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'Veteran' Director Ryoo Seung Wan Discusses The Casting Of Yoo Ah In, Hwang Jung Min And The Screenplay [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

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'Veteran' Director Ryoo Seung Wan Discusses The Casting Of Yoo Ah In, Hwang Jung Min And The Screenplay [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

(Photo : CJ Entertainment ) KDramaStars: What inspired the screenplay for "Veteran?" Were the characters of Do Cheol and Tae Oh based within reality?

Ryoo Seung Wan: The main events that happen, in the film, actually come from several real life incidents that happened in Korean. Because we needed to dramatize these things, the story took another form, in itself. The lead character [Do Cheol] and the villain [Tae Oh] were both inspired by real people. In the case of the character of the detective, a lot of that him comes from my previous interviews with cops and detectives, for previous projects. In the detective, a lot of aspects of the actor, Hwang Jung Min, are reflected in that character.

The character of Tae Oh was inspired by reality, but its hard to meet that type of person. We had to satisfy ourselves with meeting the people who surround that type of person. Tae Oh is a figment of my imagination, based off their accounts. I wanted to make a film that maximized the thrill and exhilaration that you can experience cinematically, even if it is based on reality.

KDramaStars: How long did it take to create the film, from preproduction to post?

Ryoo Seung Wan: I started working on Veteran right after the film, The Berlin File was released. That was in 2012. It took about three years.

The actual filming took about three and a half months. The majority of production was spent within pre and post production.

KDramaStars: "Veteran" critiques the excess of conglomerate heirs through Tae Oh, but the movie racked up close to $90 million USD in ticket sales. Did you expect Veteran to become a blockbuster hit? What were some of the responses from audiences in Korea?

Ryoo Seung Wan: I didnt expect audiences to respond to the film so favorably. But I do feel like there was a looming sentiment over the exploitation of conglomerate groups that was very relevant to the masses. I think this film touches about that collective unconscious.

KDramaStars: I really enjoyed the juxtaposition between Hwang Jung Min, as the hardboiled detective and Yoo Ah In as Tae Oh. Can you describe the casting process of the film?

Ryoo Seung Wan: When I was writing the script, the main character of the detective has a lot of traits held by the actor, Hwang Jung Min. When I was writing the screenplay, I wrote the character specifically with him in mind. If he had declined the role, I feel like this film may not have been made.

In the case of Tae Oh, who is a pretty villainous character, a lot of actors declined because they were sensitive about the role reflecting badly on [their image]. I met Yoo Ah In during the Busan International Film Festival. We were talking about our next projects and thats when I gave him the screenplay.

Yoo Ah In was known to the Korean public as having a childlike image and was viewed as a healthy, young man. At the time, he wanted to deviate from those types of roles and he wanted to try out something new. It was a fortunate case where the requirements of the film matched up with the actors desires to try something different.

KDramaStars: Crime procedurals often portray policeman and detectives as flawed or having moral ambiguity. What are your thoughts on the clear moral compass of Do Cheol, a detective who seems lax in the beginning, but becomes obsessed with bringing Tae Oh to justice?

Ryoo Seung Wan: I feel like the current cinema trend, in terms of crime films is way too complicated. The sort of films that I loved and thought were exhilarating, when I was young were movies that had clear cut morals. A good example would be the films in the 80s, in the U.S., that deal with detectives and crime. When you look closer, within all of those movies, the [detectives] have their own personal problems. I feel like this film differs from others in the crime genre in that it deals with human beings relationships to one another.

The main character, the event he is investigating is not even under his precinct. He doesnt personally have anyone who is involved. The reason he [Do Cheol] becomes involved with this case is because he received a phone call that he didnt take. If he had received that call, that person wouldnt have been involved in that type of accident. That type of guilt is what motivates this character. Ultimately, I feel like this is a story about the morals that come between a people.

KDramaStars: The film reminded me of an 80s police movie, not a buddy cop film, but one where the police have a great dynamic with one another. Also, Do Cheol is one cop who is trying to take on the challenge of bringing down corruption. Was this what you meant about your previous comment regarding American films in the 80s?

