5 Reasons “Dear Fair Girl Kong Shim” Will Have A unique  Position In Our Hearts

5 Reasons “Dear Fair Girl Kong Shim” Will Have A unique Position In Our Hearts

5 Reasons Expensive Fair Girl Kong Shim Will Have A differentPosition In Our Heartsmayme22 June 21, 2016 0 5 Reasons Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim Will Have A Special Place In Our Hearts Warning: There are spoilers!

Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim has ended, and were certain were no longerthe sole ones having withdrawal symptoms! With its warmth, humor, and middle (all 3 which never failed in the face of the later, tenser episodes), this drama had us swooning one moment and laughing the next. To lend a hand ease that drama hangover, here are five reasons why Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim, regardless of its flaws, will at all times have a special place in all of our hearts.

1. Dantes (Namgoong Mins) giggly laughs (AKA facial expressions of a former psychopath)one mean

2. The Bromance and the Squad

Not simplest is the bromance between Junsu (On Joo Wan) and Dante so so cute, yet but the friendship of all three of the leads makes my heart warm. They are seriously so adorable and dorky.

And despite the reality that the later episodes lose the bromance, it does come again (after like two-three episodes?), and the loss just made us crave it more. But even when the episodes get somewhat darker, the drama never loses its cute. (In fact, theres even a new bromance in the air.)


3. Mild every bit a balloon and fluffier than Dantes wig darlingisaeng

This drama isnt actuallyanythingyou will want remember as well as deeply about. You'll be in a position to (and I dont mean this in a negative way at all) more or less turn off your brain and just watch it for the feels and squeals.

4. Twist on cliche drama plots

While the drama does have a couple of cliché plot lines (like the birth secret that dragged out a wee bit too long), there are any other plot gadgets that they take and activate the heels. For example, one of my favourite scenes is when Dante faked getting harm and then he mayobtain sympathy from Kong Shim (Minah). When Kong Shim stepped out for a bit, as a substitute of setting outthe solid and getting stuck when Kong Shim comes back in.

We get this struggling-but-oddly-cute Dante.

Another one is a take at theunsightly girl receiving a makeover. There was no makeover (until the tremendous duper end) — and I truly loved how they did that. Ive constantlycherished her wig from the beginningas ithave compatibility her personality hence well, and she looked adorable in it. Without the wig, Kong Shim the character wouldnt have felt the same.

But I believethe largestkind of breaking of K-drama cliches is that either leads are so nice. I dont think there are too many dramas in the market where that you may say you've got first and second lead syndrome, because both male leads are so so sweet and adorkable. Now not only that, but they also both respect her and inspire her to grow as a person.

And this leads me to my final point

5. The actors are rather well castNot just the 2 male actors (with their smiley smiley faces)

But Minah is actually wonderful as Kong Shim. She plays the nature with just the right kind amount of quirks and loads of heart, and I in truthcan't wait to look her act in other dramas as well!

You can watch Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim on Viki below:

What did you bring to mind the drama? Did it make you squeal (and face palm) up to we did? Let us know in the comments below!

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Underrated Lady  Workforce  Festival Girl Spirit Crowns First Winner

Underrated Lady Workforce Festival Girl Spirit Crowns First Winner

Underrated WomanStaffFestival “Girl Spirit” Crowns First Winnernotclaira July 20, 2016 0 Underrated Girl Organization Competition “Girl Spirit” Crowns First Winner JTBC’s new type program “Girl Spirit” has after all made its debut! The show, which targets to exhibitthe skills of girl group participants who have no longer yet hit it big, aired its first episode on July 19.

SpoilersEmceed by way of Jo Se Ho and INFINITE’s Sunggyu, the twelve contestants first gave a functionality with their group sooner thanbeginning their solo stage. They also mentioned the hardships of an idol career.

“We debuted around the similar time as EXID and AOA, yet our public popularity is low,” FIESTAR’s Hyemi said. “In fact, it’s practically non-existent. We haven’t had a unmarried make song in 4 years. We would like todisplayfolks more of us, but it’s frustrating.”

Sojung of Ladies’ Code said, “There are such so much ofthose who cheer us on. Individualslet us know that they would like the States to succeed. But that truly creates more power on us to do well.”

After all twelve contestants gave their performance, they were judged via votes. After the primary and 2dcircular votes were added together, Oh My Girl’s Seunghee took first position and SPICA’s Bohyung took second.

You can watch the remainder of the performances below!

