Watch: Lee Seunghoon Falls For An Orangutan On “Half-Moon Friends”

Watch: Lee Seunghoon Falls For An Orangutan On “Half-Moon Friends”

Watch: Lee Seunghoon Falls For An Orangutan On Half-Moon Pals leonid July 9, 2016 0 Watch: Lee Seunghoon Falls For An Orangutan On Half-Moon Friends WINNERs Lee Seunghoon hilariously falls for an orangutan on Half-Moon Friends.

On the July nine episode of the JTBC show, the singer is going an on time out at the zoo with Yeo Jun.

After going around assembly several animals, the 2 spot an orangutan striking out by way of a coffee shop with a child in her arms.

They sit down down with her and the orangutan temporarily gets ok with Lee Seunghoon, as she shakes his hand from around the table, and supplies his palm a kiss when they sit next to every other.

Lee Seunghoon laughs and says, This feels strange. When she held my hand, my centerused to be racing.

Watch them meet the orangutan below!

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WINNER Have An Emotional Farewell With Their Children On “Half-Moon Friends”

WINNER Have An Emotional Farewell With Their Children On “Half-Moon Friends”

WINNER Have An Emotional Farewell With Their Children On Half-Moon Buddies ehk38 July 9, 2016 0 WINNER Have An Emotional Farewell With Their Kids On Half-Moon Friends At the July nine episode of JTBCs Half-Moon Friends, the participants of WINNER bid farewell to their students.

Towards the finishin their camping go back and forth with the children, the members of WINNER are shown a video message from the kids.

Seoyeon says the most exciting he had was oncestudying how to ride a bicycle without schooling wheels. Jiwoo stocks that he enjoyed going to the sauna the most.

The children also percentage what they are thankful to the members of WINNER for in addition what they feel sorry for. Shall we just say its an excessively special moment for all the members as they fightto hang back the tears.

Member Kim Jin Woo, who especially struggles to carry back the tears, shares, I in point of fact hate farewells. I dont know. We were in combinationeach day. And I hate the notice final.'

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“Moon Lovers” solid unveil their robust chemistry forward of drama premiere

“Moon Lovers” solid unveil their robust chemistry forward of drama premiere

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterYet to be aired on SBS, the forged of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Middle Ryeo is already taking pictures the hearts in theirexpecting fans for their unbeatable chemistry. 

The long awaited drama teased fans after a teaser shot of the 8 celebrities decided on for the jobsused to be released to the public. The outtake photo featured IU posing along male forgedindividuals Lee Jun Ki, Kang Ha Neul, Hong Jong Hyun, Baekhyun and more which earned appealing reactions for all of their visuals.

Fans who have noticed the photo in an instant expressed their jealousy in opposition to the lone actress for having such gorgeous co-stars in onset. The reactions left fellow audience to await the drama even more as the chemistry of the cast members were vividly sure so far.

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo is set IU’s persona travelling in time where she falls in love with the Prince Wang So, played via Lee Jun Ki.

The pictures were taken from their behind-the-scenes shots for Cosmopolitan. 

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Eric Moon and Search engine marketing Hyeon-jin on rewarded holiday to Phuket

Eric Moon and Search engine marketing Hyeon-jin on rewarded holiday to Phuket

"Oh Hae-Young Again" are leaving on a rewarded vacation.

According to tvN drama "Oh Hae-Young Again" officials, the team of workers and solid of the drama left to Phuket on a holidayat the 3rd.

Eric Moon and Seo Hyeon-jin left in conjunction with the group.

Meanwhile, "Oh Hae-Young Again" is a drama about two girls amongstthe similar names and a guy between them who can see the future. Starring Eric Moon, Seo Hyeon-jin, Jeon Hye-bin, Lee Jae-yoon-I, Heo Jeong-min, Heo Young-ji, Ye Ji-won, Kim Ji-seok-I and others. "Oh Hae-Young Again" ended ultimate month with 10.6%.

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Watch: WINNER’s Cosplay Abruptly Backfires On “Half-Moon Friends”

Watch: WINNER’s Cosplay Abruptly Backfires On “Half-Moon Friends”

Watch: WINNERs Cosplay Impulsively Backfires On Half-Moon Pals ehk38 July 2, 2016 0 Watch: WINNERs Cosplay By surprise Backfires On Half-Moon Friends At the July 2 episode of Half-Moon Friends, the individuals of WINNER develop into into characters from popular animation series Turning Mecard.

