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WINNER’s Song Mino and Kang Seung Yoon Proportion Update on New Album on “PSY Little Television”

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WINNERs Song Mino and Kang Seung Yoon Percentage Update on New Album on PSY Little Tv ilmare42 November 28, 2015 0 LINE it!WINNERs Song Mino and Kang Seung Yoon Share Update on New Album on PSY Little Television WINNERs Song Mino and Kang Seung Yoon give enthusiasts an update on their next album when they make a wonder appearance on PSY Little Television!

PSY has been website hostingare livingdisplays called PSY Little Television on V app forward of his comeback with his 7th album. Throughout his display on November 28, he all of sudden looks up and gestures for somebody to come on camera, pronouncingthere are this sort ofgreat amount offolks asking how you are!

Song Mino and Kang Seung Yoon then come into the shot, and PSY provides them his chair, which they adorably must share.

PSY asks them to inform the audience how theyve been, and Kang Seung Yoon says, Were runningtough on our next album, and were recording on a day-to-day basis in the studio. We accomplished up recording a song these days and we concept wed say hi on our way home.

We were looking at downstairs, says Song Mino, and we made up our mindswe neededto observe the prove in genuine life. Kang Seung Yoon adds, Weve been urgentthe center button.

Later on, PSY asks the 2 WINNER participants when smartly be readyto hear a new song of theirs. Were operating on our new album each and every day, says Kang Seung Yoon, and PSY interrupts to ascertain that theyve actually been working eachunmarried day. Were going to paintings hard to pop out alongside a new album soon, ahead ofthe elements gets warm, says Kang Seung Yoon.

Check out the clip below!

WINNERs reliable Instagram also shared a photo in their special appearance on PSY Little Television.

Are you excited to in any casepay attention a new album from WINNER?

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Yoo Seung Ho Movies in Pouring Rain for 6 Hours for Upcoming Drama “Remember”

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Yoo Seung Ho Movies in Pouring Rain for 6 Hours for Upcoming Drama Keep in mind notclaira November 28, 2015 0 LINE it!Yoo Seung Ho Films in Pouring Rain for Six Hours for Upcoming Drama Remember Actor Yoo Seung Ho used to becurrently praised for his pastime and willpower in filming for six hours instantly in a heavy downpour.

In the impending SBS drama “Remember,” he plays a tenderattorney who seeks to transparent the call of his father, who has been wrongly accused of murder. The drama is one of his first projects following his two-and-a-half-year hiatus whilst he turned into serving in the army.

The filming in querycame about on November 16 at a funeral home. In the scene, Yoo Seung Ho’s father (Jun Kwang Ryul) comes to provide his condolences at the funeral of a feminine university student, Oh Jung Ah (Han Bo Bae), who was murdered. All through the funeral, he'sall of sudden arrested via the police as the murderer. Yoo Seung Ho’s personality screams in anguish in the falling rain, not able to save you his father from being taken.

Although the scene had already been set to take position in the rain, at the day of filming it naturally began pouring, adding to the drama and realism of the scene. To get a more intense shot, the group of workers added their own sprinkler truck to the downpour. The rain got here down so tough that it ripped holes in Yoo Seung Ho’s umbrella, yet the actor was more occupied withthe workers who had to stand out in the bloodless without resting.

The workers in turn was inspired by the young actor’s dedication. A representative from Logos Film, the production company, said, “When you notice Yoo Seung Ho’s eyes during the monitor, you in an instant feel that he isn't like other actors. He says the entiretyvia his eyes and his expression and birth has grown more mature. We are hopingin an effort todisplay y'all his development soon by way of the broadcast.”

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Yoo Seung Ho And Suzy Are The celebs Folks Need Their Kids To Resemble

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Yoo Seung Ho And Suzy Are The celebs  Folks  Need Their Kids To Resemble

(Photo : ) Yoo Seung Ho and Suzy crownedthe result ofa up to date survey, where oldstersdecided on the Korean celebrities they would actually like their youngsters to resemble.

According to a file published through jTBC, a survey conducted by an early formative yearsschoolingcorporate released its findings from a patternlength of 2040 doablefogeys and married couples.

Suzy lead the list of feminine stars, with 23.7 % of participants settling on the Pass over A member as the fame they would maximum like to look their long run daughters glance like.

Teen actress Kim Yoo Jung, who these days starred in "Angry Mom" and is currently acting in the sequel to the internet drama, "Love Cells," followed with 18.8 percent.

"Pinocchio" star, Park Shin Hye and Park Bo Young tied for 3rd place, at the list, with 17.85 percent EXID's Hani and AOA's Seolhyun rounded out the pinnacleeffects alongside 12.8 and 8.9 percent, respectively.

In the class of male stars, Yoo Seung Ho used to be followed by Kim Soo Hyun, who won 23.7 of votes from respondents.

Third position on the male list synchronized with the feminine category, as participants voted for the on-screen boyfriend of Park Shin Hye, Lee Jong Suk. He got 11.8 percent of votes, followed by his real-life friend and fellow model-turned-actor, Kim Woo Bin, who turned intochose by 10.8 percent of respondents.

