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Song Ji Hyo and Byun Yo Han have stunned people when looking like a real couple when taking part in the show called “Ex-Girlfriend Club”

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Song Ji Hyo and Byun Yo Han Look Like Real Couple in Ex-Girlfriend Club On the upcoming episode of the new drama Ex-Girlfriend Club, Song Ji Hyo (playing Kim Soo Jin) and Byun Yo Han (playing Bang Myung Soo) are enjoying a lovely date underneath a tree.

Love is in the air for these two, looking like a real couple, thanks to their great chemistry with each other during filming. All these romantic, cute scenes are making the viewers excited for the upcoming episode.

Ex-Girlfriend Club Producer Yoon Hyun Ki states, Song Ji Hyo and Byun Yo Hans convincing acting skills make them look like theyre really in a relationship. Their innocent and beautiful scenes will continue in episode two and will make the audiences hearts flutter.

This upcoming episode will air on May 9 at 8:30 p.m. KST.

Song Ji Hyo and Byun Yo Han Go on a Cherry Blossom Date for “Ex-Girlfriend Club”

Henry's colleagues joked him about his ex-girlfriend on “Real Men”

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Henry's colleagues joked him about his ex-girlfriend on “Real Men”

Henry, member of Super Junior-M , became the center of the jokes from other soldiers on today's episode of “Real Men”. They teased Henry by bringing up the ex-girlfriend that Henry mentioned to in former episodes.

Henry's fellow soldiers asked Henry more details about Henry's previous relationship when Henry bashfully talked about his ex-girlfriend. They joked Henry and said that he's a player.

Because of the other soldiers’ prodding, the soldiers successfully got a confession from Henry who said, “We were just school mates.” And upon hearing the name of his former girlfriend, Henry’s face turned red, making him an even bigger target for his co-soldiers who wanted to tease him even more.

“Your ex-girlfriend in Canada whom you were in a relationship with for seven years… was she Korean?,” the fellow soldiers asked, among other things, to Henry. With his answers, the fellow soldiers insinuated that Henry was a player which, of course, the singer denied.

“Please watch your words,” said Henry to the soldiers who were teasing him so badly.

Find out if Henry gets to defend himself from the endless teasing in the November 22 broadcast of “Real Men.”

Park Gun Hyung yells for his girlfriend on "Real Men"

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Park Gun Hyung yells for his girlfriend on

Park Gun Hyung cried out for his girlfriend on the latest episode of "Real Men"!

Doing the "trust pole" exercise - where recruits fall backward from an elevated pole, trusting their teammates to catch them - the instructor asked him if he was thinking of anyone special

When Park Gun Hyung replied he was thinking about his girlfriend, the instructor told him to yell a message to her as loudly as he could! 

He gladly obliged, yelling "I love you forever!" at the top of his lungs before taking the leap of faith.

Park Gun Hyung Reveals His Love Story With His Girlfriend on “Real Men”

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Park Gun Hyung Reveals His Love Story With His Girlfriend on “Real Men” Actor Park Gun Hyung revealed the juicy love stories with his girlfriend to the other members on “Real Men“. It’s not easy to officially announce his relationship with his girlfriend since he’s a celebrity, but Park Gun Hyung courageously revealed the love letter and their love story, gaining a lot of attention within the room.

On May 25, MBC‘s “Real Men” was aired where Park Gun Hyung received a letter from his girlfriend before going to sleep.

Park Gun Hyung showed pride in his girlfriend as he received this unexpected letter. The other members asked him to reveal the letter and were able to restrain Park Gun Hyung as he tried to read the letter by himself.

In the end, Park Gun Hyung was persuaded and revealed the letter. In the letter, his girlfriend’s affection could be seen through her pretty handwriting. The members cringed as they read her feminine, yet interesting expressions such as, “I miss my love,” “The worry fruit is as ripe as ever. I’m asleep because I got tired from eating,” “I’m your gum.”

Park Gun Hyung revealed the first time he met his girlfriend by saying, “I met her by chance at a gathering and when I first saw her, I went up to her, and asked if she had a boyfriend. She didn’t even like me all that much. I kept on meeting her to show my affection. We started meeting during December of last year. She’s 11 years younger than me.”

The affection he had towards his girlfriend could be seen in his eyes. His eyes were filled with tears as Kim Soo Ro read the letter aloud. Earlier that day, Park Gun Hyung called his girlfriend, and the reason why she didn’t pick-up was for this event, making Park Gun Hyung touched by her actions. He was even happier when he found out that she wrote the letter with the pen that he bought her.

Through this letter, a new side of Park Gun Hyung was shown. Usually, he would show his brotherly, yet manly side when he’s with the members, but in front of his girlfriend’s letter, she changed into a soft and tenderhearted man. People are looking forward to the possibility of Park Gun Hyung having the “Romanticist” character in the military variety show.

Lee Ki Woo Overcomes His worry of Heights through Thinking of His Girlfriend

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Lee Ki Woo Overcomes His Fear of Heights by Thinking of His Girlfriend The November 15 episode of “Real Men” incorporated the fame soldiers’ education for overcoming their fear of heights. The educational called for each and every soldier to jump off from a tower this is 10.3m tall.