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Oh My Woman Seunghee’s Amazing Vocal Quilt Of “Dream Girl” Is Going Viral In Korea

Oh My Woman Seunghee’s Amazing Vocal Quilt Of “Dream Girl” Is Going Viral In Korea

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterOh My Girl’s Seunghee is receiving numerous love for her contemporaryfunctionality on Girl Spirit and it were given her lovers rejoicing! 

Girl Spirit is a program produced via jTBC that goals to introduce vocalists of alternative girl teams to get their skills known via a competition.

In a contemporary episode, Seunghee from girl workforce Oh My Girl, receivedso much of attention for her appealingquilt of SHINee’s “Dream Girl.” The song was once already dubbed by fans as a difficult song to hideyet Seunghee controlled to make it her own and got the approval from the audiences.

The performance also took over online as the singer’s genuinecall Hyun Seunghee have becomeprobably the most offsetsubjects in real time searches.

On this Girl Spirit episode, Seunghee acquired 86 out of one hundred and turned into crowned first place.

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TV Audience In Korea Surprised And Touched By skill of This Girl’s Tale Of Fight And Triumph

TV Audience In Korea Surprised And Touched By skill of This Girl’s Tale Of Fight And Triumph

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAfter staring ata up to date episode of popular Korean communicate show Let Me In, audience were surprised to listena shockingly heartbreaking and touching story. 

The episode told the tale of a tendergirl who dressed up and put at the mannerisms of a man, revealing that she began doing so after she used to be sexually assaulted in center school. In spite of her hardened exterior, however, she published that deep within she at all timessought after to transforma hornygirl again, yet felt like she now notmay just with her face and body.

After hearing her heartbreaking story, Let Me In granted her wish by way of paying for her full-body operation, which turned into revealed to price 62,190,000 won (approximately $54,500 USD). Following the surgery, the young woman was ready to with somewhat of luck smile and pose for pictures, warming the hearts of all of the viewers.

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Photos Kang So-ra, style  mag  duvet girl

Photos Kang So-ra, style mag duvet girl

Actress Kang So-ra seemedgorgeous in many ways.

Beauty magCertain featured Kang So-ra as its August model.

The quilt of the magazine used to be taken in a mansion in France. Kang So-ra currentlyfinished the drama "Neighborhood Attorney Jo Deul-ho" and is taking a break.

She's satisfied to be the canopyladyevidently which she enjoys reading.

About her interests, Kang So-ra said, "I became interested to exhibitions and inside designing recently". She's a curious woman and is a herbalby way of acting.

Meanwhile, the photographs of Kang So-ra may also benoticed in the August factor of SURE.

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BEATWIN Makes A Go On Your Girl In Classy Comeback MV

BEATWIN Makes A Go On Your Girl In Classy Comeback MV

BEATWIN Makes A Go On “Your Girl” In Classy Comeback MVnotclaira July 18, 2016 0 BEATWIN Makes A Move On “Your Girl” In Classy Comeback MV BEATWIN has joined the ranks of summer comebacks!

On July 18, the crowd released a mini-album titled “Come to Me” and the track video to their identify track, “Your Girl.”

The song functions an addictive, breathy refrain paired with electronic riffs and a secure beat. All dressed up in quite so much ofcolouredfits and amping up their sex appeal, the men croon about a forbidden enchantmentfor a lady who is already taken.

The five-member crew housed beneath the firm Heavenly Celebrity Content made their debut in January 2014 with the unmarried Exclusive. Their remaining comeback was once in 2015 with the mini-album “Insatiable.”

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K-Pop Girl-Group Oh My Lady Accused Of Being “Racist” After Arguable Comeback Promotions

K-Pop Girl-Group Oh My Lady Accused Of Being “Racist” After Arguable Comeback Promotions

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterNetizens are in disarray after reacting in a other way to a post accusing Oh My Girl for racist intent in their newest Windy Days promotions.

Recently, Oh My Womanwas oncein the midst of a racism and racist appropriation accusation as they released their tune “Windy Days.” Even ifthe reality that the track contained hints of the usage of South Asian influence, enthusiasts were grew to become off with the style they behaved when asked about the foundationat the back of their music and choreography.

