UNIQ's Seung Youn to Collaborate with Flowsik for

UNIQ's Seung Youn to Collaborate with Flowsik for "Recipe"

UNIQ's Seung Youn, often referred to as Luizy, may betaking part with rapper Flowsik!

The two artists, who met via "Show Me the money 5," are teaming up for the song "Recipe."

On July 22, Seung Youn's firmpublishedadditional information about the collaboration by way of two new photos.

(Photo : YueHua Entertainment)

(Photo : YueHua Entertainment)Seung Youn and Flowsik had beenrunningin thistaskin combination for a while now, as Seung Youn has hinted at an upcoming project through his Instagram.

"Recipe" will be released on July 29 at 12 p.m. KST.

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Cube Entertainment Chairman Hong Seung Sung Announces Departure From Company

Cube Entertainment Chairman Hong Seung Sung Announces Departure From Company

Cube Entertainment Chairman Hong Seung Sung Announces Departure From Corporate ilmare42 July 22, 2016 0 Cube Entertainment Chairman Hong Seung Sung Announces Departure From Company Dice Entertainment’s co-founder and chairman Hong Seung Sung has announced that he's leaving the agency.

On the afternoon of July 22, Hong Seung Sung released an professionalobservationby method of social media about his departure. In his statement, he writes that he sincerely thank you all of people who have showed such a lot love over the years. After expressing how satisfied he has been whilstrunning at the company, even throughout his fresh illness, he says he feels sorry for leaving without being readyto mendall the company’s issues first.

Hong Seung Sung also asks all and sundry to continue to toughen Cube Entertainment’s artists, and thanks the agency’s artists, staff, and the Cube Entertainment family.

Hong Seung Sung used to beprior to now the president of JYP Entertainment before forming the firmthat couldtransform Cube Entertainment with Shin Jung Hwa back in 2006. Cube Entertainment recentlyhomes BEAST, BTOB, CLC, HyunA, the pre-debut community PENTAGON, and more.

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Why did Kim Tae-hee and Ryoo Seung-beom get at the same aircraft to Paris

Why did Kim Tae-hee and Ryoo Seung-beom get at the same aircraft to Paris

Actress Kim Tae-hee and actor Ryoo Seung-beom were givenat the same aircraft to Paris, France.

This of course, drew attention and got other people wondering why they got on the similar plane.

Apparently, it used to be coincidence. Kim Tae-hee is going to Paris for private reasons and her agendadoes not overlap with Ryoo Seung-beom's.

The same is going for Ryoo Seung-beom.

Although they're going to Paris for other reasons, they shouldtake note ofeach and every other as they are on the flight for over 10 hours.

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Seung Jae to cameo in

Seung Jae to cameo in "Entourage Korea" as Ahn So-hee's control director

Seung Jae is joining the "Entourage Korea" gang.

Urban Works ENT announced that Seung Jae is creating amarvelperforming in the tvN drama "Entourage Korea".

He lately filmed his section with Jo Jin-woong and Park Jeong-min.

Seung Jae has been covering his base as an actor in dramas like "Golden Time", "Miss Korea" and more. He also seemed in "Jackpot" as Sang-gil.

"Entourage Korea" is a remade edition of the yank drama "Entourage" starring Jo Jin-woong, Seo Kang-joon, Lee Gwang-soo, Park Jeong-min-I, Lee Dong-hwi and more. There may also be cameo appearances by way of Ha Jeong-woo, Kang Ha-neul, Song Ji-hyo, Mamamoo and more.

Meanwhile, Seung Jae replaced his call from Heo Tae-hee early this year.

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Han Seung Yeon To Unencumber First Solo Song Since Kara Disbandment

Han Seung Yeon To Unencumber First Solo Song Since Kara Disbandment

Han Seung Yeon To Unlock showtime Solo Song Since Kara Disbandmentehk38 July 15, 2016 0 Han Seung Yeon To Release First Solo Song Since Kara Disbandment Han Seung Yeon is losing her first solo release since KARAs disbandment.

