Lee Si Young Personally Reveals Pregnancy News And Plans For Upcoming Marriage

Lee Si Young Personally Reveals Pregnancy News And Plans For Upcoming Marriage

Lee Si Young has announced her plans for marriage and is going to be a mother!

On July 13, the actress posted a personal message on her Instagram account as an explanation for the sudden news.

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See her statement below:

Hello, this is Lee Si Young.

Its a little embarrassing, but this is the first time Im writing a letter through social media. Rather than having everyone learn about it through reports, I wanted to be the one to share the news personally. Im hoping that misunderstandings will not happen later on if I share the news myself.

I am planning to marry the person I love in the fall. It might be a bit sudden, but after the drama finished, I discussed it with our families and we came to this conclusion. The reason why weve suddenly scheduled plans for the ceremony is because I am 14 weeks pregnant and will soon become a mother.

I found out about it while I was filming for the drama, and so I was worried and a little scared at the sudden news, but I was firstly grateful that a new life was coming. But because I had such a busy schedule, I honestly didnt know what to do. I also didnt want the drama production team to receive any damage if the news got out, and so I couldnt tell anyone. 

My biggest fear was that our drama would receive damage, and so my future husband and I did not tell the staff, our families, and even the agency until the drama was over. Of course the action scenes and wire scenes were not easy, but watching the baby grow healthily gave me courage and I became more positive during filming than I was for any other previous filming.

Because it wasnt just about me anymore, I became more brave and grateful while doing the hard action scenes. Before writing this message, I personally told the directors and the staff on set [about the news] as well as the agency, and I felt more apologetic and grateful when they responded by saying they felt sorry [for not knowing]. After discussing with both families, we decided to hold the wedding on September 30 of this year.

In the future, I will be working hard during the remaining filming and I am planning on working hard to prepare to become a good mother. I will strive to become more humble and thankful as a good wife and a good mother. I would appreciate it if you could please support us. Thank you.

Congratulations to Lee Si Young and her husband-to-be!

Meanwhile, Lee Si Young recently finished her drama Lookout.

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