"She Was Pretty" star, Park SEO Joon, and ZE:A'sIm Siwan finishedthe tip five, with 8.9 and 5.9 percent, respectively.

Organizers of the survey were no longershocked by the results. In keeping with the report published by jTBC, a spokesperson for the corporate cited the recognition of Yoo Seung Ho and the picture of Suzy as Korea's sweetheart, as attributing points for their ends up in the study.

Yoo, whose post-military projects come with "Imaginary Cat" and "Remember," is continuously referred to by Korean media by the nickname, Little So Ji Sub, for his resemblance to the "Oh My Venus" star.

Suzy is currently selling her new movie, "Dorihwaga," or "Sound of the Flower," a movie that examines the historic context at the back ofthe normal storytelling genre of pansori.

“The movie Set Is other When Suzy Is Around,” Says Ryu Seung Ryong

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“The Film Set Is alternative When Suzy Is Around,” Says Ryu Seung Ryong On the November 22 episode of “Section TV,” actor Ryu Seung Ryong opens up about what it’s like operating with miss A‘s Suzy.

When asked what it used to be like operating with Suzy, Ryu Seung Ryong says, “I’m rather resentful of her. there has been a gigantic difference on set between the days she became there and the days she wasn’t. She made it an relaxing filming enjoy for everybody concerned with her sure power and cheerful passion.”

Ryu Seung Ryong and Suzy big name in combination in the impending film, “The Sound of a Flower,” in a the several way referred to as “Dorihwaga.” The film is set Korea’s first feminine p’ansori singer throughout Korea’s Joseon dynasty. The film is decided to hit the large displays on November 25.

Yoo Seung Ho Is the Pride of His Father’s center in “Remember”

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Yoo Seung Ho Is the Pride of His Father’s Heart in “Remember” New stills of Yoo Seung Ho had been published for the approaching SBS drama “Remember.” The drama is written via Yoon Hyun Ho and directed by Lee Chang Min.

In the pictures, Yoo Seung Ho is dressed in a college uniform and smiling into a cellular phone. In the drama, he's gambling a personality who has an abnormal reminiscence (a condition called hyperthymesia). When his father (Jun Kwang Ryul) is improperly accused of murdering a feminine university student, Yoo Seung Ho becomes a legal professional to transparent his name. He is wearing a prime faculty uniform because he is portraying his character from ages 18 to 23.

It turns out that during the scene, Yoo Seung Ho is in a video call with his father in front of the bus stop. His father is the use of the call to sing their own praises his son to all his neighbors.

A representative from SBS said, “The scene used to be install in order that lets expose the father’s deep affection and pride in his son. As for why it become filmed at a bus stop, and what occurs next, please watch the broadcast to discover out.”

The drama will air after the finish of “The Village: Achiara’s Secret” and the primary broadcast is scheduled to be on December nine at 10 p.m. KST.

Lee Seung Gi Talks About Getting ready for His Upcoming Film

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Lee Seung Gi Talks About Getting ready for His Upcoming Film

--> Lee Seung Gi has graced the canopy of the biannual Cosmo Men issue.

Lee Seung Gi, who has been forged along Shim Eun Kyung in the impending film Marital Harmony, stated "These days I′m busy filming until dawn."

In the film, Lee Seung Gi plays the nature SEO Do Yoon, a proficient matchmaker, and the even spent time to diviners to find out about his character.

He also said that his playful side, observed on type displays like New adventure to the West and Nunas Over Flowers, is captured in the film, heightening anticipation for the film slated for unlock next year.

Meanwhile, Marital Harmony, Lee Seung Gi′s first giant screen ancient piece, is the 2d one installment in a trilogy, following The Face Reader.

Lee Seung Gi′s spread and interview will also be discovered in the December factor of Cosmo Men.

Photo credit: Cosmopolitan

Yoo Seung Ho Praised By way of Personnel participants for His Sort center and Manners

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Yoo Seung Ho Praised By Employees Members for His Kind Heart and Manners The behind-the-scenes preview stills of Yoo Seung Ho‘s drama “Remember” has been revealed, together with some wonderful compliments in opposition to the actor from the filming staff members.

The production staff who worked with Yoo Seung Ho said, “He’s no longer simplest good-looking. The entire thing he does is complete of manners.” Generally it's far some of the staff members’ jobs to hang an umbrella or chair for an actor, yet that isn’t the case with Yoo Seung Ho. Apparently, the actor suggested, “No, I’ll do it myself,” and did everything without anyone’s help.

Furthermore, he bowed to staff members more youthful than him and used to be kind and respectful to everybody without reference to age. other folks say it roughly feels like he changed into just born with excellent manners. Yoo Seung Ho is understood for having an even heart and mind, so this extra proves that his sensible looks aren’t everything he’s got.

The production corporate Logos Film thanked Yoo Seung Ho and his co-star Park Min Young, saying, “The two are very bright and they give off certain power to everybody on set. Commonly it’s the workers members that experience to check the actors’ moods but now not this time.”

