Expensive Santa on December 4. Previously, TaeTiSeo released their mini-album Holler about three hundred and 65 daysand 3 months ago. The girls might beappearing off a other ikon from their old albums.

Their first teaser image functions them taking a lookcomfy in knit clothing and socks. They are in a room with Christmas lighting fixtures strewn at the floor. Also, there's a glittery white mild effect that provides off the semblance of snow.

TaeTiSeos past songs were wildly popular, so their comeback is far anticipated.

Meanwhile, Women Generation effectively released 3name tracks with their 5thcomplete album previous this year. Also, Taeyeon released her first solo album recently. Apparently as despite the reality that 2015 is the year of ladies Generation.

What are your mind on TaeTiSeos newest concept?

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WINNER’s Song Mino and Kang Seung Yoon Proportion Update on New Album on “PSY Little Television”

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WINNER’s Song Mino and Kang Seung Yoon Proportion Update on New Album on “PSY Little Television”

WINNERs Song Mino and Kang Seung Yoon Percentage Update on New Album on PSY Little Tv ilmare42 November 28, 2015 0 WINNERs Song Mino and Kang Seung Yoon give enthusiasts an update on their next album when they make a wonder appearance on PSY Little Television!

PSY has been website hostingare livingdisplays called PSY Little Television on V app forward of his comeback with his 7th album. Throughout his display on November 28, he all of sudden looks up and gestures for somebody to come on camera, pronouncingthere are this sort ofgreat amount offolks asking how you are!

Song Mino and Kang Seung Yoon then come into the shot, and PSY provides them his chair, which they adorably must share.

PSY asks them to inform the audience how theyve been, and Kang Seung Yoon says, Were runningtough on our next album, and were recording on a day-to-day basis in the studio. We accomplished up recording a song these days and we concept wed say hi on our way home.

We were looking at downstairs, says Song Mino, and we made up our mindswe neededto observe the prove in genuine life. Kang Seung Yoon adds, Weve been urgentthe center button.

Later on, PSY asks the 2 WINNER participants when smartly be readyto hear a new song of theirs. Were operating on our new album each and every day, says Kang Seung Yoon, and PSY interrupts to ascertain that theyve actually been working eachunmarried day. Were going to paintings hard to pop out alongside a new album soon, ahead ofthe elements gets warm, says Kang Seung Yoon.

Check out the clip below!

WINNERs reliable Instagram also shared a photo in their special appearance on PSY Little Television.

Are you excited to in any casepay attention a new album from WINNER?

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