The members give their all into getting ready the cosplay for the children, assembly up to train and find out about the characters from the show.

However, what used to be intended to be a treat for the kidsfinally ends up just scaring them. One of the crucialyoungsters even start crying out of fear.

Nam Tae Hyun, who dons a violet wig for his character, tries to convenience one of the youngsters who doesnt prevent crying and starts grabbing at his wig yelling, Take it off!

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Park Shin Hye And Moon Ji In Blow their own horns Their 13-Year Friendship On Doctors

Park Shin Hye And Moon Ji In Blow their own horns Their 13-Year Friendship On Doctors

Park Shin Hye And Moon Ji In Blow their own horns Their 13-Year Friendship On “Doctors”notclaira July 1, 2016 0 Park Shin Hye And Moon Ji In Prove Off Their 13-Year Friendship On “Doctors” On June 30, Pan Entertainment released still cuts of actresses Park Shin Hye and Moon Ji In, who either have roles in the hot SBS drama “Doctors.”

SpoilersThe June 29 episode of “Doctors” displays Yoo Hye Jung (Park Shin Hye) kneeling down to Jin Search engine marketing Woo (Lee Sung Kyung) for the sake of her long-time friend, Chun Soon Hee (Moon Ji In), who took the fall for Hye Jung thirteen years ago.

The newly released still cuts show pictures of the 2buddies back in top school. Even supposing their paths in lifestyles differed (Hye Jung is a physicianwhilst Soon Hee is operating at a cafe), the stills show that their dating is as robust every bit ever.

Watch the newest episode of “Doctors” below!

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Interview "Oh Hae-Young Again" Eric Moon meets his lifestyles drama

Group Shinhwa's Eric Moon met his existence drama. He isgrow to be the 'romantic comedy king or roco king' and he's met such so much ofworthwhilefolksvia it.

tvN drama "Oh Hae-Young Again" is readya girl named Oh Hae-yeong (Seo Hyeon-jin) whose life is twisted upas a result ofsome other Oh Hae-yeong (Jeon Hye-bin) who is more a success than her. Between them there's aguy named Park Do-kyeong (Eric Moon) who is a song director and Oh Hae-yeong's lover.

Eric made up our minds to do the drama due to Park Do-kyeong. "I concept Park Do-kyeong had eachpart of a guyI mightimagine cool. He acts cool, he does notyou must besaid by others and doesn't take credits to himself".

The 2d thing that took Eric Moon's middleused to be the script. He thought the role of the male personality wasn't too giant when he saw the script. However, he saw the prospective in the script. Also, the folk about him advisedrunning amongst director Song Hyeon-wook. "I heard numerousexcellent things about him and i would be toldmuch from him".

A 3rddetail in Eric Moon's resolution to be in the drama becomeas it was a romantic comedy. "I am also a a section of Shinhwa so I will notburn up all my time in acting alone. I want to do a little of either and a romantic comedy may releasethe maximum efficient effect". There's no need for largemovements and he's discovered what he likes.

Eric's role of Park Do-kyeong looks bored stiffat theout of doorsyet is in fact very affectionate on the interior and he is taking care of Oh Hae-yeong. He worries about her living by myself then he leaves his shoes at her house. When he provides her a birthday present, he's shy so he tells her it was anything he had mendacity around. Eric says, "I get a feeling after Iglance at a script after being in romrnatic comedies so repeatedly now. I attempted to bring out the simplest in what the author had in mind".

Park Do-kyeong has a unique gift. He can see the long run very suddenly. Eric found it tough to act this section out because if he did not do it right, the drama could turn very childish.

Eric overcame this worry with the religion of the body of workers and crew. "I put all my religion in them. They helped me make a neater scene with the cameras or music or technology".

He discussed the director of photography Han Dong-hyeon and said, "He's the suitableby way of filming. I read an interview of his and he said he researched me and Hyeon-jin for two weeks, gazing our paintings and operating out the camera angle. Perhapsthat is why I looked so sensible in the drama and so did Hyeon-jin".

Eric Moon picked out the 'wall kiss' and 'helping hug' as his favourite scenes. He said, "The wall kiss was where Do-kyeong and Hae-yeong burst out their feelings all at once. There has beenquite lots ofpowersince the intensity was prime but after that the total lot was easy".