Ryoo Seung Wan: Yes, movies like Beverly Hills Cop, Lethal Weapon, 48 Hours, Stakeout, and even Diehard. I feel like the value of those films is that at first glance they seem like movies that are geared for box office success. But I think they try to present a set of values or morals that they want to pass on to the next generation. These films have a very classic feel to them like John Fords westerns. These types of movies try to deal with what is right and what is wrong, which may seem naive and idealistic, but that is the value of these films.

There are characters like those in Raymond Chandlers novels that are morally ambiguous. While they may be attractive or appealing, I feel like there is a need for clear characters. I feel like the current trend, in audience responses, is that people tend to like villains more than good people. From an audience perspective, I wanted to root for a good person, in the film.

KDramaStars: Your work has spanned almost every aspect of film, ranging from directing and screenwriting Veteran to appearing as an extra in Rough Play. What do you think is most difficult job in the Korean film industry?

Ryoo Seung Wan: Filmmaking, regardless of the environment you are in, is always going to be hard. I feel like there is no such thing as the best environment or an ideal one [in filmmaking]. It can be very difficult. Every aspect has its own set of challenges. Essentially, you are creating something out of thin air. If I were to pick one thing, it would be when you have to come up with new and creative ideas for things. The right to have freedom of expression is crucial, but Im unsure of whether this is being achieved in Korean society, today.

KDramaStars: There have been rumors of sequels to both Veteran and The Berlin File. What are your thoughts on Korean franchise films versus Hollywood? What is your next project?

Ryoo Seung Wan: To clarify, the next project Im working on will not be a sequel to The Berlin File. That will be an in-depth film, after I complete my next project.

I feel like its kind of hard to compare the franchise films of Korea with the U.S. because the way that cinema has evolved and its history are vastly different [between the two nations]. To be specific, with the Bond series [007] in the 60s, the U.S. already had a solid history of filmmaking. In Korea, the 60s were when filmmaking was just budding. If you look at the sheer volume or size of the industries, they are vastly different. It hasnt been a long time since the Korean film industry evolved into what it is, today. If there are any sort of franchise films that will come out of Korea, it will be from now on.

A lot of young filmmakers in Korea, including myself, want to make these kind of franchise films and want to be viewers of these types of movies. For example, I do have thoughts of developing Veteran into a franchise. I think we have to see what happens, environmentally, for these franchise films to succeed. I feel that two things need to be present for franchise films, the industry needs to be secure and there needs to be a secure star system. Having franchise films in Korean cinema is actually a sign that the industry is booming. So, Im pretty positive that we will have them, in the future.

Director Kang Hyo Jin Dishes On The On-Screen Chemistry Of Uhm Jung Hwa And Song Seung Heon In 'Wonderful Nightmare' [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

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Director Kang Hyo Jin Dishes On The On-Screen Chemistry Of Uhm Jung Hwa And Song Seung Heon In 'Wonderful Nightmare' [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

(Photo : Megabox Plus M ) "Wonderful Nightmare" captures the struggles of professional women, as they attempt to balance their careers with homemaking. Uhm Jung Hwa is Yeon Woo, a successful attorney, who mistakenly dies due to a clerical error in heaven. In an effort to fix the mistake, she is given an opportunity to live as a housewife, for one month. Song Seung Heon portrays her newfound husband, whom she struggles to connect with, as a lifelong bachelorette. KDramaStars sat down with director Kang Hyo Jin to discuss the on-screen chemistry of the popular Hallyu stars and his affinity for creating movies with strong female protagonists, during the New York Korean Film Festival.

(Photo : ) KDramaStars: The film incorporates a strong cast of comedic stars with brilliant child actors. What was the casting process for Wonderful Nightmare?

Kang Hyo Jin: With the casting process, Uhm Jung Hwa was the first actor to come on board, for a role. When we first made the offer she declined it. I went for a rewrite after she saw the rewritten screenplay, she accepted the role. As for the child actors, we went through an audition process to find the right cast members. Even then, we continued to struggle with finding the right actor to portray the factor. I approached Song Seung Heon and he accepted the role, which surprised me, at first.

