Lee Min Ho Reported To Cancel Military Enlistment For Suzy Bae

Lee Min Ho Reported To Cancel Military Enlistment For Suzy Bae

The upcoming military enlistment of Lee Min Ho has been the stuff of headlines for quite some time now. However, things seem to be turning the other way around as reports suggest that he is cancelling is upcoming military enlistment for the sake of his relationship with Suzy Bae.

Reports came in stating that Lee Min Ho is not really happy and exited regarding his upcoming military enlistment. Reports have it that the first reaction of Lee Min Ho regarding his military service was excitement. However, through the passing of days, it doesn’t seem to be that way anymore.

According to Korea Portal, Lee Min Ho reveals that he was expecting it to be really cool and fun. However, he confirms that he is sad about it. However, the reason why he is sad has been clarified. He says that he feels that way because of how time flies so fast. He then says that his sadness is not caused by his upcoming military service.

Lee Min Ho says that he is said because he will soon be turning thirty, and he can’t help but to feel down because he is becoming older and older. Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho also clarifies that he doesn’t regret being enlisted in the military, or being late with his required enlistment.

It is because Lee Min Ho says that his lead role in “Boys Over Flowers” wouldn’t have happened if he enlisted in the military in his younger years. In a recent statement, the K-pop heartthrob also says that he feels accomplished and satisfied with all of the accomplishments that he has had over the years, as well as being with Suzy Bae who he reveals that is his source of inspiration.

Hopefully, everything turns out well for Lee Min Ho. Let’s wish him the best of luck in his upcoming mandatory military enlistment.