Meanwhile, “Remember” will air on December nine after “The Village: Achiara’s Secret” finishes its run.

Yoo Seung Ho is dramatic in teasers for upcoming drama 'Remember'

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Yoo Seung Ho is dramatic in teasers for upcoming drama 'Remember'

Here"s an intense drama coming your way. SBS" "Remember" starring Yoo Seung Ho and Park Min Young have released two teasers, getting enthusiasts excited.

Yoo Seung Ho looks stunned and afraid in opposition to the finish of either teasers, giving a preview of the entire melodrama to come. Staying true to it"s name, this drama is all about the idea that of remembering, and also, now not remembering.

It"s about a guy played by capability of Yoo Seung Ho who has hyperthymesia, because of this he recalls just about each day in very best detail. He"s a legal professional looking to turn out his father"s innocence, yet then he has an onset of Alzheimer"s.

"Remember" premieres on December nine at 10pm KST.

Netizens get fired up over Ryu Seung Ryong's apparently degrading remarks about Suzy

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Netizens get fired up over Ryu Seung Ryong's apparently degrading remarks about Suzy

Another controversy has burgeoned recently, involving miss A"s Suzy and a few blameless words that were uttered by skill of her "Dorihwaga" co-star Ryu Seung Ryong at the movie show off that used to be held back on November 4. 

There turns out to be no genuine injury at the back of the words the actor acknowledged about Suzy; in fact, he changed into complimenting Suzy on her bright and cheery persona. However, what he said rubbed some other folks the incorrect way. Ryu Seung Ryong had said, "The surroundings on set was noticeably other when Suzy was there in comparison to when she wasn"t. simply by being there, she inflamed us with her happiness, aegyo, and the distinctive feature that a feminine actress will have to lift at the set. On Pepero Day, she talented the entire body of workers members, all 100-something of them, with Pepero and handwritten notes." At the time, what the actor said was just taken as a funny story and those hadn"t idea too much of it. 

However, what Ryu Seung Ryong had just said in the instant have become a controversy, as some individuals claimed the actor"s remark was degrading women. the problem will have died down on its own yet Go Kyung Pyo added gas to the fireplace with the rantings he left on social media. 

Go Kyung Pyo wrote on his social media account on November 19, "What more or less nonsense is this. Will somebody provide an explanation for this scenario to me? whilst i used to be filming for "The Treacherous," I went to talk over with the set of "Dorihwaga" just to mention hi and Suzy was simply so lovely and great and I felt that everybody there loved her. Just how do you will want interpret what Ryu Seung Ryong said for you to leave comments like that? How is existence in society imaginable for individuals like you? Someone please enlighten me. It form of feels like it"s most commonly girls who are commenting but do girls realize what"s going on? That reaction? Do you actually feel that Suzy is a neatly of happiness? Did what Ryu Seung Ryong say truly make him look like a pervert?

Go Kyung Pyo was said to have went backward and forward with the folk on his social media, arguing with them over the issue. Although his social media account is his own space, his excessive words are under no circumstances aiding the case. Netizens who read Move Kyung Pyo"s social media post pointed out, "Go Kyung Pyo is the larger hassle here. he's making the factor worse."   

Go Kyung Pyo"s firm has stepped ahead on November 20 to make a statement relating to this matter, telling Daily Sports, "We are discussing the issue with Go Kyung Pyo. We are sorting the matter out internally.

Lee Seung Gi presentations Off Mature and trendy facet for Cosmopolitan

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Lee Seung Gi displays Off Mature and trendy Facet for Cosmopolitan Singer-turned-actor Lee Seung Gi currently participated in a photo shoot for Cosmopolitan magazine, appearing off his excellent looks in classy and well-liked garments compatible for the impending winter.

In one picture, he stands out from the encircling brick and urban in his formal trench coat and suede shoes. In another, he pulls off a vintage wintry weather glance with black and khaki elements.

In the accompanying interview, he talks about his contemporary activities. “I was once busy this year filming upcoming ancient movie ’Compatibility.’ I filmed about 3 or 4 days a week and my time table changed into so tight that I’d go back house once each and every two weeks.”

The celebrity also proves to be much like us on his days off. “When I’m free, I don’t do the rest and remain at home,” he says. “I’ll watch a film after I wake up and feature lunch ahead of going to exercise. When I return abode I watch more videos into the night.”

He is currently enthusiastic about the movie “The Face Reader.” “I watched it about 10 times,” he says. “I was hoping to select up some guidelines from Song Kang Ho’s acting yet the variation between our skills is too great. Typically I don’t watch a film I’ve already seen, but I watched this one over and over.”

Lee Seung Gi wraps up with his mind about his co-actor Shim Eun Kyung. “When I first met her, she was the shy young lady that I had expected. She’s other from the alternative actresses I’ve worked with before. When she makes a speciality of acting she’s like a fully various person. Whilst you observe her scenes, her strength is incredible.”