KDramaStars: How did Uhm Jung Hwa and Song Seung Heon create their on-screen rapport? What was it like to work with two stars who are extremely well known within their own right- Uhm as a pop vocalist and actress, Song as Hallyu star for his K-Drama roles?

Kang Hyo Jin: Not just the rapport between them, but because we had child actors with them, I think that also helped build a natural rapport. Midway through filming the romantic scenes, because there was physical contact, that also helped them embody their characters, in a more natural way.

Theres an anecdote about the on-set filming. There was a kissing scene that was going to be a no-cut scene in the film. In the beginning of filming, Uhm Jung Hwa and Song Seung Heon were both concerned that they would not be able to film the scene because they were so awkward. In the end, they were very natural about [romantic scenes] and it wasnt awkward, at all.

Song Seung Heon and Uhm Jung Hwa had no mutual friends. It was their first time meeting and their first project, together. Its kind of weird, because both of their careers span a period of 20 years, but in that time, they had never met each other, through work. They were both really surprised about that.

KDramaStars: Your previous works like Punch Lady and Twilight Gangsters feature strong female protagonists, which is rare within Korean cinema. Do you feel that you are drawn to stories about powerful women? If so, why?

Kang Hyo Jin: I would say that youre right, in that Im interested in strong female characters, especially those who grow stronger through experience, whether it is through struggles or hardships. I know that there is the notion that women need to be protected, but I really like stories that talk about how women develop and grow, through these experiences. But the main reason why Im interested in these types of characters is due to my mother. She was a very strong woman, but at the same time, she was a very warm-hearted person. She passed away, but at the same time, she has been the main influence, in myself, to be drawn to these characters.

I also feel the reason I became a filmmaker is because of my mother. She was an absolute movie buff or cinephile. She was a huge fan of classic Hollywood films with stars like Caroll Baker. Even growing up, I would have these films around me, all the time. I owe my desire to become a filmmaker, to my mother.

KDramaStars: The Korea Times compared Wonderful Nightmare to Miracle in Cell No. 7, in that the film begins as a comedy, but ends on a sad, emotional note. What are your thoughts on the progression of the film and why is there a juxtaposition between the emotionality?

Kang Hyo Jin: I didnt write the original screenplay. I received it and then rewrote parts of it. The main reason I was drawn to the original screenplay was because there was a limited amount of time Jung Uhm Hwas character would spend with this family. I felt like that point would be a good factor in drawing a type of natural, heartfelt warmth, to add a touching element to the story. I guess it is a little similar to Miracle in Cell No. 7, in the structure.

KDramaStars: The film also offers a critique on gender dynamics and the accomplishments of empowered women through Yeon Woo, a character who is forced to endure the trials and tribulations of homemaking, when she was previously accustomed to her independent lifestyle as a lawyer. What was the feedback from the cast members and domestic audiences?

Kang Hyo Jin: Im not sure if youre aware of this, but I was one of the original creators of the film, My Wife is a Gangster. I feel that people unintentionally view me as a director of films that are female driven or female oriented. But it is very hard to gain investors with women in the leading role. When I was working on this project with Jung Uhm Hwa, we talked a lot about making the film into a good project, because the fate of Korean cinema and whether women would have lead roles, depends on how movies like this perform. If it flops or did not do well, to gain more support for women in film. We focused on making this into a good film.

In terms of audience feedback, we invited female journalists and female audiences to view the first screening of the film. At the time, there was some criticism from women that the message of the film was that they needed to get married in order to be happy. As we did a wider release throughout Korea, I think the views of audiences changed. They accepted the film as having a message of unconditional love through family bonds, rather than a commentary that women were meant to fill a specific role.

KDramaStars: What are your thoughts about the inclusion of Wonderful Nightmare in the New York Korean Film Festival? Can you share details about your next project?

