Lee Shi Un Runs Into Wanna One On I Live Alone

Lee Shi Un Runs Into Wanna One On I Live Alone

Actor Lee Shi Un and his two best friends from Busan have a day of adventures in Seoul on the September 1 broadcast of MBCs I Live Alone. The three men excitedly go to the MBC broadcasting station in hopes of running into many celebrities. However, there are none to be found, and theyre hanging out in the lobby when they get a surprise.

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Lee Shi Un spots Wanna One and excitedly tells his friends about the group, even showing them the Pick Me dance moves. When Wanna One makes their way to the lobby, the members and Lee Shi Un exchange greetings and take a group selfie together with the actors Busan friends. The other I Live Alone cast members are shocked and envious of Lee Shi Uns luck and joke that Lee Shi Un and his friends look like Wanna Ones managers.

Meanwhile, after the airing of this episode, I Live Alone is indefinitely canceled for now, as MBC producers have gone on strike.

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