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MBLAQ, A Pink, and Other Idols Give Their Support to the KBS Official World Cup Song “Get Victory, Korea”

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MBLAQ, A Pink, and Other Idols Give Their Support to the KBS Official World Cup Song “Get Victory, Korea” Various idols showed their support not only to the Korean team participating in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil but also to the KBS Official World Cup Song, “Get Victory, Korea.”

In the video uploaded on the KBS official YouTube channel, artists such as Hyorin and Bora of SistarMad Clown, Orange Caramel, MBLAQ, and A Pink personally introduced the KBS Official World Cup Song “Get Victory, Korea.” The artists all listened to the track, danced along, and talked about how they felt about the song.

“The song gives off the World Cup vibe right from the start,” said Bora after she listened to the song. “We listened to the song and it gave us goosebumps,” said the members of A Pink. “We get the feeling of being united as one through this song,” said Orange Caramel. MBLAQ, on the other hand, said, “It’s a strong song that makes you scream, fitting of the World Cup.”

The KBS Official World Cup Song “Get Victory, Korea” is sang by Kim Bada and Boohwal’s Jung Dong Ha. It is written and composed by cross-over singer Vimutti.

A Pink reveal the new date for their fan meeting + give updates on their activities and new album

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A Pink reveal the new date for their fan meeting + give updates on their activities and new album

Back in April, the lovely girls of A Pink proved to have both a pretty face and a pretty heart as they postponed their second fan meeting originally set for April 19, the date of their debut, in light of the tragic Sewol ferry accident that occurred on April 16.

Now, the girls are set to meet their fans with smiling faces as A Cube Entertainment revealed, "A Pink"s fan meeting, that was unable to take place on April 19, will now take place on June 14." The event will take place at the Kwangwoon University with 2,000 available seats for their fans to crowd into.

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The agency rep told OBS Plus, "Last week, they finished promoting their music on SBS"s "Inkigayo" and the members will engage in individual activities. Eunji will be in drama "Trot Lovers" while Bomi plans to appear on "Weekly Idol." The other members are also preparing for their personal activities, so we will work hard to bring some good news soon."

In relation to a new album, the rep said, "We are currently working hard to prepare it as quickly as possible for the fans. We received a lot of songs and already took part in recording. We still have a lot to think about in relation to the title track. Including the composers who has worked with us on previous works, there are many open windows as we continue working."

Led Apple and Spica's Kim Boa Covers Pink's "Just Give Me a Reason"

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Led Apple and Spicas Kim Boa Covers Pinks Just Give Me a ReasonIdol band Led Apple has done it again and released another fantastic cover, this time of American singer Pinks Just Give Me a Reason featuring Kim Boa of Spica. The cover was shared through the groups official steroyal YouTube channel.

The cover is part of Music Note, Led Apples video series where they rearrange popular songs by adding their own distinct style. Spicas Kim Boa joins vocalist Han Byul and rapper Kyu Min in this cover of the popular American song, Just Give Me a Reason. Kim Boa does a great job on the female vocals with her husky voice, and the song sounds amazing when all three harmonize together. 

Led Apple also recently released the teaser to their upcoming mini album, Bad Boys, starring Kang Ye Bin

A Cube Entertainment and Yookyung’s father give conflicting reports on Yookyung’s departure from A-Pink

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A Cube Entertainment and Yookyung’s father give conflicting reports on Yookyung’s departure from A-Pink

Yookyungs label A Cube Entertainment spoke up to state that Yookyungs departure from A-Pink was agreed upon.

Yookyungs father had revealed that Yookyungs leaving was a one-way notification and that theyd only heard about it a short time ago. But when A Cube Entertainment maintained their stance that the reason behind her departure was true, Yookyungs father spoke up again and said, Please stop giving false information to media. I have no choice but to respond.

A week later on May 2nd, he said, As you can see from the recent Korean Air attendant situation* or the Lotte Hotel situation*, it is no longer acceptable for you to use peoples rights in any way you want just because you are in power. Our society has matured so much in recent years.

A day later on May 3rd, he added, I have requested her label to issue an honest apology to fans and to return Yookyung to her post. Fans, please help her.

In a phone call with media outlet Sports Donga, A Cube Entertainment replied, Weve been having many discussions about Yookyungs departure with her parents since March. We have an agreement written in place with her parents on her departure, and she left with that agreement. We cannot reveal the contents of the agreement, but we would never make her leave without agreement.