Kang Hyo Jin:Its an honor to be invited to the New York Korean Film Festival. Its actually the first international film festival to invite my film, Wonderful Nightmare. Its also my first time in New York, so Im so excited to see my film screen in such a wonderful theater and museum. My next project is likely to be a thriller/action film with another leading female character. Its a pretty edgy and dangerous film. Im in the process of writing and also talking to the investors about the project.

Interview No misunderstandings sooner than conversing: Jo Seung-woo

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Interview No misunderstandings sooner than conversing: Jo Seung-woo

There"s numerous speak about Jo Seung-woo.

There are rumors that he's sharp, he"s bad-tempered, he hates facet scripts and that he doesn"t do musicals unless he"s paid a lot. maximum of them are exaggerated or simply simple rumors. He"s now not on a standard basis published in media and it"s difficult to peer him any place but even so musicals and videos so he hasn"t actually had an opportunity to give an explanation for himself. Of course, there was once little need to.

He agreed to do an interview for his leading film "Inside Men" and he spoke honestly. Never pass judgement on a e-book through its cover. His first greeting already gave the look that he became a warm guy. Reactions to his refusing and accepting to celebrity in the motion picture "Inside Men" were, "how choosy is he?" yet there has been one more reason at the back of that.

"I"ve at all times sought after to paintings with Lee Byung-hun, but I refused the movie because I wasn"t confident. i presumed there would be any other likelihood to work with him so I hesitated. Also, I didn"t think i used to be appropriate for the role of investigator Woo Jang-hoon. However, the director kept inquiring for me and the ones around me kept asking me why I won"t do it. I wondered what I"d done wrong and I also wondered if I didn"t have an eye for things anymore". Regardless of touchy questions, Jo Seung-woo didn"t once frown at them and smiled. He then asked, "Was I bad tempered prior to (laughs)?"

- What weren"t you so certain about at the start about "Inside Men"?

Jo Seung-woo: "I didn"t think I suited the role of Woo Jang-hoon. The movie is ready social corruption, a guy who dreams of a presidential election, a guy of wealth supporting him and political gangsters who are tangled here. I didn"t actually feel anything else new about it. Matters like them had been delt with before in films and I didn"t see a difference. So I asked the manufacturer what was new about it. It wasn"t new to me. Then I idea about why I denied the movie and discovered that our society wouldn"t wish to admit that there was a depressing side to it. I bet I felt burdened reading it in text".

- This movie is in line with a web-toon by Yoon Tae-ho but Woo Jang-hoon is in reality not in the original.

"So I wondered how I must do this. There was no role fashion for me to duplicate from so I had to create a target. I determined to simplify the character. This personality was a policeman before he have become an investigator because he didn"t wish to be looked down upon by those that graduated the police academy. However, he knows that the truth is larger even after he becomes an investigator and justice wishes more. So, he allies with political gangster Ahn Sang-goo (Lee Byung-hun)".

- How was running with Lee Byung-hun?

"When he acts, he doesn"t calculate. We didn"t really "work" together. We"ve had our mess-ups but we made it up with adlibs. We did that because we didn"t need to waste time but I guess the producer thought the lines were just right for the movie. I realized Lee Byung-hun is an overly detailed actor".

"I learned so much from him. I guess i may be ready to say I didn"t do much this time. similar to "The War Of Flower". I wondered what I had done and experiences even acknowledged "there"s little life of Jo Seung-woo". Even i suspect I don"t stand out because there were such much of sensible actors. I most often were given power from them and returned it now that I see it. I just mixed along. There isn"t a scene where I in exact fact used lots of my own calories in".

- Why did you like to have to work with Lee Byung-hun?

"He"s been on television since we were younger. I watched his dramas with my circle of relatives and my mom used to mention he has a pleasant smile. So that"s why I needed to work with him".

- What was your first influence of Lee Byung-hun?

