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“Six Flying Dragon” Previews Byun Yo Han and Shin Se Kyung’s Reunion

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“Six Flying Dragon” Previews Byun Yo Han and Shin Se Kyung’s Reunion “Six Flying Dragons” printed a new still of its upcoming episode.

In “Six Flying Dragons,” Ddang Sae, played through Byun Yo Han, and Boon Yi, played by Shin Se Kyung, are siblings that were separated since they were young. They are living without knowing whether or now not the alternative is alive, and the audience had been wondering when they're going to after all meet.

In the midst of this, the “Six Flying Dragons” body of workers revealed a still of the 15th episode, in which Ddang Sae and Boon Yi ultimately meet. Ddang Sae, who had been type and blameless sooner than they were separated, has became a hardened swordsman, and the more youthful sister Boon Yi has grown up into a self-assured woman. The still incites more interest in viewers, making them wonder how they meet and what they would say to each and every other when they meet.

The “Six Flying Dragons” employees said, “Shin Se Kyung and Byun Yo Han’s reunion will pull at the heartstrings of the viewers. When the 2 actors in the end cried the tears that they were maintaining back, all the team were so targeted that you'll need to listen a pin drop. We ask for a massive number of passion in the 15th episode of ‘Six Flying Dragons,’ that may now start a new tale with this development.”

Meanwhile, “Six Flying Dragons” is a ancient drama that tells a narrative of ardour and success.

Watch the maximum recent episode below.

Christmas Album Featuring Sung Si Kyung, Park Hyo Shin, and VIXX stated to Be in the Works

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Christmas Album Featuring Sung Si Kyung, Park Hyo Shin, and VIXX Said to Be in the Works Jellyfish Entertainment, house to Park Hyo Shin, Sung Si Kyung, Seo In Guk, VIXX, and Park Yun Ha, is rumored to have began recording its end-of-the-year Christmas carols.

While Jellyfish Entertainment said not anything more than “We are operating on songs associated with Christmas,” in step with the insiders in the tune industry, the artists have started recording the songs to be featured in their Christmas album, below the direction of the manufacturer Hwang Se Jun. It looks as if more main points could be coming early next week, and the album is expected to pop out no later than early December.

The Christmas album from Jellyfish Entertainment started as a amusing assignment a collection of the artists, yet it's miles probably the most leading brands of the agency, topping quite so much of music charts. Their album in 2012, “Because It’s Christmas,” in addition the album in 2013 “Winter Confessions” crowned the entire music charts. Even though there used to be no Christmas album in 2014, Sung Si Kyung’s quilt of “Winter Wonderland” and the sooner albums once back topped the charts.

Kim Bo Kyung impresses with her first degree on 'Immortal Song'

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Kim Bo Kyung impresses with her first degree on 'Immortal Song'

Kim Bo Kyung inspired the target audience with her first stage at the November 21 episode of "Immortal Song".

Kim Bo Kyung covered "White Butterfly" via Kim Jung Ho with classic tools supporting her amazing vocals. She acknowledged sooner than her stage, "It"s my first appearance, and I"m in a just right mood. I"ll do my best. It"s been a while. Hong Kyung Min did the arrangement for me. I gained assist from a sunbae who offers me sure energy. He told me to do smartly and now not be nervous."

His recommendation and Kim Bo Kyung"s functionality used to be profitable as she wear a fantastic performance. She (Highlight for spoilers) won 1st position on the show.

'Reply 1988's Move Kyung Pyo printed to be a former YG Entertainment trainee

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'Reply 1988's Move Kyung Pyo printed to be a former YG Entertainment trainee

The complete forged of "Reply 1988" is beneath the highlight those days, adding actor Go Kyung Pyo! He"s some of the leading actors and he plays the kindhearted guy in the drama. 

With his newfound popularity, what he acknowledged in an interview back in would possibly is turning into of even more hobby now.

On "Kim Chang Ryul"s Old School" radio he had revealed, "I debuted when i used to be 21. i began acting when I was once 18. After that I joined YG Entertainment yet for private reasons, I left."

When asked the explanation why he left YGE, he replied, "I truly enjoyed my university life, i suspect I become crazy. I was infatuated with campus existence and the corporate actually took care of me. I believe sorry it ended this way."

DJ Kim Chang Ryul asked, "If you have to go back into YG Entertainment, would you join?"