Reference: (*) = Korean Air attendant situation is referring to when a company executive made numerous complaints to a stewardess in Business class of a Korean Airline flight. After the complaints, he hit the stewardess several times with a magazine. When he landed in the United States, the FBI was informed of this and gave him the option of 1) Returning to Korea without being arrested or 2) Being investigated for Terrorism (violence on a flight). Netizens left many negative comments at this company executive for his abhorrent behavior.

(*) = Lotte Hotel situation is referring to when a Chairman of a Bakery parked in the No Parking zone of a Lotte Hotel. The doorman of the Hotel politely asked this man to park elsewhere as that is a no parking zone, however, the man turned violent and hit the doorman with his wallet. After the news blew up, the bakery had to close down and numerous meme-like comics were made of this situation.

Source(s): TV Report via Nate, Sports Donga via Naver

A Pink members dress up in colorful hanboks and give their greetings for Chuseok

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A Pink members dress up in colorful hanboks and give their greetings for Chuseok

A Pink released their beautiful pastel colored hanboks and gave their greetings to fans for Chuseok.

Chorong responded, “Step away from your busy lives for a moment and have an abundant Chuseok with your loved ones. I want to make a wish because of the large full moon. I wish that A Pink and our families can stay healthy and become happier.”

Bomi revealed, “The Chuseok holiday has finally arrived. From now on, I hope to continue to spend Chuseok with fans. I hope that our families and members be healthy. Also, our lovable fans have to be healthy. Everyone fighting!”

Eunji also said more, “I hope everyone spends a happy time with your families for this Chuseok. I hope that you continue to have happy days. For the rest of 2012, always keep healthy, may all your wishes come true, and may A Pink become more successful. A Cube, Cube, my family, and fans be healthy, not get hurt, and love each other,” .

Na-Eun  made a futher remark in her own message and stating, “It’s Chuseok. I hope that everyone has an abundant holiday like the full moon. Enjoy delicious food with your families and make fun memories. Full moon-nim, please let our families, members and everyone be healthy and happy.  Let A Pink become even more successful and let us be together forever.”

“Everyone, I hope that you eat a lot of delicious meals with your families and have a fun and happy Chuseok. A Pink will help make your Chuseok fun through our appearances in various variety shows. Please anticipate that and keep showing your love and support for A Pink, Yukyung stated.

Namjoo shared, “Have a happy Chuseok this year and stay healthy and have happy days. We love our Pandas. I hope that our families and A Pink always stay healthy and happy. Fighting always.”

Finally, last but not least, member Hayoung disclosed, “I’ll hope that you’ll have a happy and harmonious time with your families for Chuseok. Have a fun Chuseok. I hope that you be healthy and happy. Please let our members also be healthy and happy. We ask for your love and support for A Pink.”

Source + image(s): My Daily via Nate

A Pink surprises Mario with a visit and give encouragement

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A Pink surprises Mario with a visit and give encouragement

The ladies of A Pink surprised Mario backstage to congratulate the singer on his comeback.

After a long hiatus, Mario has returned to stage with his new song Text Message on the February 12 edition of Inkigayo and for this special occasion, the members of A Pink personally went to his waiting room to cheer for him. They gave him messages of encouragement and even took a picture together.

4minutes Gayoon is featured in his newest song and also stood on stage with him for his comeback.

Mario expressed his feelings of coming back on stage saying, Its been three years so the stage seemed a bit unfamiliar and I was nervous, but A Pinks encouragement has been a big help to me. I am also thankful to Gayoon for performing on stage with me despite her busy schedule.

Mario has changed labels over to A Cube Entertainment and released his first song under A Cube with Text Message.

SourceImage: Sports Korea via Naver

K-Pop Double Take: EXID Go back To Bring The Funk On Their New Unmarried 'Hot Pink' VIDEO

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a scene from EXIDs Hot Pink video a scene from EXIDs Hot Pink video K-Pop Double Take is a weekly review column highlighting contemporary releases that experience yet to obtainthe eye we feel they deserve.

The South Korean womanworkforce EXID have returned with a new unmarried and a favorablecelebration attitude.

Released Nov. 18 on checklist label Wellmade Yedang, "Hot Pink" is an uptempo party anthem indebted to the pantheon of fashionable party sounds from Missy Elliot to Funkadelic to The Backstreet Boys.

EXID (an acronym for Exceed In Dreaming) is produced from five members, Solji, LE, Hani, Hyerin and Junghwa. To start with debuting in 2012, the crowd scored a number 1 hit with 2014's "Up Down," after a video of Hani dancing to the song went viral.