Lee Ki Woo used to be one of the most squaddies to go through this training, yet it changed into obvious that he was petrified of the height, as his legs were shaking and he may just now not discuss coherently.

leekiwooThe instructor, seeing his fear, asked, “Do you've a girlfriend?” Lee Ki Woo, excited about his girlfriend and actress Lee Chung Ah, responded, “Yes,” whilst brightly smiling. His love helped him conquer his fear, and he jumped without hesitation.

Afterwards, he said, “I replied ‘yes’ to that query without thinking. If we weren’t dating publicly, I wager it can were published today,” not bothering to conceal his love for his fortunate girlfriend.

Watch: Choi Siwon Meets the Real-Life Ten

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Watch: Choi Siwon Meets the Real-Life Ten Super Junior member and actor Choi Siwon these days wrapped up his role as Kim Shin Hyuk in the MBC drama “She Was once Pretty.”

Hilariously, Siwon met Ten — also a personality from “She Become Pretty” — in real life, and posted a video of the come upon to his Instagram. However, it’s no longer the writer Ten he meets, yet Choi Siwon’s junior in the company, a member of the SMROOKIES team.

“Wow you — you’re actually handsome! What’s your name?” Siwon asks. The rookie replies, “It’s Ten.” Siwon greets Ten with a handshake, and walks off muttering “Ten?” to himself with a cock of his head, leaving the deficient kid status there taking a look embarrassed.

Check out the awkward come upon below!

A video posted by way of SIWON CHOI (@siwon1987) on Nov 15, 2015 at 10:19pm PST

Check out real-life couple Shin Min Ah and Kim Woo Bin in 'Giordano' bts video

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Check out real-life couple Shin Min Ah and Kim Woo Bin in 'Giordano' bts video

Real-life couple Shin Min Ah and Kim Woo Bin continue to be below scrutiny from lovers who can"t have ample in their adorable chemistry!

"Giordano" unveiled a behind-the-scenes video for their newest shoot, appearing their herbal charms and giving a trace as to how they are going to have fallen for each and every other. They give off an excessively comfortable, laid-back vibe like pals in addition a warm feeling like a long-time couple - the usage of all of that to their benefit to sing their own praises the brand"s warm-for-autumn outfits.

Amber selections the member of f(x) she'd love to send to 'Real Men'

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Amber selections the member of f(x) she'd love to send to 'Real Men'

f(x) seemed on radio show, "Cultwo Show," these days where Amber mentioned her appearance on military-themed kind show, MBC"s "Real Men."

She said, "I used to be excellent physically, yet I couldn"t notice things, which became hard. Honestly, if I were given the chance, I would truly like to go, but it gets so tough that if I don"t get things explained to me, I believe it"d be hard."

She then chose Krystal as the member of the gang she"d like to look at the show, explaining, "I think it"d be fun.  Her existence taste is your complete antithesis to mine.  I would like to roughly order her there," making every person laugh.

Krystal had no hassle with this, stating, "I am also athletic.  I idea that I"d be ready to do it, but Amber stated it was actually not easy for her."

Yay or nay to seeing Krystal on the show?

Kim Young Chul and picture Workforce of “Real Men” Enthusiastic about Minor Accident

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Kim Young Chul and movie Crew of “Real Men” concerned in Minor Accident Kim Young Chul of “Real Men” and five team of workers contributors are reported to had been in a minor vehicle accident.

The accident came about on an parkway between Daegu and Pohang, where the filming crew and Kim Young Chul were in touch in a multi-vehicle rear-end collision. The manufacturer of “Real Men,” Kim Min Jong, mentioned that Kim Young Chul sustained minor injuries and would be in seek of remedy at a hospital.

“At the instant of the collision, Kim Young Chul grabbed directly to anything and therefore broke a finger. It’s no longer a major injury, yet it used to be made up our minds that since filming may be difficult, he'll be taking a ruin from ‘Real Men’ to recover.”

The police are still investigating the accident, even if initial reports state that a freight truck rear-ended any other freight truck, causing its shipment to spill out into the road.

Spoiler 'D-Day' Kim Yeong-kwang's PTSD worsens, Jeong So-min's solace is the best real therapy for now

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Spoiler 'D-Day' Kim Yeong-kwang's PTSD worsens, Jeong So-min's solace is the best real therapy for now

"D-Day" Kim Yeong-kwang"s PTSD (post-traumatic rigidity disorder) has gotten worse.

On the October 30th episode of JTBC"s "D-Day", Lee Hae-seong (Kim Yeong-kwang) at the aspect of Jeong Ttol-mi (Jeong So-min) got here to the crisis scene as a section of DMAT (Disaster scientific assistance team).

Lee Hae-seongrealized he used to be shaking his hands when treating a first-aid patient. Lee Hae-seonglater began hitting a wall with his hands whilst looking to vent his anger.

When Jeong Ttol-mi (Jeong So-min) rushed to him, he hugged Lee Hae-seongand asked him, "Are you ok?" Lee Hae-seongon the verge of tears said, "What"s wrong with me". Jeong Ttol-mi comforted him saying, "It"s just you"re a little sick, it"s ok".

Lee Hae-seong asked, "Do you still have the drugs from Eun So-yool?" and Jeong Ttol-mi answered, "I"ll bring water". Lee Hae-seonggrabbed Jeong Ttol-mi"s arm and begged, "Please don"t go".

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