[Lily’s Take] Kim Soo-hyun and IU Reunited!

[Lily’s Take] Kim Soo-hyun and IU Reunited!


Kim Soo-hyun and IU have reunited and raining mercy on us fans in IU’s new music video for her song Ending Scene. The Teaser was released few days ago and I’ve been dying for the official music video to be released at midnight! Now that I’ve watched the video for about 30+ times, let me write about it. Lol

All the feels are coming back. The “Dream High” feels (they weren’t couple but they certainly had a chemistry when they sang together) and the “Producers” feels!

I’m dead at the fact that the “Producers” couple has been reunited, died again at how cute they are together, died once again at how beautiful IU is, died even more at how handsome Kim Soo-hyun is, and died yet again at how beautiful IU’s voice is with this song. Anyone else ship this couple in real life???

On the side note, I laughed when I watched the teaser along with many other fans. Some of you may know that actor Kim Soo-hyun have a nickname of ‘Forever Being Punished’ because he keeps on being ignored unintentionally when he offers a handshake to people (There’s an article I wrote about it last month (: Feel free to check that article out!) and in the teaser, Forever Being Punished Kim Soo-hyun hits yet again. Haha.

This couple is so cute together and me being a fan girl is wishing so badly for them to end up together in real life (: