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Im Won-hee donates charity to movie festival

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Im Won-hee donates charity to movie festival

Actor and entertainer Im Won-hee donated charity to the Relativity movie Festival.

The 3rd Relativity Film Festival is one that donates its profits to the socially susceptible or neighbors who want help. The film tickets associated with this tournament are paid later and the 1st and 2d festival donated its profits to the handicapped, foreign employees organizations and faculties for the special. This act of kindness precipitated a miracle no longer best for the ones that watched the motion picture yet to these outdoor of it as well.

This year"s profits may be donated to the relaxation girls and unmarried moms. Im Won-hee expressed his agreement with the point and sent notice of convenience to those single mothers.

He said, "Single moms will have to trust that they aren't by myself and do their best. I would like to tell them they are fantastic mothers".

The Relativity Film Festival will be held from the 29th of October to the 31st.

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Jessica showed to be performing in an upcoming Chinese movie!

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Jessica showed to be performing in an upcoming Chinese movie!

Jessica is making large moves as it used to be currently reported that she could be making an appearance in an upcoming Chinese movie! 

On October 26, Sina Entertainment reported that she become spotted filming a film along popular Hong Kong actor Chen Wei Ting in a restaurant situated in Beijing. The record went directly to state that Jessica was dressed in a classy outfit, wearing out her lines in Chinese.

Fans of Jessica were also at the filming site, supporting the former idol with her new endeavors.

Meanwhile, the romantic comedy Chinese film is decided to premiere someday next year.

First Stills of Suzy in Upcoming movie “Dorihwaga” Revealed

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First Stills of Suzy in Upcoming Film “Dorihwaga” Revealed The first stills of miss A‘s Suzy in her newest film “Dorihwaga” has been revealed on October 27.

After her large hit with “Architecture 101″ in 2012, Suzy is back to the massive screen with an absolutely other more or less film.

“Dorihwaga” is in accordance with a duration when girls weren’t allowed to sing pansori (traditional singing). the tale specializes in the first-ever feminine pansori singer in the Joseon period, Jin Chae Sun (Suzy), and her instructor Shin Hae Hyo (Ryu Seung Ryong).

Suzy has practiced pansori for over a year getting ready for this film and could be unexpected the target audience with her ability in satoori (dialect) and cross-dressing acting skills.

She revealed why she’d selected this role, saying, “I cried when I read the scenario. Chae Sun needs to sing pansori yet can’t do it well, and she feels so ashamed of herself. I felt the ones feelings when i used to be getting ready to debut as a singer. i suspect I used to be in a position to focal point smartly on account of this. It’s numerous drive to play anyone who is the first user to sing pansori in the Joseon period, but I had to select this assignment due to its charms.”

Meanwhile, “Dorihwaga” will be coming to theaters on November 25.

Jeong Jae-yeong and Kim Hye-soo, Actor and Actress of the Year, 'The Throne' crowned very best Movie

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Jeong Jae-yeong and Kim Hye-soo, Actor and Actress of the Year, 'The Throne' crowned very best Movie

Actor Jeong Jae-yeong and actress Kim Hye-soo were selected by way of film critics as Easiest Actor and Actress of the Year.

According to the Korean motion picture Critics Association, "Right Now, Wrong Then" big name Jeong Jae-yeong and "Coin Locker Girl" star Kim Hye-soo were named the maximum productive of this year.

"The Throne" was once crowned Top Movie of the Year and "Veteran" author Ryoo Seung-wan won most productive Director. Screenplay and Most effective song also got here from "The Throne" making it a triple winner.

The Handiest Rookie Director award is going to Kim Tae-yong-I from "Set Me Free" and most competitive Rookie Actor and Actress goes to Choi Woo-sik from "Set Me Free" and Kwon So-hyeon from "Madonna".

"The Assassination" takes the easiest Filming and Most interesting Technical award.

The greatest Success goes to manufacturer Jung Jin-woo from "Do Cuckoos Cry At Night" and "Mugoonghwa-Korean National Flower".

10 videos chosen by the critics come with "Cart", "Ode to My Father", "Revivre", "Coin Locker Girl", "The Shameless", "Minority Opinion", "The Assassination", "Veteran", "The Throne" and "Right Now, Wrong Then".

The 35th Film Critics Awards can be held at the 16th of November.

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Kang Dong Wan stocks image With a child Pig for His New Movie

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Kang Dong Wan Shares photo With a Infant Pig for His New Movie A at the back of the scenes photo of Kang Dong Won with a child pig has currently been gaining numerous attention.

On October 26, the photo used to be uploaded on Facebook with the caption, “Be careful of your step, my center practically dropped. Kang Dong Won bragging about operating with the pig, Don Don.”

In the photo, the all the time young Kang Dong Won is observed hugging the pig with a bright smile for his film, “Black Priests.” in spite of the heavy, dark theme of the film, Kang Dong Won looks satisfied and at ease in the photo, delighting many of his fans.

In addition to this photo, any other photo of actors Kim Yoon Seok and Park So Dam operating fortunately at the movie set has been published as well.