The singer is teaming up with generating team Sweetune, whom she has worked with in the past, for a brand newvirtualunmarried entitled I'm Her (working title). The song can be a medium pacesong featuring the acoustic guitar.

I Am Her is slated to drop on July 25 in the dead of night KST by the use of online music sites. It is going to existto be had for preorder beginning July 15.

Meanwhile, Han Seung Yeon these days wrapped up a a hit fan assembly in Japan. She has also been forged as a lead in JTBCs new drama Age Of candy sixteen (working title), that will premiere on July 22.

Are you excited for Han Seung Yeons solo release?

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EXO Xiumin's Film 'Seondal' with Yoo Seung Ho Debut Gets North American Screening

EXO Xiumin's Film 'Seondal' with Yoo Seung Ho Debut Gets North American Screening

Seondal It looks as if EXO is expanding their horizons as individuals branch out to other fields of entertainment but even so music.

It used to be reported thatEXO member Xiumin can be starring along popular actor Yoo Seung-Ho in the recentfilm Seondal: The guy Who Sells the River. In step with the synopsis, the movie portrays a noted con-artist that has ever ceased to exist.

As Xiumin has been featured on quite so much oftv shows, this may exist Xiumin's first actual film debut.

AdvertisementSeondal: The Guy Who Sells the River will premiere in North The united states on July 15. The motion picture will be released in Los Angeles, New Jersey, Atlanta, Dallas, Honolulu, Toronto, and Vancouver.

Written by: Lai Frances Intern Naheid Shahs

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Interview Yoo Seung-ho is going for comedy in

Interview Yoo Seung-ho is going for comedy in "Seondal: The fellow Who Sells the River"

'The nation's little brother' is now a depended on actor. Yoo Seung-ho is back with "Seondal: The fellow Who Sells the River".

Other casts of the film are Ko Chang-seok, Ra Mi-ran, Xiumin from EXO and more. The motion pictureis ready Kim Seon-dal who fools the king or even sells the Daedong River.

Yoo Seung-ho takes at the office of Kim Seon-dal, a genius fraud with a thick face. Ko Chang-seok is Bo-won, a guy who died twelve times and lived thank you to his fast thinking and disguising techniques. Ra Mi-ran takes on the role of Yoon, a shawoman who does not accept any skillto inform the long runyet has wit. Xiumin is Gyeon Yi, a a phase of Kim Seon-dal's fraud team.

Yoo Seung-ho used to bethese days interviewed in Seoul and he becomea bit of boy who was shy unlike his absolute best and cold(?) visual.

The following is the interview with Yoo Seung-ho:

Q: You are trying at a comedy with "Seondal: The Guy Who Sells the River"

Yoo Seung-ho: I am now not a amusinguser and I do notunderstand howto talk humorously, so I used to be worried. But I had Ko Chang-seok, Ra Mi-ran and Xiumin to speak amongst and triumph over my worries.

"Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River" is a comedy. I considered the workforce every bit my target market when I acted.

I felt like a comedian, making the employees laugh. It is aglad thing, being in a position to make any individual laugh. It istricky simply the fulfillment is greater.

I did notdo that to make a metamorphosis in my image. I began acting when I was young so I assumedI did not possessa wide rangeto select from. I haveat all timessought after to do anything funny and this was my chance.

Q: "Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River" turns out familiar

I have no idea or so the others, but Kim Seon-dal hasn't ever been used in other videossooner than and thenI believefolks were concerned about this character.

Q: Is there the restyou need to steal?

It's a pleased thought, but I should not have anything I need in particular. If I have to make a decision on something though, I mightthieve the country. Of course, it's a joke.

Q: "Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River" VS "The Joseon Magician"

They are either historical. But "The Joseon Magician" was in keeping with romance between a man and a lady but "Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River" is a funny movie. The characters in both filmsalso are very different".

Q: What is the synchronizing percentage between you and Kim Seon-dal?

I am utterlythe other from him. Kim Seon-dal is self-assured and laid-back whileI'm not. It was troublesomein relation to him.

Director Park Dae-min needed more. However, in any case of the making, he stated one was Kim Seon-dal-like.