He answered, "I"m now not sure. I"ll very seriously believe it. There"s a massive number of time left on my contract and i've family members with Director Jang Jin too."

Do you have confidence you studied Go Kyung Pyo will have to have stayed in YG Entertainment?


Jung Kyung Ho Joins Jang Nara In 'Happy Ending Once Again'

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Jung Kyung Ho Joins Jang Nara In 'Happy Ending Once Again'

If you"ve seen a few k-dramas, you know that matchmaking agencies are a fact of life in Korea. Matchmakers help singles find the person they are best suited to marry, taking into account their looks, their personality and their backgrounds. But what about the people who have already been married, have divorced and are hoping for a second chance at lifelong love? Divorcees already have a strike against them when it comes to being marriageable. Matching those new singles takes a special kind of matchmaker.

That"s what Jang Nara"s character Heo Sung Hee is qualified to do in the new MBC drama "Happy Ending Once Again," also known as "One More Happy Ending." Heo Sung Hee provides another chance at "happily ever after" to a clientele whose romantic experiences have made them a little cynical. If matching up two candidates is difficult the first time around, it"s likely that those who have been disappointed once may be more picky.

Heo Sung Hee, once a member of an idol group, is famous for her blunt answers. She does not hesitate to tell the formerly married how they failed the first time.

Her co-star in this drama is actor Jung Kyung Ho, last seen in the heart transplant drama "Falling for Innocence" aka "Falling for Soon Jung." So far, it is not known whether he will play a client at Jang Nara"s agency, a matchmaking agency competitor or simply the person her character is destined to spend happily ever after with. Maybe all of the above.

Both actors have romantic comedy experience. Jang Nara was the endearing "snail wife" in "Fated To Love You" with Jang Hyuk. She had another leading role with Shin Ha Kyun in the comedy "Mr. Back" and then co-starred with Seo In Guk in the thriller "I Remember You."

Although Jung Kyung Ho had played some serious roles in his career, notably in the melodrama "Endless Love," the crime drama "Cruel City," and as a serial killer in the drama "Manhole," he did have fun with his second lead role in the romantic comedy "Smile You."

Kwon Sung Chan, who produced "Late Night Hospital" and "Special Investigation Team," will produce "Happy Ending Once Again."

The Wednesday- Thursday drama "Happy Ending Once Again is expected to follow "Sweet Savage Family" in January.

Jung Kyung Ho and Jang Na Ra showed for 'One More satisfied Ending'

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Jung Kyung Ho and Jang Na Ra showed for 'One More satisfied Ending'

Jung Kyung Ho and Jang Na Ra will transform the lead couple in upcoming MBC drama "One More satisfied Ending".

The drama will depict the tale of marriage, re-marriage and divorce, a guildline for ladies and men who needs to have a pleased lifestyles after their divorce and re-marriages.

Jang Na Ra will play as Han Mi Mo, who works as a representative of a re-marriage consulting corporate whilst Jung Kyung Ho will take the role of Song Soo Hyuk, a divorced entertainment reporter and a unmarried father of a 11-year-old son.

"One More Happy Ending" will broadcast in January 2016.

Jung Kyung Ho to Romance Jang Nara in Upcoming Drama

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Jung Kyung Ho to Romance Jang Nara in Upcoming Drama Actor Jung Kyung Ho could be the leading actor of “One More satisfied Ending,” (tentative title) that will air this coming January, after “Sweet, Savage Family” wraps up. This news used to be showed via an insider in the drama branch of MBC on November 16. He'll be acting contrary of Jang Nara, who become up to now ro to as the lead actress.

Jung Kyung Ho will play the role of Song Soo Hyuk, a divorced guy in his 1930s with an 11-year-old son. he's a handsome gossip reporter who looks as if he is still in his twenties. He is extremely just right at his job, because his looks and smiles melt the hearts of his interview subjects, and they're very willing to reveal even the inner most secrets.

“One More pleased Ending” will handle the reports of the divorced, who dream of turning into happy one more time.

Lee Dong Hwi puts a damper on 'Reply 1988' co-star Move Kyung Pyo's party

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Lee Dong Hwi puts a damper on 'Reply 1988' co-star Move Kyung Pyo's party

Lee Dong Hwi"s hilarious, "preachy" remark on "Reply 1988" co-star Go Kyung Pyo"s fresh pictorial is drawing much laughter!