The film “Black Priests” is ready two Catholic priests getting taken with a mysterious tournament so as to save a tender woman who falls into grave danger. The film is decided to be released on November 5.

Kim Soo Hyun invests over $7 million for his upcoming movie 'Real'

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Kim Soo Hyun invests over $7 million for his upcoming movie 'Real'

Kim Soo Hyun has joined hands with lodges chain Paradise Group for his upcoming feature film "Real." 

Paradise team relayed on October 26, "Kim Soo Hyun will sponsor his own film "Real" via making an investment 8,000,000,000 KRW (~$7.07 million USD) in it."

The movie"s filming is to take position at Paradise City, which is recently being built at Incheon"s Yeongjong Island beneath the direction of Paradise Group. 

"Real" has garnered attention in the media recently for being the 2d one authentic task of Alibaba Pictures, a subsidiary of Chinese e-commerce corporate Alibaba Group. Alibaba pictures took direct section in investing in and distribution of the movie, after its remaining project which was once "Mission: very unlikely - Rogue Nation."

Kim Soo Hyun could be gambling the role of Jang Tae Young, a ruthless guy who is blinded by his greed for luck and in pursuit of an ambitious conquest to ascertain a casino empire. The motion picture is decided to begin filming close to the finish of this year.

BTS are plenty of good-looking in making movie for 'Puma' pictorial

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BTS are plenty of good-looking in making movie for 'Puma' pictorial

ARMY, get ready to swoon over your favourite boys! BTS posed currently for a photo shoot with "Puma," garbed in wintry weather apparel from head to toe and of course, taking a look as rushing as usual!

All of the participants are certain appear in a position to resist the biting bloodless in the ones puffy jackets, hats, and water resistant pants. take a glance at the lads searching snazzy above!

Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Jong Kook Poke Amusing at Lee Kwang Soo’s Mutant Fish Role in His New Movie

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Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Jong Kook Poke Fun at Lee Kwang Soo’s Mutant Fish Role in His New Movie Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Jong Kook couldn’t forestall teasing Lee Kwang Soo about his new movie, “Collective Invention.”

On the episode of SBS’s “Running Man” aired on October 25, Lee Kwang Soo, Yoo Jae Suk, Ji Suk Jin, and Kim Jong Kook acquire a venture whilst they are trapped in a small room.

“You higher be successful if you need to have your movie ‘Sashimi’ to do well,” Yoo Jae Suk jokes.

“It’s now not a flounder. It’s a rock fish,” Kim Jong Kook says as he pokes fun at how Lee Kwang Soo becomes a fish mutant in his movie.

“Even if the movie reaches 10 million viewers, the entire glory will pass to Park Bo Young and Lee Chun Hee,” he says to provoke Lee Kwang Soo so as to assist him succeed the mission.

Once Lee Kwang Soo is thru with his mission, it’s Kim Jong Kook’s turn. He starts off with saying, “You’re going down.” When Lee Kwang Soo, Yoo Jake Suk, and Ji Suk Jin attempt to get rowdy like they did in the former mission, he yells, “Be quiet.”

Watch the maximum recent episode of “Running Man” below!

EXO’s Lay Is Hilarious in New Teaser for Chinese Movie

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EXO’s Lay Is Hilarious in New Teaser for Chinese Movie A new teaser for the Chinese movie “Oh My God” has been released and quite a bit of lovers are tremendous excited as their loved Lay, from the preferred boy workforce EXO, is in it!

From characters breaking bottles on heads and shooting guns to falling on diapers, this film undoubtedly turns out find it irresistible has so much in shop for viewers. EXO fans too can see a lot of clips of Lay being confused, frightened, excited, and stunned for various reasons, which is at all times a plus.

The film tells the tale of a couple whose lives are utterly replaced when they are proficient with a kid from the heavens.

This might be Lay’s legit acting debut in China since he unfolded his own workshop.

Lee Jeong-jae visits Germany to wait Korean movie Festival Frankfurt 2015

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Lee Jeong-jae visits Germany to wait Korean movie Festival Frankfurt 2015

Lee Jeong-jae drew heated attention whilst he was once visiting the Korean movie Festival Frankfurt 2015 for his film "The Assassination", which become decided on as an opening film of the festival.

On October 22nd his agency, C-JeS Entertainment said, "Lee Jeong-jae visited Germany on October 21st to wait the Korean Film Festival Frankfurt 2015 for his movie, "The Assassination". He drew heated attention throughout the festival while he was accommodating his busy agenda adding degree greeting, conversations with target audience and interviews with media.

Lee Jeong-jae and director Choi Dong-hoon watched "The Assassination" in a theater with all the six hundred seats totally full of audience. After the film screening, he replied every query from the audience and exchanged greetings with the enthusiasts and the journalists at the venue.

Lee Jeong-jae will go back to Korea soon in spite of everything of his schedules in Germany had been completed. He has just finished filming the Korean-Chinese film, "The Day of inversion" and is lately taking a look into features to make a choice his next project.