Filming the scene where Hae-yeong runs and leaps into his arms, Eric wasn't so sure. Seo Hyeon-jin had to wear a twine without train for the primary fourth dimension in her life so time were givenbehind schedule and the scene had no music so it looked awkward and comical. Eric felt greater when the music was put in. "I think the music made the scene appearance very fantastical. The music stored it".

"Oh Hae-Young Again" is a meaningful drama to Eric Moon. It brought him the nickname 'romantic comedy king' and quenched his thirst for a winning drama he hasn't had the flavor of recently. "Oh Hae-Young Again" persevered with nice grades ever since the 1st episode and the overall episode hit a listing breaking 9.991% in cable drama history.

"My performance? I'mproud of it. I have greed for acting now. I did not know what I sought after to do after a drama in the past, but now I am stimulated. The onesindividuals around me have stimulated me; they would laugh and shaggy dog storythroughout a wreck but turn their faces around throughout the set".

Eric Moon says the drama feels more special because he's worked with so many precious people. "We all agreed we will be unable to get out of "Oh Hae-Young Again" easily. We wonder whetherwe will e'er meet anything else that's this satisfying. I could bein a position tocertainly say "Oh Hae-Young Again" is my life's work".

In the close to future, Eric Moon is going back to making a song for a while. Then he mayget back with acting. "The most vital thing is that the drama has to be fun" he says.

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"Oh Hae-Young Again" ends on a touching note, Eric Moon and Search engine marketing Hyeon-jin say Thank You

tvN drama "Oh Hae-Young Again" thanked the viewers.

The solid of "Oh Hae-Young Again" opened a Loose HUG match at the CGV Chungdam. They promised to give out free hugs if the viewing percentage went over 5%.

Eric Moon (Park Do-kyeong), Seo Hyeon-jin (Oh Hae-yeong), Ye Ji-won (Park Soo-kyeong), Kim Ji-seok-I (Lee Jin-sang), Heo Young-ji (Yoon In-na) and Heo Jeong-min (Park Hoon) hugged the public. Jeon Hye-bin (Oh Hae-yeong) and Lee Jae-yoon-I (Han Tae-jin) were not there because they had other paintingsto wait to.

Eric Moon said, "I can notconsiderit is thefinish already. Thank you for coming to look us". Seo Hyeon-jin said, "I can't have faithit is over. Or not it's touching to see you all".

Ye Ji-won said, "I don't need information technology to end. I'm still lively seeing these sort of people. I suspectI will do it again". Kim Ji-seok-I said, "We will have to take done this previousyet we did not get time. Thank you for waiting and it makes me feel excellent to see you feeling good".

Heo Jeong-min and Heo Young-ji also acknowledgeda couple of words.

"Oh Hae-Young Again" was once first in line of tvN dramas with an reasonable of 9.9%. The checklistprotecting number is 10.6%.

The ultimate episode rated 9.991%.

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WINNER Stocks The Degree With The youngsters Of “Half-Moon Friends”

WINNER Stocks The Degree With The youngsters Of “Half-Moon Friends”

WINNER Stocks The Degree amongstThe children Of Half-Moon Buddies leonid June 26, 2016 0 WINNER Shares The Stage With The youngsters Of Half-Moon Friends The kids of Half-Moon Chumsin spite of everything see WINNER in their part onstage.

During the 9th episode of Half-Moon Company aired on June 25, the kids sign up for the idol crew during their tournament in Daegu.

Although the kids are surprised to peer WINNER in fancy functionality outfits unlike their standard get-ups, they briefly settle into their familiar embraces and shaggy dog story around with them, having a look warm and friendly with each and every other onstage.

Behind-the-scenes snapshots from the episode display the kids behind the scenes waiting with the singers, and onstage greeting the audience.

WINNER permits the Part Moon Peers kids to introduce themselves one via one, adding the brothers Jung Woo and Nam Woo who appear to be fan favorites of the Daegu crowd.

Furthermore, they entertain the target audience when Nam Tae Hyun activates the youngest Ha Yul to demonstrate his lovable wink, and when they all dance in combination for the overall performance of Sentimental.

The idol neighborhood tells the audience, We appreciateall and sundry raising children.

They continue, Those kids are so type and cute, we remorseful about that we want tomove our separate techniques now. We wish to create glad memories with them till the end, so we ask you to cheer us on.

Half-Moon Friends airs on Saturdays at 9:40 p.m. KST. The prove will finish its run after its 12th episode, scheduled to air on July 16.

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