A fan and her post also were given attention after it enumerated the volume of times the participants were called out for behaving inappropriately and exhibiting stereotypical moves when asked about their choreography. It turned into besides pointed out that ever since “Windy Days” was released, the gang has been labelled by way of the fans as “curry-dols” and named their dance “Aladdin dance” after the South Asian impression in their current comeback.

the video related on my closing postal service

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How Will Namgoong Min And Minah’s Romance Lead to Dear Fair Girl Kong Shim Finale

How Will Namgoong Min And Minah’s Romance Lead to Dear Fair Girl Kong Shim Finale

How Will Namgoong Min And Minahs Romance Lead to “Dear Fair Girl Kong Shim” Finale?notclaira July 17, 2016 0 How Will Namgoong Min And Minahs Romance End In “Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim” Finale? On July 17, the SBS drama “Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim” aired its ultimate episode.

SpoilersIn the general episode, Kong Shim (Minah) and Junsu (On Joo Wan) get into a vehicle accident. Junsu effectively recovers after surgical procedure and reconciles with his grandmother (Jung Hye Sun). He also makes up with Dan Tae (Namgoong Min), calling him hyung and giving up his love for Kong Shim.

However, Dan Tae comes to a decision to head over to the U.S. without Kong Shim, after seeing her satisfied at her company. Despite the reality that Kong Shim tries to move later him, she arrives at the airport too overdue and it gave the impact of all was once over between the couple.

The drama ends with a scene twelve months later. Kong Shim has advancedeither her occupation and appearance when she is stunnedthrough Dan Tae’s unannounced go back to Korea. The couple argue a little yetafter all he proposes to her and she accepts with a kiss.

Gong Mi (Suh Hyo Rim) and Junsu’s courting as well ends well, creating apleasedfinishing for the drama as a whole.

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"The Excellent Wife" Jeon Do-yeon and Nana, 'girl crush'

Jeon Do-yeon and Nana are the hotwoman crushes.

"The Just right Wife" is the tale of a girl (Jeon Do-yeon) who returns to her post as a legal professional for the primary time since she were given married after her a success husband Lee Tae-joon (Yoo Ji-tae) gets booked for corruption and scandals.

"The Smart Wife" is Jeon Do-yeon's first drama in 11 years and her first lawyer role in her 26 years of acting. Nana is starring in her first Korean drama.

Jeon Do-yeon is a law company lawyer whilst Nana is Kim Dan who is helping her with cases. Jeon Do-yeon is the icon of a sturdyoccupation woman. Nana is an exceptionalparticular person who adjustments her appearances to get knowledge she wishes legally and infrequently illegally. If Jeon Do-yeon makes the case turn out favorably, Nana breaks it down extra and unearths more evidence.

In the stills of the 2 released above, Jeon Do-yeon is dressed in a blank and neat suit while Nana is normally wearing informal pants, a blouse and a jacket.

Jeon Do-yeon acknowledged close to Nana, "She's doing well. I most effectivethought about the lovely and attractivesymbol she has from Orange Caramel yet she's considerate and warm. She provides me numerouspower and I do notwish to give her any advice".

"I have had hassle amongstthe volume of lines I need to memorize and the criminal terms, but it is adifficulty and I am making it via one by one. I'm besides very instinctive and touchy and I relate to my personalityseeking to balance out her paintings and circle of relatives life".

Nana said, "Jeon Do-yeon supports me so muchat the set".

Meanwhile, "The Excellent Wife", which is a remake of the noted American drama, stars Jeon Do-yeon, Yoo Ji-tae, Yoon Kye-sang, Nana, Kim Seo-hyeong, Lee Won-geun and more. The 1st episode can also beobserved on July 8th at 8:30PM.

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Girl Workforce D.Holic To Make Comeback With New Lineup Changes

Girl Workforce D.Holic To Make Comeback With New Lineup Changes

Girl Team D.Holic To Make Comeback With New Lineup Adjustments kminjungee July 5, 2016 0 Girl Organization D.Holic To Make Comeback With New Lineup Changes alongside their comeback just round the corner, D.Holic announces a new member might be joining the group.

Their firm HMate Entertainment explains, What once at the beginning a 5-membered group will now stand in front of fanatics with 4individuals instead. Members Danbee and Duri have left the group, and rapper EJ will be joining in their stead.

EJ will purposely be selling with a mask this periodso as to give a robust impression, and leaves fans wondering what unforeseen charms she will be able todisplay later on.

Previously, D.Holics primary vocal Nine left the crowdfinal August because ofprivate reasons, making this the 2nd one lineup alternatebecause theteams debut. Many are having a lookahead to seeing what the newly reformatted D.Holic will bring to the tune scene.

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