I am not a honestpersonality but I am self-conscious and anxious. I was attracted to Kim Seon-dal because he was other from me and he gave the impact of he was having a just right time.

I don't on a typical basiskeep in touch with the public. I paintingson my own in my international and I attemptednot easy to method them first.

I met pals and my parents whilst making the movie and they told me I have become sly. Here is thanks to Kim Seon-dal.

Q: How was running with Xiumin?

The 4 frauds were given along in point of fact well. We were unhappy to have to mention goodbye. It was awkward seeing him dance and sing on stage.

Xiumin was perfect for Gyeon Yi. He'svigorous and bright so that is what helped him synchronize with the character.

Q: There has been less romance in the movie.

I was ok with that. It is not like romance has to be the usual of everything. Or not it's up to the audience to come to a decision the courting between me and Seo Ye-ji.

Romance is hard. Being evil and other dramatic characters will also be imagined but mellow has to narrate with the individualstaring at the movie. I have a difficult time with mellow because I will notin finding anything to relate with. I betthat is because I have not had much enjoy with ladies before.

I would like to existreferred to as an Good enough guy around the folks I know. My parents continually tell me not to be a nuisance to others so I are having a look to be someone dependable.

Q: What will have to nosotrosbeware of in "Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River"?

The movie itself is a at ease one without a message or 'lesson of the day'. It's a fun movie and we had a fair time making it so the audience must enjoy it too.

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"Age of Youth" Han Seung-yeon and Ji Il-joo

Han Seung-yeon and Ji Il-joo took a selfie together.

They are starring in the hot jTBC drama "Age of Youth". Han Seung-yeon plays the a phase of an elite from an American college and Ji Il-joo is a horny and sensibleguy who used to beelement of Mensa at one point. They glancesatisfiedat theoutdooryetmuch like any other couple, they have got issues.

Jeong Ye-eun (Han Seung-yeon) talks so much but she is lovable. However, she pretends to be happy, chuffed and all that during front of her boyfriend Ko Doo-yeong (Ji Il-joo) of 2 years. Even though Ye-eun isn't all that proud of him, she cannot stand someonespeaking badly about him.

This is a pragmatic couple and in genuine life, they are close. They proportiona massive number ofexperiences in between the making of the drama and they try exceptionally not easy to appear to bea pleasing couple.

Amongst the five university women in the percentage house, Jeong Ye-eun is the just one amongst a boyfriend. The chemistry between the 2 are upgrading each dayconsistent with sources.

"Age of Youth" is the taleof five university girls in a shared house. It's miles written by ability of Park Yeon-seon and directed by Lee Tae-gon-I. The primary episode may be released this month on the 22nd.

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Yoo Seung Ho And Xiumin’s Film Records Impressive Selection of  Price ticket Sales In barely  4 Days

Yoo Seung Ho And Xiumin’s Film Records Impressive Selection of Price ticket Sales In barely 4 Days

Yoo Seung Ho And Xiumins Film Records Impressive Collection ofPrice tag Sales In precisely4 Dayskminjungee July 10, 2016 0 Yoo Seung Ho And Xiumins Movie Records Impressive Number Of Ticket Sales In Just Four Days On July 10, CJ Entertainment revealed via their respectable twitter account that Seondal: The fellow Who Sells the River has sold 1 million tickets since its premiere on July 6.

Starring Yoo Seung Ho, Pass Chang Suk, Ra Mi Ran, and EXOs Xiumin, the movie was once just lately reported to have sold a little beneath 500,000 tickets as of July 8, making this contemporarysuccess even more astonishing. Over partone millionother folks went to look this movie the ultimate two days, and quite a bit of are having a lookahead to seeing the videospower success.

Based on a vintage novel, Seondal: The Guy Who Sells the River is a ancient heist film focused around mythical con man Kim Seon Dal (played by Yoo Seung Ho) and his motley crew. They tryto tug off their best heist yet: fooling the king and promoting the ownerless Taedong River.

Congratulations to the entiresolid and workforce members!

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