The aforementioned Missy Elliot's footprints are everywhere "Hot Pink," which opens with turntable scratches and a callback to Elliot's own vintage "Work It," not-so-subtly tweaked to be "I like the style you pink it."

The track then moves into a brand new groove and a heavyweight bassline.

"Hot Pink" has a feel that turns out to recall the way mythical boy band manufacturer Max Martin filtered banging American RB thrua elegant Nordic songwriting sensibility. Well, that glossed over take on urban American music gets transmuted once back amongst "Hot Pink," which sends that very past due '90s aesthetic into a modern K-pop context.

The song's chanted refrain runs in tandem with a deeply funky synth line that, when paired with some chook scratch guitar, brings to brainthe entirety from Zapp and Roger to Funkadelic.

A call-and-response segmentcomprises male voices shouting "push, push work it out," in a classic cadence that recalls everything from The Ohio Avid gamers to Hassle Funk, who are referred to as legends in the regional Washington D.C. scene is known as go-go. "Hot Pink" is obviously indebted to the funk rhythms of the past.

Speaking of funk, I cannotlend a handyet think that duringmany ways the song is influenced through the Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars break "Uptown Funk," a work of nuclear groove atemporality madness that floated in the prime registers of the pop ether around this time remaining year and has loomed massive among Hallyu manufacturers ever since.

In the fastreminiscence of the K-pop scene, "Hot Pink" has been noticed equally a comeback single of types for EXID and they're coming back strong! This one would make a formidable sound on a club PA system.

So put in your party garments and hit the dancefloor, but do notomit to request "Hot Pink." It's going to brand your evening one you're going to never forget.

Watch the video for "Hot Pink" Appropriate HERE

John Chiaverina is a musician and journalist living in Big apple City. He has conducted in over 18 countries, adding two tours of South Korea, under the call "Juiceboxxx."

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Dynamic Duo MV give it all they've were given in 'DODORIPYO' MV

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Dynamic Duo MV give it all they've were given in 'DODORIPYO' MV

Dynamic Duo is back with yet some other MV, this time for "DODORIPYO"! 

It"s an easy yet cool MV filmed as though it"s a home-made video. either individuals give it all they"ve got as they rap in the auto with mics.

Their "Grand Carnival" album could also be out, so be certain you pay attention to their total 8th album. Which MV of theirs do you prefer perfect so far?

Spoiler 'The Merchant: Gaekju 2015' Park Eun-hye kisses Yoo Oh-seong to give coverage to Jang Hyeok

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Spoiler 'The Merchant: Gaekju 2015' Park Eun-hye kisses Yoo Oh-seong to give coverage to Jang Hyeok

On the 17th episode of KBS 2TV"s Wednesday & Thursday drama, "The Merchant: Gaekju 2015", Cheon So-rae (Park Eun-hye) went to look Gil So-gae (Yoo Oh-seong) although he used to be the only who"s answerable for her father"s death. She had to earn time till the scheduled execution of Cheon Bong-sam (Jang Hyeok).

She sent Seon-dol (Jeong Tae-woo) with a ledger she obtained to Kim Bo-hyeon (Kim Gyoo-cheol) revealing how his resources were accumulated. Cheon So-rae turned into worried that Cheon Bong-sam may smartly be performed earlier than Seon-dol had competed his assignment and come back. She were given all dolled up and went to Gil So-gae.

Cheon So-rae asked him, "Brother, what is it you want? Money? Will a million nyang suffice?" And then she stepped closer to him and whispered, "Haven"t you ignored me?"

Gil So-gae, who was once Cheon So-rae"s fiancé, said, "So-rye, I"m now not seventeen years old any longer". Then again he was swayed by capacity of her beauty.

Cheon So-rae told Gil So-gae, "Living as a mistress to Kim Hak-joon, I"ve been at all times lacking you" and then she kissed him on the lips. When she pulled out a pointy hairpin out of her hair, tension was raised in the room.

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EXID's 'Hot Pink' MV surpasses neatly over one million views!

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EXID's 'Hot Pink' MV surpasses neatly over one million views!

EXID was once anything else yet a one-hit wonder, because they"re a well-liked woman crew here to stay. Their newest comeback with "Hot Pink" is already having a look to be a hit.

In an excessively short span, their MV has already surpassed well over a million views! In fact, at the time of writing this, it"s as regards to 1.5 million views, as the viewcount all at once shot up.

It"s a hot, attractive and amusing MV and amazing song, and is the reason how it reached this milestone so quickly. Click at the MV underneath to carry the view count even higher. Cross EXID!