"I"ve watched many dramas and movies of his since I was young. I was inspired at his Hollywood performance. I used to think he was not just a perfect star but a superstar. He also looked wealthy and I thought he would have multiple structures in Gangnam. Then when I worked with him, I realized that he"s this kind of idiot for the movie. He"s continuously in his script and watches loads of movies at house at the large screen. He asked me if I watched sure movies but they were all movies that weren"t even out in Korea yet. He asked me why I don"t watch many movies without understanding that they weren"t even out yet. He loves movies and he"s moderately simple".

- Have you turn into close with Lee Byung-hun after this?

"I"ve been to his space and his wife made dinner for me. We mentioned movies or even had drinks. We when put next each and every others" heights too the remaining time I went there. He was a bit taller than me. i'm 173.3 cm but he"s about 175~176 cm".

- You published your bottoms in most movies and this time too.

"Only my bottoms? most commonly everything. Best my upper frame was shown. I was dressed in my undies all the style through the making. It was embarrassing in front of the actresses too. But I couldn"t say it out loud because there were seniors like Lee Kyeong-seon and Baek Yoon-sik. If that"s what the movie needs, then I"ll do it".

- Jo Seung-woo intended a pointy edge in the past. But now you appear reasonable and milder.

"Was I? I haven"t had an interview like this in a while. once a year is other for me. I"ve heard rumors that I am a playboy and i seek out rookie actresses and I wondered why I have to be hearing this. I didn"t do anything wrong. I asked any individual for suggestion and that consumer said, "That"s since you are so appealing". So I got over it".

- Did going to the army exchange your personality?

"I"m yes that has anything to do with it. I lived a corporate life and built my patience whilst assembly quite a lot of folks and saw things I didn"t see before".

- There was the gallery issue.

"I don"t wish to talk about it back but I guess that"s because I stepped over a line. there were many misunderstandings about that issue. Media misprinted my intentions for one thing. What I meant to claim was: it"s fine pronouncing bad things about me, but I didn"t choose the media to say bad things about those around me. If anybody was on my side, I was hoping they would stick behind the lines. It"s not right that those around me must always be treated that way".

- There was a lot of communicate about getting paid a prime quantity in the sector of performances.

"I did get paid a lot but not because I asked for it. I never drew a definite amount. They paid me what they might and I permitted without excuse"

- Do you've plans to get married?

"I want to fulfill someone who I provides me the tingles. I have met someone like that before. She was an routine girl walking in the street so I asked her for her number and we dated for a while. i need to get married with someone sometime. But then again, I debuted at the age of 20 and not took an afternoon off. I haven"t been on a right kind holiday yet. National Provider was my only break. I don"t have memories from my 20s so I want to do something that would remain with me now before i am getting married though. I may need to get married after I"m 40".

- You appear to be more interested by musicals than movies lately.

"I am not looking to stay a balance. There will come a time when I won"t be capable of play sure roles when I get older. I have things I want to do when I can. It"s not that I"m more concentrated on something else. I filmed "The Assassination" when I was utterly booked".

- Have you made a decision what to do next?

"Still operating on it. I got the script for "God"s Gift - 14 Days" lovely early and I even had four hours to sleep each day. i may do something like that again".

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Lee Seung Gi Is surprised By way of Kang Ho Dong’s English Quiz reaction on “New adventure to the West”

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Lee Seung Gi Is surprised By way of Kang Ho Dong’s English Quiz reaction on “New adventure to the West”

Lee Seung Gi, Kang Ho Dong, Lee Soo Geun and Eun Ji Won are these days starring in PD Na Young Suk‘s internet series “New trip to the West,” which documents their five-day go back and forth in combination in China.

As the forged is waiting to head in to look the noted terra cotta army, they make a decision to quiz every other to pass the time. Eun Ji Won takes the primary turn and asks Kang Ho Dong, “What is the beyond nerve-racking of the note “can” in English?”

Kang Ho Dong replies with fully no hesitation, “I can’t.”

Lee Seung Gi can’t appear to consider his ears for a second, and then says, “Oh, come on!” He then bursts out laughing, and so does everybody else, adding Kang Ho Dong. “Hyung, get out of the car!” Lee Seung Gi jokes.