Go Kyung Pyo shared an image from his recent "CeCi" photo shoot on Instagram, appearing him puffing on a cigarette with an air of elegance and arrogance. whilst many fanatics raved about how good-looking and cool Go Kyung Pyo looked in the photo, Lee Dong Hwi put a damper at the celebration with his long caution on the unfavorable fitness effects of smoking.

He commented, "Smoking is the largest reason of lung cancer and the culprit of ruining your health," gravely(?) warning his co-star on the entire negative aspect effects of nicotine and the risks of breathing in second-hand smoke.

Netizens, who stumbled on Lee Dong Hwi"s hilariously morbid comment, couldn"t grasp in their laughter at the 2 actors who poke a laugh at each and every other even off the set. I believe I smell a bromance in the works here.

Yoo Ah In and Shin Se Kyung Have Romantic Embody on “Six Flying Dragons”

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Yoo Ah In and Shin Se Kyung Have Romantic Embrace on “Six Flying Dragons” The tale of Lee Bang Won (Yoo Ah In) and Boon Yi (Shin Se Kyung) has were given enthusiasts short of more as their romantic come upon unfolds on SBS’s “Six Flying Dragons.”

The romantic storyline is grabbing attentions of the audience in spite of the truth the drama is decided in the heavy and intense backdrop of established order of the Joseon Dynasty. On November 16, the “Six Flying Dragons” team unveiled romantic still cuts between the 2 leading actors from the impending episode sending the fans of the drama into a frenzy.

Spoiler In the released still cuts, Lee Bang Won and Boon Yi are observed in an embrace. Lee Bang Won obviously presentations the torture he had to undergo in episodes 11 and 12 dressed in shabby garments with scars and cuts on his face. yet he gazes deeply into Boon Yi’s eyes and embraces her. Boon Yi is stuck via marvel and is startled by Lee Bang Won’s surprising embrace. Confusion and fear is obviously conveyed in her facial expression.

Until this moment, the two characters at all times had abrasive encounters with every other. At times, they bit or tied one another with ropes. It’s now not the common way you’d be expecting two lovers to regard one another. So, this unforeseen screen of love heightens viewers’ curiosities in hopes of a romance between them.

In episodes 11 and 12, Lee Bang Won used to be tortured by the army thank you to Lee In Gyum’s (Choi Jong Won) scheme. Boon Yi does the entire lot in her vitality to unencumber Lee Bang Won. She even visits Lee Bang Won’s prison cellular where he asks her if she likes him.

At the finish of episode 12, Lee Bang Won is released from jail and fans wait for more intimate encounters between the two characters as it's far true that one can fall in love with somebody who remains by their side in a serious situation. With Lee Bang Won’s release from jail, it will be the turning point of six dragons moving toward organising a nation.

“Six Flying Dragons” is SBS’s 25th Anniversary Special ancient Drama surrounding six passionate and ambitious figures growing the root for the Joseon Dynasty. “Six Flying Dragons” airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 10 p.m. KST.

Check out the newest episode of “Six Flying Dragons” here.

Fashion Face Off: Uee Vs. Lee Sung Kyung In Dior Pullover

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Fashion Face Off: Uee Vs. Lee Sung Kyung In Dior Pullover

In the last (female) Fashion Face Off, Claudia Kim faced Kim Sa Rang in the battle of the Burberry floral dress. Claudia won with 61% of the votes with her straight out of a fairytale photograph.

For this week"s battle, we become mesmerized by sparkling sequins! After School"s Uee and model Lee Sung Kyung wore the same Dior cardigan from the brand"s Pre-Fall 2015 collection. The futuristic top has a dramatic silver turtleneck and different zigzag patterns in white, pink and dark yellow.

Uee donned the piece in her muse-inspired pictorial for the September issue of Sure. She finished off her look with a black Christopher Kane skirt and Suecomma Bonnie booties. Her pink hair was pulled back in an elegant, low ponytail. Meanwhile, Lee wore the article in the August issue of DazedConfused. She coupled the designer item with Marc Jacobs bead-work pants and Mzuu earrings. Her hair was loose and fell over her shoulders.

So, who wore it better? Vote for your favorite below!

The turtleneck can be seen below on the runway.

(Photo : Dior) To vote in more Fashion Face Offs, click here!

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