Lookout PD Has Nothing But High Praise For Lead Actress Lee Si Young And Her Love Of Action Scenes

Lookout PD Has Nothing But High Praise For Lead Actress Lee Si Young And Her Love Of Action Scenes

Actress Lee Si Young has returned as a female warrior on MBCs Monday-Tuesday drama Lookout. She has been receiving high praise for perfecting difficult action scenes for her role.

PD Son Hyung Suk was asked about making Lee Si Youngs character Jo Su Ji a detective and he said, The script of this drama was chosen through a contest, and the original writer is the one who decided to give Lee Si Youngs character that job. I think making her a detective was the perfect choice because we wanted an active female character.

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He also had nothing but good things to say about the actress herself and stated, Shes an extremely hardworking actress, and thats not constrained to just her action scenes. She enjoys those scenes because she likes being active, and shes such a fit person because shes exercised a lot. Shes been receiving high praise from the martial arts director. Shes always talking to the martial arts team, and asking for advice on how to make her scenes more realistic. She tries her best but always makes sure she stays safe.

The PD added, No matter how fit a person is or how good their reflexes are, accidents can always happen. So shes always on alert, checking over her safety equipment and doing her best in all of her rehearsals.

Lee Si Youngs character is a detective who becomes a watchman after losing her daughter so she can seek revenge. From playing a single mother who loses her only child to taking on action scenes that even many of her male counterparts might struggle with, the actress is entrancing viewers with her versatility. Not only is she physically fit because of her past as a boxer, but she is also ambitious and passionate about her acting.

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