Kang Ho Dong tries to turn everybody that he understands the word “can” by throwing out words like “You can do it!” yet Eun Ji Won issues out that he used to be requesting the past tense form. “We need to head in opposition to the future!” jokes Kang Ho Dong.

You can see new episodes of “New Journey to the West” each Friday on Naver TVCast.

[Interview] Ryoo Seung-beom after wandering for 3 years, "I"ve become an outsider"

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[Interview] Ryoo Seung-beom after wandering for 3 years,

"Freedom" explains only Ryoo Seung-beom in this country. He debuted in the year 2000 and continued to star in "No Manners", "Crying Fist", "Bloody Tie", "The Unjust", "Over my Dead Body", "The Berlin File" and more. He"s always been a free soul in movie and he"s a known fashion freak.

Q: The movie is being released on the 17th. Have you had a chance to see it yet?

Ryoo Seung-beom: "I watched it yesterday (14th). It"s unique. The director"s message is in it and I think it"s necessary for diversity in the movie industry. The color of the movie, the characters and story are all unique. It"s very cool and reckless. There is a hint of comedy in it but a movie won"t do with seriousness all the time. It might seem depressing, but it"s alive. Although I choose my work coldly, I felt a good vibe here".

- How is the character of Jinu?

"Jinu, as well as the other characters, have a good combination of fakeness and realness".

- How was working with Ko Joon-hee?

"It was great. I learned a lot from the movie. She represents "coolness" and "simplicity" which made me think, she"s a good actress".

- What have you been doing for 3 years? We know you"ve been in Paris most of the time.

"A lot has happened. I"ve become a different person. The last 3 years of my life have been as long as the 30 years I"ve lived. I experienced a lot and got a lot of influence too. My way of thinking has changed and I eat differently now. I"ve been a vegetarian for 2 years. I lost a lot of weight and I don"t drink, either. I don"t do that to lose weight. I feel like the "dirt" has been rid of in my new life".

- Was there a particular reason?

"No particular reason. I just decided to pack up and leave. I sold everything and had two suitcases with me. I guess there were a lot of reasons and I think about it. I wonder if this image of me now is the real me. I feel more free working now and I"ve been resolving things that I"ve been meaning to [resolve]. I also don"t wear make-up. There"s no reason to".

- Have you always admired France?

"Not really. I was curious about their idea of socialism and the way they lived. Many travel to Paris because of what it looks like on the outside, but I went to live there. I am currently in the process of finding a place where I fit culturally and emotionally. I might move to another place soon".

- Is there anything in particular you did in Paris?

"I had time to myself. Only myself".

- If you"ve been there for 3 years, your French should be outstanding. How did you study?

"I use English. I"ve never lived abroad before so I studied mostly English. I didn"t decide to live in France forever unless I had to work or live in a society. I am comfortable being an outsider, though".

- You haven"t been very active lately. Don"t you need income to live abroad?

"I don"t worry about money. I don"t plan on using much. I don"t want to make money, but I need it so I can"t help it. That doesn"t mean I don"t have any money. I have enough for myself".

"I live day by day. It"s going to be hard if you worry about tomorrow. I have no house in Seoul and I am not a French citizen. I have become an outsider wherever I go. It"s only depressing to think about tomorrow so I decided not to worry. That"s my way of life".

- Those inner changes might influence the way you choose your work and how you act.

"I do have a different way of choosing work now. It has to be something I"m not ashamed of. A movie is a record in a way. It lasts a long time. The movie remains even if I die. I feel responsible for it. Realizing it made me sincere. I used to use myself up, but now I wonder if I want them to last forever".

- Pictures of you on the streets of Paris in foreign fashion magazines have been the hot topic with your fans. Have you not had the opportunity to work abroad?

"I went there to be an ordinary person. I wanted to live freely. I"m sure there was a chance if there was one, but I want to live quietly. Being famous is quite hard. Living with fame for 365 days a year is not easy. There"s a second life for me in Paris. I am grateful for those who recognize me".

- What does your brother, director Ryoo Seung-wan say about that? Did you tell him when you left?

"He was the first to know. He just gave me a book about Zorba, the Greek. I went camping with him when I visited Korea for a while last year. We didn"t have much time to ourselves so we decided to go camping. We talked all night and I wanted him to meet the new me. I also wanted to know how he"d been. He"s the most comfortable person to be. I still miss him".

- Is he the first person you meet when you come back to Korea?

"He"s always busy. I"m more of a loner when I come to Korea. There aren"t many people who can spend all that time with me. People in Korea are always busy".

- Are you happy with your life now? Aren"t you lonely?

"I"m comfortable. That"s happiness maybe. If I was complicated before, now I am stress-free. It"s lonely though. I have friends everywhere, but I also don"t have friends anywhere. However, I realized I was born lonely and thinking about it that way has made me comfortable. I see other things and being comfortable is bigger than loneliness so I am happy with my life now. I feel awkward in a place with many people. I was so nervous during the production presentation of "Intimate Enemies". I want to less famous now".


[Interview] Gong Seung Yeon Says She′s Happy with CNBLUE′s Lee Jong Hyun Now

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[Interview] Gong Seung Yeon Says She′s Happy with CNBLUE′s Lee Jong Hyun Now

--> Gong Seung Yeon showed her affection for We Got Married partner Lee Jong Hyun.

Gong Seung Yeon showed two completely opposite, yet charming sides to herself in the recently-wrapped SBS drama I Heard it Through the Grapevine and MBC′s We Got Married. In the drama, she lived as a prim and ambitious woman who sought upward mobility, while Lee Jong Hyun often said she was like a bear on We Got Married as she awkwardly attempted aegyo in her own stiff way. But I Heard it Through the Grapevine is over, and We Got Married is still going on. They say a fox is better than a bear, so it wouldn′t hurt if she became more like a fox like her character Seo Nuri on I Heard it Through the Grapevine, right?

In a recent interview with Newsen, Gong Seung Yeon said she was able to look back on herself through We Got Married. "I hear a lot that I′m like a bear. But am I really? I had no idea."

She continued, "So if you look at it that way, We Got Married is good program that shows you what kind of person you really are."

So does this mean that Gong Seung Yeon is deep into her virtual marriage with Lee Jong Hyun?

"Because Jong Hyun oppa helps me a lot, I automatically do it with sincerity," said Gong Seung Yeon. "When I′m with oppa, he says such sweet things to me, so now I′ve started saying those kinds of things naturally.

"Because we′re a couple, isn′t it natural to contact each other normally?" said Gong Seung Yeon. "I think it′s more weird to say you don′t contact each other at all when you′re filming."

So what do they talk about? Gong Seung Yeon gave a sneak peek into her phone chats with Lee Jong Hyun to satisfy our curiosity.

"I got really close to oppa," said Gong Seung Yeon. "Of course, we talk a lot about little things, but if there′s something good, he recommends it to me and tells me to check it out quickly. ′Read this book′ and ′Listen to this song′ are what he says to me often."

"He says we need to keep studying," she added with a laugh.

On one hand, these feelings, through Gong Seung Yeon′s close relationship with Lee Jong Hyun, unsurprisingly help her acting.

Lee Jong Hyun is really gentle with Gong Seung Yeon in real life. It′s true Gong Seung Yeon and these charms make We Got Married with Lee Jong Hyun fun.

"What kind of girl wouldn′t be happy to be treated that well?" said Gong Seung Yeon. "But anyways, what′s most interesting is that approaching We Got Married sincerely has helped in acting as well. When I was acting with Kim Kwon oppa in I Heard it Through the Grapevine, I had thoughts like, ′Oh, it was this kind of feeling.′ It really helps."

It appears she has killed two birds with one stone.

When asked if she had seen anyone with good feelings recently, she shook her head. Referring to We Got Married, she said, "I′m married now. I′m a married woman, who would I meet?"

So then when was the last time she was in a relationship? "Two years ago," said Gong Seung Yeon without much hesitation surprisingly. "But now I have my husband Jong Hyun oppa. So I′m happy," she said with a shy laugh.

This kind of chemistry can only be set apart.

Lee Seung Gi disses herself in "hashtag" interview

News via allkpop.com
Lee Seung Gi disses herself in

Lee Seung Gi isn"t afraid to diss herself in her brand new album!

He"ll be returning with his 6 regular album after a hiatus from the music scene. His self-diss song notes how much of an awful dancer his, which fans are willing to deal. Lee Seung Gi also makes a promise about what he"d do if he ranks #1 and reveals a surprise clip from Eun Ji Won.

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f(x)"s Krystal is confident and humorous in English interview!

News via allkpop.com

Krystal recently gave an interview in English at the Chanel Cruise 2015/2016 Fashion Show in Seoul, proving that her English is perfect!

The singer was all smiles and laughing throughout, exchanging playful chatter with the gabby interviewer, Thomas Ye (gogoboi). When Ye asks Krystal which co-star she worked with matches her type the most amongst Rain, Lee Min Ho and Lee Jong Suk, she laughs and declares that choosing one would be a "big issue." Or maybe she just couldn"t choose because they are all so dreamy?

Krystal revealed that her favorite Chinese actress is ZIyi Zhang, whose role as the fatally alluring courtesan "Sayuri" in "Memoirs of a Geisha," left an impression on her and expressed her wish to work with the actress.

Krystal also discusses f(x)"s next album and more so be sure to check out the video above!

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Yoo Seung Jun appeared to have opened up about his career in 13 years when showing up at the LIve interview

News via soompi.com
Yoo Seung Jun appeared to have opened up about his career in  13 years when showing up at the LIve interview

It is being reported that singer Yoo Seung Jun will share his thoughts for the first time in 13 years in a live interview on May 19. Needless to say, the reports are turning heads as the singer was banned from entering Korea after he left 13 years ago following controversy related to suspicions that he tried to evade mandatory military service.

In a screenshot that Yoo Seung Jun uploaded onto his personal Weibo, he writes, Hello. Its Yoo Seung Jun. Do you remember me? Its been 13 years since I left Korea. And now, I am daring to stand in front of you all once again. Im fearful and cautious, but I will stand [before you] with a truthful and honest heart. I will only speak the truth. Im sorry that its so late and that so much time has passed. I will meet you on May 19 at 10:30 p.m.

Reportedly, the head of Shin Hyunwon Production met Yoo Seung Jun while preparing for a movie. After talking with each other over the course of two days, Yoo Seung Jun decided on sharing his present state and more through an Internet broadcast.

The interview is slated to air from Hong Kong on May 19 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

Yoo Seung Jun’s Everyday Life Is a Happy One Yoo Seung Jun Celebrates His 17th Anniversary Since Debut with Korean Fans Yoo Seung Jun Has No Plans to Come Back to Korea Military Denies Report that Yoo Seung Jun’s Ban from Korea Will Be Lifted Related

Justice Department responds to Yoo Seung Joon"s plan to request an interview with the immigration office

News via allkpop.com
Justice Department responds to Yoo Seung Joon

It doesn"t seem too likely thatYoo Seung Joonwill be able to get his ban lifted anytime soon.

Previously, the Military Manpower Administration remained blase about his apology to the public. Now, the Justice Department is likewise emphasizing the fact that Yoo Seung Joon cannot get his ban lifted on his own by simply requesting for one, following the news that the singerplans to request an interview with the Immigration Office.

The department"s spokesperson told Star News on May 22, "There is no means for an individual to get his citizenship restored or his prohibition of entry lifted. It has to be the institution that requested for his prohibition of entry into the country, to request for the ban to be lifted as well. This is not a problem that can be solved through the individual"s request alone."

In relation to the interview request with the Immigration Office, the spokesperson stated, "We tried to confirm the veracity of this by contacting various regional groups of the Immigration Office, but because there are 40 locations of the Immigration Office, we cannot know at the moment which location he went to inquire at and what led them to give him such a response."

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